“ANOTHER shooting in Brookland today”


A reader reports:

ANOTHER shooting in Brookland today– 18th and Otis this time. Broad daylight. 1:27pm. DIRECTLY NEXT to the school. Attached photo shows the police activity by the playground. A neighbor told me four people were shot, but that is heresay at this point.”

MPD reported around 1:45pm:

“Shooting at 1800 block of Otis Street NE. Lookout for a B/M, 5’7”, blue jeans with a ski mask around his neck.”

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  • The park in this photo! I dropped off a friend once in this area and saw this park for the first time from my car. I was enchanted.. Where is it? Quite far from downtown as I recall… but I thought his area was beautiful. Too bad about the shooting though….

    • That’s the field at Burroughs elementary, I’m pretty sure. It’s bounded by Monroe St NE to the south, Newton to the north, and 20th St. NE to the east.

      • Thanks. I hope they don’t “develop” it. It’s beautiful.

        • I don’t see what you’re seeing. It’s just some poorly kept grass. We have a critical need for more housing, so I sure hope they do build housing and some retail there.
          That said, I don’t expect they will anytime soon since it’s part of the school.

          • Do you need more stuff? Or do you need more open space? It’s lovely. Thought I did not spy the cop car squadron in the pic till I made it my screen saver and saw a magnified version….

          • Critical need for more housing? What are you talking about? There seems to be an overabundance of housing in DC.

          • False. There is a dearth of housing, which, combined with high demand, is causing a constant escalation of housing prices. If there were an overabundance of housing, the cost of housing would be plummeting.

          • HaileUnlikely

            “Do we need more housing?” and “Should a park be redeveloped to use for housing?” are not the same question. It is possible to agree with the first without agreeing with the second.

          • Totally agree. But again, This is just a field. It’s great to have for the school, but probably bigger than necessary. There is literally nothing about it that would qualify as a “park”; it’s flat, partially dead grass filling almost all of an oversized grid block.
            And again, I’m not actively advocating for development on it right this second. But I wouldn’t be upset about it either.

          • Also of note, there is an /actual/ park just five blocks or so south of here (Langdon Park). That is a large swath of green space that will likely be pertained in perpetuity. Another reason development at the 20th and Monroe field would be fine.

          • er, maintained*

          • It would be a travesty to put anything on that field. Some things are best left uninterrupted and this is a prime example

          • Strongly disagree, but as long as most people on this thread acknowledge there’s a shortage of housing, I guess I’ll agree to disagree.

          • You could also argue that since Central Park is valuable land, it should be built up with housing. If the grass is “poorly kept” the solution is to keep it in better shape. Neighborhoods need green space. There is plenty of housing in the city, but people don’t want to get shot living there. Solve the crime/violence problem and automatically double available housing.

          • Victoria, go see the comment on my comment about how the police could solve the violence problem at 14th and RI (about the 5 shot last night). Anon there said “well, development will take care of the problem, so just let it happen naturally.” That’s a common attitude. If we’re not willing to proactively solve the crime & violence, and just ride development to “deal with it,” then, in fact, we *do* have a critical housing shortage. By the time development “deals with it,” many people are priced out of living in said location.
            And that says nothing of some of the areas where you think there is “a lot” of available housing fighting any development tooth and nail. Even if we made those communities squeaky clean to the point that you could walk down the street wearing the queen’s jewels at 3 AM with no fear, if the neighbors won’t let a moderate density development be built or a restaurant get a liquor license (the former usually precedes the latter, since the restaurant needs a customer base), then it’s still not going to be a place people want to live.
            This location, it’s 4 blocks from a lot of stuff and 6 from the Metro. And it ain’t Central Park. Yes, parks and other public green spaces are good and necessary. Not all are created equal, and not all should stand the test of time. Not commenting on this plot specifically, but, lately, it seems like every fight is “everything green and open is good, everything that might be housing, retail, or office is bad.” I especially enjoy hearing people talk about how building new housing will reduce the value of their homes. It’s a slight slip in their “veil” of “we’re fighting this so that our property values continue to skyrocket forever and ever, amen.” I mean, they couch it in “bad design” and “more traffic,” but, at the end of the day, they’re admitting that they do, in fact, understand basic economics. If we build new housing, the increased housing supply might mean that their home value might not increase 20% YOY!
            (I have been a beneficiary of increased home values, in part due to limited supply, so I’m not some “saint” who gives their property to the poor for my own spiritual well-being. However, I support well-designed and rational new housing development so that all those people who are just like me, but 10 years younger, can hope to *maybe* live a nice life in a city they like a lot with some stability. If that means my home appreciates at a slower pace, so be it…I’ll still end up on the plus side, without bankrupting my 5-years-ago self embodied.)

          • Funny how people who glorify any greenspace are apparently fine with paving over massive swaths of new land out the outskirts of the metro area so people can live out there and spend hours polluting in traffic to preserve inconsequential amounts here. That’s the inevitable result of their desired policies.
            They don’t care about anyone else’s access to good housing or about the environment at all; only the narrow slivers of these issues that personally affect them.

        • I had no idea development was even possible. I was half joking! :^0 Sorry to open a can of worms.

  • The park/playground area at 18th and Otis is a stain on the neighborhood. Not the school’s playground, but the public one across the street from the houses. There are people congregated there at all hours of the day actively selling drugs (they make no secret of it), intimidating the community and littering. At night people are drinking, dealing, playing music and hanging out. Often I’ll see police parked nearby watching the group who is hanging out while they pretend to be on good behavior. I am so confused why their brazen activities are allowed to go on right next to a park where children play. I am not surprised this happened one bit and do hope the people shot survived.

    • The dealers there hang out about five feet past the End School Zone signs. It would be funny if it weren’t so gross.

  • I used to live in the brookland area of NE before moving to virginia, but that is just upsetting to hear. I still love DC & would love to be back in DC despite hearing such sad things.

  • I walk by that park all the time. If you walk by anytime after noon (presumably when these people wake up), you will see 10-20 thugs loitering, smoking pot, and selling drugs. The smell of marijuana is so thick you can often smell it from a block away. There is always broken glass on the sidewalks. In all my time in this area, I’ve only seen a cop there once. The DC police just let cesspools like this go and moreover, right next to a school and public playground! So much for police brutality…

  • MPD put up a crime camera on the corner of 18th & Otis sometime ago. I guess its not working. I live on 17th and Otis. In my time there I’ve never heard a shot. lots of birds chirping though.

  • It looked as though that first shooting was in Brentwood. don’t defame Brookland!!

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