Bindaas, “Indian street food” Opening Second Location in Foggy Bottom


A reader reports:

“Looks like Bindaas will be opening a location soon at 20th and Pennsylvania Ave where Johnny Rockets was previously located. They opened one in Cleveland Park last summer.”

More info and menu from the original here:

“Bindaas was created as a nod toward Indian street food and culture.”

20th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW

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  • I guess Johnny Rockets will never come back.`

  • Bindaas has been a great addition to Cleveland Park – very happy for them to be expanding, as long as the quality in CP holds up!

  • I was really disappointed by this place (how in the world did this make the top 100?) and shocked by the price tag. It’s basically pretentious street food in a pretentious setting at white tablecloth prices (and not even all that imaginative at that). I suppose that will work in foggy bottom.

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