“Trying to connect with the owners of a dog that bit my dog Sunday morning”


“Dear PoPville,

My husband and I were running with our dog past Big Bear around 8:30am this morning (Sunday) when two dogs – they looked like young-ish vizslas – who were tied up outside Big Bear jumped into our path and one bit our dog Charlie. We managed to get between them and break it up before anything too serious happened. The owners came outside and we let them know what had happened but in the panic we left without getting their name or contact information (stupid mistake, I know!) By the time we got our dog home we realized that his back leg was bleeding quite badly. We’ve been to the animal hospital etc. but for peace of mind and after-care we want to see if we can find the owners to make sure their dogs are fully vaccinated.”

If you are or know the owners please email me at [email protected] and I’ll connect you to OP. Thanks.

1700 1st Street, NW

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  • that face! those eyes! those paws. What a sweet sweet pup.

  • A good friend used to have Vizslas and those dogs had the most annoying, unappealing personalities you could imagine in a pet. I wouldn’t choose one unless it was going to be a hunting dog.

    • That’s a very helpful and not at all pointless and trollish thing to say!

      • It was just an anecdote. I need to remind myself before hitting Post Comment that so many people these days are very tender and sensitive.

    • My dad’s vizsla, Leo did not leave his side for 16 years. It was his closest friend and confidant, much to the chagrin of my mother. He was loving and sweet (and yes, very energetic and athletic), and got my dad out on hikes every day. My father says that the dog saved his life. Dad had to put him down a year ago, and still chokes up when he talks about him. Other than being a bit neurotic — he hated loud noises, cowered at anything flying overhead, and hated car rides — he couldn’t have been a better dog. #notallvizslas

  • I’ve seen those same dogs outside Big Bear a number of times so I’m guessing they live in the neighborhood. I’ll keep an eye out for them on walks. Hope your dog heals quickly!

    • OP, maybe you could also try contacting Big Bear — if the Viszlas’ humans are regular customers, Big Bear might be able to pass your message along to them.

    • I *think* I’ve seen those dogs in Eckington (not sure of the breed, but there are two that have similar build and color). Have you shared on NextDoor?

  • Just wanted to say that I hope Charlie is recovering well, and that you’re able to connect with the owners to get peace of mind.

  • If the OP’s dog is fully vaccinated, wouldn’t it be irrelevant if the other dog(s) is fully vaccinated?

    • The vet will still need to confirm whether the other dog is up to date on their vaccinations, especially rabies, otherwise they may require that the bitten dog get the post-exposure rabies shots (which are expensive and painful).

      • As in humans, a vaccination doesn’t cover every possible strain, so yes, you need to check even if your dog is utd.

      • Dogs actually don’t get the post-exposure rabies vaccinations like humans do. The vet has likely already re-boostered Charlie’s rabies vaccine, but DC bite quarantine laws vary, even for the bitten animal, if the biting animal is domestic or not and up to date on rabies or not. So knowing is important for the quarantine period (which could be unnecessarily long if the biting dog isn’t ID’d).

        This happened with our dog in our front yard, so I’m very familiar with the process (and when you can’t find the dog unfortunately)

        • Good info — thanks for clarifying!
          I was wondering what the point of dogs’ rabies vaccinations was if they had to get post-exposure shots after being bitten. It sounds as though only _humans_ (and unvaccinated dogs) would need post-exposure shots after a bite, and as though the situation for an already-vaccinated dog is sort of like with humans and the tetanus vaccine (where you get it every x years OR sooner if you have a potential exposure, e.g., getting punctured by a rusty nail).

  • I’m the owner of the two Vizslas. Yes, they are both vaccinated…both are females and one’s just an 18-year-old puppy. We’ve been parking our elder dog outside Big Bear for years without any issue. Although we did not witness the altercation, we give these owners the benefit of the doubt and have reached out via this contact to assist any way we can. We’re truly sorry this happened and hope that poor Charlie makes a speedy recovery.

  • Thanks to all who sent well wishes to Charlie!

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