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  • You should see the inside! Worth checking if you can get a tour, or just attending an event there.

  • Does anyone have any thoughts about the fact that they leave literally every single light inside and outside the building on all night? I mean every. single. light.

    Their electric bill must be bananas. Also – the environment.

    • It is aei – they oppose clean energy and energy efficiency. Their fossil fuel funders support harming the environment as much as possible.

    • Maybe give them a call and ask…?

    • I have thoughts and all of them are bad. My apartment looks directly across the park straight into their building and the glare at night is annoying. You can practically read by it. And what’s with the interior? It looks like floor after floor of empty bookshelves.

    • I’m a current AEI employee. You probably see lights on because we still have contractors working in the building in the evenings and early mornings, putting the final touches on the renovations–and there has been a lot of work for them. This should end soon (a few weeks, maybe). Then, the building will be lit 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays and for special events.

  • Joshua

    Jules Henri de Sibour is one of my all-time favorite architects.

  • NTHP moved to the Watergate?!? The WATERGATE?!!!!! SMH

  • This isn’t the building that has closed off P Street right? Ugh, that 50 foot lane of closed road has been a travesty on my commute.

    • No – this renovation was completed several months ago. It did block off the block off the left turning lane onto Mass Ave from 18th St. for over a year which was extremely annoying. The current closure on P St. is due to construction for the former Washington Club that is being converted into condos, if I recall correctly.

    • Isn’t that the consulate of Iraq?

      • The consulate of Iraq is next door and they are building something in between. I can’t tell if its an extension to the Washington Club (now called the Ampere I believe) or a separate but related structure.

  • All those corporate sponsorships get you some fancy digs! But seriously, that’s a stunning building. I feel like it’s been under construction for the better part of the last 4 years.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I love this building. It’s gorgeous!

  • When the building was built, each floor was a single apartment. The book “Best Addresses” contains the original floor plans. Huge!

  • I’m a sucker for Beaux Arts and thus this is one of favorite buildings in DC. However, my thoughts regarding the tenant would get me banned from Popville. The PG version starts with the words of Sinclair Lewis

  • AEI being excluded in this conversation, this building is spectacular and I wish would be the template for more architecture in the city.(in certain neighborhoods like Dupont, Penn Quarter, and others)

  • This used to be the National Trust for Hustoric Preservation Right? Anyway, this block is think tank row now…aEI, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Brookings…makes it easy for the SAISstudentstogo to their events…

  • Some fun facts. They basically gutted the entire inside and dug down a basement to add a cafeteria. Rumor is it cost $100 million +, which is quite amazing for a non-profit.

  • Gorgeous building!

  • Looks great, especially when lit up inside and out at night.