The Curse Continues – Chao Ku Closed at 1414 9th Street, NW


On January 9th I posted that Chao Ku was for sale. I don’t know the details but they’ve now closed. So the curse remains despite some initial denials. On Friday City Paper reported:

“It made sense just to let it go. The road was too long,” says owner John Fielding. “We just never got the foot traffic to make it work, and we spent so much money on the buildout.”


1414 9th Street, NW is now the former home to Vegetate, Cafe Eagle, Taqueria Mexicana, Eagle (again), Northern Restaurant and Secret Lounge and Sports Bar and Chao Ku.

Thanks to all who emailed.


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  • Bummer. I really liked it. But, yeah, the location was not great unless you live right in the area. Shaw dosen’t really have the sustained foot traffic. Perhaps it would have worked better around 14th and U or Barracks Row.

  • I went there a few weeks ago. It wasn’t great, and there was almost nothing for my vegetarian friend to eat.

    • what! they specifically made veggie alternatives to most of the entrees!

      i’m so bummed about this, i loved their food, although i had terrible service on the two occasions i dined in rather than picked up.

      • We dined in once. The food was great, but the service was incompetent. Anyway, I agree on the many veggie options available. I hope they find another home nearby.

  • It’s a bummer—it was a rare healthy take-out joint that could feed you through the weekend. Great veggie fried rice, mushroom ma po tofu, veggie dan dan noodles. It was our go-to spot for wild Friday nights of hitting the grocery store and going home early with take-out. Please come back!

  • Really good neighborhood restaurant and bar. Perfect for nights when we didn’t want to cook and just wanted some comfort food. Their pickle plate will definitely be missed.

  • Ugh that sucks.

  • It’s damn near impossible to find consistently good Chinese takeout or delivery in most of DC.

  • It was good – but it was a pretty specific menu and didn’t really cater to the masses. The foot traffic has been getting better and when the second phase of the City Market apartments opens, it will be even more. They are kind of standing on their own on that block. Would help if the building on the corner sold and was redeveloped.

  • Soooo sad. I loved their food.

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