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  • neat, my wife just hours ago was saying we should fill the yard with more early blooming flowers!

    • Try snowdrops, which have been blooming for a couple of weeks already. They’ll pop up when there’s still snow on the ground. (If we ever see snow again…)

  • Yes, those are crocuses (or croci). Given today’s warmth and rain, I don’t think they’ll be around much longer. But then get ready for the daffodils (already blooming in some places and starting to along RC Parkway by Georgetown) and tulips, which are just coming up now.

  • Emmaleigh504

    How wonderful!

  • Crocus tommasinianus, fondly known as “tommies”. They do better in the south than most crocuses, and are among the few squirrel-resistant ones.

  • The groundhog really blew it this year.

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