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  • Beautiful ride. I wish someone would teach them to park it, so it doesn’t get dinged up.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    nice, appears to be a ’67

  • Nice! Looks a lot like my uncle’s ’65 cherry red ragtop mustang, vanity tags “SALLY”.

  • That’s not a car! That’s a giant lollypop on wheels! GORGEOUS.

  • Yes, this does appear to be a 1967 Mustang Convertible with the 289 V8. True, there’s a couple of non-standard additions (e.g. side scoop embellishments), however it looks fairly true. Prices for these are on the rise, and one in decent driver condition (i.e. not a project and not show worthy) commands somewhere in the $25k to $30k depending on options, paint quality etc. Probably not a bad investment right now, but be sure the frame is in good condition before even thinking of making an offer.

    • Ugh. I just sold my 1994 (30 year anniversary) red Mustang. I tried to hang on to it but it just didn’t make sense. My dream was to go back and find a 1964-65, also in red.

      I”m so in love with this car. One day!

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