“Sequoia closes its doors for the most anticipated renovation in Washington, DC”


Thanks to Jamie for sending word:

“Saw that they bulldozed the outside bar already! Needing a mojito on this 70 degree day….”

photo by Jamie Fuller sequoia
Photo by Jamie Fuller

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  • Back up locations? Under the bridges in NoMa

  • Is the food getting a makeover too? I legit didn’t go on a second date with a guy cuz that’s where he took me for dinner. It was like overpriced wedding food.

    • Yea, I was here for a paid-for event and the food was absolutely woeful. But a pretty view from the upstairs bar?

    • I think this place is only good for the view. I’ve only been once and it was for dinner before prom. Oh memories!

    • View and drinks. Rarely ate here…

    • Yeah, the food is truly heinous there. If they didn’t have that location secured, they would have closed years ago. I’m not even sure why they’re even bothering with a renovation, nobody looks at the restaurant itself.

    • I wondered if I would find similar comments to my feelings on this place. I haven’t been since the early 00’s which was way before the DC restaurant boom; if I thought it was bad even then and not worth returning to…that’s rather bad.

  • Hyperbole of the headline aside, I will be curious to see what they do.

  • hopefully they’ll get rid of the flies at the bar down by the water which is the only part worth going to.

    the mango margaritas are good if you’re into that kind of thing…..I am.

  • The first time I ever got food poisoning was at Sequoia. At least it wasn’t nearly as bad as the second time I ever got food poisoning. What was that second place? Oh yeah, Sequoia.

  • reknowned?

  • justinbc

    This place must spend as much getting itself into every lousy tourist guide book as it does on renovations. I swear the number of times I’ve heard someone give an ill-advised referral or mention of this place is in the hundreds after a decade here.

  • Seems like lots of hate for the happy hour/bar/dinner food. But I went here twice for brunch and loved it! Great selection of food, steady flow of drinks, but you pay for the location and view.

  • They should bulldoze that entire Washington Harbor development and start over. It looks so ugly and dated.

  • I actually like their brunch…

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