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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: This boomerang weather makes it difficult to figure out what to wear to work and my office is unable to adjust the temp to fit the weather. On any given day I am either sweating or cuddling my coffee cup for warmth.

    Rave: I am taking Friday off to GTFO out of town for some fun.

  • Rave: Just returned from a wonderful week in Colombia where it was 90+ everyday.
    Rant: Transited thru Montego Bay on way home. Holy wow is that airport a disaster. I had to have a yellow fever card even though I wasn’t leaving the airport (thankfully had this since I travel to Africa work). I had to go completely out of airport as if I was staying in MB. Then a United employee told me I couldn’t check my bag in for 2 more hours which was thankfully not true.
    Rave: Flights were on time and my luggage was not lost.
    Rave: Just started new job and it is great and the team is awesome.

    Does anyone have movers they recommend? I know this is asked from time to time, but I haven’t moved in 4.5 years. I’m only moving from Adams Morgan to Columbia Heights so not far and don’t have much stuff so hoping for someone that does smaller moves for a reasonable amount. I doubt it would take more than 2 or tops 3 hours.

    • Andie302

      My Truck Buddy are the best! I recommend them to my real estate clients and they successfully helped one of them move just this past weekend with great success. You can get a quote online and they are great to work with!

      • Andie302

        Ugh sorry about saying success twice! lol

      • I love My Truck Buddy! They were wonderful when I was moving into my condo!

        • +1 My Truck Buddy! Seriously, they are amazing. We moved into our condo during a terrible rainstorm (it basically was a monsoon). These guys were CHAMPS. 1 guy could throw a couch over his back. I kid you not. Really really nice guys. They are very careful with all your belongings. Can’t recommend them enough.

      • My Truck Buddy is fantastic! Have used them twice for cross-city moves and they came in under estimate both times (though I was SUPER prepared and packed up)

    • HaileUnlikely

      I have used Bookstore Movers and Two Marines Moving and have been very satisfied with both.

      • +1 to bookstore movers. I believe they have a 3 hour min (so you’d at least be paying for that much time, although I think that’s pretty standard). They were very careful with all my belongings and only took 2.5 hours to move me from Glover Park to U Street. But you would likely need to reserve them at least a couple weeks in advance.

        • Yeah, they do have a three-hour minimum (I just booked a second move with them later this month.) My truck buddy has a 2-hour minimum, but it’s almost equal to the 3-hour charge for Bookstore Movers, so if your move takes even a little over 2 hours, bookstore movers would likely be cheaper.

      • Bookstore Movers! Have done 3 moves with them and they are great.

    • I highly recommend Bookstore Movers! I’ve heard a lot of great things about My Truck Buddy, but when I was looking for movers recently, it appears that they have a significantly higher minimum than Bookstore Movers, so if you’re going to be doing a short move, they probably will be more expensive.

    • Nova Movers have always been pretty great. Prices are reasonable and the guys are fast. Only complaint is that they don’t ask to use your toilet and dribble on the seat and floor. 🙁

    • I highly recommend Knoble Moving. They’ve moved me twice and are about to move me a third time. When I moved the last time, I got quotes from 10 companies and they are by far the cheapest (2 men is $99/hour with a 2 hour minimum; 3 men is $119/hour with a 3 hour minimum). They got me and my ridiculous amount of stuff from Pentagon City to Adams Morgan in exactly 3 hours.

    • wow, that must have a been a cheap ticket or maybe you used mileage? Flying via MoBay is not a normal connection to/from Colombia.

  • Rant: Sinus infection, head cold, cold, or SOMETHING that is making me miserable. I think I jarred mtself awake suddenly this morning because I couldn’t breath through my nose.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Wife leaves for deployment today. This is her second, so hopefully it will be a bit easier than the first.
    Rave: Had excellent going away meals at a ton of places over the weekend, especially at Masseria, La Puerta Verde, Boulangerie Christophe, and killer drinks at barmini. She certainly got her fill of the things that are banned where she’s going.

    • Wishing Mrs.Max lots of luck, health, and safety!

    • Andie302

      Do you have a good estimate of how long she’ll be gone? I hope you’re able to communicate regularly and that she stays safe!

    • I’ll be keeping you two in my thoughts today! Best of luck to your wife, and I hope her second tour goes smoothly and isn’t too long.

    • justinbc

      Thanks all, she’s anticipating six months this time around, but that’s all dependent on things not going haywire under this new administration.

  • Rant: Fan motor in the office is busted, so is approx 80 degrees in here. Will take multiple hours to fix and, b/c we are not “critical”, who knows when this will happen??
    Rant: First thought this morning was, “Damn, it’s only Tuesday”. But…
    RAVE: …It’s FAT Tuesday! I am very much partaking.
    Ultra Rant: Speculation that Trump will not host the annual Easter Egg Roll. If this turns out to be true, it really proves what a monster he is…

    • skj84

      He would be the Easter version of the grinch. I went to the Easter Egg roll twice as a kid. It is one of my favorite memories. I kinda wish I had borrowed a friends kid to go last year. There are a lot things I wish I tried to attend last year.

    • And of course if _Obama_ had decided not to have the Eastern Egg Roll, it would have been denounced as one more un-American gesture from a Christianity-hating Muslim.

  • skj84

    Rave: Family vacation booked! We are spending a week in Ocean City, MD in June. I did kinda get the short end of the stick rooming wise, but the rest of the house makes up for it. We are within walking distance of the beach and everything else. I’ve actually never been to Ocean City before, any reqs?
    Rant: Between this and taxes my wallet is taking a hit.
    Rave: Brother and sister in law found a place in Jersey. They are going to be 30 minutes from NYC and 10 minutes from a transit station.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Drive north to Rehoboth and watch the dolphins play with the surfers. Sydney’s restaurant and blues bar.

    • Which area of ocean city are you in? There are vastly different offerings depending on where you are and the age groups you’re with! I’m a fan of the North End and taking some time out to go kayaking on the bayside (Coastal Kayak in Fenwick is a favorite) or taking a day trip to Assateague if you’re closer to the south end.

  • Rave: great yoga class yesterday and lovely walk to work this morning – at least I’m getting my 10,000 steps in about 5-6 days out of 7, maybe I’ll lose a pound or two!
    Rant: Had terrible anxiety last night and had nightmares all night long. Really thinking I may need to talk to my doctor about this since even exercise isn’t cutting it.
    Rant: Exhausted. Not enough sleep, much less uninterrupted sleep.
    Rave – someone in our office made King cake – a little slice of that with my morning coffee perks things up!
    Rant: Now I have to hear about all the things people are “giving up” for Lent. I’d rather hear about the works of charity and justice you’re doing, if you’re going to go down the Lent road. Or don’t talk about it at all, pretty sure Jesus would have been ok with that.

    • Forgotten rant: the desecration and vandalizing of the Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia over the weekend. Dad is pretty sure that’s where his grandparents and great-grandparents are buried. Either way though, awful! Just awful!

  • Rant: Almost hit twice in a span of 2 blocks. Crosswalk with me having right of way.
    Rave: Leaving work early today.
    Rave: Peaceful bliss until my co-worker gets here. Fingers crossed she won’t show up.

    • Related to your rant: Drivers suck. I heard TWO separate cars honk at an older lady with a walker crossing the street with 20+ seconds left today because they wanted to turn. Rude!!! They can wait!!

      • Never would I ever. Even if the light changed, she has a right to finish when she started on the walk sign. Guy almost ran over my foot…That close. Somehow didn’t see me in my bright colored jacket.

      • … those drivers have the light! People shouldn’t be crossing the street then!


        (I’ve actually had drivers yell this at me before, completely oblivious to the fact that when you’re turning, your progress may be impeded by pedestrians who also have the green light to cross…)

        • yep! Last week a guy almost ran me down while I was crossing in the crosswalk with the light – it was like he was aiming for me and I yelled at him “wtf are you doing?!” – he yelled back sometime (I’m assuming it was something about him having the light” and then I screamed after him “F*CK YOU!” And then I sped up and walked home realllly fast!

    • I almost got mowed down today too – pay attention drivers!!!!

  • A question for the Populace: I’m facing some potential life changes (all good news!), that will require a change in living situation, and I’m weighing whether to sell or rent my condo. I have a good handle on what it might sell for, but I’m having trouble finding comparable rentals to figure out that price. In basic terms: 2 beds/1 bath; approx 975 square feet; Central A/C; in-unit washer/dryer; dishwasher and microwave in kitchen. It has one, covered assigned PARKING space. Located in Mt. Pleasant (less than 10 minute walk to Columbia Heights Metro, close to lots of buses). My condo association allows pets, and I’d be open to renting to pet owners. For planning purposes, does $2800 per month seem out of line? I’ve been out of the rental market for over a decade, so I have very little feel for rental prices. Thanks!

    • seems reasonable to me! for comparison, my partner and I pay $3000/mo for a 2 BR 2.5 bath condo (bottom 2 floors of a townhouse – about 1200 sq ft) with WD, dishwasher, & microwave. we also have a private outdoor back yard & small deck. about 2 blocks from Co Hi Metro. it sounds like we have a bit more space & more bathrooms so it makes sense that we’d pay more for that – BUT I feel like parking is super valuable around here, especially covered parking, so factor that in and $2800 sounds right. you might also offer to potential renters that they can sublet out the parking spot to defray the cost of rent (that is, if they don’t have a car).

    • um hello can I ask what your asking price might be if you sell? because that sounds pretty close to what we’re looking for… (we can email about this privately if you’d prefer!)

      • At this point, I’m leaning strongly toward renting it, for a variety of reasons in addition to the potential rental price (as compared to current mortgage/taxes/condo fees). And I won’t make any decision until June or so. But if I do list, it will likely be for around $485k, which is in line with other sales in the building and neighborhood.

  • Rave: For those of you who donated yesterday, thank you so much for the support! I am so grateful for the PoPville community.

  • Question: I received a save the date a few months ago. A few weeks ago the bride asked me if I received the invite which I had not. Apparently it got lost in the mail. She verified the address with me and mentioned she’d send a new one. Still haven’t seen it. Would it be rude to ask if it had been sent? I know everything has to be super stressful for her right now, but I also don’t want to be late on RSVPing.

    • I think it’s okay to miss out on the invitation and contact the bride directly to say that you had not yet received the invitation (maybe deflect blame from her by saying “Thanks USPS!!”) but are planning on attending.

    • Can you just rsvp by email and let her know you hadn’t received it yet and didn’t want to miss it? 2 birds, 1 stone

      • Since this has already come up before with her, raise it again–in a kind and humorous tone–and just frame it as “I want to RSVP on time!” I wonder what the issue is? Maybe the invite is an odd size/shape and your mail carrier is having a hard time getting it a more petite urban mailbox?

    • It would not be rude. I actually think it would be more rude to let her assume that you’d received it and just hadn’t responded. (Honestly, she should have told you the details along with sending a new one so you could RSVP to her on-time whether or not you’d received the hard-copy, IMO.)

    • definitely not rude. I never got the invitation to the wedding of a close friend from college. I told her, and it turned out that MANY of the invites had gone missing and it was totally screwing up their RSVP tally. she’ll probably appreciate the heads up.

    • I mailed a couple dozen 1099s for consultants I worked with in 2016. At least six of those people did not receive their tax forms, although I had the right address. SIX out of 22. USPS is failing fast.

  • Rave: Adulting like a BOSS today. I paid one credit card off (thanks, tax refund) and got a credit on my bill after much wrangling with Comcast.
    Rant: Heading out of town on Thursday and I feel like there’s so much to do before I leave and not enough time to get it all accomplished. But I will.
    Rave: Partners out of town on business which means I will get many things done at work today and tomorrow that I’ve had to set aside. Bonus: quiet work area!

    • Congrats! paying off debt feels SOOOO good (I know I sound like Michelle Singletary here). I remember the days I paid off my student loan and car loan. SO freeing! Good job.

    • The credit card rave is so great! I just paid one off today with some refund money too 🙂

  • Rave: Week long ski trip to the PNW! And it’s been puking snow, with more to come!

  • Clueless

    Rave: Just finished watching “The Jinx” on HBO (a little late to this). What a compelling series! Robert Durst is cray.
    Rave: My office is doing “Employee Appreciation Week” and this morning’s treat was iced coffee.

  • Rave: Excellent Dinner at Ivy City Smokehouse Tavern this weekend. Particularly enjoyed the smokes trout and the smoked whitefish salad. Only minor rant is very slow service at the nd of the meal – ordering dessert and getting the check. That’s somehow more annoying to me than anything – I’m getting full, I’d like to wrap up and get out of there. You have people waiting, isn’t it in your interest to turn the table?
    Rave/Rant: Spent another $50 at the seafood market. Made some excellent stuffed calamari for dinner Sunday night.

    • skj84

      Tom Seistema just reviewed Ivy City Smokehouse Tavern and brought out the service issues. They hire mostly neighborhood people which is sweet, but maybe they should polish the training program. Ivy City Smokehouse Tavern is on my lists of places to check out again, I went last year and had some amazing fried oysters.

      • It has a neighborhood feel. No real rush or formality with the service. The dining space isnt that big so you can flag people down if necessary. This sort of “service” wouldnt work most places

  • Rant: Woke up at 4am for NO REASON. Crazy sleep patterns continue.
    Rant: Been waking up with back aches. Think I can blame running outside for that one.
    RAVE: Put my early rising to good use and hit the gym. Was able to get to 3 miles in just under 31 minutes. When I stepped on a treadmill for the first time again in Sept I was about 40lbs heavier and could barely run for 2 minutes. That’s over now.
    Rave: The sunny warm weather is back for now.

  • Hey y’all, I have a question for the POPulace. I got a call from a DC prosecutor yesterday regarding a car break in Id spotted in front of my house in Columbia Heights earlier this year (Id heard the guy attempt to break in to a car middle of the night – I saw him actually break in on his 2nd or third attempt). I’d immediately called 911 and the police nabbed him. I have been subpoenaed for my testimony.

    I remember he looked pretty young, which made me sad. I’m also a little worried about showing up to the trial to testify, and then having him see me, because this all went down right in front of my house. Has anyone actually testified for something like this?

    • houseintherear

      I had a nearly identical experience, and they called me as a witness but it was for the grand jury (to figure out if they would press charges). The defendant was not present. Hopefully that’s the case for your situation!

    • I’ve worried about this, too. Is there any protection for witnesses? Even just not publishing the address of the witness would be enough to comfort me, as I don’t believe the perpetrators keep close track of where they commit which crimes.

    • Your concerns are the same concerns that many deal with but are often ridiculed for. Often times, the no -snitching label/culture is attributed

    • I’ve testified a couple of times as a witness (once in a murder trial, once in domestic violence), and it hasn’t been an issue. I asked the prosecutors and detectives about anything I should be concerned about, and they didn’t expect any problems.
      It is a little worrying, but worth it in the end to be brave.

    • Can you ask the prosecutor about your concerns? FWIW, I think that your concerns are valid, and would probably feel the same way in your shoes, but also think that it’s probably very unlikely that the defendant would seek some kind of revenge under these circumstances.

    • Have you actually identified the guy? “I remember he looked pretty young,” doesn’t sound like you can even make a positive ID. Plus it being the middle of the night, and witness identification notoriously faulty. I’d suggest talking to the prosecutor about what you are actually supposed to be testifying to. Of course if you did actually see his face, close-up in good light and could pick him out of a line up, then you can help. I had called 911 for a shooting in the alley once – all I saw was dark clothed people at night, running, and a car zooming off, seen from my 3rd floor window. They sent me a subpoena, and I called (a few times) and talked (to a few people) explaining over and over that I had no useful information so why waste both of our times. They finally accepted this. I think sometimes they just cast a wide net.

      • They actually saw the crime taking place, so I think it removes doubt that the person did it.

        • HaileUnlikely

          You understand that “saw the crime taking place” and “remembers exactly what the person who committed the crime looked like” are different, no? It sounds to me that the OP saw a crime taking place (yes, really saw it), and called 911, and then the police were dispatched and the police nabbed *somebody.* The question for which the prosecution would need a witness is “Was the person who the police nabbed in fact the same person who the OP saw committing the crime?” (Yes, this is a real question whose answer is unknown.) That is why the prosecution would want a witness to testify. And it is not necessarily the case that somebody who witnessed the crime taking place would be able to confidently and correctly identify the perpetrator.

        • You can see a crime taking place and still not be able to positively identify the person that did it. Even if you give a good enough description that the police catch the guy a few blocks away, even a marginally competent lawyer is going to question the identification. Even if the police catch the guy actually rummaging through the car, he will claim that he was just trying to save the person’s stuff from being stolen, (since it was already broken into by someone else.)

          Unless you see a person’s face, up close, in bright light, preferably with dramatic and unique identifying features (Maori tatoos, missing a nose) your identification is in doubt. Especially if you are of a different racial/ethnic group.

        • I’m can’t armchair this since I wasn’t there. If the poster saw *someone* without being able to make a good ID, and the police catch that person right there that matches that vague description, then it’s reasonable to ask the person who saw the crime being committed to testify.
          Of course, don’t say anything beyond what you know to be true. If that’s not enough, then they don’t have a case. But if you don’t testify, what’s to say the defense is that “the car was already broken before – wasn’t me.”
          I just think it’s weak to back out of testifying honestly. The prosecution and defense can do with that what they will.

        • Oh nevermind, I see what’s wrong with what I wrote before. Sure. I still think testifying honestly is the right thing to do.

  • Bear

    Rave: Renovation finally started.
    RAnt: living in a construction zone. It’s going to be a long month or so.
    Question for PoPville: does anyone have a recommendation for having a wedding dress cleaned and preserved?

  • Rant: Mom got the results of a medical test back, and she has a rare condition that doctors don’t know much about. Trying to stay optimistic but it’s hard when everything is so uncertain.
    Rant: I live across the country so can’t help my parents out more. Sometimes I wonder if I should move back.
    Rave(ish): Work is super busy and distracting me from worry.

    • binntp

      I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. You/she might want to connect with NORD (rarediseases.org), which can be a useful resource in finding support, both other families and financial, in dealing with this. (I had a high school friend whose daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder and it gave her comfort to be able to find other families dealing with this.)

      • Thank you, I’ll definitely check that out.

      • I agree with this, and also would encourage your parents to seek a second opinion and find the specialist hot-shot for this disease. If your folks are like mine, they are overly deferential to the doctor they already have, and will go with his/her recommendation for treatment, when there are other doctors out there with greater knowledge and treatment options.

    • Sending lots of positive thoughts that she’s able to find a good specialist who can help!

  • Rant: Last night’s dreams were crazier than usual. In one, I was out for a walk and saw a nuclear bomb go off in the distance (with a mushroom cloud and everything), and raced home to get my cat into her carrier and evacuate.
    Rant: So very tired.

  • RAVE: leaving for las vegas for my wedding in 30 days (not that anyone is counting lol!)

    • That sounds awesome!! I wanted to do Vegas for ours but got overruled by family. Have a wonderful time!

      • thank you! very excited!!!! family is not invited, so we could do whatever we wanted. we are doing a family only “ceremony” and dinner later this year at a restaurant in DC. we figured this was a good compromise- we can have the wedding we want, but also have a special celebration with family later. I especially wanted to make sure my mom felt included because she was a single mom and I’m her only child, BUT as much as I love an appreciate her, going to vegas will be way more fun with just friends.

  • Andie302

    UGH: It looks like someone set up a Plenty of Fish account and provided my email address???? I don’t know if this is spam, or if someone just typed their own address wrong, but I would really love to confirm that no one also used my photo but I don’t want to click on any of these links, and of course I’m not going to have the password to the username that they set up. Any ideas on how to stop this?

    • Go to the site and look for some kind of customer service link.
      I had this happen several years ago with (I think) Netflix, and they were able to straighten things out after I told them that someone had signed up for the service but mistakenly used my e-mail address.

      • What Textdoc said. I had the same issue with someone setting up a Hulu account with the wrong email. Just be sure to get the customer service contact from the Plenty of Fish website rather than from a link in the email, just in case it is spam.

    • This happens to me all the time… in my case, I’m frequently the recipient of email sent to mis-typed email addresses. I’ve gotten more incorrectly addressed email than you would believe: medical information, personal correspondence, party invitations, car warranties, real estate documents… all intended for someone else. Recently, someone signed up for match.com with my email address. I tried emailing them to have it changed, to no avail.

      One thing you could easily do is request a password reset on the account. It would be sent to your email address, then you could reset the password, login, investigate and delete the account (or change the associated email address); problem solved. The one catch is that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) can be interpreted broadly to include making any violation of a website’s terms of service agreement illegal (although this is a major point of reform efforts). Logging in to an account created by someone else could plausibly be viewed as unauthorized access. It’s highly unlikely that anyone would notice or press charges, but that could open the door to being accused of a felony.

      • happens to me all the time too! ALLLLL the time. Someone once signed my email account up for the Australian match dot com. I am pretty sure I forwarded the email to their customer service account, explained that I didn’t sign up for it, and they deleted me pretty quickly.

    • Emmaleigh504

      This happened to me with Match. She was not named Emily and used her own photos. I sent an email to customer support and they deleted the account. It was very painless.

    • Can you go to the website directly and try a password recovery–presumably it goes to your email account and then you change the password to check?

      • Andie302

        Thanks all! I did the password recovery, it turns out it was a valid account with someone else’s photo, so now I requested from customer service to delete the account. Hopefully that’s it! That lady was very popular this morning!!!

  • Rave: Fun, exhausting weekend in Mexico City. What an awesome place.
    Rant: Felt so bad about the president and the wall and what a terrible friend and neighbor we are. I wanted to wear a big sign that said I’m so sorry and I’ll fight to stop the crazy man.
    Rave: Kenya trip next week!
    Rant: Still haven’t gotten home yet. Will only be home, in my own bed, for a few nights before off again. Argh.

  • Rave: Not exactly sure what I’m doing at work or my personal life. Kinda terrifying, but also fun.
    Rave: Fun trips coming up to see friends, family, and the world. Excited!
    Rant: I need life to stop hurting people I love. Seriously.
    Rave: Small point, but I’ve made a point recently to eat more protein and I really see the difference. I have more energy and crave my next snack (somewhat) less.

  • Rant: I don’t do it often, but I feel the need for a pity party. I feel like my closest friendships are disintegrating, with one friend carrying on her pattern of flaking and one friend expressing outright disdain for my relationship with my SO (she is projecting her own failed relationship onto my current one, constantly drawing unfair parallels and and insinuating my SO is exactly like her ex when he’s not). I’m not one of those people who needs to be surrounded by a gaggle of friends, but there are days when I realize that I have really no one except my SO, and it’s sad (and not exactly healthy).
    Rave: Best friends from college are coming over in a few months and we are getting together in NYC. It’s been about ten years since I’ve seen them, and in that time, two marriage, one divorce, and 4 children have transpired between us, yet when we talk it’s like old times. It will be so wonderful to see them again.

    • Oh yucky! I’m so sorry to read about you’re rant – next time you’re down this way, let me know, I’d be happy to meet up and hang out! Glad you’ve got some real friend time to look forward to in the meanwhile.

    • This is tough, sorry to hear that. I’ve had two major friend groups in DC, but with people moving away it can be a challenge to see those groups get thinner, less available, etc. About two years ago I had a “friend panic” and joined a soccer team and started volunteering, and met some good people but no one that felt like “home.”

      So how’d all that shake out?

      1) I’m so busy at work I don’t have time to think about it as often until I sometimes wake up on a Saturday and realize I didn’t make any plans and have no idea what to do with myself.

      2) I’ve been fortunate since to have supplemented those two groups, and found new ways to celebrate with those same friends.

      3) Daytrips, adventure, solo exploration, quick solo weekends even.

      But still, it’s a thing in my life – I have more to give than friends to give it to, I think is the right way to phrase it.

    • I just recently had a conversation with someone about this… it is really unfortunate, but not uncommon you are not alone! Getting older I’ve experienced friends drift apart, especially in the DC area.. people come and go. Yes, I started volunteering and joining some sports leagues and met some new people.

    • Tom

      I’m sorry to hear about the rant. Might want to give meetup dot com a shot? An ex of mine tried it to interact with friends in the Silver Spring area after a prolonged period of living like a hermit, and she ended up running their subgroup six months later when the woman who created it moved to another city. I don’t know if she’s still doing it, but she was really into it when we were together. I met more than a few really cool people through that group and did everything from hiking Great Falls to wineries to bowling.

  • Rave: my sister invited me over for dinner and cupcakes on *her* birthday
    Rave: my sister takes in it stride when I compare her youngest child to my dog. They really are of the same spirit, the spirit that will eat anything off any surface at any time.
    Rave: pink pants!
    Rant: things seem to be afoot at work, but I’m not entirely sure what

  • Revel: No news is good news and I got no news!
    Rant: I want to puke from other work-related crap.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: My echocardiogram was not as stressful as I thought it would be until

    Rant: I took a peek at the screen and realized it looked like every sonogram I’ve ever seen.

    Rant: When you’ve been working from home for weeks and then you actually have to go into the office and getting ready is monumentally crazed and you are all “Where’s my laptop case, where’s my ID badge, where’s my pants, etc …”

  • Rant: still don’t have a travel buddy and don’t like to take long trips alone
    Rave: just trying to remember that I’m fortunate in other respects.

    • Have you asked people? Even people you think might not be interested/ available? Expect little and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve gotten at least three or four friends to accompany me on trips (either work trips or just when my wanderlust flared up and there were good airfare sales.) You don’t know if you don’t ask!

    • Have you considered some sort of your or other organized group trip? I’ve done some “summer camp for grown-ups” activities (a yoga retreat and some cooking adventures) that I combined with some solo time in surrounding cities. I didn’t know a soul, but I made some friends–and now I have people to visit in other fabulous locales! I also have a number of friends who have done trips through Intrepid Travel. They went on some really great, off-the-beaten path adventures with other like-minded folks–some of whom were flying solo and some of whom were with friends/family. It definitely did not sound like some sort of Contiki Teen Tour!

      • I’ll look into those, thanks! Some of the well-known groups seem overly expensive and I know I’m not a bus tour kind of person so I’ve been hesitant to travel with them. I’ve joined a few meet up groups and from reading the postings it’s a lot of existing friends who travel together.

  • Rant: The DC apartment hunt from abroad. I’ve been away for three years and wish I could just move back into my old place.

    Rave: We may have found a place. Anyone live in Truxton Circle?

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