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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Adorable Brownies selling Girl Scout Cookies outside Starbucks.
    Rant: Adorable Brownies melted my resolve to not buy cookies. Ate way too many cookies as a result.
    Revel: Samoas go really well with Paris tea.

  • For the PoPulace: I’m using an abbreviated name today to keep my semi-anonymity but I mentioned a few weeks ago that my mom had to move but didn’t have the money. I have been helping her as much as I can but I still have bills to pay, as well. I started a GoFundMe yesterday on her behalf. I’m not expecting anyone here to donate, but I believe there are really good people out there who are looking to help those in need. This is an opportunity to really make a small but really profound difference in someone’s life. If anyone is interested, the campaign is here: https://www.gofundme.com/MamasEmergencyMoveFund
    Rave: Humanity i love you because you
    are perpetually putting the secret of
    life in your pants and forgetting
    it’s there and sitting down
    on it (e.e. cummings)

  • We found a green inchworm (more like a quarterinchworm) in some lettuce this weekend. We named her Hermia and relocated her to a potted plant on a windowsill. She seems happy there. Hunting around for her is a surprisingly enjoyable way to spend two minutes.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: King cake from my parents.
    Rave: Hiking with friends at Monocacy Battlefield before the cold front/showers swept through.
    Rave: Waffle House with Eldest Zelda.
    Rant: So much anxiety in almost every part of my life.
    Rant: Job searching.

  • Rave: Good visit with my MIL this weekend, complete with NO political talk (she is….not on our side politically)
    Rave: She watched our daughter so we could go to Le Diplomate with friends Saturday night
    Rave: Mahershala Ali!!

  • Rant: Slipped and fell getting into the shower this morning. I’m OK but it shook me up a bit.
    Rant: Dude pushed me out of the way getting on Metro this morning even though there were plenty of seats available on the train and we got on as soon as the door opened. When I sat down he looked angry and a bit crazy, so I just focused on my book and prayed that he didn’t try to attack me.
    Rave: Viola Davis winning last night.
    Rave: Great conversation with my sister on Saturday.

  • Rant: The 2nd date I was supposed to have on Saturday night dropped off the face of the planet. He had said post first date that he’d find a great place for us to go on Saturday for dinner and let me know. I texted him Friday night just saying hi, and as of this morning, I haven’t heard a peep from him.
    Best case scenario: he was hospitalized or abducted by aliens and desperately wanted to reach out but they took his phone. Worst case: He is not a grown-ass man who can just email or text back to say “I can’t make it” or “I’m sorry, I have to cancel.” Something. It’s just rude. On the bright side, I didn’t have a ton of time invested or anything, so it’s not like my heart was broken or anything.

    Rave: So I took myself out for a lovely dinner and didn’t have to share it with anyone.

    Rave: Overall, had a very outstanding weekend despite that situation.

    Friends think I should start an anonymous blog featuring men who are jerks so that other women aren’t fooled by them (using some identifying things, but obviously using aliases, like blind items). Sounds intriguing but I am not sure if that would be the best idea.

    • Bleh, so sorry! That’s a jerk move on his part.

      I’d love to see your blog come to life. I’d have things to share.

    • Ugh on your first rant. Hoping someone has been in a terrible accident feels awful but finding out they’re just a coward feels worse.

    • Probably married or involved with someone and got cold feet or a bad vibe that his SO would find out so had to cut things off cold turkey and abort the mission….

      Happens all the time.

      • Either that, or, he got caught up “in the moment” and after a couple days (or maybe even a couple hours) realized he wasn’t really that into me.

        • That too…either way you are better off…

          • Exactly. I mean, I allowed myself to be mildly disappointed, because I legitimately enjoyed our first date and i was looking forward to the second one. But, better to know his colors now, vs. a month in. 🙂

        • Stacksp, do you think there are that many married/involved men on dating sites??
          I don’t know whether it’s better or worse if the guy was married/involved, or if he was single and just a thoughtless lameass. (My guess is that he’s a thoughtless lameass.)
          SinSA, sorry to hear this happened to you.

          • I would say a large portion have GF. I would say about 75% of guy friends with GF still get phone numbers when out, and go on the occasional date.

          • I kinda agree with B. Very few are super single.

          • Getting phone numbers when out is a different kind of cheating than being on a dating site, though. I’d think being on a dating site would run a much higher risk of getting “caught,” since one’s photo is up there for all to see.

          • Some people are in legit open relationships too though, whether it be a long-term relationship or marriage. Obviously they usually tell you up front because there’s nothing to hide.

          • Yeah, there’s a sizable difference between ethical non-monogamy and non-ethical non-monogamy.
            While on dating sites I don’t think I have ever been out with someone in a relationship who was cheating. Maybe I’m completely naive, but I just don’t see a lot of people angling to cheat on those.

          • fwiw, it’s not just men (although they are almost certainly the worst offenders)… I’ve come across one married woman passing herself off as single on dating sites (I knew she was married because I knew her in real life)… I’m pretty sure one or two of the ladies I went out with was cheating on someone too…

          • Many moons ago I ended up meeting someone at a bar and set a date for a few days later. Dropped back into the same bar between meeting and said date, there he is, wedding ring, wife, and baby in tow.
            People wonder why I quit dating right around the time it went all digital. I have a million more scummy, icky, and utterly ridiculous stories, which are made all the easier by the anonymity of the internet.

    • I love hearing dating stories on here but…I feel like turning it into a whole blog could really tarnish your future experiences with dating. It starts off as “I just want to laugh about my experiences” and turns into commiseration which easily turns into bitterness. Of course it’s cathartic to chat on occasion about your terrible swiping/first date adventures with your girlfriends but the (negative) energy that you’d put into coordinating a blog to vent about (/bash on) dating might be better put to use — positively somewhere else. Just a thought!

    • I don’t think the blog is a good idea. Would you want all your dating stories out for public consumption? Leave it and move on to the next one.

      • No, I wouldn’t.

        It wouldn’t be that kind of blog. It would be more like Page Six Blind Items, some funny, some awful, about dating experiences in the DC area.

        Here’s how NOT to appear on the potential blog or column:

        1. When you ask a girl out on a date, show up on time, act interested and invested in your date (not your phone, not staring at every other girl that walks by, not the TV showing the game).
        2. If you have enjoyed the date, and you ask the girl out again, make sure she knows where you’re going to go on the date.
        3. If you lose interest, TELL HER. Don’t ghost her, don’t stand her up, don’t leave her wondering.
        4. Be a grown up, honest, mature person.

        I haven’t decided anything for sure yet. I’m just saying that if you are a good, decent human who treats other humans with respect and kindness, then you won’t show up on a blog or in a column about bad dating in DC.

    • I once got stood up by a guy only to learn later that he no-showed because he got arrested for DUI on the way to my house to pick me up. I filed that one under “Dodged a bullet.”

    • He probably went on another date instead? Maybe he realized it wasn’t meant to be…sometimes silence is the easiest way in this day and age. No real easy way to say “sorry I don’t think we are are as great a match now that I’m not 1-2 drinks deep” Still sucks, but not the worst!

      • I disagree – and he didn’t even have to get into it, but he could have texted me and said “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to cancel our date. I can’t make it.” I don’t need any huge explanation. That’s all. That’s the least he could have done.

        • Agreed. To make tentative plans and then leave the other party hanging is exceedingly lame. (Canceling on short notice is lame too, but not as bad as just leaving the other party hanging.)

      • I also disagree. I would much rather get a short text saying “hey it was great meeting you but don’t think this is going to go anywhere. good luck!” than nothing. back when I was single I met a guy that I really WANTED to like because he was awesome, and checked a lot of boxes for me, but unfortunately I just didn’t feel the chemistry. I called him after our second date to let him know (although in retrospect I think text is also fine and sometimes better – in this case I called because he was a friend of a friend and also because I canceled our third date at the last minute). Later he texted me to let me know how much he appreciated it, and we are still to this day casually friends (and he’s married and I’m about to be married!).

      • Silence is not acceptable. I always looked at it from how I felt–I hated when people just dropped off the face of the earth so if I wasn’t feeling it with someone I let them know. It’s really not that hard especially when you can just shoot a text.

    • That’s a bummer, sorry to hear that. One thing that I’ve often had to remind myself is that many people (male and female alike), simply aren’t mature enough to be up front and break things off cleanly. They’d rather let silence do the talking, which leaves someone guessing for at least a period, and two, avoids an uncomfortable conversation, but at the cost of that person having a number of minor disappointments as they are let down slowly (e.g. recognizing a lack of responsiveness, realizing you’re the one always initiating texts, etc.). I always remind myself: the right thing to do is the uncomfortable thing to do – tell them directly, apologize, and recognize by doing that as soon as you know, you’re speeding them onto the next person who will treat them as they deserve, versus letting them down slowly over a course of days, weeks, etc.

      • Yes. Exactly THIS.

      • Thank you, I completely agree that it is most merciful to be up front and let them know. It’s uncomfortable to wait and stew when a pretty painless text convo would put you both on the same page immediately.

        • In one recent case, I don’t think I’ve entirely lived up to my own standards on this, which is bad. 🙁 I guess I just wasn’t sure how to go about it when it was more complex than just a simple “Sorry, not feeling it. Best of luck in your search” kind of thing.

  • skj84

    Rave: The Oscars last night. My goodness what a show. Psyched that Viola, Mahershela Ali, Zootopia, and of course Moonlight won!! The Best Picture presentation was insane. I had walked away to clean up my dishes during the La La Land producers speech, then came back just in time to hear them call the mistake. Twist ending!! Moonlight trurly was the best movie of the year. I’m so glad it got the rightful recognition it deserved.
    Rant: Bad stomach bug last night. I haven’t eaten today, I really hope I can keep food down. I took the day off from work.

  • Rant: I haven’t seen any Oscar nominated movies.
    Rave: Said movies will come to Netflix and HBO at some point, so I’ll catch up on the small screen.
    Rave: I had a lovely weekend. I got to spend time with dear friends and still manage to spend some time sitting on the couch and reading.
    Rant: Hate crimes on the rise in this country. We still have so far to go to dismantle racism and bigotry.

    • skj84

      Many of the films are available to stream already. Sing Street, Thirteenth and Zootopia are on Netflix, the People vs OJ Simpson is on Hulu, Manchester By The Sea, The Lobster, Hell or High Water, and Hacksaw Ridge are on Amazon Prime. I think Arrival is on demand as is Fences. It may be a bit for Moonlight, Hidden Figures and La La. Land.

      • I don’t see Manchester by the sea available on amazon prime…its for rent for 5.99

      • Watched Moonlight on On Demand yesterday. Available for rent on FIOS

      • The People vs OJ Simpson (American Crime Story) is on Netflix too!

      • Wrong OJ: That’s the drama by the American Horror Story guy on FX.

        The winning OJ was OJ: Made in America, which was a documentary miniseries for ESPN. They pushed it out in a couple of theatres in order for it to qualify for the Oscars.

        • And in fairness, there was a lot of OJ last year. The confusion isn’t surprising. Just don’t want anyone to end up wondering how Cuba Gooding, Jr. was starring in an Oscar-winning documentary.

        • Just to clarify, the documentary, OJ: Made in America, is on Hulu.

        • Thanks for the clarification! I wasn’t quite paying attention to the posts above (that were referencing Oscar-nominated movies) and thought you were talking about the American Crime Story one. Now to go check out the Made in America one…

  • Anon for this
    Had a coffee date this morning (second one, we’re both early risers) and he confessed that he was married. NOPE. Between this, a memorial service yesterday, and an expected hard week at work…I’m fighting to keep my spirits up.

  • Rave: DOG. It’s like he knows how to be in exactly the wrong spot at the wrong time. It’s hilarious and he makes me laugh on the regular
    Rant-ish: DOG ate about $6 worth of Camembert last night. Ooops
    Rave: I ate two meals outside this weekend. The weather Friday and Saturday morning was glorious.
    Rave: less than 2 weeks until vacation!
    Rave: I cleaned and cleaned and organized and I am so happy. Why does purging feel so good?

  • Rave: Nice, productive-ish weekend, and extra nice to go see a play with textdoc at the Studio Theatre.
    Rant: I’m in such a cranky mood this morning. Probably waking up sweating with nightmares twice last night didn’t help. Of course I can’t remember what the dreams were about, but I remember being sooo freaked I kicked off my covers and both cats! I wish I could remember what got me so upset, so I could tell myself how stupid it was.

  • Rave : I’m no longer addicted to one of the sleepy pills I’m prescribed
    Rant: my normal dosage from a few months ago knocked me the f out
    Rant: wasn’t as productive as I had hoped since I spent all day yesterday in bed
    ?: will find out if I’m getting tenure next year by tomorrow

  • Rant: Just because there’s a crosswalk, its probably also a good idea to look both ways before crossing the street. Just a thought.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Made bagels for the first time this weekend and they turned out pretty good! I will definitely make them again!
    Rave: Productive and fun weekend. It wasn’t exactly relaxing, but that’s what happens when the real estate market heats up and so many listings are coming on at once!
    Rave: Got up before work and went to the gym this morning because of an evening appointment. I’m much more awake right now, but I forgot the correct color shoes so I’ll be buying some different color hose to try and camouflage the mistake a bit better over lunch!
    Rant: I have yet again gotten behind on a training plan for an organized race. I’m just going to do my best to catch up without hurting myself. There may be some walking on race day, and I just need to be okay with that.

    • I struggle with feeling good about walking on race days (or even regular runs) since I am so competitive with myself. But sometimes it is just what I need to do to get through the race and I’m always happy to finish even if I walk.

  • Rant: Dropped an entire table on my big toe last Friday. Had to cancel plans to see The Legwarmers so could stay home and ice.
    Rave: Miraculously, the table hit directly between the nail and the joint, thus is only severly bruised and NOT BROKEN! Hallelujah!
    Rave: FAT TUESDAY is tomorrow! And the husband has actually agreed to order Chinese food (which he claims not to like)!
    Rave: Hosting game night this weekend, complete with red wine brownies. Super excited to have peeps over again!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Work diarrhea, figuratively speaking, just won’t stop. I’ll likely be MIA from PoP for a while.
    Rant: Aliens have not answered my prayer to abduct me. First God doesn’t answer my prayer for a winning lotto ticket and now the aliens. Who’s next to disappoint?
    Rant: Finally found the time/energy to shave my head yesterday and just messed it up. The Korean saying that it looks like a rat chewed up my head applies. I have lots of razor burn/knicks. Also, the shaving oil I used had menthol in it so my head was on fire as an added bonus.
    Rant: Still craving soup dumpling after Friday Girl mentioned Din Tai Fung at wine and whine. FML. How long can a craving like this last???

  • rave: a couple weekend events that I wasn’t excited about and didn’t enjoy quite as much as I might have under different circumstances helped snap me out of a bit of a funk that I was in
    rave: got up and out early enough this morning to walk in to work (~3.3 miles)
    rant: I might have busted my new laptop after just a couple months, thanks to a small amount of water on the keyboard

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