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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: DC sent my refund to an old address. A representative of OTR told me to update my address on file and after 30 days they’ll resend the check. Okay, sure, whatever. But OTR won’t let me create a new account! Every time I try to sign up for a new account and enter my social—even before I get to the third page—it tells me I’ve tried too many times and been locked out. What the hell?!?! It told me I had tried too many times the FIRST time! OTR representatives have been totally unable to help me. What do I do? Do I just have to accept I don’t get a tax refund this year???

    • I know this is a silly and not-helpful question, but if you’ve gotten a refund from DC before, is there a reason you didn’t do direct deposit? Is there any way they could direct deposit it once the check hasn’t been cashed for 30 days instead of dealing with the address?

      • I’m glad you asked! I did pick direct deposit. Unfortunately, if you changed your address in the last year and opted for direct deposit, OTR overrode your decision and mailed you a check instead (per the rep I spoke to). Apparently they experienced some fraud via direct deposit and chose to mail checks in those circumstances instead. Un-friggin-believable.

        • Oh wow, that’s weird. Does anyone know if this is new this year? I thought last year they were only doing paper checks if you hadn’t filed in DC before (period, address not withstanding).
          They seem to be causing themselves a lot more issues than it’s worth.

          • This is not new. They did it to me last year including sending the check to the address not on my return. Luckily it was my still active po box. I found out the same way. If they mentioned it, you could do a change of address first to get it rerouted, but no dice.

        • as someone who changed his address last year, ugh! … does that even make any sense? I would think that OTR would have records of direct deposit numbers that were on your tax filing the year before, right? If you have a person with the same SSN and the same direct deposit account from one year to the next, why would a change of address be a warning sign for fraud? (yes, I know I’m probably giving OTR too much credit for being able to make all those connections…)

          • crap! I moved about a month ago! I had a hell of a time getting my refund from DC last year, now I’m going to have a hell of a time this year?

          • LBP- if you have a change of address on file with the post office, I hope you’d get the check rerouted, but I am not sure if tax stuff is in the will not forward category. I would call and ask.

          • Thanks, Anon Spock – I’ll call the tax office and see what I can find out….

        • binntp

          In the meantime, I moved and owed DC taxes this year & OTR was super quick to deduct the amount owed from my bank account. Sigh. I hope all of you owed refunds get them soon!

        • I changed my address in the last year, and I even moved out of DC to VA. I got my return through my direct deposit. Don’t know if it was a glitch, but just putting it out there that I didn’t have a problem getting my return even though I moved for people worried about their returns.

          • It seems to me that there is very little consistency in the way that OTR does things. It seems almost as if they screw over every fifth (or third maybe?) return that hits their desk. I just imagine someone with a rubber stamp going approved, approved, nah lemme eff with this one…

      • I do direct deposit and I got my DC refund check in the mail. I changed my address in 2015.

        • Ugh. I just realized this happened to me too. They said it was issued last week but it’s not in my bank account (where I was looking). I’ll keep an eye for a check.

    • This is EXACTLY what happens to me! I have not received my refund yet, but did receive notice that they are taking $20 for a ticket I didn’t know I had.

      • LOL, they did this to my wife. It was actually under appeal and we hadn’t heard back. So instead of responding they just stole the money from our refund. Thanks DC.

  • Rave: Had a good weekend with friends and lots of food.
    Rant: Mezcalero has delicious food but totally *awful* service. I think I’d rather have crappier tacos that don’t take an hour to come out, but it was worth a shot.
    Rave: Summer-like weather. It’s picked my spirits right up.

  • Rave – Dropped some weight and look more fit.
    Rant – I look like $h*t in my work clothes especially my suits / sport coats.

    I don’t want to spend huge amount on tailoring is there good clothing swap site for men’s clothes? Local shop?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Have to teach at the last minute. I hate teaching.
    Rave: Pants I’m wearing from last summer are too big. I didn’t realize how too big until a ran to catch a bus and they practically fell off.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend just hanging out, doing a little yard work, enjoying the glorious weather. I felt almost guilty enjoying such nice weather, knowing that February shouldn’t be like this, I may as well enjoy it before the world is completely destroyed.
    Rant: $177 gas bill from Washington Gas. WTF?! I told my landlord, and she also was flabbergasted! We keep the house at 65 degrees and from what we can tell, everything is sealed and insulated well. I know lots of people here were talking about suddenly huge gas bills – anyone have any insight?

    • I reported my incredibly high bill (literally double the highest month I’d had to date over the past 4 years) to the public service commission but never heard back — and reluctantly paid it last week. I need to call them back to see what happened.

      • I feel like someone should really contact NBC4 about this if no one has yet. It’s clearly a wide-spread mistake on Washington Gas’ part. I’m sorry you guys are dealing with this!

        • My suspicion is they’re trying to make all their customers eat the cost of the massive upgrade they did to their system, but surely that’s illegal, right?

          • and by “illegal” I mean that they would have to disclose the cost as some sort of fee, they can’t just roll it into gas prices, right?

          • Not necessarily, but if they’re adding a surcharge to do that they certainly have to tell customers. My huge bill indicates that our gas *usage* was higher (by far) than any other billing cycle in the last 2 years, which seems impossible. The billing cycle this time is 6-7 days longer than usual, but even if I adjust for that they’re still saying my usage is higher than any cycle in the past two years. I can’t figure out how that could be.

          • Thanks anonymous – our billing cycle this time is 31 days, seems normal, and since we’re leasing, I need to try to get billing data from last month from the landlords, but because they’re in another country, they may not be able to access this information – I’ll see what we can do, but seriously, EFF that, the landlords agree this bill is waaaay too high, and I know this isn’t just us. ALSO, we got a $289 bill from Pepco on Friday, saying we have some some “Balance” of $185, which is a LIE because we literally just started that account. I’m about to have a heart attack.

          • Might be the former tenants balance on the address, so it triggered even though you’re a new person on a new account.

          • Anon Spock – we’re the first tenants – the only reason the owners are renting is because husband got transferred for work for a year. I’ll check with them to make sure there’s not some weird balance, but again, the highest electric bill they’ve ever received in all their time there was like $90, so something is way screwy….

          • Is that maybe a deposit? I know Pepco has been getting more aggressive with requiring deposits lately. They asked me for something ridiculous (over $100, on a unit where the bill is never above $60) when I put an apartment in my name between tenants. I didn’t end up paying it because the bill was in and out of my name within 15 days, but I was a bit floored (I have extremely high credit scores, so it seems more “blanket” than typical…could be anyone with more than one account in their name (did your old and new overlap?) or something like that).

          • JoDa – that’s INSANE. It’s not listed as a deposit (I forget what it’s listed as, but it’s not listed as a deposit, I know that much). It’s in my roommate’s name, and we did that because the Pepco account in my name was for our apartment, and the time we were in the apartment and the house overlapped, and I didn’t want Pepco shutting off the electric to our apartment and/or house at the wrong time because they’re idiots who got confused. As far as I know, my roommate has never had a Pepco account in her name. But she has really good credit, so that shouldn’t even be an issue. I’ll check with my landlord and see if they maybe didn’t get a Pepco bill for December, but even so, there is absolutely no way it would be that expensive!

      • I reported my very high gas bill to the public service commission as well and have not heard back either. My bill this month is also pretty high. It will be interesting to see what it is next month after this string of 70-degree days.

        • FYI I just called the nice person at the PSC (Mr. Rogers) and he had gotten a response from Washington Gas. Basically, as someone else commented, it was a longer cycle (by 8 days, so a good 30%) which impacted both the customer charges and usage numbers; but also the rate did increase a good amount from previous. He said they had done actual meter readings on my unit and gave him the numbers to back up the bill total. I guess if I had been really raring to go I could have asked for the numbers — but he assured me everything looked in line.

          You may want to call directly and see if he has a similar answer. Sounds like they may not call you back proactively even if they got a response.

    • I had a higher gas bill in January, when I went to the Washington Gas e-service page they had this posted:
      “Notice to Our Customers: Washington Gas would like to inform you that you may have noticed that there was a slight increase in your bill in January compared to previous months. The increase in your January 2017 bill is attributable to an additional eight days of natural gas usage in December 2016. Those eight days of gas usage in December 2016 were billed in January 2017, due to the transition to the new customer information system that required a system outage from December 22, 2016 – Jan 2, 2017. Your bill, with normal seasonal usage, should return to normal levels starting with your February 2017 bill.​” My bill went back to normal in Feb.

  • rave: productive weekend spent scratching things off of my very lengthy to-do list
    rave: weather!
    rave: successfully caught the bus that I ran out the door this morning to catch!
    rant: in the rush, I left the access badge to my office at home…
    rant: … which would be a smaller problem if I only needed to go through my building’s security procedures only once, but I also left my lunch on the kitchen counter… I guess I’m not yet settled enough in my new condo to put the entire morning on autopilot like I was at the old place…

  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: Today is my Monday & Friday because:

  • Rave: Delicious fundraiser for Bancroft at Letana last night. We need to go there more often–so delicious!
    Rant: A leaky pull-up led to an hour-long sleep interruption last night. Poor mtpkiddo’s sleep is all over the place recently. I feel like we’re chasing a negative feedback loop on that front, but I’m not sure dropping/limiting weekend naps is the best solution.
    Rave: Just a lovely weekend in many ways. The extra day was excellent. Lots of time outside, lots of time with friends, and even some time spent organizing and straightening things up around the house.
    Rave: Mtpkiddo getting big enough to really be a help when it comes to cleaning up toys and such. And mtpbaby likes to help out, too!

  • Andie302

    Rave: Haircut tonight. I’m hoping the back of my neck feels less mullet-like after this visit.
    Rave: Wonderful long weekend with plenty of rest, a nice visit with both sets of parents, and of course wonderful weather.
    Rant: No matter what we try to plan for this wedding, I cannot escape suggestions of crap that I don’t care about. I hate feeling like a scrooge, but I also don’t want elaborate flowers, coordinated outfits, or anything else that feels like a wedding. And limiting it to just family was already a difficult decision. I wish I cared less about what other people think/share/etc. It would be nice to say I don’t GAF and really mean it, but I do.
    Rave: It’s only the wedding I’m stressing over and not the long term commitment…so that’s something.

    • Have you guys considered eloping and then just throwing a reception when you get back? Or, just invite everyone over for an engagement party and spring a wedding on them. Then they can all be there, but they have limited say in what you do.

      • Andie302

        Yes – the thing is, 90% of the people that would attend the reception attended our respective first weddings and neither of us care about hosting the party. I am self conscious about being married a second time. I don’t want to compel our friends to travel, neither of us really want to spend the money, and most importantly I don’t want to coordinate all that. I would love to elope, but family would not be okay with that – so that’s how we ended up at just family.

        • We are in the same boat, and it’s something that keeps us on the fence about not marrying. His first wedding, in particular, was extremely lavish and he hated every second of it. We would elope with just the kids, but then we would absolutely offend our mothers, siblings, and everyone else in the world (including – randomly – some of his ex in-laws) Good luck with your decisions, you have my sympathies!!

    • You know, it is possible to have a local, low key, cheap wedding without a lot of the fuss and expense – you don’t have to do it lavish just because others of your social and income class do it – frugal people do it all the time.

      • Andie302

        yes, I’m just not interested in the group dynamic. My closest friends live hundreds of miles away. It may not cost me, but it will cost them to get here and to stay. If I had my way, we would go away with just the two of us and tie the knot – but per above that’s not an option with our immediate family.

    • Doesn’t Hax have some suggestions for responses to unwelcome advice? Something like a very non-committal, “We’ll give it some thought,” or “Thanks for the suggestion.” And that’s it – no more elaboration. And there’s no need to characterize yourself as scroogy. It’s your wedding. If you don’t want some traditional element, you don’t have to have it. You could just take the whole family to the courthouse.

      • Andie302

        Yes, and I need to commit them to memory. And yes, that’s what we’re doing 🙂

      • anonymouse_dianne

        There was a lovely picture story a while back of a couple who got married at Arena Stage and then had their reception at Cantina Marina. I think that would be just tacky enough to suit me.

      • Not sure if it was from Hax or someone else, but my go-to response for unsolicited wedding advice is “thank you so much – we’ll add it to our list of suggestions.” and then you can add it to a private list abeled “unsolicited wedding advice” and proceed to ignore it. It makes the person who suggested it feel helpful & involved, and you don’t have to commit to anything you don’t want.

    • “Rant: No matter what we try to plan for this wedding, I cannot escape suggestions of crap that I don’t care about. I hate feeling like a scrooge, but I also don’t want elaborate flowers, coordinated outfits, or anything else that feels like a wedding. And limiting it to just family was already a difficult decision. I wish I cared less about what other people think/share/etc. It would be nice to say I don’t GAF and really mean it, but I do.”
      I feel like half of my wedding conversations with my mother have a point where she stops dead and looks at me aghast because I don’t care about or want some superimportant thing like those little invitation tissue paper inserts.
      Some may not let you get away with it, but when someone gives you unsolicited advice would it work to just say, “that’s an interesting idea to consider” or something comparably vague? I can’t do this with my mother, because to her “interesting” = “OMG I MUST HAVE IT”, but for everyone else it works. In the end, the comment is usually coming out of good intentions, so I just try to concentrate on that part.

      • I always just laughed and said, “Oh, that’s not in our budget!” and the conversation usually ended there. It’s so funny people have these ideas of what a wedding should be and think everyone HAS to have this or that.

    • I loved, loved that we did a brunch wedding. We got married at 10am, hired Mr. Omelette for our reception and were done with everything by 2pm. We also did all of our portrait photos about two weeks early. An earlier wedding would also allow your friends to come down and back in the same day, in theory.

  • Rant: The sitter who normally gets my kids to the bus called out sick at the last minute, causing a chain reaction of scrambling. What irritates me, is that when I was just a single mom living in DC, I had all this crap sorted out because I didn’t really rely on others. I worked a job where I knew I could get the kids to and from school, and the kids were sufficiently independent to assist with getting themselves ready. But now, I have become conditioned to relying on others, and it’s relying on others that screws me over. But then if I don’t trust other people, it’s a bad thing for relationships. No win.

  • skj84

    Rave: My sister in law finally found a new job! She finished grad school a year ago and has been on the hunt ever since.
    Rant: This means she and my brother are moving to Jersey. I’m so excited for this new opportunity but bummed they are moving so far a away. My parents have been a bit dependent on having them around too.
    Rave: They are going to be close to NYC so, at least I can crash with them when I go to visit! Also I’m really glad they are getting out of York, aka the armpit of Pennsylvania.
    Rant: I just realized I scheduled my best friends birthday party in Old Town the same weekend as CPAC. Hopefully they all stay in National Harbor, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend. Not enough down time but still a wonderful weekend. B and SIL and nephew came up for a visit and an overnight stay. Glad the weather was awesome because a 15 month old in a 3 floor walkup that is not toddler proofed is a recipe for disaster!
    Rant: Lingering issues of not feeling well – chills, aches, sore, etc. Have been active but haven’t worked out in a week or so. Lots of travel coming up so hoping it subsides.
    Rave: Pony time tonight.

  • topscallop

    Rave: finished painting!
    Rant: finishing painting kept us inside for much of the weekend, missing out on the gorgeous weather
    Rave: still enjoyed what time we were able to spend outside, with a couple of short bike rides
    Rave: handling capital bikeshare bikes pretty well even if the lowest seat setting is still slightly too high for me
    Rave: short week, and taking a couple days off next week
    Rant: caffeine not kicking in yet

  • Rave: I ate lunch outside yesterday
    Rave: went for a skin cancer screening and I’m all good.
    Rave: BFF wants to come down for the Lady Gaga concert.
    Rant: we did not get tickets. Was there someone looking to get rid of some? I may be interested.

  • Rant: In all my months of worrying that this kid would come early, it never occurred to be that I might go over my due date. And it seems no amount of walking is getting me any closer to labor.
    Rave: It did give me a reason to spend the entire long weekend hiking with the Other Mrs. Rabbit (something she is normally not a fan of doing).
    Rave: It was warm enough out to go hiking over the long weekend.
    Rant: My body is no longer allowing me to sleep in increments longer than 2 hours. I guess it’s good practice and all but I really could use a good night of sleep.
    Rave: We finally finished the cake from Valentine’s Day so I have an excuse to bake today.

    • I was convinced that my second was going to come early and she was a week overdue. I spent that week walking miles to go get spicy food, but it didn’t help (apparently those are old wives tales). But, at 41 weeks, my midwife stripped my membranes and I went into labor the next morning, so you could always request that at your next appt. Good luck! I remember that last week being really stressful!

  • Rave: Fun weekend with friends, biking, and getting things done. Did my taxes and booked a glacier hike in Iceland – so excited!
    Rant: My office CPU is set to go to sleep if I don’t move my legs every 10 minutes. Yes, I know it’s supposed to keep me active, but it’s so hard to focus when the screen keeps going black on me.
    Rave: That’s my biggest personal irritation at the moment.

    • On your rant: When I was in a previous job, my overhead light (which was connected to a motion sensor) kept turning itself off and I had to wave my arms around — apparently I wasn’t moving around enough while at my desk.
      (Eventually I got Facilities to reset the timer on the sensor.)

    • How does your CPU sense if your legs are moving? Does fidgeting your legs under the desk count? I would love to get a reminder form my computer when I sit for say, 20 minutes.

      • I’m not a fidgeter and not in the habit of crossing my legs, so I think that’s what makes the difference.

        • But what’s the sensor?
          I don’t wan/need another gadget in my general life (no fitbit, thanks) but could use something that tells me when I sit at my computer for too long.

  • Rant: Pretty much everything. Wife and I had a talk about where we might live later on, whether we’d stay in Toronto, head back to DC, or move elsewhere. Long story short, we came to the conclusion that we either live here in Toronto for her career because I can’t seem to find much here. Or we live in DC for my career and she figures out something else, which would be really complicated since we’d probably have to get her Green Card first.
    Rant: One of our tenants, who is amazing, is moving out next month because he bought a house much sooner than he anticipated and it’s obviously a 30 day close.
    Rave: It’s a great house, I am happy for him and he is going to help find his replacement. Just so much going on right now and this on top of it isn’t ideal. Ugh life.

  • Rave: Took a long (for me) bike ride this beautiful weekend – 12 miles.
    Rave: Was inspired because we just scheduled a barge and bike tour through Italy!
    Rant: My butt hurts. Still. Two days later. Need some of those padded pants.
    ???: Received an invitation to my aunt and uncle’s 50th Anniversary party. This is the very Catholic, very conservative side of the family, and they have embraced Trump. My aunt in particular is stunningly ill-informed, but thinks she is very well-informed because of the right wing news sites she frequents – the rest of us are suckered in by fake news. You know, CNN, NBC, ABC – MSNBC may as well be the Onion as far as she’s concerned. Despite this, she’s one of the kindest, most accepting people I’ve ever met – pseudo-adopted African American daughter, two African American sons-in-law, 4 biracial grandchildren, not a bigoted bone (with respect to anything) in her body. My parents, formerly reformed and newly resurgent Sanders supporters, vacation with them all the time, and get along swimmingly. It is so hard to understand, and reconcile.
    ???: The invitation suggested a donation to a favorite charity (ours, not theirs) in lieu of a gift. My first thought was Planned Parenthood, but that’s such a passive-aggressive, unkind act that I immediately discarded it. Thinking ACLU, or maybe an immigrant support organization? Or, in my continuing efforts to be a better person, perhaps just pick a politically neutral organization – SOME, or a homeless shelter.
    Rant: Party is in two months, so that’s how long I have to convince my 10 yo that she can’t march up to her extended family and harangue them with her “Trump is stupid and evil” speech. Not an easy task.

    • skj84

      I would stay neutral for the donation. SOME or Martha’s Table would be in the right direction.

    • I, too, would stay neutral, since it sounds like you’re generally trying to keep things pretty calm with these relatives. However, I’d like to point out that one of the largest providers of refugee services in the DC area is Catholic Charities (as is Lutheran Social Services, but you say that these relatives are Catholic). A donation there might honor them, while also giving you a little (perhaps mildly passive-agressive) pleasure as well.

      • houseintherear

        Catholic Charities is on a quest to ban same-sex couple and gay single parent adoptions, so I’d (personally) stay clear of that charity.

        • Yup. And that’s the reason why I don’t normally recommend religious charities unless I know someone’s beliefs well (I personally am usually comfortable giving to charities associated with Mainline Protestant denominations, but not to Catholic, Evangelical, or Fundamentalist Christian organizations, but I recommend that others’ mileage may vary). However, since I know that you can earmark a donation to Catholic Charities specifically for Refugee and Immigration Services and dcd mentioned that the relatives are Catholic, I thought I’d mention it as an option.

    • The Justice for Immigrants Campaign is a great liberal, Catholic organization if you want to really confuse them. It’s one of those things where they can’t get pissed but your donation goes to actually helping people.

    • your daughter sounds awesome 🙂

      • for some reason, this reads sarcastically. I’m being sincere!

      • No worries, it didn’t! And thanks – she generally is great, the little nutty that she had this morning about picture day at school notwithstanding. (“I look like a dork! [No you don’t.] Yes I do!!! [No, you really don’t, you look great.] WHY ARE YOU LYING TO ME!!!! [[Dissolves in tears.]])
        And this is just the leading edge of puberty. Lord help me.

        • I actually remember having that conversation with my mom, at about that age. I remember how I felt. I could tell that I was frumpy and needed to do something about my appearance, and she would. not. listen. Just kept telling me “you’re beautiful just the way you are” but instead of sounding affirming, it sounded dismissive. If she had said “What do you think you need to feel better?” and listened to the answer, then we could have talked.
          I’m actually getting a little bit mad now remembering how every strong emotion of mine got either an eye-rolling brush-off, or got me grounded.

          • You know, this is a difficult path to walk as a parent. Where do we draw the line between “you are beautiful the way you are!” and “ok, let me help you be more stylish.” I like your thought on the issue, wdc. Hopefully I can walk the line better than my mom did and my kids grow up.

          • My mom was kind of ahead of her time. She wanted me to be strong and smart without regard to my appearance. So she never told me I looked nice unless I complained, and then it was an impatient retort rather than a compliment.
            I tell my kids they look nice when they have their hair combed, teeth brushed, and clothes that fit. I don’t gush, I don’t buy them any kind of overly mature apparel, I don’t let them leave the house wearing makeup. But I do let them play with it, and give them tips. I don’t want them going out in the world as clueless as I was, because as much as we wish appearance didn’t matter, it does.

    • They may be perfectly nice, but it is not true that people who support Trump aren’t bigoted. If they are willing to vote for someone who spouts his positions, then they have no problem with those positions, whether they themselves spout them or not, and they have no problem with the harm that will be done to people because of those positions. Having black friends and family members doesn’t automatically make racist views go away. Not saying it is true of these folks, but often if you do actually have a conversation with them about what they think of various laws, you find they do support discriminatory laws. Plenty of men who a nice to women support discriminatory laws; plenty of people who are nice to gay people support discriminatory laws, etc. – often that’s why they vote republican.

      • HaileUnlikely

        It is not true that people who voted for [insert candidate here] had no problem with any of that candidate’s positions. A few of Hillary Clintons positions are abhorrent to me (specifics not germane to present discussion), yet I still voted for her anyway.

    • <>

      As evidenced by this, not every single interaction must or should be seen through a political spectrum. At least, this is what I tell myself constantly when going through this same experience with my family. We disagree vehemently; we do NOT discuss politics; we love each other; and I would be mortified and saddened if my child “harangued” her aunts/uncles/cousins about a politician or elected leader.

      The shoe was a bit on the other foot when W was Prez, and I had just taken my then 12-year-old to visit the Clinton Presidential Library and she was wore the resulting “I Miss Bill” cap to my sister’s house. My sister taunted her by asking exactly what she missed about Bill, and my amazing 12-year-old replied so eloquently about Clinton’s successful economic policies vs. Bush’s economic failures, I was speechless. I later praised my daughter privately, and asked her how she felt when my sister “poked” her. It was a great teachable moment about respecting other people’s beliefs/affiliations, and about the old adage re: when NOT to discuss politics and religion. We’ve worked hard to understand our family members’ political leanings; alas, we do not understand them, but we do try our best to not let them color either our feelings or our family interactions. Good luck.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Yesterday on Ellen she had Macey – the little girl who knows everything about our presidents. You know what she found unique about Trump? He’s the only president who has been on the cover of Playboy and been in a pizza hut commercial.

  • Rant: baby teething…molars resulting in
    Rant: lack of sleep
    Rave: warm weather

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather! I am so ready for spring and don’t want it to get cold again.
    Rave: Got a little harness and leash for Vivi and took her up to the rooftop of my building to see if she would like sitting in the sun. My room doesn’t get much direct sun and the windows don’t open much/easily. She had no problem at all with the harness, but don’t think she’s really been outside before and she was definitely a bit nervous. Hopefully she’ll like it more eventually – would be nice to sit out and read while she curls up in the sun.

    • Be reaaaaally careful! My one kitty has gotten out of her harness MULTIPLE times and once even ran away from me in Central Park – that was a terrible few minutes! If cats get spooked, they can wriggle the hell out of anywhere and anything, so I would suggest maybe taking her out in her carrier for rooftop reading – then she can have a place where she feels safe, and will also associate the carrier with pleasant trips, not just scary ones to the vet!

    • houseintherear

      I once had a little cat tent- that could be a good alternative.

  • I Dont Get It

    Has anyone received the “Notice of Identity Confirmation Review” letter from DC? I did taxes for someone and he is freaking out that he got this notice (he’s blaming Trump and I’m not kidding). It says he needs to call in and answer four questions to help prevent fraud.

  • houseintherear

    Rant! On the 4th day of a migraine (not as severe today, thank goodness). Has anyone read Heal Your Headache? I may need to go cold turkey off of my BC pills, etc, and take on the no-migraine diet, but I’m kinda scared to get started.

    • Ooof, I am so sorry. I used to have 4-5 day migraines that were pretty bad, but my doctor put me on Zoloft and it’s helped a LOT after a few months of taking it. I’m down to 1-2 days of low-grade migraine when I have them. It might be looking into a preventative medication like this with your doctor — at least until you’re better able to figure out what’s causing them.

      • houseintherear

        Ohhh interesting! That might help me in more ways than one, not gonna lie… Thanks!

      • I took Zoloft for 7 years for migraines, but unfortunately it stopped working – it’s like my migraines morphed and so the medicine wasn’t right. I had a sleep study, consulted with 3 different neurologists. Still on a quest to figure out what I can do for the migraines I get now, some of which have put me in the hospital. One young eager resident suggested anti-epileptic drugs (though my neurologist gently suggested we not go nuclear yet!) When I finally (FINALLY!) get to meet with the headache specialist next month, I ‘ll keep you updated on what she suggests. But yes, there are preventative meds out there that may work very well for you!

        • houseintherear

          Duude I took anti-seizure meds a few years ago as a migraine preventative, and I started hearing voices! It was awful. Sounded like a small chorus of people barking orders at me- like I could actually hear them like they were standing next to me. Stopped taking the meds when the voices started telling me to do very bad things! That said, they did help with the migraines.

          • That is HORRIFYING! wow! Glad you were able to stop taking them, and I really hope you’re able to find something that works without those kind of crazy side effects! Eeesh!

    • I read it and found it full of great info. I also did the diet and learned about some foods I wasn’t previously tracking as being an issue. I didn’t come off BC pills though which was something my neuro supported. I also take a preventative – Verapamil which seems to help. I still get some periodic doozies but most are “functional” migraines.

    • I used to have daily migraines. Daily. It took me several years, but I finally found a preventative that works well enough – I only have a couple a month now. I also did the migraine diet and reintroduction of foods. I found that there are several foods that I just can’t have and others I need to eat in moderation, so that helped as well. Some of the foods on the list are just fine for me. Good luck, it is incredibly frustrating when your brain doesn’t work and you feel like you’re going to die from a migraine.

    • My migraines were not as severe, but getting allergy shots helped. YMMV.

      • houseintherear

        Thanks all! Yes I think mine are allergy related somewhat… I don’t get sniffles or anything, but my doc said allergic reactions can manifest in pain/nerve issues like migraines. This current one lines up with the nice weather and pollen coming in, so makes sense. I think I’ll look into getting shots.

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