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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Am so pissed that the climate is so f*cked. I miss snow days!!! My body is not yet ready to be seen without so many layers!!!!
    Rave: Thursday is really close to Friday, and I’m off tomorrow, so am happy.

  • Rant: Got busted checking out mtpkiddo’s new show after she went to bed. We were curious about the show she babbling about from her bus rides, but she unexpectedly came downstairs after being tucked in and was super excited to see us watching the show. Oops.
    Rave: At least it’s pretty cute.
    RANT: Robo-call relaying the news that someone in mtpkiddo’s class has lice. Ewww. Gross. And didn’t hear the message until after she was in bed.
    Cautious rave: I didn’t find anything in her hair when I checked this morning, but I imagine I’ll be trying to check thoroughly for the next several days at least. Hopefully they’d be easier to find in her blond hair than if her hair were darker? Ugh.

    • Forgotten rave: I can sneak in bits of dairy here and there. I’m afraid to have, say, a slice of cheese, but I’ve had a few handfuls (or more..) of pirate’s booty and a donut hole in the last few days, with no apparent ill effects on mtpbaby’s digestive system! Yay!

      • I give you so much credit for your commitment to breastfeed given mtpbaby’s dietary restrictions. Giving up dairy for the little guy is the ultimate food sacrifice.

        • Thank you! That’s very kind. As much as I love cheese, the hardest part was learning the hard way how many things had random traces of dairy–which generally led to a really bad night and then at least a few days of slightly worse ones. But I think it’s been helpful in terms of then translating that knowledge to what he’s eating. It’s also made me that much more aware & understanding of other allergies. I’d like to think I was already understanding & sympathetic, but the experience can only have helped on that front.

    • Lice isn’t a big deal. It’s a one-time fix that takes a half-hour, definitely not worth the angst that so many parents assign it! The bugs can’t live away from a live host for more than a few hours, so it’s not like bedbugs that are a PITA to eradicate. I know someone who paid a “lice lady” $400 (!!!) to basically comb her kid’s hair. That’s absurd.
      If you want to avoid the nasty poison in Nix or whatever the product is called, I found that the Cetaphil method (coating the hair in cetaphil then blow-drying it on, then washing it out the next day) works just as well, but takes longer, and takes two applications.

      • Fascinating. I will keep that in mind. Thank you! (I still think it sounds gross, though.)

        • Unpleasantly itchy for sure! I sometimes wonder how people dealt with these common parasites before the modern era. Did everyone just go around scratching all the time? A lot of human-dependent bugs thrive in high-density populations, so maybe most people just weren’t exposed. But there were plenty of cities, too, with people living in much closer quarters than we do now, with much less hygiene…

          • “Did everyone just go around scratching all the time?”
            Yup, that’s exactly what they did.
            Rant: My head now itches, based solely on this discussion.

          • Andie302

            Growing up, we had a foster kid (a little girl) that arrived to us at age 8 with a shaved head because that’s what her mom decided would be the best lice treatment. So sad!

          • If talking about lice makes your head itch, I guess I shouldn’t tell you about the pinworm letter we got last year. 😉

          • There are lots of little boys who, when the lice letter goes out, come to school with fresh new crewcuts – really tight ones. Several parents have told me that although the kids resist at first, when given the choice between thorough combings for the next few days and the clippers, they invariably choose the haircut.

      • To add to this, you should get used to lice. I honestly don’t remember any outbreaks from my elementary school days, but we have gotten that letter at least once a year, and often up to three times, every single year my daughter was in school. It’s just a fact of life, and I have no idea why.
        Also, and without any commentary on the relative value of the service, the Potomac Lice Lady (if that’s who your friends saw, wdc) is awesome – my wife has been friends with her for over 30 years. If you feel like you want a consult, or a thorough go-over, she’s definitely worth the trip.

      • I just wanted to +1M to the Cetaphil method. We had a nasty bout of it (kid to kid, household to household) – few years ago, and Cetaphil worked wonders. Also, as a preventative,Fairy Tales makes a rosemary repel spray that helps… or at least tricks me into thinking it helps and eases my mind.

        • My wife picked up something that’s supposed to reduce the likelihood of getting lice. I wonder if that’s what it is. I guess I’ll find out tonight. And good to know you’ve had good experience with cetaphil too!

  • Rave: Roommate committed to staying another year with a slight increase in rent, Horay for financially responsible decisions
    Rant: my introverted emotional side really dislikes having a roommate about 75% of the time

    • maxwell smart

      Having now lived by myself for almost 6 years, I can’t imagine having a roommate again. Then again, I can’t imagine having a “life roommate” either – I’ve gotten so accustomed to my stuff and doing things my way… not sure how I could fold someone else’s life into that. Sigh. There is always pets.

      • +1. I’ve lived by myself for 3 years now and am facing the possibility of having to go back to a roommate situation and I am fighting it tooth and nail. It’s incredibly hard to go back!

        • Yeah, I lived alone for a while when I was living up in Philadelphia, then when I got laid off, I had to move back in with my parents. Luckily I love them and get along well with them, and it was during a time when we also had to move my grandmother in with us as she was actively dying and we needed more people around to help, so it ended up being good but it sure was a struggle at times. Living in the DC area, there’s pretty much no way I can afford to live on my own. Luckily my roommate is related to me and she and I have totally opposite schedules, so I don’t actually see her that much, and when we are in the same place at the same time, it’s usually fun or at least pleasant. It’s definitely hard, but my finances dictate it’s either live somewhere tiny I can baaaarely afford on my own (assuming I’m even able to find something I can afford), or live with roommates. One or the other.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Do you know where to find pets that are willing to pay their share of the rent?

      • I have never lived alone in my life. As a weapons-grade introvert, I have learned a lot of tricks to grab some alone time, but at this point in my life, I can’t even imagine it.

      • Emmaleigh504

        If I ever get a life roommate they are just going to have to live next door.

        • Ha – agreed! As someone who has lived alone for 20+ years, I’ve always thought that would be best case scenario if I ever find a life-mate.

      • THIS +1000. When people ask me if I want to get married, I’m like, “sure, but only if they live in the basement” (and, yes, this is why I’m single)

      • Tip #1: Get an introverted roommate (or “life roommate”)
        Tip #2: Wherever you live, make sure you each have your own separate “escape” space.
        Beyond that, it’s gritting your teeth and picking battles. I was seriously concerned when my boyfriend moved in, since I’m an only child and had been living alone, but it works.

    • Maxwell and Friday, I have lived alone off and on. This is most likely the last year I am willing to have one, esp. one that doesn’t come with the benefits like a life roommate does.

      • I only lived alone for a year before moving in with my “life roommate.” When I lived alone definitely missed having someone to chat with or have a glass of wine with after work. I love love love living with my life roommate, BUT I also have to contend with dirty clothes on the floor or dishes in the sink and negotiate which prestige drama to watch. I love him but I also love pretending that I live alone when he’s out of town.

    • I’ve had to learn to mello after many years of living alone. I’ve found the best way to guarantee alone time is to be upfront about the fact that we’re never going to be buddies. I’ve found a lot of people are just looking to save money and keep interactions to a minimum same as me. I also lucked out with a roommate who travels often most recently.

  • skj84

    Rant: Everything on my trip went well except the ride home. I decided to uber to bus station rather than take the subway and ended up missing my bus by a minute. I literally left with plenty of time and for some reason uber took the driver on the longest route to get there. Not only that but Greyhound wouldn’t let me exchange my ticket, so I had to buy a new one. When I finally got the next bus it was one of the older ,beat down fleet, rather than one the nice new buses. At least I had a seat to myself, and the bus got in on time.
    Rave: I got out before the snowstorm.

  • Rant: Mother Nature is bipolar with these up and down temps.
    Rave: Starbuck employee that knew my order before I said it.
    Rant: Back on antidepressant so the dizziness has subsided . But the weakness and fatigue that it causes is the pits. Will need to discuss with doctor.
    Rave: Casual Friday tomorrow.
    Rant: Packed week next week with a poster presentation at a conference on Monday and Tuesday and a meeting in Rockville on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Rant – I just had a angry outburst in a meeting because this has been the week of men feel like they can all just talk over me and ignore me, even though I am their equal or boss. I’ve been with my workplace for over a decade, and this week has been the most sexist by far. I am still shaking with anger. And I have to be the one to apologize for getting angry (although one of the men did apologize to me first).

    • The double standard sucks so hard. A man who did that wouldn’t have to think twice.
      My dad made a “yuck” face when I mentioned Elizabeth Warren. I asked him what his objection was, and he said “Such an angry woman.” Like that’s a reason to dislike a public servant, who’s angry on behalf of her constituents. Grrrrr.

      • Screw double-standards. I would not apologize. Especially not if you’re more senior.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I’d trust anon to judge whether her behavior itself warranted an apology, aside from the issue of double-standards. The questions of whether an apology is warranted and whether you can in some sense “get away with” not apologizing are totally different questions. I won’t deny that in a lot of workplaces the double-standard in question has a material impact on the latter (“Can I get away with not apologizing?”) but it has nothing to the former (“Does my behavior itself warrant an apology?”). I’m a man and one of the more senior people in my office. I like to think it doesn’t happen often, but I am aware of a non-zero number of instances in which I have lost my cool and spoken to colleagues in an unprofessional manner. When that has happened (well, specifically, when I have been aware that that has happened), I have apologized, even (actually, especially) to junior colleagues, because I knew that it was warranted, even though I’m certain that I could have gotten away with not apologizing.

        • +1 to HaileUnlikely.
          If an apology is warranted, apologize — even if other people are behaving badly and not apologizing when they ought to.

        • +1. I have been yelled at by male bosses and female bosses, for good reason but mostly for situations that have nothing to do with me. The one who never apologized was a woman, and I still have zero professional respect for her. In my honest opinion, a boss should never yell at a subordinate, and an apology of some sort is always warranted. I get the OP was frustrated and the anger was warranted, but if she feels an apology is necessary then she should do that and turn it into constructive criticism for the way they have acted towards her.

      • HaileUnlikely

        To be clear, I don’t have any idea what anon said or did, and don’t have any idea whether it warranted an apology. I just wanted to draw a distinction between the matter of whether one can get away with not apologizing versus whether the behavior itself merited one.

      • ‘“Such an angry woman.” Like that’s a reason to dislike a public servant, who’s angry on behalf of her constituents.’ – Ha! That’s one of the reasons I love Eleanor Homes and will vote over and over again for her. Agree though it’s a double standard.

    • Frustrating! The apology thing is hard. Maybe it could be done in the context of apologizing for the manner of the outburst while explaining that the reason was that OP was getting talked over. Frame it as a communication issue for the whole team that all should be conscious of. I am a woman too, and I will often keep talking if a man tries to talk over me, or say, “Hold on, Bob, let me finish making this point.” The keep talking tactic is more adversarial, though. I’m not sure I’d do that in a team environment.

    • Can you do a “sorry – not sorry” type of apology? Kind of like, “I realize my reaction may not have been the most productive way to handle the situation. However, it underlines that we have an issue that needs to change [ fill in specifics – perhaps disguised as “better communication?]”

  • Rant: Unemployed as of COB
    Rant: Decided against tequila shots before coming in. What were they going to do, fire me?
    Rave: Hit “lose five pounds before beach week” target.
    Rave: Headed to Mexico on the 1 am flight.

  • Rave: I slept eight hours for the first time in a week. I’m still not feeling one hundred percent, but I am a functional human being today.
    Rant: Still, this many months after giving birth, having intermittent night sweats. I really am not looking forward to menopause when it happens. This sucks.
    Rave: Ginger tea

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I stopped by the Colada Shop last night to get a sandwich and some croquetas to go. Nice crowd, every seat was taken inside and outside. Seems like a fun place to hang out and my food was tasty.
    Rant: Are we gonna get a good snow at this winter? This week was the anniversary of Snowmageddon in 2010. I miss snow!

  • Revel: kids are controlling the just dance/kids bop playlist
    Revel: they’re really liking learning to write cursive
    Revel: just bought a new protest shirt that says “nevertheless she persisted”
    Rant: no delay today
    Rant; coworker who is 23 and straight out of college sends too damn many texts about nonurgent things and has a tendency to tell me how to do my job as if I’m unfamiliar with the expectations and have never taught before.

    • RE: your coworker texting you – I would nip that in the bud by outlining what warrants a text and what does not. If you don’t say anything it will just continue and annoy you more and more.

    • Hey spite cupcakes, I seem to rememember you went to Quito a little while ago (I hope I am remembering the right person!). If it was you, do you have any recs??

      • yes – hang out at the bars in plaza foch, eat hornado (fried street food – esp llapingachos!!!), and go to Ambato for some cool culture.

        • Thanks, LedroitTigah! I’m also traveling around Ecuador so if you have any non Quito recs, I’d love to hear those too!

    • I love that they have Just Dance in schools. When I pick up my kids from aftercare, there’s always a group of kids working up a sweat and having the best time.

  • Rant: I’m so tired of politics. Totally disheartened and losing all hope. I’m just done.
    Rave: Had minor outpatient surgery on Friday. We were impressed by the overall process – really great nurses, docs, etc – then again, at one of the top hopsitals. And my husband is a wonderful caretaker!
    Rant: No excercise for two whole weeks! Also, not used to this whole “body healing itself” thing, so totally exhausted when I get home from work. Not gonna’ lie, enjoying an excuse to lay around.
    Random: Was admonished by an Imam this morning but was a good learning experience about Islam.

    • skj84

      agree with your first rant. I feel so conflicted, I know complacency isn’t the answer, but i’m so tired of everything. Its like nothing we do is going to matter. I guess I need to tap out for a while.

      • I’m with you both.

      • Change doesn’t happen overnight, and self care is important. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I’ve found it helpful to take a short break from the news and social media. When I started to feel REALLY overwhelmed, I took a short vacation. Even if you can’t fly anywhere, a weekend trip, a camping trip, a daylong hike, etc. helps too. As LBP rightfully points out, being able to unplug for a bit is a privilege, and I think it’s important to acknowledge that fact. That being said, the way I see it, I’m in this for the long haul. If taking a step away for a bit is what you need to do to keep fighting, then do it.

      • Politics is almost always a long game. If you’re just a concerned citizen (as opposed to someone who makes a living doing it), you have to pace yourself, you have to be smart about it, and you have to be able to moderate your exposure and reactions, otherwise you’re just going to be an anxious, unhappy, ineffective mess. As I posted somewhere yesterday, 4 years is roughly 5% of your time here on earth – closer to 7% if you’re just counting your adult life – I think strong, smart people figure out ways to be happy and productive even while fighting for what they believe in.

    • I fear that being “done” with politics is a privilege that not everyone can afford. May I suggest that you seek out (or form!) a political action group? Mine is one-issue-per-person, so I can reasonably (mostly) ignore the stuff that isn’t my issue, knowing that I’ll get caught up at the next meeting, and that someone is on it. Plus, it’s a relatively small group of friends who needed this kick in the pants to see each other more often.
      Would love to hear more about your admonishment. Sounds like there’s a story there!

      • He’s starting as a contractor in my office, so I tooke him to security to get a name badge. There was an issue with fitting his title, Imam, on the badge v. just his name. Long story short, I kept asking the security guy if there was a way we could make this work, made suggestions, etc. In the end we found a middle ground. But when we left the office, the Imam told me that, in his religion, you don’t argue or debate. Had I not been there, he would have simply gone back at a different time to speak to a supervisor.

    • Seconding your first rant. I feel really privileged in that I can close my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears and ignore things, because my safety and dignity as a person is not in immediate danger – not everyone can do this. I’m exhausted and frustrated every time I try to listen to or read the news, but I feel like so much of it is utterly out of my control, I don’t know what do even do to help.


      What did the Imam admonish you on? I’m curious (so as to not make the same mistake/assumption, if possible!)

      • I’m not Muslim, so perhaps that’s why, but I’ve never heard that before (no debating or arguing). And there are shows on al Jazeera that are in discussion/debate format. Little puzzled by the Imam’s statement. Is he from Southeast Asian? Just asking since his plan sounds like something one of my Indonesian in-laws would have said and done.

        • I was wondering similar — whether this was a cultural thing, rather than a religious one per se.

          • I wonder about the cultural aspect too. I have a lot of Muslim friends who are lawyers; they debate and argue for a living. 🙂

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: I saw the president yesterday, less than a month ago this would have been a rave

  • Rave: the 100.
    Rant: bingeing the 100 until way too late last night (/this morning)
    Question: I have a 6am flight on SW out of DCA. What time do you think I should arrive? I’m thinking just after 5am would be okay, but concerned that would be too late. There are rarely lines at Terminal A, and boarding is likely at 530.

    • I would never intentionally arrive at an airport less than 1 hour beforehand. So I’d say 5am.

    • If you’re not checking anything, just after 5 should be plenty of time. Even when there’s a line DCA security moves pretty quickly.

      • Unless bad weather has canceled a lot of flights. I once was in line for almost an hour at DCA for a 7ish am flight. Thunderstorms the night before canceled a bunch of flights, and everyone was rebooked for the morning… Huge line. Fortunately I am eternally super early and made it through just fine, but there were a lot of stressed out people around me.

  • Rant: Having recurring dreams about being late for an international flight and either taking a cab to the wrong gate, running to pick something up before the flight and almost missing it, and not being able to connect with the group I’m traveling with for an international flight. I’m pretty sure this is all career-related. ACK. I guess I am a lost IR professional who needs to get back on track.
    Rave: Daylin Leach

  • Rave: Despite all the sh*t going on in the world at large, I woke up this morning feeling optimistic. It’s a good feeling, one that I’m trying to hold on to.
    Rave: I do love my job. Some days, it drives me crazy, but other days, I’m just really really happy I am where I am.
    Rant: I’d really love to win the lottery, I’d love to have more money. Of course, I don’t play the lottery.

  • Rant: jealous of all the snow my parents and friends are getting in CT
    Rave: went to the gym and yoga yesterday
    Rant: my phone is getting old and I’m on the wait list for the Pixel, but I have no idea how long that’ll be
    Rant: my doggo, who doesn’t usually eat things that are not edible or tear things up while I’m away, took a bag of cotton balls off the coffee table and tore it and got into the closet and tore apart a box of treats and ate all the treats.
    Rave: he’s not a snuggler per se, but he did lay against my leg really hard last night after the bad behavior. He refuses to succumb to the snuggles though, he holds his head up off the ground like it’s a line he won’t cross.

    • Completely agree with your first rant. My parents have about 7 inches in CT already and a lot more to go. I really want a snow day…

      • Oh man, my dad just texted, they’ve gotten 15 inches in 6 hours!
        Except for the measuring, I bet he’s been sitting inside by the gas fireplace all day. Jelly.

  • DCReggae

    Rant/Rave? Was randomly having lunch outside the Dept. of Education yesterday, minding my own business, when all of a sudden Betsy DeVos comes walking up – no cameras, no crowd, and only one assistant. I wasn’t even thinking that it would be her first day. She very casually walks up the front entrance, looks around at the exterior of the building with a sort of “OK, this is my new digs, huh?”, shakes the guard’s hand, and disappears. What an odd little piece of history I witnessed.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: first a crazy lady almost runs into me and then follows me down the street telling me to shut up. Then I accidentally make eye contact with the maniacally grinning dude on metro who then stares at me in an unnerving way the whole time. Too much crazy for one day.
    Rant: Donna’s behavior last night. She is a bad bad weebis.
    Rave: good hair day despite the wind.

  • topscallop

    Rant: Devos, Sessions, Cruz, McConnell
    Rant/Rave: mainlining Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups at my desk
    Rant: painting the new place is going to be a lot of work
    Rave: I am determined to get it done before the weekend ends
    Rave: living together is awesome
    Rant: work frustrations

  • Late post but I have a Q ! Does anyone know of any salons that will do a free haircut for someone donating 8-10 inches of hair to one of the hair charities? Thanks in advance for any info!

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