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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rant: OH HELL. is the trump administration really going to sign an EO that says discrimination is okay again? lol damn. i predict hell breaking loose very soon.
    rave: is that dance party in front of the white house still happening tonight? i kind of want to go…
    rave: FRIDAY

  • skj84

    Rave: Looking forward to the ACLU happy hour at Acre 121 tonight.
    Rave: Decided to extend my trip to NYC by a day. I’m going to try the Hamilton lottery on Tuesday, if I don’t get it i’ll try to rush a show. Its been way to long since I’ve seen a show on Broadway.
    Rant: I feel like I’m getting sick again. Of course it would be over the weekend when I’m busy everyday, and about to travel. Going to load up on Vitamin C and chicken soup.

  • Query: If the person who submitted the picture of Max and Buddy is reading this, I would be **very** interested in meeting them. I believe POP can pass along my email address? If not, is there another way to get in touch?
    Rant: I’ve lived in DC a long time, and sometimes it feels like the biggest small town in the world–nothing like being confronted with painful ghosts of the past while you’re stumbling out the door on a Friday morning.
    Rave: The longer I live here, the more happy memories I have to chase away ghosts.
    Rave: It’s Friday!!!

  • Rant: Really tough night. 97-year old grandfather was missing for eight hours. Ended up three hours from his home.
    Rave: Ended up with everyone safe and sound. I was able to get him from the police and we were able to get him home.
    Rant: Now to deal with the scarier implications of this. And to try and ward off the what-ifs and exhaustion.
    Rave: Good hearted state trooper and a family that rallies.

    • How frightening! I’m glad he’s home and safe.

    • Oh my goodness! I’m so glad your grandpa is safe and at home now! Hope you’re able to get some rest this weekend!

    • Oh man, I’m sorry, this is terrifying. I’m so happy there was a happy outcome!! There are a lot of products on the market now that allow for people with these sorts of issues age in place, including GPS monitors, bed alarms (a pad that sounds an alarm when stepped on), door alarms, and things that fit over knobs making them more difficult to open. A simple lock at the top and/or bottom of an exterior door help greatly. I’m a big believer in aging in place as long as it is healthy and safe. I hope you guys are able to find a solution that everyone is comfortable with.

    • I just read about a product they’re using in Japan, with their large aging population. It’s a QR code that you glue to a fingernail, and an accompanying app. So if an elderly person is found wandering, anyone can scan the code with their phone and call the caregiver.

    • How terrifying! I’m so glad to hear your grandfather is safe.

    • Thank you all. It was terrifying and I’m so grateful he’s ok. He is an incredible man who does NOT want to go out this way (my grandmother has Alzheimer’s and he stayed with her to the end with nursing care support). I just hope we can make the right decisions that honor him and the man he wants to be at the end…

    • saf

      Ugh. My mid-70s neighbor (with early-onset dementia) has taken to wandering away. It’s so scary, Best wishes as you and your family figure out how to cope.

    • UDPie, I’m sorry for your pain. You seem like a good grandson/person, and your grandfather and family is lucky to have you. You should know that.

  • Rant/rave: I recently listed my engagement on craigslist, and my only response was from an obvious scammer. After pressuring me to meet, he (?) went radio silent when I laid out my terms for meeting.
    Rant: not selling my ring
    Rave: being financially secure enough to not need to sell my ring

    • Why were you thinking of selling the ring initially?

    • Perhaps go to a jewelry store instead? FWIW, I have known several people who have tried to sell engagement/wedding rings recently, and none of them were offered anywhere near what they thought the rings were worth, let alone what was originally paid. My SO is having his ex’s made into a necklace for their daughter instead.

      • yeah, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to get anywhere near the kind of price the ring is worth. Most people will only pay the cost of the gold its set in, nevermind the stone. If it’s insured, you might be better off “losing” it – but really, the best thing to do would be to work with a jeweler to turn it into something you’d love or would like to give to a loved one, if you really can’t stand to be near it.

        • So true. When he tried to sell it, he got a price for the diamond and a price for the metal (I think it’s a platinum setting), and combined it was something like a quarter of what he paid for it. I was the one who suggested turning it into something for his daughter. I have my mom’s wedding ring (she pawned the engagement ring) from her marriage to my dad, and I thought it would be nice for his daughter. Having a set left over after a divorce is always a tricky subject. I’m sure an engagement ring from a broken engagement is even trickier.

          • A lot of my friends have done this and really cherish the pieces. I’m doing something similar to make my wedding band.

          • The stone from my grandmother’s engagement ring was turned into a necklace, which I gave to my wife for our wedding. It’s the most cherished piece of jewelry she owns.

      • “I have known several people who have tried to sell engagement/wedding rings recently, and none of them were offered anywhere near what they thought the rings were worth, let alone what was originally paid.”
        Apparently the retail price tends to be a significant markup over the actual resale value. A while ago, I was reading an interesting article that addressed this… but my google-fu is failing me at the moment and I haven’t been able to locate it.

        • There’s a HUGE mark up on jewelry in general, and since engagement rings have a lot of “tradition” associated with them, they are marked up even more. It’s ridiculous. I often get pegged as overly-cynical for my views on marriage, but the whole idea of spending one-month’s salary (and often more) on a piece of jewelry is crazy to me. I am all for engagement rings and wedding rings, but go easy people.

        • HaileUnlikely

          If it’s the one I’m thinking of, the gist of it was that because most people don’t know squat about precious metals and stones, they are willing to pay a very large markup for the peace of mind associated with buying it from somebody who they trust does know that stuff and is not selling them a piece of glass set in a steel ring either to cheat them or because the seller doesn’t know the difference either and thinks incorrectly that they have something valuable. A buyer who is a professional jeweler, on the other hand, doesn’t need to pay the markup to have a professional jeweler certify the quality of the product for them, since they actually can tell the difference.

          • Correct. I used to work in a jewelry store in college and the markup was INSANE. And, we were not allowed to comment if someone brought in a ring and asked us ” Oh, isn’t it lovely? It’s real, right?” Like, we could be sued (or shot!) if we, as non-certified jewelers, let on that a ring was fake or something. However, someone who really knows their stuff, a true jeweler, can provide you with a lot of valuable information, in addition to their ability to craft something unique.

        • Google – “Adam Ruins Everything” show on diamonds.

      • i was going to suggest resetting the stone as well…have the setting melted down, and use the stone for something else.

  • Rant: Wishing I felt more… enthusiastic… about life in general. Lately everything is just so disappointing for no specific reason.
    Rave: Enjoying the Rogue POTUS Staff twitter, real or not.

  • Rant: Embarrassed myself yesterday by directing someone in the wrong direction to a conference room that was around the corner and down the hall from my office. It was a . The person eventually got to the right room but I was still embarrassed.
    Rave: Exercised last night. That makes 3 days in a row.
    Rant: Cramps making me feel crappy today.
    Rave: Very few people in the office.
    Rant: One of those folks is loud talking coworker.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: I have the deepest voice I’ll ever have.
    Rant: Because I’m still sick with this sore throat that kept me up for part of the night. Ugh.
    Maybe I should record smelly cat or something and try to make use of this voice. Ha.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Historical knowledge (along with the way studying history teaches you to analyze and evaluate evidence) is so undervalued and yet SO FREAKING NECESSARY.
    Rave: My work day got off to a good start.
    Rave: 80s music. Thanks, PoP!

    • Knowledge of history and critical analysis are crucial to the times we are living in.

    • Yep. Add to that the teaching of critical thinking, which has been actively under attack. Like this Republican Party of Texas 2012 platform (section on education):

      “Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.”


      • Emmaleigh504

        that is terrifying

      • How on earth could someone possibly write this sentence – “We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs . . . ” – and not stop and think, “Hmm, this might not be a great idea.” That is indeed terrifying.

        • Blithe

          I’m glad that you’re terrified. I’m terrified — but not surprised. As an African-American, I grew up with a legacy of segregation. This country has had laws that made it illegal to teach people who look like me to read or write, and many many decades of separate and very unequal educational practices. I don’t know enough about rural areas to comment on them, but this country has a history of pretty horrible educational practices and policies. The shock, I guess, is that those of you who were lucky enough, and privileged enough to benefit from growing up in areas with a different set of values and practices didn’t realize the inequities in education, particularly in public education in this country.
          . Many evidenced-based practices currently used in public schools encourage rote learning and actively discourage critical thinking. And now we’re possibly about to get DeVos, a person who has never had any direct experience with public education in charge of setting educational policy.
          .For context: I am an extremely proud product of the DC Public Schools.
          (sorry if this is garbled )

    • +1, I credit my history degree (and being in a sorority) for my success in law school. I guess I didn’t really realize how well the analytical and critical thinking skills would translate to law.

      • Yes! I credit my English degree and my history minor with my success in law school. People who poo-poo the humanities really don’t know what they are talking about. The ability to think and analyze transfers to any profession.

  • Rave: Mega-thanks to everyone who wrote in yesterday to help suggest places to eat in Silver Spring/Wheaton – you all are so helpful and kind, I know I can always count on my Popville peeps for a surplus of suggestions!
    Rave: Thinking about all the comedians whose work I need to watch or watch again – thanks for that question today, PoP!
    Rave: My parents are coming and I can’t wait to welcome them to my new home
    Rant: Still feel like I need a “run away” / backup plan – I want to call a different country home.

  • Rave ( I guess): not having parking at my current place has made me get up and to move my car by 7(when I get home the only spaces left are in rush hour no parking zones), which has led me to go to the gym everyday.

    Rant – I pretty much hate the gym.

    Question: anyone have a good couch to 5K app they like? I’ve finished the pre-couch to 5K (that is how out of shape I am, I couldn’t even do the first day of C25K, so I had to look on the internet for something easier) and I think I’m ready to move on.

    • I used an app called 5K runner that I liked. It starts out with a decent amount of walking before progressing you into running. I found it very manageable and something that I stuck with. It’s 8 weeks.

  • Rave: Friday and a weekend with no set plans!
    Rant: Had a dream last night that the walls of my home were literally caving in – metaphor for the state of our country..?

  • Rant: The Bowling Green Massacre
    Rave: The Bowling Green Massacre

  • Rave: Friday! Friday! Friday! This has been the longest week.
    Rant: Baby Artie is still sick. He hates the Nose Frida, which makes for very unpleasant wrestling matches in the wee hours.
    Rant: In honor of Black History Month, I have been posting each day about an event or black American who is historically significant. Yesterday it was a quote by Frederick Douglass. My very conversative, voted for Trump, in no way aware of his privilege, sometimes trolls my FB page uncle likes all these posts. How to even begin discussing that disconnect?
    Rave: In the past week, Baby Artie has had Ethiopian, Indian, and Turkish food. I hope his adventureous eating continues. He makes me proud.
    Rave: I’m giving myself permission to not listen to the news this weekend. I need an anger detox.

  • Rave: Got a super cute picture of the kids sitting together and reading.
    Rant: Still f’ing sick. So damn hard to get out of bed. Might be time to hit up urgent care, but when? Our weekend is packed.
    Rave: So excited to get my hair cut tomorrow. Sort of tempted by a pixie cut after seeing some old photos of myself, but I might go for something less drastic for now.

  • Rave: Snuggly cat.
    Rant: Pretty much everything else. Not in a good mood.

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rave: The Barbie Pond on Ave Q is hosting the @wethepeopledc Instragram handle today!
    Rant: All the news!

  • rave: made some progress moving in to my new place last night; assembled some new furniture, cleaned a couple things, disposed of a fair amount of boxes that were taking over my living room…
    rant: clearly, some of the things I’ve moved in have brought the chemical problems from my old place along with…
    rant: sleeping poorly on the regular; just four hours last night… not sure if it’s because of aforementioned chemical issues or if it’s revulsion at the state of the world or if it’s just because I have a new mattress that’s not jiving with me…
    rave: heading to NYC tomorrow for a triple birthday celebration

  • Rant: This has felt like the longest week ever.
    Rant: My oldest has to visit the orthodontist for an initial consult so that his dentist will pull some baby teeth. According to the orthodontist’s office, they will also develop a treatment plan for his eventual orthodonture treatment (ie, braces) and give me a quote and option for financing. When I mentioned the reason for the visit, they told me that he would be seen every 6 months by the orthodontist from now until the braces are put on. Is this normal? He’s 11, and has not lost all his baby teeth, it seems premature to develop a treatment plan. But then, I know nothing about teeth.
    Rant: Thinking about three kids who will all need braces, realizing that I am solely responsible for all their medical costs has me realizing I need a better paying job with better benefits.

    • Yes, I think it’s normal because they put braces on kids sooo much earlier now.

    • binntp

      I started seeing an orthodontist at age 8…but a word of warning though: don’t have him in braces until he really has time to grow into his adult teeth. My early orthodontia (braces at 11) ended with multiple surgeries in my 20s and 30s to correct problems that arose from trying to reset the teeth too soon.

      • +1, I had my braces on from 10-12. Then my jaw grew. My teeth still look straight but the top and bottom do not align the way they are supposed to… I will need braces again at some point if I want to fix it.

      • Thanks for this, that is my concern. I

    • I was in the situation where my baby teeth were not falling out and the permanent teeth were coming in behind. We kept “waiting” from around 11ish until I was 14 and then they proposed 3 years of braces. At this point all my friends were out of braces and as a painfully self conscious kid who didn’t want to be the only one in braces, I refused. So tl:dr, my teeth are crooked and at age 30-mumble mumble I am going to have to finally do something about it. So my stranger’s uninformed opinion is this sounds like the right time to start.

      • I have the opposite issue. I believe it was originally suggested I get braces when I was younger, but once my baby teeth fell out (two of which were pulled because my other teeth came in right where they should have and didn’t push the baby ones out all the way) my teeth were fine and everyone agreed I didn’t need them.
        Honestly, I’d go with your gut on this. Especially if it’s cosmetic and not health related, there’s really no need to rush into it.

        • I should add that in the end before the braces they had to pull all the rest of the baby teeth which meant anesthesia, pulling 7 teeth at once, and I woke up in the middle. The odds of that happening here are about a trillion to one, so yeah, go with your gut, avoid that and am sure all will be fine.

      • I had a similar problem with the addition of parents who could not/would not get me braces, so I am 35 with crooked teeth. It doesn’t particularly bother me any longer, but I refuse to be one of those parents because it really did affect me for many years. My youngest two both have significant gaps (thnk David Letterman) and my daughter wants her’s fixed, so I will absolutely do what we need to get it fixed. Her mouth, her choice.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: people at work who can’t explain what they want me to do for them.
    Rave: the person who couldn’t explain things was really nice and liked previous work I did for him.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Bonus Rave: Thank you Allison for the CeraVa recommendation! My skin is back to normal, no more greasy forehead!

  • Rave: I’ve become totally obsessed with Illume candles and scents and I just treated myself to their blackberry absinthe diffuser. I’ve never been into this stuff, but I love this scent.
    Rave: warm girls weekend planned.
    Rant: I can’t wait 5 weeks.
    Rant: pretty undecided about what to do with my hair and I have an appointment tomorrow.

  • Surprised nothing about LuLuLemon clearing out its 14th/P St store. I was across the street, so I couldn’t tell – but the store was completely cleared out of all merchandise, a sign on the door and someone locking the front door early evening last night. No idea what the sign said.

  • Question: I found a rare map online that I like, I would like to reproduce it in a bigger format, print and frame it to put in my dining room. Anyone know an artist or someone who could do that for a reasonable price? The current map is small for my purpose but will be easy to draw for someone with drawing skills. Thanks

  • Rant: Great pony day yesterday. Apparently riding tackless is quite the leg workout – sore this morning!
    Rave: I think we landed on Bruges for our few fun days in March.
    Rant: I’m really going to be annoyed about my gluten issues while in Belgium!
    Rant/Rave: Working with a group to write a few briefs. We all learned legal writing in different countries so there have been a lot of disagreements on format/form. But this is a great learning experience in compromise and I do like to hear the different points of view.

    • Riding tackless meaning no saddle or bridle?

      • Yes, just a halter with a lead rope tied around. Nothing too crazy though – just walk and trot. This is my favorite pony… would’t go bridle-less with the other horse I ride!

      • I used to ride w/out saddle when just goofing around – walking was easy, trotting (and posting) more difficult! Are you riding English or western?

        • That’s really what I was doing; I usually take off the saddle after jumping for a cool down/to goof around. I ride English, I assume since you were posting that you also rode English?

          • Yes, rode horses growing up until I went to college. I’m inspired by your posts (and UDPie’s) to start riding again – looking at RCP horse center website now for lessons!

          • Go for it! It really is the highlight of my week and such a nice break from everything going on in the world. It’s so nice that the RCP horse center is so close, I should have checked it out while I was in D.C.

    • Super jealous. it’s been two weeks without pony time for me – I need some fuzzy horses in my life!

  • Rave: Oatmeal/peanut butter/banana/honey no-bake breakfast bars. Instead of halving the recipe, I should have doubled it. I usually don’t want to eat until mid-morning, but these bars are an easy way to get protein, etc earlier in the day. And as an alternate to also-delicious overnight oatmeal (made with apple cider)
    Rave: Friday, working from home, able to spend some time on PoPville
    Rant: Trying to stay away from twitter and FB, not very successfully however. Which leads to more depressing thoughts about the state of our world today. Trying to focus on what I have done, and will do, to be more of the change

    • recipe? that sounds delicious!

    • It’s a great recipe because you can add more or less of what you like! Measurements are approximate (because I didn’t really measure) for this small batch recipe:
      1 cup oatmeal, 1/3 c peanut butter, 2 T molasses (honey would have been better but I didn’t have plain honey), 1 t vanilla, bit of cinnamon and salt
      Mix together, refrigerate 20 mins then shape into balls, bars
      Freeze or refrigerate
      * I use natural peanut butter which is really creamy, using other types may need more honey (or molasses)
      * Next time I’ll either use crunchy peanut butter or some chopped nuts, flax seeds, etc
      * Dried cranberries or dates also on list for next time
      * Forgot I had nutella – a t or T would also be a good addition!

      • I make something like this except I roll them into energy bites. I add flax seeds, and they are a great alternative to lactation cookies (in case you know any nursing moms).

      • Emmaleigh504

        How does one forget they have Nutella?!

      • Haha Emmaleigh! I bought the nutellla for a puff pastry dessert but I don’t really care for it. Although it’s way better than the speculoos cookie butter that I ended throwing out because ugh.

    • forgot to include one ripe, smashed banana in the ingredient list!

      • Thanks so much for posting this! I just ran into the kitchen and made it and it’s in the fridge now—I’ve been looking for a quick recipe with just exactly this kind of ingredient list. I subbed in PB2 chocolate powder and Lyle’s Golden Syrup; and added dried cranberries. I snuck a taste when I stuck it in fridge, and it’s just what I hoped for.

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