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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • The two-tens-for-a-twenty guy was at McPherson square around 9 a.m. today. He does not like it when you call it a scam. He was using a walker. Hopefully he didn’t rob anyone today.

  • Rant-legs burned from high intensity running, but I don’t mind it, we’ve been fortunate with weather

    Rave – Gorsuch has in impressive background. Clerked with some other GWU’s, one even clerked for him way back when, and he was revered back then for fair adherence to law.

    • Well, adherence to law, such as laws that deny basic rights, is not something to be lauded. Adherence to law can mean many things.

    • Agreed on Gorsuch. He’s completely brilliant. Anyone who has ever worked with him has nothing but glowing things to say about him. Kind of a local boy as well- Graduated from Georgetown Prep in ’85. Seems like homerun choice.

      • And the reason he’s local is because his mom was a Reagan appointee – essentially designated to gut the EPA. Anyone here old enough to remember that previous assault on environmental regulations?

    • His “religious freedom” rulings are disturbing to those of us who rely on actual religious freedom.

    • I know, it’s so weird to see Trump appoint someone who’s qualified for the job they’re about to do.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I hope he is confirmed without a big stink or delay. The probability of getting somebody better during this presidency (even if Trump resigns or is impeached and Pence gets to pick) is probably about on par with winning the Powerball jackpot and then getting struck by lightning, twice, on your way to claim your winnings.

      • maxwell smart

        At the same time, I want the Democrats to filibuster and delay simply out of principal.

        • I don’t mean to be harsh, but if you are curious abut why the GOP eats the Democrats’ lunch when it comes to strategic thinking, look no further.

          • +1 … Pick and choose your battles wisely. I understand protesting the fact that Garland was never approved but attacking Gorsuch or trying to drum up a smear campaign would be a waste of time. The guy is a great choice and he’s going to end up taking the seat whether you like it or not.

  • Rave: It’s the start of February and we’re one month closer to warmer weather.

    Rant or rave? – Yesterday’s headline about Chaffetz and his fellow Republicans suggesting retrocession to MD so that city residents will have true Congressional representation. As much as I love DC having it’s own unique identity and living in the city, I’m sort of warming to the retrocession idea since it would mean that we would no longer be bullied.

    • I have favored retrocecssion for awhile. Would DC statehood be better? Sure, but it’s not happening in my lifetime. Retrocession would at least get us representation and Congress off our backs.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Same here. I recognize that there is a possibility that DC might be unhappy with their representatives if represented by Maryland, but hell, most of the inhabitants of most major cities likely wish they could be represented by their own more liberal representatives than they get at the state level.

        • If DC retrocessed (is this a word?), it would be unlikely that they would end up with Republican representation at either the State or National level. Our good buddy Andy Harris is the only Republican congressperson from MD. At the State level, the governor may be Republican, but even I have to admit, he does a pretty good job.
          As a Marylander and former Washingtonian, I prefer statehood for DC. However, to be perfectly honest, I think most Washingtonians would benefit from a situation in which DC became a city (like Baltimore) within MD. I just think it would be sad to lose the Washingtonian identity. But that’s just my two cents.

          • I actually think that Hogan and the Republicans will fight like hell to keep this from happening. Imagine adding that many more Democrats to an already pretty blue state. That would mean the anomalies like Hogan will almost never happen again.

          • Regarding Hogan, he won by a margin of less than 70,000 votes. If DC were part of Maryland, Anthony Brown would be governor right now. I would think MD Democrats would favor retrocession because of all the Democratic voters it would bring, but I am not up on all the ins and outs of MD politics.

          • I completely agree, Colhi. I can say for absolute certain that the average “I swear I’m not a Racist, I have a Black Friend” Republicans in Southern Maryland who have been complaining about the “DC-ification” of PG County and northern Charles County for my entire lifetime would fight tooth and nail to keep in from happening. As would the folks on the Eastern Shore who just LOVE Andy Harris and all his BS.
            Hogan most likely would not have been elected if DC were a part of MD, or if Anthony Brown had not acted like he was just going to waltz into the State House like nothing happened. However, Hogan is very popular, even among Dems (seriously, I actually like the guy and if there were a Socialist Party, I would be a registered member). There’s no doubt in my mind he will win re-election. Also, if you think a Republican Governor in MD is an anomaly, you are forgetting that MD elected Robert Ehrlich in this century too.

      • I have not read about this – but does it change things like Congress being in charge of us on everything? Or just let us vote for a Democrat in a Maryland election to make us feel like we matter?

        • Retrocession would take Congressional oversight off the table. DC would become a part of Maryland, most likely treating it in the same manner as Baltimore City. Baltimore City has a local government with a Mayor and Counselor, with local control over things such as the PD, FD, municipal services, budget matter, school matters, etc. Baltimore City is just as autonomous as every Maryland County. DC retrocessing would allow the residents of the district to have additional representation on a Federal and State level.
          The more I think about it, the more I talk myself around to the idea.

          • Thanks for the info. I’d be hesitant to think Chaffetz would do this if it didn’t f us over somehow though.
            1. I would not want to split up the district in different congressional districts.
            2. DC does get a lot of federal money. We would obviously still get a lot based on being DC, but would a significant amount be lost – and where would that be made up?
            3. Why Maryland? It’s more Democratic friendly? I would think NoVa would be a bit more interconnected with DC – solely based on the heart of DC being right up against VA more so than MD.

          • Quotia Zelda

            The why Maryland? answer is that all of the current District used to be Maryland, so they would be giving it back. The portions of the District that Virginia ceded were retroceded in 1846 (what is now Arlington County and the city of Alexandria).

          • To answer your points, JohnH:
            1 – It could become it’s own Congressional District in theory, since it is large enough population-wise.
            2 – Maryland also gets a lot of Federal money, and if DC were a part of MD, they would get state funds and federal funds. DC would also retain the ability to collect local taxes; Baltimore City residents, for example, pay Baltimore City income tax in addition to Maryland and Federal income tax.
            3 – Why Maryland? As Zelda stated, the portion that came from Virginia has long since gone back to being Virginia. The process of DC becoming VA would be a secession, not a retrocession. Also, geographically speaking, it would not make sense to give DC to Virginia. The Potomac River up to something like 5 feet below the low tide line belongs to Maryland (with the exception of the portion that passes through DC), and the Potomac serves as the border between Maryland and Virginia from start to finish. So history and geography would be on the side of DC becoming a part of MD.

    • I remember reading something several years ago (maybe in the Washington Post?) that made me think that retrocession to Maryland might actually be D.C.’s best shot at representation.
      I don’t think the Baltimore political establishment would want to see its power diluted, though. And Bowser et al. have accepted so many campaign contributions from deep-pocketed donors that they might balk if they thought retrocession would dilute the power of the Mayor and D.C. Council.
      It’s unacceptable for Chaffetz et al. to keep bullying D.C., though. And it shouldn’t be an either/or choice between “getting bullied by Congress” and “being retrocessed to Maryland.”

    • I’m not sure we’d actually get representation with retrocession. I think they’d gerrymander it so much that DC would be several congressional districts, so we’d still really have no say and we’d still get bullied.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I don’t disagree. But that way, we’d get “bullied” by the state government in the same sense as the residents of any other city in the entire United States can claim to be “bullied” by a state government with which they don’t always agree (I’m sure there are people in NYC that would rather have NYC be its own state than a city in New York; ditto St. Louis, Columbus, Detroit, Madison, Austin, could go on for a while here). Right now, we get bullied by the federal government in a way that is unique to DC and in my opinion is much worse.

      • Eh. I’m not sure this would happen. DC is blue with solid blue surrounding it. In MD, there is more of a push to keep red areas red and blue areas blue. So I think it would be more likely that it would become it’s own district with perhaps some surrounding area from PG or Montgomery County. If you look at the MD congressional district map, it’s pretty straight forward geographically with the exception of District 3 and District 2, which are funky, and part of Disrtict 1 which extends oddly into Baltimore County (and directly into Red territory – old money and rural areas). I think to be perfectly honest, the vast majority of Republicans in MD would not support DC become a part of Maryland again because of how the extra voters would swing things.

    • Chaffetz’s motivations are almost certainly partisan (as are any Republican motivations anymore), as they would take DC’s 3 electoral college votes and exchange them for whatever extra additional electoral votes Maryland would get for new congressional districts created (probably just one)… pass

      • I don’t know what his motives are, but you are probably right that it would reduce DC’s influence in the electoral college. In my opinion, that would be a small price to pay in exchange for congressional representation and getting Congress out of our local affairs.

        • Ahh, good point.

        • Well, he most certainly doesn’t GAF about what the people of DC want or think is best for themselves and Republican-controlled state legislatures in blue states (Virginia, Minnesota) have been pushing legislation to reallocate their electoral college votes to a district-by-district system instead of winner-take-all. Chip away a little here and a little there and you essentially have a system for presidential elections that’s gerrymandered worse than the current one is; a system where a Democrat can win the national vote by 5% and still lose in the electoral college. No thanks!

        • Bear

          It would reduce DC’s influence in the electoral college, maybe increase it in the House, but there would be no impact in the Senate – MD still would only get two Senators. For the latter reason I’d think it would be much more palatable to Republicans than statehood. If there was a chance of anything changing…

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: After 20 infuriating minutes and lots of website timeouts, I now have passes to the NMAAHC for May!
    Rave: The days are getting noticeably longer.
    Rave: Have plenty of rants, but I’m trying to focus on the positive today.

    • Emmaleigh504


    • I went to NMAAHC last Friday; it was amazing and powerful. However, we were there for 3 hours and didn’t even cover all of the 3 floors underground, so half the museum. It was crowded so difficult to see everything, plus the sheer volume of material. So I would try to plan for making a day out of it! We heard the food was good, too. I can’t wait to go back.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: IBM
    Rave: TMI but I can’t help it I want to sing it from the roof tops: I love my diva cup!

  • I’m in a difficult situation with one of the neighborhood kids who sometimes hangs out at my house. Her mother texted me to ask me to call the kid, and let her (mom) know if she (kid) picks up, without letting on that she (mom) asked me to call.
    I guess the kid is avoiding her mom, which sucks for mom (they don’t live together at the moment). But I have a pretty trusting relationship with the kid, and do not want to jeopardize it by informing on her to her mom. Maybe she has a good reason to be avoiding her. Then again, if it’s really important– I dunno, death in the family, good news about mom’s housing situation– do I have the right to NOT facilitate? I don’t know the mom well enough to refuse outright, or to question her about her motives.

    • Sounds like a hard situation. It sounds like you have a few neighborhood kids who hang out at your house. Can you tell her that you just have a policy of not getting in the middle of the relationships with the kids and their parents. So it isn’t about her, but just in general. Maybe something about needing your kid to maintain trust in you (assuming the kids that are hanging out are friends with a kid of yours – may not be a good assumption)? You can tell her you’d be happy to pass along a message if you see the kid?

    • “I don’t know the mom well enough to refuse outright, or to question her about her motives.”
      If she’s asking you to do this, she opened the door to at least some questions about her motives. And you always have the right to refuse.

      • +1.
        You could also just ignore the mother’s text for the time being, and ask about her motives if/when she follows up.
        (I generally don’t recommend inaction as a course of action, but this just seems tricky to me.)

      • “I’m so sorry, I completely forgot to respond to your text, my sincere apologies! I’ve been really swamped at work and it completely slipped my mind.”
        Just ignore this for now, ask for forgiveness later.

        • Yeah, I haven’t responded yet, or reached out to the kid. She’s in school (or should be) and doesn’t have her phone on anyway (or shouldn’t have). Maybe I’ll tell the mom that… that I’ll try to reach her after school.

    • Is the mom banned from visitation by the courts or something? Are you worried she’ll drop by and kidnap her? Kids should pick up their g-dang phone when the parent calls. Isn’t it better for the kid that at least one parent cares where the heck she is after school? I would never have some kid over at my house without at least one of the parents or caregivers not being aware that they were there. At the very least a brief text “Donna is at our house until dinnertime this afternoon.”

      • “Kids should pick up their g-dang phone when the parent calls.” Maybe so, but that’s something for the kid and the kid’s mom to sort out on their own. I don’t think it’s fair for the the kid’s mom to try to put wdc in the middle.

    • Blithe

      If I were in your position, I would not get in the middle of this — particularly without some sort of conversation with the mother. If the mother has something really important to tell the kid — the mother can text the kid. The kid might decide not to answer the text, but the mother does have a way to get information to the kid. The mother could also communicate with the kid’s current custodial parent or guardian. If, for some reason, the parent can’t do either of these things, I. personally, would want a LOT more information before setting myself up as a go-between for a parent who hasn’t shown the courtesy of discussing whatever the situation is — but wants to put someone else in the middle of it. It also might jeopardize the positive relationship you have with the kid — who might view your household as a safe haven.
      . Reading TropicBird’s comment really pushed a button for me. There are a lot people out there who are narcissistic, abusive, substance abusing….unhealthy people. Some of them are parents. Without having a LOT more information about the situation, I would not assume that a kid is showing bad judgement or inappropriate behavior by not responding to a parent. Particularly if all you know is that the kid and the parent “don’t live together at the moment”. There are sometimes very good reasons for kids to be separated from their parents — including the safety and best interests of the child.
      – In your position, I’d simply text back that “I’m not comfortable doing that.” If I were open to discussing it with the parent, I’d add that — but would want a conversation rather than a text so I could at least get a clearer sense of what the issues are that prevent the mom from communicating with the kid in a more direct, more appropriate way.

      • Thank you Blithe. Really, this is so thoughtful and helpful, and I can tell you understand that not every kid gets the kind of support or parental interest that a lot of us take for granted. If she were like most of the other kids in life, I’d take the parents’ side in a heartbeat, knowing that the parents are engaged and loving and have the child’s best interest at heart.
        @It’s just me, no, she’s not friends with my kids. That is, they get along and she’s great with them, but she isn’t their school friend or anything. She’s a teenager who has had some instability and comes to my house sometimes for a meal or someone to talk to or some homework help. She’s got a pretty good head on her shoulders, and I’m inclined to trust her take on the mom situation.

        • I am seriously grateful that you are taking care of this troubled young girl. I want to do this myself, but am honestly not as generous, patient (or competent) a person. But – sorry if crass – can we give you money to help?

          • That’s very kind. She doesn’t really need material stuff. She has aunts and cousins and more distant relatives who have her covered.
            And she’s not troubled. I think that’s a misperception that affects a lot of urban kids. Or maybe just kids, period. She’s curious and friendly, she tries new things, she plays little-kid games patiently with my kids. But moving around to various relatives’ houses while her mom figures things out can take its toll. Sometimes she just needs a different environment.

  • Rave: warm bus this morning >> cold bus with window open yesterday.
    Rave: Found the glove I thought I might have lost in the coat of a jacket I wore over the weekend. The gloves are warm and touch-screen-friendly (and they work a lot better than others I’ve tried, so I’m really glad I don’t need to replace them.

  • Rant: Work has me like O.o
    Rave: Overtime.
    Rant: But I’m just so damn exhausted.

  • Rave: Nice first date last night, first time tutoring tonight, and Friday’s ACLU fundraiser looks to be a humdinger. Excited about all of it..
    Rant: Not gonna do it. Like Quotia Zelda, I’m focusing on the positive today.

  • Rave: I’m at work and can function today
    Rant: Yesterday I got slammed with a migraine a block away from the bus stop, and since I couldn’t see out of one of my eyeballs (thanks, weird flashing aura-thingie), I was worried I would be hit by a car and/ or throw up and/or fall down…So I went back to my house, took a LOT of medicine, and slept from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Then I got up, made some soup, took some more meds, and went to bed at 9 p.m.
    Rave: Feel a lot better today, though I’m looking forward to my appointment with the headache specialist. In March. That I made in the beginning of August.

    • Forgotten Rant: A friend of mine who has been assisting with cardiac surgeries in tiny children in Iraq is currently unable to return to the States – they’re not sure why, likely in response to the ban, but Iraq cancelled a whole bunch of flights and is currently not letting my friend leave. GAH!

      • I am REALLY pissed off about how this ban is affecting doctors, student doctors, etc. I think of the talented, caring doctors I know who are doing amazing work for children and adults in the US who would have never gotten that opportunity with this ban in place. You can’t just take 90 days off of PG training, it doesn’t work that way. This is harming people, harming careers… it’s just ridiculous.

  • Rant: Really feeling depressed. Job sucks, weather sucks, bored, have no money, can’t stop eating, all I want is to lay around and do nothing.
    Rave: Husband who cares about me and is worried and tries to make me smile. And succeeds.
    Rave: Looking forward to a good run tonight to clear my head.
    Rave: Finished the Nicholas Sparks book that my mother-in-law gave to me. Phew. Predicted pretty much everything that was going to happen but now I can tell her that I read it.
    Rant: Even my rants/raves are half-hearted.

  • Rant: Overslept again.
    Rant: Nagging productive cough has turned into post-nasal drip+additional chest congestion and a sore throat stemming from both. Not sure at what point I need to check in with a medical professional.
    Rave: Still made it out of the house close enough to on time.
    Rave: Really digging the duolingo app.
    Rant: Really need to get to bed earlier. Might help with the first rant.
    Rant: Mtpbaby has been CRANKY at home the last day or two, which is funny because he’s super happy at day care. So I don’t think (?) it’s an underlying discomfort thing.
    Rant: Mtpkiddo still up late last night, and didn’t want to get up this morning. I can’t force her to go to sleep, but ugh.

  • skj84

    Rave: My Brother and Sister in Law will be in town for his birthday this weekend. Looking forward to spending time with them. He wants to to museum tours, then grab dinner at a brewery. We are then going to head up to our parents house for the Super Bowl.
    Rave: Going to New York next week for a conference. I remembered to buy my train ticket in advance, so at least I can spread out and nap.
    Rant: I have tickets to the African American History Museum for Friday and I’ve been trying to find a way to switch to Saturday. I wish there was some sort of exchange available. I know the museum doesn’t do it, but I’m surprised there isn’t another resource like a facebook group. It looks like my best bet is to get up early on Saturday and hope I can get same day tickets.

    • binntp

      Just be aware of the major metro closures downtown this weekend.

      Related rant: I’m been camped out on the NAAHM website today trying to get timed tickets for later this spring/ summer and keep getting shut out. Hope to eventually get to the museum sometime this year.

    • I also tried to exchange my tickets, and they said they could accommodate an exchange if there were availability at the museum for the day, but that is rarely the case. I did at least surrender my other tickets, in the hopes of allowing more people to get same-day or walk-up tickets on my originally scheduled day. But, for last Friday, myself and my two guests woke up at 615am and each tried to get tickets right at 630. I was successful; my guests were too early and gave up when they saw “no tickets available” at 630. So give it a few seconds, and refresh, and then the available slots will appear! Also, at 6:40, I checked out of curiosity, and there were still some tickets available (but keep in mind, this was for a Friday). Good luck!

  • Rave: Woke up to quickly realize that it’s now February – the month that this kid is due.
    Rant: So much anxiety over way too many things. I kinda want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and some ice cream today.
    Rant: Our nephew got tangled up (literally) while playing with another kid at school and fell face first on the pavement. Two black eyes and a swollen (but thankfully not broken) nose.
    Rave: Finally tried this boiled icing recipe my sister has been raving about – oh my goodness. It’s like my cupcakes are iced in a freaking marshmallow. I usually hate icing but I’m in love with this stuff.

    • Ooh, boiled icing. I tried it once and failed (it didn’t fully set and oozed slowly all over the cake serving plate!). Can you share recipe?

      • It was the 7-minute frosting recipe by Paula Deen on the Food Network website. Just make sure you have your egg whites at room temperature before attempting it (that was the tip my sister gave me and I tend to trust her on things like this since she’s a professional baker). It came out perfectly.

        • Andie302

          So funny, I was going to ask you for this too – but I’ve made it many times! I’ve never heard it called boiled icing before. Coconut cake is a birthday favorite in my family and this goes very well with that plus some flaked coconut on top!

    • That was my mother’s go-to frosting, though she pre-dated Paula Deen. I like it because it’s beautifully bright white but I don’t care for the way it hardens into a light shell. I always had to specifically request buttercream frosting for my birthday cakes.

  • Revel: the mother of one of my students made me pupusas!

  • Bear

    Rant: Bearcub slept very fitfully last night, which meant I hardly slept at all.
    Rave: He’s just so darn cute though. All it takes is a smile from him and the frustrations seem to disappear.
    Rant: Waiting on permits from PG County and my town so we can finally start our renovation. We’ve got our plans all set and it’s going to be so nice when everything is done. I just want to get started already!!!
    Rant: Halfway through maternity leave. I have no idea how I’m going to balance my job and motherhood. That is, if my job even lasts that much longer…something tells me the budget for foreign aid will be cut dramatically. I don’t see Trumplethinskin caring too much about poverty in Africa.

    • Baby Artie was up so many times. I’m barely functioning today. I hope you can get in a nap.

      Don’t worry about the balancing thing now. You will learn how to do it. You always manage to stare down whatever you are facing.

  • Rant: Discouraged about a whole bunch of things.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Cabinets arrived at the house yesterday in Cambridge. All the floors are sanded and very soon they start PAINTING! Finally. I’m looking forward to some serious visible changes on my next visit.
    Rave: Heading this weekend to Memphis with my mom and a friend. It should be a fun weekend!
    Focusing on the raves – the dichotomy of my personal life and what’s going on in the news is very strange.

  • Question: I would like to go to the Federalist Pig for my birthday. Will there likely be a long wait on a Thursday?

  • Two foster kitten successes. One tiny girl Mandy was very very sick but now seems to have turned the corner. Another – Rainbow – who would not even let me look at her for the first two weeks, now won’t leave my side. Follows me around like a puppy and sleeps on my desk. Now she just needs a forever home! http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5970401665.html

  • Big rant: one of my office mates is disgusting, and our heat is working overtime. It REEKS in my office. 🙁

    • Air freshener for your desk or the outlet kind.

      • Please please please don’t do this. I appreciate that the stinky coworker makes for an unpleasant situation, but if anyone in your office has a fragrance sensitivity, adding an air freshener to the mix could make things even worse.

        • +1. I’d be a sneezy mess if people used “air freshener” in the office. Anyway, it always smells like a gas station restroom.

        • If that is the case, wouldn’t they speak up? I don’t believe fragrance sensitivity is deadly, so I’m inclined to improve my situation with the easy option to remove if anyone expresses a concern.
          If disgusting office mate is like a hoarder I once encountered, calling him out loudly in front of everyone seemed to do trick. No matter the cause I’d broach it with hr or your boss. It’s unhygienic, I’m sure.

          • I have allergies myself, and the only thing worse than the smell of filth is the smell of filth and with just a touch of “smells nothing like the label says.” I made some coffee and tossed the grinds in my desk can. That has helped immensely. I had forgotten how much of a palate cleanser coffee is (that’s why they have beans at perfume counters).

          • It is exactly that – deadly – if it causes asthma attacks, if it does it me. And, no, there isn’t “something you can take for that.”

      • Can anyone recommend a good air freshener that isn’t too offensive? I’m partial to spa scents. After years of having my own office I’m about to start a job where I’m sharing a cubicle, and I want to do everything I can to personalize my desk area.

        • Ask your cubicle-mate.

          • And/or personalize your desk area with photos, artwork, etc. Fragrance in a shared space is not a good idea — even if your cube-mate is fine with it, it will likely waft over to other cubicles too.

          • And/or personalize your desk area with photos, artwork, etc.
            Fragrance in a shared space is not a good idea — even if your cube-mate is fine with it, it will likely waft over to other cubicles too.

        • Blithe

          There are some flat solid ones that I’ve purchased at whole foods called something like Citra-solve. They also make a vanilla spray that I really like. The ingredients are natural and the scent, to me, is effective but not so obvious that I find it noticeable. FWIW it was my go to when I shared small spaces with very active young adolescents.

          • Blithe

            The vanilla spray is by Air Scense , and I got it at Amazon, so that might be the brand of the solid ones too. If I get more info, I’ll update.

  • Rant: My out-of-state friends (or heck, even local friends who live in VA/MD) who don’t call their representatives. They hate what’s happening, but choose to shut down and ignore rather that do anything. Calling a representative’s office takes 60 seconds and there are so many websites and apps that want to help you. We need the numbers, we need representatives to know that their constituents are watching and will hold them accountable and honestly these phone calls are the LEAST they can do and they just … don’t. Our democracy isn’t magic, y’all. It won’t save itself.
    Rave: Nope. I got nothing.

    • I live in DC so I have been asking my Utah friends to call Jason Chafetz’s office. Well, to be honest, I’ve been asking them to take him back to Utah and get him to leave DC alone. They all dislike him, but of course he’s just been re-elected so we are stuck for a while.

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