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  • I love it! I finally know how to publicly shame my neighbors who constantly dump trash and household items every single day on the corner.

  • Tom

    This reminds me of a post I saw on Craigslist a couple times over the last six months about a guy calling out some random residence for selling stolen stuff on CL, drugs, shady people-smuggling, things of that sort. The addresses might be different (I think the CL guy was complaining about people somewhere on Clay St. NE), but I can’t recall specific enough terms of the search to look it up.

  • Love this. There’s a house on my block that is also one-stop shopping. Why stick to just one type of crime, amirite?

  • I feel bad for that utility pole, though.

  • Lol. I live a few blocks away on the DC side, and this is relatively accurate.

  • Wow. We have a couple of candidates for this by my house, too! Always wonder how this all works. Informants? Relatives of the police? Paying bribes?

  • Anonjmous

    Can you run a GDON on that? I’m asking for a friend.

  • justinbc

    This is pretty hilarious.

  • Now all they need is a app.

  • It would not surprise me if whoever posted these flyers is arrested for harassment, forced to apologize and compensate said riff raffs

  • jburka

    That’s not criminal shaming, it’s cop shaming.

  • On Friday somebody on NextDoor posted an Instagram video of a few “kids” (16-25, unsure of age) who were sitting on a couch in what appeared to be a new condo that wasn’t theirs, thus inferring that they were taping themselves breaking and entering. The individual who posted inferred that these same individuals broke into his home in Trinidad and appeared to be publicly shaming them in a somewhat similar manner to the person posting this to the lightpost.
    After watching the video posted to Nextdoor, I went through the Instagram of this individual (public) and this was not the only damning video/photo. This kid had public posts of he and his friends flashing and pointing pistols, making threats, drinking sprite with xanax, , filming sexual acts of their friends with unassuming girls, flashing (inferred) drug money, disrespecting a cop in Chinatown who was right in front of them, and smoking pot on a bus while laughing. I found this pretty nuts to be posted publicly on social media (am I wrong?) and I couldn’t help but wonder if the MPD was aware of this and whether this is being used as means for questioning this kid / suspects in general.
    The next morning the Instagram account for this individual was made private, which makes me think that he was tipped off to the video being passed around. I wonder if anyone other than me might be concerned that those who posted (some NextDoor accounts show address) might be concerned about any form of retaliation. This post here has got me thinking about how somebody might be hanging these signs on poles without the people in the house he is referencing noticing him stapling these to the poles.

    • Report it to MPD.

    • Speaking of public shaming… the poster would “imply” something in his video. You would “infer” something from it. For example, I could imply that you will find this information useful in the future. But you could infer that I’m a huge tool with nothing better to do than correct people’s grammar. 😉

  • It’s almost certainly part of this ongoing doxxing/smear campaign. https://thump.vice.com/en_us/article/4chan-trolls-diy-spaces-oakland-fire

  • Someone should do this for 1600 Penn, “need a p*ssy grabbing oompa loompa? How about a grown @$$ man who mocks the disabled? Enjoy wild, unbridled racism? Come see the clown show at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave”

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