Killer Roof Deck in Kalorama


The jealousy I feel whenever I pass this deck is excruciating. I mean, I’m happy for the owners and all but there’s just so much envy. Then I feel bad about coveting it. Anyway, beautiful beautiful deck.



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  • Totally out of style with the house underneath, which I usually hate, but I quite like this one!

    • I agree, the exposed steel beams kind of clash with the style of the rest of the building. Must have one hell of a view, though.

  • Call it minimalism if you will, but to me it just looks like it’s unfinished and big FU to neighbors. As in “now that we’re enjoying our rooftop, we don’t care that you have to look at giant unfinished steel beams.”

    • It’s also hard to believe this isn’t in an historic district and wasn’t subject to some sort of review.

      • I was a little surprised when this was done since this is the old Chinese delegation building designed by architect Waddy Wood. It’s in the Washington Heights historic district, and is a “contributing structure” so I’m not sure how they got this approved. For the record, though, I see it everyday and it doesn’t bother me, and yes, I’m jealous, too…

  • Weird criticism on here about this. I think it looks pretty unoffensive and not at all problematic with the house style. It’s straight lines with glass. I think it looks great and probably better than anything else would have.

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