GDoN “Exquisite Living” edition

220 P NW #1

This unit is located at 220 P Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Exquisite Living @ TRUXTON CIRCL, min frm metro, shps & Restaurants at Bloomingdale/ SHAW! Rare, 2100SF Contemporary TH style Condo, Beyond a Condo w HUGE Open flr pln, flooded w light, over-looking Open patio area, Top to bottom custom finishes thru out, Main Lvl MBR Suite, the LL has large Rec/Fam Rm, w 2 addl Master bedrooms w/2FB Hi- Ceiling Stairwells &Hallways, front & a HUGE Rooftop deck!”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $938,900 ($200 monthly fee.)

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  • I’m surprised to read that this is a new build — the exterior looks very 1960s to me.

  • This unit has been on the market for close to a year now (originally listed mid-March 2016). That hideous facade isn’t doing it any favors.

  • That exterior is FUGLY.

  • Holy ovepriced, Batman. You could easily find a renovated four-bedroom rowhouse in that area for that price.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I don’t know about easily. There is not too much on the market in this area, and most of the houses around here are a few hundred sq. ft smaller than this (the houses on Bates are maybe comparable size). Also, some people prefer condo layouts, which give you a lot more usable space.

      • Showing my own lack of real estate savvy here – but what is a condo style layout? What makes this not a house when it….looks like a house to me!

        • Tsar of Truxton

          This is a huge building, with 4 or 5 units that are ~2100 sq feet. By condo layout, I mean, that most condos are wider than row homes (and often more of a square than a rectangle), so you have big wide open spaces. When you consider the stairs, many row homes are only 12-16 feet wide. Just look at the homes on either the side. This building is twice as wide, if not more.

    • Yeah, can you please point me to such houses? Where are your comps on this?

      I agree with everyone on the design here, but in terms of size, this is not overpriced at all for that area. A 2,100 square foot house in Bloomingdale just north of this would be well over a million. A 2,100 square foot house just west of here in Shaw would be well over a million. I’d rather have a house than a condo, but it’s hard to get 2,100 square feet in this area.

    • “Easy to find” a renovated four-bedroom rowhouse in that area for $938k? Good luck with that…

      • Came back to this late, but here are some examples of 4 bed renovated rowhouses within a few blocks :
        1417 1st st NW
        83 S St NW (bigger)
        1547 4th St NW
        420 N St NW
        448 M St NW (slightly more expensive but also bigger)
        Most substantially cheaper (and no condo fee). I recognize that the square footage is mostly less than 2100, but I would much prefer to own a whole house.
        So, I continue to think that if you would prefer to spend a million dollars on a renovated 4-bed rowhouse in the same neighborhood, you could do that instead. I think most people would prefer that, so I think this is overpriced.

  • I passed by when they were building this, I could not believe their facade choice, it looks old and ugly. The original list price was over over 1 million!! I dont understand why investors/developers take the risk to waste money with unusual style like this, hire an architect or ask your money back if you hired one, this is really a waste! There is similar development not to far on 1 & N St that has been on the market forever!

    • I’d say the difference in being at 1st and N and being here is pretty significant. And I”m pretty sure the units at 1st and N have sold and one is back on the market. I don’t think it’s been sitting that entire time.

  • When we walked through these units when they first came on the market we walked away saying 1) terribly ugly exterior 2) shoddy on the details 3) WAYYYY overpriced 4) weird building layout — and if I recall thre was something off about the outside/ parking area, but I am forgetting details. Completely not surprised to see this still on the market.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    We talked about this when it was first listed a while back ( ). One of the units was the first I had seen over 1 million in Truxton. I think this is the last one left, so the pricing can’t be too far off. There is also the new Ditto. building on 4th and NJ (about a block away) that is up in this range. This is also the building that collapsed a few years ago.

    • I’m fairly positive it was demolition by neglect. The Ditto units around the corner aren’t exactly comparable – Ditto produces great work with clean, modern designs. This is some awkward Art Deco impersonation with very basic (albeit it) finishes on the inside. The Ditto units on NI/P have sold for $1.3m for the upstairs units. I believe the downstairs units are still under contract for a bit over a million.

      • Speaking of demolition by neglect… anyone noticed how the former church at 10th and Monroe now has only one short wall left, out of its original two short walls and two long walls? Very sneaky.
        In July:

        • I’m pretty sure that’s demolition by intention. It’s amazing how much of an original structure the city lets one tear down under “renovation and addition” permits.

          • I guess I meant “intentional demolition by neglect” — tearing down everything except the four vertical walls and leaving the facade open to the elements for months (years?) on end seems like a pretty surefire way to make sure that the walls can’t be salvaged.

          • Yeah, the developer doesn’t want to salvage the old walls. And honestly, I’m not sure the developer’s doing anything wrong here – the city’s permitting processes require developers to save very little of the original structure. This is happening quite a bit in this corner of CH as it has a fair number of large, decrepit semi-detached houses ripe for condo conversion.

          • “And honestly, I’m not sure the developer’s doing anything wrong here – the city’s permitting processes require developers to save very little of the original structure.”
            But I think developers are being sneaky by getting a permit for “interior demolition” when in reality they’re razing the entire building. If you do “interior demolition” and then leave the facade unprotected so oopsie! — the walls fall down — you’re basically doing a raze, just spread out over a longer period of time.

          • But that’s not right. The builder does have a permit to convert the church into an apartment house, filed under “addition/alternation/repair.” There’s some weird stuff going on in PIVS, but it looks like DCRA stopped by in December because it thought the construction permit was expired, when in fact it was not. PIVS notes state “site work complies with approved plans.”

          • Doesn’t “addition/alteration/repair” imply that the original structure remains in place? As far as I can tell, only one of the original walls is still there, and I suspect its days are numbered.

      • I think Ditto may have a slightly better eye for design but I’m not sure I’d agree on the quality from what I hear.

        I’d also rather be on P Street than on New Jersey Avenue just for sheer traffic. It’s nice having those big large windows the Ditto condos have, but they have no parking (except the one already sold) and you look right out at a bus stop. Hard pass.

        • They moved the g2 stop from in front of the bldg a while ago. Did you mean the one across nj ave? The parking area looks bigger than 1 car worth but parking is easy in the area. Not sure that is a huge negative.

          • “parking is easy in the area.” — Even if parking is easy now, there’s no guarantee that it’ll stay that way.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            I agree with you generally speaking textdoc, but this area is much different than most of those neighborhoods with bad parking situations. For one, many of the houses have parking in the rear, so you don’t have too many residents parking on the street (I’ll note that during the day, P can be pretty full, but at night it is empty). Second, there are not many big apartment buildings like you find in Dupont or Woodley. There are some bigger buildings going in along FL, and some day, some of the row homes may be converted to bigger buildings like this one, but I still don’t see it being an issue anytime remotely soon. Finally, there is much less commercial real estate around here. Between 7th and North Cap on P and in a few blocks north or south, it is almost all residential (with a few spots on NJ Ave), so you really only get people coming to the neighborhood to go to the schools. As North Cap and FL develop, this will trickle down, but this specific location is pretty well insulated.

    • It is the last unit, but the competition is hurting them, I’m sure.

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