GDoN “custom build a 3-level industrial warehouse” edition

772 Girard St NW Unit 8E

This unit is located at 772 Girard Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“A rare opp. to design your and custom build a 3-level industrial warehouse w/ a penthouse roof-deck and incredible Monument views. Price is inclusive of complete buyer customization, Thermador or Viking kitchen, buyer can choose flooring, A/V and stone surfaces. 5 min walk to new Whole Foods.”


You can see more photos/renderings here.

This proposed 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,700,000 ($421 monthly fee.)

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  • LOVE this helicopter factory project. Props to Brook Rose – great vision.

  • 7th and Girard at 1.7m? DEAL!

    • Making a brand-new home resemble an industrial warehouse can be expensive.

      • But in this case, the new home is actually being built inside an old industrial warehouse.

        • It’s both, actually. The top picture shows a brand new building on the same site – I believe these are already completed. The bottom shot depicts a conceptual drawing of an apartment to be built into the old warehouse space. This is still in progress.

    • And with a relatively cheap condo fee–the whole thing seems funny

  • The change on this particular block has been b-a-n-a-n-a-s over the past several years, but I’m not sure it’s ready for $1.7 million, even given the unique nature of this property.

  • So what IS happening with the new whole foods around there? I think its still all systems go, but I haven’t seen them start construction or anything (though I haven’t been over there in awhile)

    • BrickLane said that the development is 8 months out in the Post article, but that has to be a flat-out lie. There’s no chance there’ll be a WF at that site by the end of October.

    • If you consider the financial problems Whole Foods is experiencing—they’re closing stores these days—don’t bet the farm on a Whole Foods coming to this location just yet.

      • They’ve mostly closed stores in small markets where they never should have had stores, but overall, they seem to be hitting a wall in terms of the limits of their business model. They may have room to grow in DC but they have some awful stores (the one in Silver Spring is a dump) and seem to do better selling fancy fast food than actual food in some locations (GW in particular).

  • the location…hmm

  • At least it includes off street parking for your $200K Lambo

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Love that island in the kitchen (I know it is a rendering, but if it looks something like that, it will be badass.

  • I know someone dropping 1.7 mil probably wont care about the expense of heating this place, but I cannot imagine how you keep it from feeling drafty all the time. Tapestries?

  • Wasn’t this originally supposed to be apartments?

  • Checked out the open house here this weekend. Unit 1 was ground level/basement and unit 2 was second/third floor, with a roof deck. Aesthetically, they did a nice job, but the materials struck me as being on the cheap side. Particularly the kitchen cabinets and doors. The bedrooms in unit 1 were in the basement, so were pretty dark and the wood floors in the kitchen/living space above made it very noisy. Unit 2 was certainly nicer (bedrooms above living area, great roof space), but at $750K and $950K, respectively, I left with an overall feeling of meh and relief that I’m not actually in the market now…

    • I almost bought a Brook Rose developed condo a few years ago. I pulled out because the square footage in the official plats and plans was 200sqft less than the unit was advertised as. However, the inspection found so many issues with the property – lots of things that needed to be fixed, a roof deck that wasn’t up to code, no flashing on any of the roofs, etc. The home inspection had more items on it needing addressing than the inspection (same inspectors) for the 10 year old condo I ended up buying.
      And the official website advertised a lot of features (nest thermostats, in ceiling speaker systems, security cameras, etc.) that were never put in. Honestly, the quality of the unit was hugely disappointing.

  • Is anyone familiar with the area around this apartment? Is it fairly safe?

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