Vidalia’s Replacement, Honeysuckle, Nearly Ready to Roll – Check Out the Menu and a Peek Inside

1990 M Street, NW

After 20 years Vidalia closed in mid-December at 20th and M St, NW. Things look very promising for the replacement Honeysuckle. Standby for an exact opening date.


Check out the menu and a peek inside after the jump.

It’s happening!! #honeysuckledc #art #restaurantopening #dc #dcfoodie #instagood #instafood #dcfoodporn #feelthevibe

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  • Yeah…I’m going to go to a basement restaurant next to a McDonald’s to pay a minimum of $15 for a starter…. This city is getting ridiculous.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Vidalia wasn’t cheap and they did ok…

    • Well the advantage of being in the basement means you won’t have to look at the McDonald’s while you eat 🙂

    • It would seem that you haven’t been in DC long since Vidalia had been there for ages, was a DC classic, and was fine dining so this isn’t new. Also, that perhaps you haven’t explored cities (or maybe just finer restaurants in them) very much. Sure, you might have somehwere new like a CityCenter which has grouped a number of high-end restaurants together, but typically there is not an “expensive restaurant” section in cities and some of the nicest places are mingled in with the other everyday establishments on the block.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I hate menus like this. They are say hard to read quickly because they don’t separate out the focus of the dish from all the extras.

    • It looks like the first item listed is the focus of each dish. No?

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Yeah, and look quickly at the menu and all you see is a giant block of text, in italics, which makes it even worse. A good menu would make the main item large and easily readable and then list the other ingredients. The bar menu is superior in this vein, but still not well done. I am not saying that you cannot read the menu and determine what the dishes are but simply noting that this style of menu is awful.

  • Maybe just me, but if you’re not paying attention when you glance at the awning it appears to say “HoneysuckMe”

  • No thanks. Vidalia’s menu was better. There is nothing on this new menu that interests me. I was hoping that with a name like Honeysuckle, it would have a southern flair.

  • Did any of you go to Honeysuckle pop-up last year? The food was absolutely awesome. Give it a try…

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