“Southern Spanish and Tangier-inspired” restaurant, Arroz by Mike Isabella, posts liquor license placard

901 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

The placard for Arroz has been posted:

“Full-service restaurant serving Spanish cuisine and seafood. Total Occupancy Load of 270 and a Summer Garden with 70 seats.”

Updates as he gets closer to opening.


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  • Why does this dude keep opening new restaurants when his old ones keep slipping into mediocrity and obscurity? Does anyone else remember when Isabella was considered a talented chef?

    • I remember he was on a reality show where he bullied women during each of his appearances.

    • Was he ever? He had one good recipe, and rode the Voltaggio’s coattails to fame.

      • Range is about the saddest excuse for a restaurant I have ever seek. It’s really awful. Kapnos, on the other hand, is terrific. (Also, Brian Voltaggio is a pretty sad excuse for a human being.)

    • Bandolero was a miss but Kapnos and Graffiato are great and still draw crowds. You don’t have to like him, but other people do like his places.

      • Kapnos has his name on it, but that’s about all the connection he has to that place. George Pagonis is the actual chef there and actually works his ass off, unlike tacky celebrity- starved Isabella. You can tell the difference between the Kapnos restaurants vs. Graffiato, Pepita, and Yona, which are all sloppy and carelessly run from top to bottom.

  • Lion of LeDroit

    That means rice

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