Reader Reports Starbucks Closes Two Dupont Locations North of the Circle


A reader reported earlier today:

“The Starbucks on dupont circle just closed. Unexplained reason. And the other further up Connecticut by Dolcezza closed an hour later.”

Presumably in response to the damage to the downtown store earlier (pictured above.)

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  • Productive protesting guys. Nice work. These losers should be ashamed of themselves.

    • +1000. Way to hand a ‘uge PR victory to the Donald. Donald Trump is not a normal president and does not deserve a normal honeymoon. But these idots only help him. Now rational never Trumpers have to spend political capital denouncing and policing their own crazies.

    • True, it’s very counterproductive, but you never know, it could have been Trump’s klamsmen or Putin thugs trying to agitate.

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