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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant-Montreal Shootings and senseless loss of 6 lives

  • Rant I guess. I am exhausted. I was in the hospital with a neurological reaction to a drug I am on for a neurological condition last week. The medication still isn’t out of my system because I have to taper off because of the withdrawal effects. This week my neurologist is referring me to a brain surgeon. I would rather be at the airport protesting than have to do any of this. This is my “new normal” and I just turned 39. I was pretty damn healthy over a year ago.

    • Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry. That sounds awful.

      • Thanks. Sometimes I don’t even believe it myself.

        I used to be in a very active crowd of friends, but I got chronically ill, and few of them even reach out to my and BF anymore. technically without Obamacare I wouldn’t be able to have surgery, so this year is ideal to do it, if there’s a such thing as “ideal”. It’s a progressive disease so it will only get worse anyway.

        • Ugh, I’m sorry to hear about your friends and their lack of response. And also about the need for surgery, though I’m glad that you have coverage that allows for it. Perhaps if you need additional support, reach out to one or two friends to let them know? They might be happy to help, just weren’t sure how to do so. Regardless of all that, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

        • First, I’m really sorry that you’re going through this and sending internet hugs. Maybe your friends are knuckleheads or maybe they don’t really know what to do. Sometimes people get weird around illness – they don’t want to pry, but still want to be supportive and don’t know how. What would you like from them? Maybe your BF could reach out on your behalf and basically say that you’re feeling a little bummed out, and he would like to cheer you up with some friend-time, and are people available for [fill in the blank – potluck, game night? Whatever works for you].

      • +1. I’m sorry you are going through this.

    • I’m so sorry, that’s definitely not something you deserve to be dealing with or going through. Crossing my fingers that the surgeon has good news (whatever that means for you – no surgery necessary, straightforward surgery with high success rate, etc).

      • Thanks! I have trigeminal neuralgia (aka the “suicide disease” if you want to google it) but they are not sure of the cause. I have a birth defect that caused a cyst in my brain, but there is also a blood vessel wrapped around the nerve in my brain. The surgeon will recommend a surgery but to me it’s a shot in the dark if they don’t fix them both, because both are potential causes and they won’t know until after the surgery if it worked. There are 3+ types of surgery they may recommend. It only gets worse as you age so surgery is recommended for people younger than 60 to give best quality of life. It’s not fun, any of it.

        • Blithe

          I’m sorry that you’re going through this! I, too, hope that you have the best possible outcome from whatever treatment options you pursue.

  • Clueless

    pseudo-Rave: Stumbled across the protest in front of the Trump Hotel yesterday with my mom, who was visiting for the day. She was an immigrant herself and became an American citizen a little over 2 decades ago. This was her first time seeing a protest go down in the U.S. and I’m glad she got the opportunity to see it, especially since she could somewhat relate to the issue.

  • Rave: Just enough snow to be pretty, but none stuck to the roads or sidewalks in my area. Lovely!
    Rave: My daughter’s excitement at seeing snow and her enthusiasm for showing her little brother.
    Rant: A colleague just expressed delight over my soon to be former boss leaving, in part because of him being a curmudgeon–giving me the example of him closing others’ office doors if they were talking “too loudly” and also that he was annoyed by my laugh. What’s the point in sharing the latter? Way to put a damper on a day.
    Rant: Both kids struggling with sleep periodically over the last week. Sleepy kids and sleepy mamas.
    Rave: Took a chance and ordered Indian food Saturday night with no apparent ill effects on the dairy reaction front. Repeated the experiment and enjoyed a new dish that I hadn’t tried before. Hoping the little bit of 4am crying last night that resolved without parental intervention wasn’t related…

    • “Just enough snow to be pretty, but none stuck to the roads or sidewalks in my area. Lovely!”
      My exact rave for the day. Beautiful drive down Mass. Ave. and Rock Creek Parkway this morning, east to clear off the car, no impact on schools or driving, show will be gone shortly. My kind of snow.

    • I’m sure your laugh is just lovely, mtpresident. What a jerk!

      • Awww, thanks FridayGirl! I know it’s loud at times (as is my voice–and I do try to be aware of that). I’m not necessarily shocked that my soon-to-be-former manager was sometimes annoyed by it. But I’m not sure why my colleague felt the need to share that tidbit–particularly since he got the info third-hand from someone else. Oh well.

  • Rant for humanity: Trump, BANNON (!!!), the EOs, Montreal, all of it.
    Rave for humanity: The growing and active opposition who won’t take it.
    Personal rant/call for advice: My husband and I got an unhappy surprise when we sat down to do our taxes over the weekend, and realized we did not get enough taken out of our paychecks and now owe Uncle Sam several thousand dollars. I think, instead of doing them ourselves with Turbo Tax, we need a tax professional’s help to make sure we do this right and that we’re not in the same boat again next year. (This is our first tax year as married people, so we’re in new territory.)
    Second rant/call for advice: We’re realizing that we are not financial savvy and need help. We’re not in any money trouble, but we have not been smart with savings and investments (lackthereof) and would love to find a good and affordable financial planner to set us straight. Any advice?

    • Andie302

      I don’t know your personal tax situation, but I’m guessing that if it’s pretty simple (married, two incomes, even if you own a place or places, as long as one of you doesn’t own your own business or something) that you’re better off directing the money toward the tax bill instead of getting a second opinion that’s going to have the same outcome. Did you play around with your filing status (married filing separately versus filing together)? Moving forward, you need to adjust your withholdings with your employer. I don’t have a recommendation for a financial planner (mine shut down her business and I’m comfortable without her) but any advice column will tell you to get a fee based planner. This means they aren’t connected with any financial product and you pay them per hour.

      • I second this. Unless there is something unusual about your situation, there’s probably no getting around that you owe the money. If it’s just two W-2s and some typical deductions, I wouldn’t bother with a second opinion. Your tax probably increased because the dual incomes pushed you into a higher tax bracket. Have additional tax withheld from your paychecks this year and you should end up in more or less the right place.

      • +1 on the fee based planner. You don’t need someone who is just trying to sell you financial products with outrageous fees.

      • “any advice column will tell you to get a fee based planner. This means they aren’t connected with any financial product and you pay them per hour.” — Aaaagh. I just had a very frustrating conversation with my mom in which I tried to communicate this to her. She has a non-fee-based planner and thinks that because he’s non-fee-based, she’s getting a bargain. (She is a notorious cheapskate and bargain-hunter.)
        Because she’s not on the Internet and basically doesn’t know how to use it, she has no way of following things like financial advice columns, and I can’t e-mail links for her to read. When I phoned her and told her that she has the wrong kind of planner, she insisted that she likes this guy because she’s risk-averse and he’s chosen investments for her that are in line with her risk-averse thinking. I tried explaining to her that “fee-based planner” does not mean “you will end up with risky investments,” but I don’t think she quite gets it. Aaagh.

    • I’d be happy to discuss your tax and financial planning needs. I’m a financial planner (CFP) who is completing the CPA exams to obtain my marks. I’ve been preparing our client returns for more than 5 years now. I work with a firm in Rockville, but I’m most interested in developing relationships with young families in DC, where my wife and I live.
      Ask PoP to provide you with my contact information or add your email address below.

    • We had the exact same issue last year, filing married for the first time. Most people have to withhold extra after they get married and don’t realize it. We used Wendroff & Associates in Arlington to help us figure out where our problem was, how to fix it going forward, and how to set up a payment plan with the IRS. Now that we know where the problem is and we’re set, we won’t need to use them again, but they were super helpful for us in the same exact situation (and we never had to actually meet in person which was so convenient).

      • Thanks! Do you happen to recall how much Wendroff & Associates cost you?

        • To process our returns, including a breakdown of how much was withheld at the effective rate (which included an explanation of where we went wrong), and to work out the stuff with the IRS, was around $400 if I remember correctly.

    • The other option for some free planning advice is through your retirement fund (e.g. Vanguard or Fidelity). They obviously won’t tell you what to do and are representing a product. But I found preparing for my meeting with them (forced me to summarize account balances from different places on one spreadsheet, think about my priorities and goals) very useful. They had some good general advice, probably nothing you can’t find on a “10 tips to investing” webpage from Forbes, but being able to ask questions, get terms defined, run scenarios past them gave me a better idea of what I needed from a financial planner. Not suggested as a replacement for real financial planner, but if you just need some help with the basics might be a good way to start.

  • binntp

    Rant: So disheartened about the whole immigration executive order. I know many people who come from one of the seven countries who struggled long and hard to get out of refugee camps and into a better life, and it worries me that, despite assurances that green card holders are okay, they will not have the freedom to travel back and forth or to be reunited with family members.
    Rave?: I guess the good side is that it has reaffirmed my commitment to assist refugees. I used to volunteer teach English to a group of refugee women, and need to start back with that, and now I really want to see if I can sponsor an individual/family.

    • Binntp – I would be SUPER interested in teaching English to refugees as well – if you find ways to help in this regard, can you let me know? Thanks!

      • I’d also like to know where you can do that– it was my understanding that refugees aren’t placed in DC because the cost of living is too high.

        • They might be placed in the suburbs. I would recommend contacting a non-profit like the International Rescue Committee and seeing if they have suggestions (I believe they have offices in Silver Spring so they may know of options).

        • Not true. There are several refugee re-settlement orgs operating around here. The IRC is the big one, and they have an office in Silver Spring, and another in Baltimore. But they’re full up on volunteers at the moment.
          You could contact local mosques and ask what their needs are.

        • Th Archdiocese of Arlington also has a Migrant and refugee program (important note, they work with all migrants and refugees, not just Catholics). Catholic Charities and Lutheran Relief Services also have programs in the DC-Baltimore area.
          There is a need for people who have expiring paperwork assisted in maintaining their visa status. It is very common for people to enter the country legally and then become illegal when their documents expire. This is largely due to lack of understanding versus out-right delinquency.

      • binntp

        I tutored for a special project that was an offshoot of the Migration Policy Institute about 5 years ago–they sought people who would commit to helping human trafficking victims learn English, with a commitment of at least an hour a week. I just tried to see if I could find that program again, and wasn’t coming up with it, but there are quite a few churches that also look for volunteer ESL teachers.

        • Awesome, thanks for these ideas – I haven’t been certified as an ESL teacher, so I’m not sure if that would get in my way, but I just want to DO something and my background at least is in communications….

          • HaileUnlikely

            There are lots of volunteer-based ESL programs at non-profit orgs and churches that are happy to accept more or less anybody to volunteer and also provide at least some minimal level of training to volunteers. If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities or resources for volunteers, check out the Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy (MCAEL).

          • Thanks so much, Haiile!!!!

  • Rant: Dating prospects back down to 0 after a semi-hopeful last week.
    Rant: I feel really tired for no specific reason.
    Rave: Work is quiet today.
    Rant: Wishing I had gotten Dumbfoundead tickets before they sold out. Part of me wants to go, and part of me doesn’t care enough to try to buy tickets off of someone.

    • That One Guy

      +1 for DFD. I received an email saying he was touring but D.C. was already sold out so a let down.
      I was just literally thinking about his colabo song Clouds with Clara C and Jay Park.

      • It was such a let down! I heard it sold out in less than an hour. I don’t know how that’s possible unless people are coming in from the boonies for it (although I guess Songbyrd is pretty small, too).

    • Additional Rave/Rant: Humane Rescue Alliance is about to have jindos up for adoption! I so so so so wish I was in the market for a dog. They’re so great, but I’m worried it would be a lot to handle by myself because they do need a lot of exercise. And also because money. Ugh. I hope they find a good home!

  • Rant: Always Trump.
    Rave: Had a nice weekend with a good balance of catching up with friends and relaxing. Still feel like I didn’t get enough done, but happy nonetheless. And I finally watched The Danish Girl on HBO.
    Rant: Missed my Sunday early-evening yoga class due to erranding.
    Rave: Finally put up new photos in my office.
    Rant: Being expected to drop $50 on a somewhat-work-related fundraising event featuring an open bar where I can’t partake. There better be some good food there that ol’ preggers over here can eat.

  • Rant: Trump’s executive order and elevation of Bannon to the security counsel. CBP’s refusal to comply with a court order is so frightening. I don’t think people are taking this seriously enough. When the executive branch does not yield to the judiciary, our entire system of checks and balances is endangered. Things got really dicey in the standoff between U.S. Marshalls and CBP this weekend.
    Rave: My immigration attorney friends who rallied and donated their time and expertise at Dulles and other airports. My other friends, who before this election were apolitical, who joined spontaneous protests. I’m choosing to focus on these people and draw strength and hope from them.
    Rave: Beautiful, quiet walk to the metro this morning.
    Rant: Red line delays.

    • “CBP’s refusal to comply with a court order is so frightening. I don’t think people are taking this seriously enough. When the executive branch does not yield to the judiciary, our entire system of checks and balances is endangered.”
      Yes – this is the truly frightening, long term issue. And all you GOP congressmen who were howling about Obama’s irresponsible and illegal expansion of the executive power – where are you now? Did Obama ever ignore a federal court directive?

      • All comparisons are moot, because Obama wasn’t trying to seize power, and Trump is. Demoting the chair of the joint chiefs, putting Bannon on the NSC, causing an immigration crisis days after he fired all the leadership at State, taking control of DHS and its 40,000 armed personnel and then letting CBP ignore the judiciary, dismantling the checks and balances…
        This is a coup. This isn’t a wait and see situation. Trump has tipped his hand, he’s aiming for absolute power, and anyone who’s not scared or livid or both either isn’t paying attention, or thinks they stand to gain something from it.

        • dcgator

          “…or thinks they stand to gain something from it.” That’s basically how I sum it all up. If you’re in Congress or some kind of political position of power and you’re silent during the insanity of, what…the first 8 days?…then you’re looking to benefit while the rest of the US crumbles.

        • I was thinking this over the weekend. This sure smells like a coup to me. I agree, anyone who’s not alarmed by this isn’t paying attention or thinks that they’ll be on the “right” side of it (or, in fairness, just doesn’t know how the government works).

    • Blithe

      I quite agree with your first Rant. It’s terrifying. And part of what I find so terrifying is that I feel powerless. I think that the Republicans have spent the past 6+ years building up to this point, and, to me, that’s even more terrifying. Your first Rave is awesome. Yesterday I thought: “Wow! This might be the first time I’ve praised lawyers as a group!” I’m glad that you’re finding sources of strength and hope!

      • Blithe, I understand the feeling of powerlessness (trust me, I have felt it in waves ever since the election), but for me community as really helped. Being around and connecting to loved ones has given me so much hope and fuel for the fight. For me, going to the Women’s March and cheering my other friends on as they were at protests this weekend was a start. For others, attending church at progressive congregations like the Unitarians has helped them to refuel. Remember that Congress and the president work for us, the people. And as long as our democracy holds, that’s true. So whether it is volunteering at a nonprofit, emailing or calling your legislators, being kind to the WMATA bus driver, hitting the streets at a protest, donating to the ACLU or another advocacy group, or just calling a friend to check in and see how they are doing, we all have a role to play. And I have faith in our collective power. We truly are in this together.

        The flip side of that: remember that self-care is crucial. I think many people are experience stress and anxiety. It is ok to turn off the tv, close Facebook, and go do whatever recharges you and gives you joy. Take care of yourself and surround yourself with people who lift you up.

    • Wait, CBP isn’t complying with the court order?? What the heck?!?

      • Yup. Cory Booker went to Dulles, I think, and they wouldn’t even speak to him. They passed notes, and he gave them both orders, and they still held people.

      • And earlier in the weekend, when CBP was denying lawyers access to clients, lawyers asked who they should speak with and a customs agent said, “Call President Trump.” It really is so ridiculous and scary. Rule of law matters in this country, and it should matter to reasonable people regardless of party affiliation.

      • Exactly.
        Also, I see that the White House removed “The Judicial Branch” from the “Our Government” menu on their homepage. Heh……

        • Blithe

          What?!!! I’m guessing that “The Judicial Branch” will make a reappearance once the nomination for the Supreme Court slot is announced.

  • Rant: Horrible bout with depression last night that resulted in a lot of anger. Punching pillows ensued. I haven’t felt like this in a while. I think it was a combination of skipping dinner and stress.
    Rave: Had a big breakfast this morning to hopefully head off any recurrence of anger attack.
    Rave: I made jambalaya yesterday.
    Rant: My apartment now smells like jambalaya.

    • I hope the breakfast and jambalaya hope with your anger/depression. I have been finding it increasingly hard to face Mondays lately. I know ppl laugh it off and say “Oh boy, here comes Monday” and “Ugh. Monday.” But it has become more than that for me….like, can’t stand the thought of having to face the world. I’m OK once at work for a few hours, but I spend the early morning hours telling myself “so, call out today” and “no, there is too much work to do, get up now!” So…just wanted to acknowledge your rant and say that I hope you are having a much better day today!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I have the same problem in the mornings. I just dread going into work and facing the day. I have to spend time psyching myself up and reminding myself that I have vacation plans for my PTO just to get into work.

  • Rant: the world. trump. immigration. education. national security council. quebec. too many count. Trying to read news/pieces on all sides of issues for better understanding, but I just get angrier.
    Rave: Was out of town this weekend but loved seeing photos and videos of all my rockstar friends at various rallies. This city and the people that live here are awesome.
    Rave: Actually feeling ready for this week.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: clicked on some of the click bait articles at the bottom of the page and none of the articles matched the titles.
    Rave: thought I missed my metro stop b/c I was sleeping, but I just didn’t recognize where I was b/c of the snow.
    Rave: not late to work

  • Rave: Cool watching DC get crushed by flurries on this Monday, too bad we didn’t get a few more inches so I could be at home…
    Rave: May finally be moving out of my current neighborhood. Not terribly far away, I think it will be the right move for me

  • skj84

    Rave: I figured what my role in activism is going to be. I want to fundraise for progressive orgs and charities. This seems a positive way to use my organizing skills for good. Anyone know of good resources for first time fundraisers? Starting off I want to raise money for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, then maybe branch out.
    Rave: Self Care weekend helped me keep me sane. Enjoyed my solo movie date, Fences was phenomenal. Viola Davis was a marvel, her monologue in the middle had me rapt on the edge of my seat. Saturday was packed as well, wine tasting, Sips and Suppers at the Newseum, and karaoke after. Sunday we did the SIR brunch at SAX, which was insanely cathartic. Keeping busy helps me keep my mind off the awfulness in the world. The only downside was Did not have much downtime to rest and I’m feeling it this morning. I’m pretty busy this week and next weekend.
    Rant: Still have guilt about living my life as normal in these dark times. I’ve been donating to various causes and have plans to action, yet I feel like I’m not doing enough?

  • Rant: Outraged by everything Trump.
    Rave: Encouraged by seeing more people being activated and participating in many ways in fighting back – whether that’s immigration lawyers donating their time, protesters making their voices heard, or judges ruling parts of the Executive orders unconstitutional. Looking for ways I can fight back as well.
    Rant: The shootings in Quebec – WTF, people?!
    Rant; Trying so hard to maintain an ounce of positive feelings.
    Rant: Worked Friday night and all day Saturday, so Sunday was the only day “off” I had – not enough! I want more sleep sooo badly!
    Rave: My parents are coming to visit this weekend! Great motivation to get everything unpacked and put away, and I can’t wait to welcome them down here!

    • Blithe

      I’d like to copy your first rant. If, instead of focusing on all the individual examples of horribleness, I can just sweep it all into a general “Outraged by everything Trump” category, I think I’ll be in a much better frame of mind.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Went to sleep really early last night only to wake up with a sore throat this morning. No, I don’t want to catch the cough thing that’s going around.
    Rave: Drinking a cup of coffee while looking at the snow covered threes on my way to work.

  • Rant: Trump, immigration, Quebec…couldn’t go to the protest yesterday
    Rave: baby slept better last night and napping now
    Rave: job interviews
    Related rant: hiring freeze. Even if I get lucky and get an offer, it might be months before I can start

  • Rant: The news
    Rave: Deciding to do something. Not just things in the news, but life and healthy. Scary, but it’s exhilarating to put things into motion.
    Rave: Researching for my Iceland/Norway trip. I’m going to hike on a glacier!!

  • Rant: Trump and his actions and the cowards who are lining up behind him to support and profit off of this idiocy.
    Rave: Saw the knee doc, knee is ok, just banged up. That’s a relief but I always feel so stupid going to the doctor to be told nothing is wrong. I’ve had three surgeries on this leg and a blood clot so I’m really cautious though.
    Rant: Was unable to lend my voice or my feet to the marches this weekend.
    Rave: I was spending time connecting with my brother and SIL who I hadn’t spent time with in a while.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I know I said I would stop replying but my alt-right Facebook friend posted a couple of mentions about the violent women’s march the day after the inauguration. I asked her WTH was she talking about and she posted this long answer about how the march turned into a Islam March funded by Soros (DRINK!) and the 50 violent groups of paid protesters he sent, vandalism, fires, trashed Starbucks, Larry King’s limo’s windows broken out, Sharia law, and other nonsense.
    Rant: My reply was TL; DR Soros. Why waste any more time arguing with the insane?
    Rant: IDGI Sr may have to start chemo. It’s hard to get a coherent story from him due to wanting to “protect the children” I guess. My sister was already going there for a week at the end of February. I was going to go in late March but now I’m going to wait and see if I need to go earlier. Adulting sucks sometimes!

    • The limo wasn’t Larry King’s. It’s owned by a local small business owner and last I heard he was having a difficult time getting insurance to cover the damage.

      • I Dont Get It

        Yeah I know all that but that doesn’t create a headline in crazy alt-right world.

        • Actually, believe it or not, I heard it on Fox News channel on the five at five. The cohost was talking about starting a fundraiser and paying for the damage of the man’s insurance doesn’t cover it.

          • Fox News is not Alt-right…. they may be right/conservative… but they are nowhere near as insane as some of those alt-right news sites.

          • I Dont Get It

            Actually I like Fox news at 5. They do a good job of covering DC local news.

          • Back in the day, before Fox News became Fox News, the local Fox affiliate was probably the most liberal of all the local stations. They have always done a good job of covering local news.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope your dad is ok!

  • Rant: Trump. Immigration. Bannon. Hiring freeze. Everything Related.
    Rant: Saw the protest on the north side of the Capitol yesterday but it didn’t even cross my mind to join in. Why not?? I’m ready to protest!
    Rave: The Georgetown DMV only took just under two hours on Saturday, and it was a relatively pleasant wait. Now my license AND work ID reflect my new last name!
    Rave: Relaxing weekend, minus the political turmoil. Husband under the weather so I got to watch Fuller House while he napped.

    • What a sad state of affairs that a little under two hours at the DMV qualifies as a rave… That being said, I was at the Georgetown DMV on Saturday too (probably closer to 90 minutes for me) and was pleased to escape largely unscathed.

  • Rant: Trump and all his craziness
    Rant: Someone has been opening or trying to open credit card accounts in my name. This is the third one in 2 weeks. Luckily 2 weren’t opened since the companies sent me a letter requesting more info. The other was opened and the person bought and sent me a lipstick? I don’t even understand what is the point of that.
    Rave: Credit card companies have been very nice and helpful when I call.
    Rant: Discovered some clothing stores now have size 000. I get it’s a marketing thing, but seems like it’s getting a bit out of control.
    Rave: Good relaxing weekend.
    Rant: Waiting on interview results for a job I really want. Waiting is the worst! I just want to know!!!!

  • justinbc

    Rave: A week out in Texas eating pretty much unlimited BBQ.
    Rant: Trying to follow all the crazy stuff going on elsewhere. The first week of this POTUS has felt more like a month. It’s going to be exhausting trying to keep up with what rights are being stripped away from who on a daily basis.

  • Blithe

    Rant: I’m tired of ranting about how terrified I feel. So I’ll settle for: Are we Great yet?
    Rant: Despite my first rant, I’m afraid that the last 6 years or so have severely eroded what is supposed to be a balance between the executive, legislative and judicial branches. I wish I had paid more attention to my DCPS government classes — where the teacher ended almost every statement she made by saying: “But, of course, that doesn’t apply to us.”
    Rant: Since I can’t quite stop checking the news, I hope I can figure out a way to turn off my mental health background when I do so. So far, it seems permanently embedded. That used to be a Good thing.
    Rant: RIP Mary Tyler Moore. In real life and on screen she was an awesome woman.
    Rave: My twisted knee is slowly getting better. This is a major rave. 6-8 weeks is a Long time though.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Realizing that for all the things I fault my parents with growing up I’m grateful they did the best they could. I don’t always give them enough credit. It’s nice to get some perspective.

    • Blithe

      I applaud — and share — your Rave. What helped me to gain perspective was learning enough about the parenting that my own parents experienced growing up to understand that they each, in their own ways, truly did do their best to provide better parenting for their children.

  • houseintherear

    PoP- just want to thank you for protest coverage and frequent updates. Twitter is great but sometimes overwhelming, and you’re my go-to source for info on marches/protests. We appreciate you!!

  • Rant – filling out forms for OPM
    Rave- hair color options drop down list include Blue, Green,Orange,Pink and Purple!

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