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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • I can’t help but wonder if there’s some way to peacefully and equitably split the US into two countries. The religious/ right/ Ayn Rand followers don’t want to share with the educated/ liberal/ progressives. And vice versa.
    Let them go. Let us go.

    • I would say both extremes should have their own sanctuary states and let the majority of us non-extremists maintain the majority of the US.

    • Did you ever think for a second that maybe not everyone who disagrees with you is uneducated? People talk about how divided our country is becoming; it helps nothing to paint all those who disagree with you with the “stupid” paintbrush.

      • Agreed. Also, what’s your version of ‘educated’? Because this liberal progressive would most likely fall into your version of ‘uneducated.’ Enough with the judgmental bullshit already. This is not only what divides our country but divides our party. Elitism and smugness will never win the hearts and minds of anyone.

      • Educational attainment was one of the strongest predictors (higher than income) of who voted for Trump vs Hillary in the past election.

        • HaileUnlikely

          It was basically the strongest predictor *among things that are fairly easy to measure*

          • HaileUnlikely

            So basically, it’s a better predictor than age, sex, and income, it’s not as if we just unlocked the key to all knowledge there.

          • I guess we disagree in the significance of this finding.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Indeed. And please note that I’m not disputing the veracity of the finding, only it’s usefulness when contemplating the question of how to move forward.

          • HaileUnlikely

            According to Pew college grads split for Clinton 52% to 43%. In other words, a little bit more than half voted for Clinton and a little bit less than half voted for Trump. Sure it’s a strong predictor on the scale of things that are useful in predicting elections, but it ain’t exactly a shut-out.

          • Here’s a more nuanced breakdown for you to consider: fivethirtyeight.com/features/education-not-income-predicted-who-would-vote-for-trump/
            Draw from that what you will.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I’ve seen that, thanks. I thought we were talking about individual-level education here (e.g., “How much more likely is a person with a degree to vote for X, compared to a person without a degree?”). The FiveThirtyEight article addresses a totally different question (the extent to which voters in a county tended to favor one candidate or the other in 2016 vs in 2012, in relation to some county-level average statistics). I would posit that there are very important differences between highly-educated people who live in places where a large proportion of the population is also highly-educated vs. similarly-educated people who live in areas with lower average educational attainment. Both are important questions, but they’re very different questions and shouldn’t be confused with one another.

        • I know a lot of people with lots of letters after their names who are complete morons.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The result would be a bunch of little blue sanctuary cities landlocked by red states. I’m not so sure you really want that.

  • rave: Women’s March. It was crowded, but fun as hell!
    rave: going to try and be involved in the planning for the next big one: April 15…..tax day 😉
    rant: Monday. boo

  • rant: inauguration.
    rave: Women’s march. I made ~500,000 friends on Saturday.
    question: I have ~100 old photos that I’d like scanned and restored. I’ve put a request on thumbtack and have done some research online, but I’m open to suggestions, particularly for someone local.

    • There was a hell of a lot more than just 500k people on Saturday. I’d guess easily close to a million if not higher still. The crowds seemed similar in size to Obama’s first inauguration.

      • I’ve heard estimates between 500,000 and 675,000. I wish it hadn’t been so cloudy so we could have gotten aerial views… it would have made guesstimating easier.

        • maxwell smart

          Considering how far it spread out – much larger than the initial permit and road closures – I would not be surprised if it was closer to a million. At some point, every street between Independence and Pennsylvania from 12th through 4th and all of the mall were packed.

  • How the hell do you top a weekend like that??? Okay, the lows were shitty (Friday), but the march was just stupendous. I’m still singing “this land is your land, this land is my land” in my office this morning (don’t worry – my door is closed so no one else has to suffer)

    • I was singing This Land is Your Land on Saturday, too, on the lawn in front of the White House. Was this a wide-spread thing or were we somehow nearby?

      • Ive seen videos of folks singing it going up the escalator at DuPont – I think the same ten chants and songs were being sung throughout the day, in random parts of the ginormous crowd.

        I seriously loved being a part of such an awesome day.

  • Rave: Had a great weekend despite feeling anxious about our current political situation.
    Rave: The trying-to-date-again thing is going alright. I met someone this weekend who was really nice.
    Rant: I also matched with someone else who is clearly a bad texter (as in gives short responses), but who I’m intrigued by nonetheless. Of course, my mom really likes to hear about who I’m talking to and she did NOT like him at all even though I am kind of hoping to meet him. I guess at this point I figure, what harm could it do? The worst thing that could happen is that he’s a jerk or we don’t get along and nothing happens, right? I wish I felt like I had more leeway to make dating decisions without parental analysis/scolding either beforehand or after-the-fact.

    • Strong recommendation to text just enough to see if you’re interested and then meet ASAP. People can be so different over text than in person, and chemistry doesn’t convey via text.

      • +1 If I ever have to do the online dating thing again, I would try to meet asap. The one and only time I did it, my biggest frustration is all the back and forth online, imagining what the person was like, only to meet and have zero chemistry. I never had any terrible dates, just a few really nice guys who I had no connection with.

        • Thanks, guys! I messaged him back and proposed two evenings that would be good for me this week, so hopefully we can meet soon and find out.

          • Hahaha…. maybe my mom was right…. this is a bit akin to pulling teeth and I’m probably going to end up planning the whole thing. That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Oh well.

    • Strong recommendation to set boundaries with your parents and your dating life. I wish I learned a lot earlier to live the life I want and not the one I thought my mom would approve of. Once I did that, I became a lot more free and happy – which attracts potential partners! And I was surprised to learn her disapproval was not the end of the world. It made our relationship healthier.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Keeping your parents out of your dating life will not only allow you to properly explore what *you* want in a relationship but it will make you more attractive to the people you want to date. Even if you value their opinion on things this is one area where you should go without.

        • I generally agree, but it’s always proved to be a little bit difficult since our family is just the two of us. I’m usually walking the (tiring) line between giving her enough info to not feel left alone and still (mostly) making my own decisions and having my own privacy and independence.

          • I hear you, but there have got to be other things to talk about. Why does she need to know about your dating life?

          • Just omit the dating-related content from your conversations with your mom. And if she presses you, don’t tell her anything — or decide what minimum of information you’re going to tell her (“Yes, I’m going out on dates”) and stick to that boundary (“No, I’m not going to tell you about any of them unless/until things become serious”).

          • Me, I don’t tell my mom anything dating-related because I figure there’s no point in her getting her hopes up unnecessarily.

    • “she did NOT like him at all even though I am kind of hoping to meet him. I guess at this point I figure, what harm could it do? The worst thing that could happen is that he’s a jerk or we don’t get along and nothing happens, right?”
      You should conduct your dating life without your mom’s input/involvement, so I’d say go ahead and meet the guy (and stop talking with her about your dating life).
      In this particular situation, the only caveat is that perhaps your mom sees something about the guy that you hadn’t picked up on, or that you’d noticed but talked yourself into ignoring. But even if that were the case… it’s important for you to perceive it yourself.

  • I attended both the March and Inauguration, a very good weekend!

    • Which had more people in attendance?

      • The inauguration, of course! There were only about 150 people at the March according to the White House. #alternativefacts

      • dcgator

        Without a doubt, the March. I was by the Capitol on Friday, and the crowd was tiny–most of the people couldn’t get to the main area right in front anyway, but, really, the numbers were shockingly low. I was pretty happy about it, though 😀

  • Rave: This weekend was absolutely incredible! The march was astounding in terms of size – I don’t have anything to compare it to because this is the first march I’ve done, but holy sh*t! Even though the crowds were completely overwhelming, there was joy and laughter and people helping people and just so much positive energy! I feel like I made over half a million friends on Saturday! Looking forward to carrying this momentum forward and finding ways I can make a difference, whether that’s tutoring immigrants or donating to Planned Parenthood!
    Rave: Fridge and freezer are full of food, and my throat has finally stopped hurting.
    Rant: “Alternative facts.” Uh, yeah, those are just lies.
    Rant: This weather. Getting out of bed was sooooo hard!

  • The March left me feeling depressed and hopeless. Yes, it was awesome and friendly and affirmative and my kids had a great time, but then I made the mistake of admitting to myself just how many of my so-called countrymen and countrywomen are flat-out AGAINST me and all those millions of people who marched on Saturday. They oppose everything we stood for. The divide is so stark, I can’t help but wonder if there’s any way for the left and right to each live under their own laws and enjoy their own culture without feeling constantly threatened. A country this huge and this varied can’t really be united. I’d rather start planning for the break-up now and do it peacefully than wait for the next civil war.

    • I was sort of depressed on sat night too – I understand. However, I truly believe that most people that voted for trump just craved change and a shake up, for the sake of their wallets (rising inequality, low unemployment but perhaps rising underemployment). I don’t agree that Trump will deliver that, and I’m SO PISSED that people feel that they can sacrifice civil rights and social progress, but once the economy craters, people will come back around…

      • “I truly believe that most people that voted for trump just craved change and a shake up, for the sake of their wallets (rising inequality, low unemployment but perhaps rising underemployment).”
        I believe this as well. I was driving through rural West Virginia this weekend, and the poverty there is just heartbreaking. Lots of the rural poor feel abandoned by the Democratic Party, and believe, or hope, that Trump will change their lives for the better. I think they’re wrong, but if you feel like in the last 8 years your life has gotten worse, I understand the desire for a change.
        In addition, while Trump’s social positions (if you can call the rantings of a madman “positions”) are abhorrent to me . . . many of the rural poor are living in basically a shack, with bad insulation, depending on a wood fire for warmth, and are worried how they are going to feed and clothe their kids, not to mention themselves. I can understand how those issues take priority.

        • I just keep coming back to the question, who is behind the assaults on my freedoms? Who wants to force me to carry a pregnancy I don’t want, to have a child I can’t support? Who says “boys will be boys” and “well, look at what she was wearing”? Who wants to deny LGBT individuals any protection at all in housing, employment, and basic civil rights?
          It’s not Trump. He doesn’t believe in anything. He’s just signal-boosting his base. If they actually spent their political capital on issues of education and employment, I could get on board. But I hear way too much from that sector about controlling ME, and much less about improving their communities. How can I support them when their loudest voices call for oppression of others?

          • I’d argue that the people “behind the assaults on [your] freedoms” are those who effectively ignored middle America for the past 30-40 years. This includes both major parties. A certain group of Republicans, however, seemed to be far better able to tap into this disaffected demographic than the DNC, who chose a candidate who seemed to belittle their concerns rather than the candidate who seemed far better positioned to speak to those disaffected in the middle.

          • @wdc – I agree with you. But my point is that given their circumstances, it’s unsurprising that many Trump voters don’t. Liberals (like me) seem to have fallen for the paradigm that while there are reasons that many people would vote for your average Republican, Trump is *so much worse* that his negatives should have drowned out any possibility that he’d win. But for many people, that isn’t the case – their economic circumstances have to remain the paramount consideration. (We also focus too much on those people – I think, a minority – who think the outrageous things he says are a positive.)
            There’s this perception – not entirely unfounded – that Democrats focus on the urban poor and ignore the rural poor. There likely are latent racial components to that gripe, but regardless, it’s a real issue for Democrats down the road, given the power that the Electoral College gives to small-population and rural states.

        • I have family in a city in central PA that’s been declining for at least the last 20 years. When I go to visit, it’s easy to see the decline and how economically depressed the area has become. Do they want change? Of course they do.
          But “change” can be someone going door-to-door every day, kicking residents in the shins and I’m not sure the remaining population is sophisticated enough to appreciate that there’s plenty of room for further decline.
          Furthermore, I don’t think they appreciate that THEY might be the ones who need to change; whether that’s being open to pursuing different career opportunities (instead of demanding that the government bring their factory jobs back) or creating a social/cultural environment that’s more enticing to potential employees who would need to relocate to work there. I once had a job offer from a big company in another small PA town; didn’t take it because who wants to live in an intolerant backwater that wants to turn back the clock to 1952?

    • “I can’t help but wonder if there’s any way for the left and right to each live under their own laws and enjoy their own culture without feeling constantly threatened”
      Well, in theory, the way to do that is to reduce the federal government to the bare minimum and leave the burden of governance to individual states. Arguably that is exactly how this country was designed.

      • That assumes that the left and right are neatly divided up by state. They aren’t.
        And people have been arguing since the time of the Framers about the power of the federal government vs. the power of the states.

        • No, it doesn’t assume that. It ignores that, since that’s obviously going to be an issue until you get down to impossibly small levels of government. But it gets us a lot closer to a solution to wdc’s problem using constructs that are already in place. If wdc really means what he/she said, there’s already a position that is compatible with that.

          • Since the left generally believes in a more powerful federal government and the right generally believes in a less powerful one, defaulting to a weak federal government and strong state governments would be a default to the right’s position anyway.

          • Not if you live in a “left” state. That’s the whole point. The less that is decided by the federal government, the more is decided by each state. The coastal states can lean as far left as they want without the interference of the right-leaning middle states.
            Again, back to wdc’s point, he’she is suggesting a “planned breakup” so it sounds like a “powerful federal government” doesn’t have to be a thing.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Of course I would burn my hand trying out the toaster oven for the second time. It doesn’t hurt but it looks disgusting.
    Maybe my sister is right that I’m afraid of fires because I was burned (uncle+BBQ+gasoline=the sad), and that would explain why I really don’t cook much.

    • Yikes, I’m sorry that happened! I hope it heals fast. Use neosporin.
      Also I’m sorry I didn’t respond to you this weekend — I was totally swamped and not really paying attention 🙁

  • Rave: Saturday!
    Rant: I’m not sure the immense gathering makes much of a difference.

    • I firmly believe that in order to make a difference, we need to be out there in force every single weekend for as long as it takes. (One might look to the weeks-long mass protests in South Korea the past few months to have their president impeached.) Even though Saturday was great, patting ourselves on the back for one-day turnout isn’t going to have a lasting impact…

      • That’s precisely my concern – folks falling into complacency following Saturday’s great turnout. There needs to be a concerted effort to continue demanding accountability from our elected government.

        • maxwell smart

          “folks falling into complacency following Saturday’s great turnout” – I think the issue is really more where to direct our concerns.. how do we channel the energy of Saturday into actual, productive results, which is something I think we are all trying to figure out (along with the media, apparently).

      • It is important to temper expectations. This is going to be a long term fight for the future direction of the country. Trump and and the current congressional leaders are probably going to plow through with their agenda regardless of what happened Saturday. The immediate impact of the march will likely only be at the margins. Certain senators from swing states who might be wary of signing onto legislation.

        But the longer term impact is there. People who have never protested before turned out. They will be more likely to turn out again when needed. People who weren’t previously active might start going to meetings, the might run.

        I share the fear that Saturday’s march might fizzle into nothing, but I remain optimistic. To get a South Korea style protest, we’re going to need a scandal that drives the people back into the street. This administration seems ready and able to oblige.

        • “To get a South Korea style protest, we’re going to need a scandal that drives the people back into the street. This administration seems ready and able to oblige.”

        • maxwell smart

          “People who have never protested before turned out. They will be more likely to turn out again when needed.”

          This! – I for one, have never been someone that involved in politics. I’ve never attended any presidential campaign speeches or events or had any involvement with primaries, etc. This election has made me much more involved and Saturday’s march really fired me up – I already signed up to get updates on how I can be involved with midterms for Virginia District 10 (which is the closest swing district to DC) and have encouraged friends to get involved. I think even if 1% of the people at the march are now participatory in being active in their communities and getting the word out, then there is some hope for success.

          • The next election on the calendar is actually not in 2018, but this November, when Virginia and New Jersey elect governors and state legislatures. And as the Right has already figured out, control of state governments can make a huge difference nationally, through redistricting. How can we make a difference in this year’s Virginia elections?

  • Rave: Love the energy in DC on Saturday. Let’s move forward toward something solid and sustainable.

  • Rave: The march on Saturday — while I wasn’t there, I was watching and so proud of everyone who was able to make it out.
    Rant: My Thursday date never happened. So that’s 2 for 2 last week.
    Rave: Long weekend gave me time to catch up on sleep, chores and reading.
    Rave: Catching up with good friends after work tonight, more tomorrow night and still more on Wednesday night. Fun week.
    Rant: Every time I hear “President Trump” — I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.

    • Oh no about your dates!!! That sucks. They’re not worth it!

    • Sorry to hear about the no-shows (or cancellations).
      Are there any characteristics these dudes have in common? I’m wondering what factors might mark someone (even if only in retrospect) as a potential no-show.

      • Date 1 was 40, he emailed me 5 minutes before he was supposed to be at our date to say he was stuck at work and could we reschedule. He planned the day, place and meeting time (I was already there when he cancelled). We’ve all been in situations where we’re stuck working late when something comes up, but I’ve always known more than 5 minutes before I’m supposed to be somewhere else. (My guy friends said “We can’t even defend this as a guy. It’s just rude.”) He suggested alternative dates this week but I declined because I was busy this week, so I could try to revisit that.

        Date 2 was mid-30s, I texted him the day of our date to see if we were still on, he said he was stuck at work and could we postpone? I said of course, let me know when you are free. And then he dropped off the planet.

        So both are committed to their jobs that seem to keep them there with unforeseen circumstances?

        • Was Date 2 the one you were (briefly) referring to as the Zygote?
          On Date #1 — “He suggested alternative dates this week but I declined because I was busy this week, so I could try to revisit that”… Ehh… he doesn’t really _deserve_ another chance, but you could choose to grant him one if you’re feeling generous. 😉
          He can certainly wait a week, though. Heck, even if you were free this week, I’d be inclined on principle not to set anything up with him this week.

          • Yes, that was date 2. I co-opted that name from someone here, (Andie, maybe?) actually.

          • I think it was Artemis who came up with that brilliant name — she was describing how when she started dating her now-husband, who’s several years younger, she was asking herself, “Am I dating a zygote??”

          • Yes, that’s who it was (sorry Andie and Artemis)!!

      • textdoc, I run into the no shows/last min cancellations all.the.time. It seems to be a bad habit of folks in the dating world in DC.

        SinSA, I wouldn’t pursue either of them. If they didn’t give you a specific make up time/option, they aren’t invested. The first few dates are supposed to be their Best Selves, when people are showing you who they are, listen.

        • That’s exactly why I’m not following up with either of them. If they aren’t invested, I’m not going to waste my time.

  • Rant: Mtpkiddo up 4 times between 3 & 5am. I swear something is up, but she hasn’t been able to tell me what the problem is.
    Rave: It apparently could have been worse since she removed her pull-up off in the middle of the night before coming downstairs the first time and we didn’t realize that. Yikes.
    Rant: Crazy cab driver from mtpkiddo’s school to work; the swerving and zooming was rather discomfiting.
    Rave: mtpkiddo’s teachers are so fabulous. She has a hard time being out of routine, and a rough night certainly doesn’t help. But both last week and this week, they helped her detach from me and engage in the classroom. We are so lucky to have them and so grateful for them.
    Rave: Survived lots of kid chaos over the weekend–including a five-kid play date on Friday and being on my own Saturday including a neighborhood birthday party.
    Rave: mtpwife had a great time honoring her mum’s memory by attending the march on Saturday.

  • Rave: Saturday. Hope to carry this forward into action.
    Rant: Hit by a truck today, he didn’t stop. I’m shook up and a little torn up but ok.
    Rave: 7 pedestrians stopped and helped me up and told me his license plate.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yikes, were you on a bike? Sorry to hear that!

    • Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry. I’m glad to hear you are ok. Please give yourself a chance to get some rest and take care of yourself.

    • Andie302

      Oh my – so glad it wasn’t worse and sorry that jerk didn’t stop! Ugh!

    • I hope you are OK! I also hope the police take this seriously and press criminal charges, for hit and run at a minimum, and as an aspiration, also for intentional assault–just because you hit someone with a car doesn’t make it an “accident.”

    • Thanks all – I’m definitely feeling it a few hours later. Unfortunately, the license plate I got wasn’t the right amount of numbers so no police report and no accident report. I’ll be ok, my bike is ok. Pissed that this guy has no regard for anyone – he heard me, he saw me, his window was down and I spoke up as he started to turn into me but alas… didn’t work .

  • Rave: The Women’s March was awesome!
    Rant: “Alternative Facts”
    Resolve: Time to lose the Trump ten I’ve gained.

    • Trump Ten is a real thing. I need to stop stress eating chocolate while listening to the news.

    • I Dont Get It

      Thank you! Yes the Trump Ten!!!!! Make America Fatter!

    • Holy shit! Yes!!! Ive definitely gained a Trump Ten! also going to lose that sh*t because I’m a better protestor when I’m leaner and meaner 🙂

      • Ha! Exactly – I can’t let him effect me like this – ick! Also, we should all try to be as healthy as possible before we lose our health insurance…

      • My current rallying cry is I can’t take down the patriarchy if I’m walking around with a “fat watermelon” strapped around my waist.
        My job is “helping” me along by being so busy I just got lunch 20 minutes ago (check the time stamp). I packed it and it’s healthy, at least. And I brought in a bunch of healthy snacks I was able to nibble on while working earlier, which kept me from tossing the healthy lunch in the fridge for tomorrow and hitting the food court.

    • Trump 10?! It’s yuuuge!

  • Rave: So glad I went to the march on Saturday and brought Baby Artie. After starting last week with a funeral and ending the work week with Trump’s inauguration, I needed that sense of community and togetherness.
    Rant: Still a lot of work for white feminists to do on intersectionality (I include myself in this). I’m grateful for FB friends who challenge my thinking and my privilege.
    Rant: Male family members with their sexist comments about the march. I will not engage; I will not engage.
    Rave: I had an awesome weekend with Baby Artie. I’m solo parenting right now, and it went so smoothly. He’s such a chill, sweet guy.

  • This has been bothering me lately – Why are there two Comfort One shoe stores right across from each other on Connecticut avenue north of DuPont circle?

    • Leasing issues most likely – they might be on the hook for a lease for the old location through [point in time], but decided to jump on another lucrative lease before the other ran out. I highly doubt that both stores will remain open for too long.

      • Both stores have been open for years! The stores have different selections.

      • There have been two Comfort One locations for a long, long time. They used to be in the location that’s now Secrete Fine Jewelry before they moved a few doors down and took over the old Lambda Rising location. The store on the west side of Connecticut has been there all the while. In fact, I think they may have had three locations on that same block for a brief while in 2010…

        • Whoa – interesting… well, I got nothing then. Perhaps they deem Connecticut to be impassable? Alden’s too expensive for the Kalorama set? No clue, really.

  • Rave: The march! So much positive energy. I didn’t actually make it out there, really wish I had though despite my crowd claustrophobia. Was watching and reading about it and it’s just amazing and inspiring.
    Rant: The press conference. The CIA meeting remarks. Conway. Just can’t believe this whole “alternative facts” thing and how blatant it is.
    Rant: Pro-Trump family. Makes me so sad. 🙁

  • Rave: The March!

    Any advice on where to get information on the next actions? I’d be happy to travel to help a campaign, etc.

    Kudos to WMATA. All things considered, they did a good job. At least when I was riding.

    • Agreed on both your rave and kudos – I’d love more information on ways to get involved, and I was also blown away at how cheerful and kind and helpful Metro was! Now why can’t it be that way every day?!

    • maxwell smart

      swingleft.org – For everyone in DC, Virginia District 10 is the closest swing-district. You can sign-up to see how to get involved in midterm elections. Help alleviate the sting of the next 4 years by getting involved to make changes in 2 years.

      • What if you’ve recently relocated to the MD burbs? Do you happen to know? or should I turn to google?

        • Whoops! nevermind, I just went to swingleft dot org and found they’re still saying VA 10th district is the closest to me….

  • Rave: the march!
    Rave: having my friend/college roommate in town for the weekend. We went to the Dashboard Confessional show last night and it was a fantastic blast from the past.
    Rant: did anyone else who marched feel like they were recovering from a marathon Sunday? I don’t think I’ve felt that tired in a long time.
    Rant: sorry to everyone in Park View my dog woke up at 6:30 this morning when we almost ran head first into an opossum. His only hunting skill is barking, so he did a lot of that. I could feel my brain churning through the molasses fog of sleep, trying to figure out why something the size of three rats was waddling towards us, only to realize when it was 10 feet away that it was not a rat and that my dog wanted it. Like, really wanted it.

    • skj84

      I agree with your first rant. We really didn’t’ walk that much, but standing for 4 hours does a number on you. My bed felt so good on Saturday.

      • How did you only stand for four hours? We got there at 9:30 and got to the bus stop, where we briefly sat down at just about 5 pm.
        I love my dog, but I was sad when I realized I was going to have to walk him when I finally got home.

        • skj84

          I was lucky to sit a few times. Mostly while I waited for my group to arrive from 9:30-10ish. We were on the Air and Space side next to a wall from 10:30-2:30, before bailing around 3ish. We realized we were not going to get anywhere and decided to find food. We ended up walking to Navy Yard.

    • Re your first rant: I didn’t feel like I was recovering from a marathon yesterday (although I only went to the march, not the rally on Saturday) but I did sleep like a log for about 11 hours on Saturday night.

  • Rant: I went down to the kitchen late Friday night to get some water and was surprised to find my roommate and some really hot shirtless guy standing in there drinking. They both seemed really drunk and I could also smell a lot of pot smoke that had drifted in from the deck. My roommate explained that this was a friend of his from Tampa in for the inauguration and had been to some bars with his girlfriend but she had gone back to their hotel in Virginia and were taking a break. He said something about Trump guy almost getting in a fight at the last (gay) bar they were in because he was doing coke with another guy’s boyfriend in a bathroom stall and the boyfriend thought they were fooling around and made a big scene. Did I mention they both were really wasted?

    The next morning I came downstairs and found the Trump guy passed out naked on the couch which really pissed me off since we have a No Overnight Guest rule. I went to wake my roommate up to get rid of him but he was practically comatose and I couldn’t get anything coherent out of him.

    I went back downstairs and woke naked Trump guy up and told him the Metro was open now so he could leave. He seemed embarrassed and confused, explained they had just met while waiting in a security line Friday. As fast as possible, he located his clothing and got dressed. I stood there and watched naked Trump guy getting dressed to make sure he didn’t steal anything. I’m classy that way.

    When roommate woke up I really tore into him for putting the household at risk and breaking rules. He then said that Trump guy had offered him money to stay and handed me my split–a crisp, new $100 bill.

    TL;DR Rave: I made $100 off a Trump supporter. #MAGA

    • So a hot, shirtless Trump supporter hooked up with your roommate while the Trump supporter’s girlfriend was back at their hotel?
      And your roommate initially claimed he knew the guy from Tampa, but the guy later said they met in a security line on Friday?
      Was your roommate attending the inauguration??

      • Also, are is OP the pizza-on-a-bike guy?

      • Haha, yeah that’s what I gathered from the story too. So the Trump supporter cheated on his girlfriend with your roommate? Or they were just partying?

      • He looked like a younger Jason Statham. I believed him when he said they met in a security line. I’m just not clear which security line it was and I’m still pissed at my roommate so I haven’t asked for more details..

    • coke is a helluva a drug…Almost such a shame that my dating pool has drastically shrunk because of the amount of users. I just refuse to date or be interested in a user.

      • Is it that prevalent? I can honestly say I don’t know of anyone I know who has done it. (Then again, maybe I just didn’t know…)

        • Very much so in the gay community, and among those that work in the service industry. Also popular among straight professionals, but you probably wouldn’t know unless you were doing it too.

    • I feel bad for his girlfriend. Does she know that he is gay?

  • skj84

    Rave: My faith in humanity was restored on Saturday. It took me a long time to get on board with the march. I had concerns, and didn’t decide to join until Thurs. I overslept on Sat and nearly gave up. I’m so glad I didn’t. The crowd I saw on Saturday was the real America. The outpouring of support, the diversity. Everyone was so polite. For the first time in weeks I felt like things were going to be ok. I had wonderful conversations with my friends on race, gender and politics, I hope we can keep the momentum going.

    Rant: somewhat superficial, but I worked my bartending side gig on Friday and got crushed. Normally its slow to somewhat steady, but Friday ended up being the type of busy that would’ve been a challenge for two bartenders, and I was by myself. I wish I could say I weathered it, but instead I sank far down into the weeds. I could not catch up and I got so frustrated. There was just no time to really recover. I hate giving bad customer service, but I was not on my game at all. Thankfully I had some assistance with getting glassware and orders in, but making drinks was all on me. At least I was so busy, I didn’t have time to think about the inauguration!

  • Rant: I just moved into my new condo and because I’m a relatively loud night person, I’m trying to be considerate of my neighbors with things like nighttime television volume. The other day, I had the volume turned down to three; about as low as it can go. Nevertheless, a few days later, I got a note from an anonymous neighbor taped to my door complaining about what he described as “reasonable” volume levels. If reasonable efforts aren’t enough for this guy, what’s going to happen when I get my stereo moved in and start (gently) cranking up the Deafheaven? I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

    • WHAT?! How thin are your walls? Three is super low! I live in a condo and we usually have our TV on about 9, not to mention we listen to music, I sing really loudly and can talk loud as well. Our neighbors have never complained and I generally don’t hear any of my neighbors either.

      • +1. Jay must have thin walls, and I’ll bet the neighbor was used to no one living there, and so isn’t used to even minimal amount of noise. (I also have my TV up to around 9-10 and can sing and play music while I’m washing dishes and you can’t hear it outside — I’ve asked.)

        • Yeah, the note mentioned that the neighbor may have gotten accustomed to the unit being empty – I think it was for about two months. It also may be an issue of placement – the television was right by the wall between our units. I don’t know how the neighbor has their bedroom arranged, but it’s possible his bed was right on the other side.
          I’m still trying to figure out how to arrange my bedroom, so I’m open to compromise that involves having the television on the other side of the room (it will eventually be moved to my living room, once I have literally anywhere to sit out there), but it’s not a “compromise” if I’m jumping through hoops to satisfy someone else’s demands if they don’t do anything to accommodate the way I might (as they described it) reasonably use my condo.
          Generally though, night person + morning person + thin walls is not a good equation…

          • “but it’s not a “compromise” if I’m jumping through hoops to satisfy someone else’s demands if they don’t do anything to accommodate the way I might (as they described it) reasonably use my condo.”
            Oh, I totally agree. Frankly, I don’t think you should have to do anything more than you’re doing already, especially if the volume was THAT low.

          • A “three” could be meaningless. I haven’t figured out whether there’s a baseline volume on my DVD/VCR that I can adjust, but for some reason last time I watched a VHS tape, it was not quite audible on 1 or 2 and LOUD on 3.
            I don’t think “moving my TV so it’s not against the neighbor’s wall” is jumping through hoops. Nor is moving it to the living room, especially if that’s where you were planning to situate it eventually anyway.

          • That’s true, I guess I was thinking that most TVs go up into the 40s or 50s so a 3 tends to be really quiet. But I suppose not all TVs are similar.

          • yeah, moving the television is fine… like I say, I’m trying to be accommodating… but there aren’t too many steps beyond that that I can take before attempts to compromise become giving my neighbor veto power over when I can watch tv/listen to music… I’ve been in that situation before where I try and try to work with someone, only to have them take advantage of that and start making complaints about my behavior when I’m not even home… not going down that path again…
            oh, and in my case 3 is exceedingly quiet… depending on the input source, 10-15 is normal indoor conversation level…

    • If the walls are that thin, can you use headphones while watching TV and when listening to music?
      I don’t know if your TV is connected to any other system (e.g., cable or satellite), but if it is, you might check to see if that system has its own volume setting. If it does, you could try turning that baseline volume level down so that your TV volume will give you more control.

    • Also keep in mind floor plan layout. In my old building, my bedroom backed up to my neighbors living room where he had his surround system laid out. I ended up buying ear plugs and weathered most of it, but still complained on occasion, like when the 3am dance party commenced on a tuesday night.

  • Rave: swingleft.org…time to get busy for 2018

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Deep, deep (and not at all groundless) fears about the new administration and the continued existence of my agency.
    Rave: Remembering when Youngest Zelda was little. His favorite song was “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” and he loved “giraffe-es.” He was a cute little Chester.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Woke up absolutely seething over nothing I can put my finger on
    Rant: I think it has to do with winter, but winter hasn’t even gotten bad yet
    Rave: Taking some active steps to hopefully get back to normal
    Rant: They never work all that quickly

    • Me too. Full-on cranky. But this is way worse than winter, IMO. I was just thinking that if only it were a little colder, we’d have a couple inches of pretty snow. This wet grey nonsense is the literal worst.

  • That One Guy

    Question: Anyone starting to hoard Canadian or Mexican made products in anticipation of Trump? I was like oh crap Mexican Coke is going to start costing more if Trump has his way.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: home from New Orleans
    Rave: took today off and I’m so glad I did so I could sleep in with this weather.

  • PSAs on unofficial PoPville events coming up:
    Sun. 2/12 – 3 pm – National Portrait Gallery (Kogod Courtyard) – book/home decorations swap
    Wed. 2/15 – 6 pm – Vinoteca (1940 11th St NW, by U Street Metro) – “Wine and Bitch” session to discuss online dating

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