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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: We may as well take up residence at the pediatrician’s office. Now mtpbaby seems to have pink eye. Ugh.
    Rave: He was already going to be home with mtpkiddo & my parents, so at least we didn’t have to scramble.
    Rave: We were able to schedule an appointment for this morning, so that’s all taken care of.
    Rave/Rant: Helping Trump supporters navigate the metro. Felt like the right thing to do and better to combat hate, etc, with kindness. I was glad to hear that they’ve experienced lots of kindness and help navigating the area–hopefully they’ll make the connection that most of us have very different beliefs and helped nonetheless.

    • “hopefully they’ll make the connection that most of us have very different beliefs and helped nonetheless.”
      Optimistic dcd: Yes, the world leads more kindness.
      Cynical dcd: Yeah, Trump supporters are renowned for their empathy and critical thinking skills.

      • Regardless of whether it teaches them a lesson, it means you are living by your values. Holding on to everything we hold dear is more important now more than ever. You are good people, mtpresident!

        • Thank you 🙂 And yes, while I may have felt momentary vindication/righteousness at being rude, I still would have felt crappy afterwards.

        • “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” No better time to remember this motto from Faith Flanagan – a whirlwind force in the DC arts scene – who tragically passed away last week.

    • Question: can popville parents please recommend a pediatriacian, preferably in NW? We’ve been with our current practice for 2 years and while it is very conveniently located and their hours/wait times are great, we often walk out feeling like were rushed out the door, not given enough information about next steps or best practices, and generally like incompetent parents.

      • Who are you with now? We switched from Washington Pediatrics (horrible wait times and general disorganization in our experience) to McKnight Pediatrics at the Washington Hospital Center. We’ve had a little more trouble getting appointments at times, particularly when McKnight was visiting her daughter and new grandbaby, but they now have a nurse practitioner on staff and I was able to get an 8:15 appointment for this morning when I called at 4pm last night. They are incredibly organized and generally run on time (with a couple of exceptions).

        • Dr. McKnight is who we’ve been using for the last two years. While she was pretty good for the first few months, the rest of the time has not been great. For example, just yesterday we had a phone conversation about our son’s abnormal blood work where we expressed concern about what the results mean for his development and her response was “i cant predict the future.” Perhaps it’s just me, but i’ve been getting the sense that the practice is understaffed and the two drs are overworked and unhappy.

          • I kept reading your user name as “Colht’s Mom” and was thinking that this creative spelling trend (I keep seeing “Jaxon”) is getting out of hand.
            Although Colt might be a cute name for the right kid…
            Anyway, I get it now!

          • Ugh, I’m sorry to hear that. I do agree about being understaffed since their third doctor left–though they have an NP on board now, and hopefully that will help going forward? We’ve only been with them since my son was born (so, about 15 months), so I’m not sure I can speak to issues with older kids.

        • We also go to McKnight, and find they’re pretty good for most things. But my giant pet peeve, one that will lead me to look for a new doctor as my kids get older and into more activities, is their forms policy. You must drop off (or mail) the form, even the ones that EVERY kid in the District needs like the general school heath form, then wait two weeks, then go back and pick it up, and on top of all that inconvenience, you have to pay $20 per form. Plus the $5 for parking each time. So if you need a school form, a camp form, and a sports form, that’s $70 for one kid, just for forms and the garage.
          This parent does not have time for that. And honestly, I wonder if they do it to keep the practice more focused on babies.
          We had Kaiser for a year; they had the most common forms in the office, completed them within 24 hours, and emailed you a pdf, for free. The kids’ dentist (Dr. Kuwabara; LOVE HIM) does the same thing. So it’s really McKnight’s practice that’s deficient here.

          • For what it’s worth, our previous practice also charged for forms–and it was a similar amount. We’ve been reasonably successful with getting forms mailed back to us, though.

        • Oh, and I’ll add, I don’t like Dr. McKnight herself. She’s cold and unsympathetic. We see Dr. Washington.

        • We went to McKnight for years. I have warm feelings towards her because she diagnosed a *very* serious health condition in my daughter that multiple doctors in one of the big name practices had missed. (To be fair, it wasn’t entirely their fault, but this isn’t the kind of this I’m inclined to be charitable about.) That said, I do agree that she’s a bit of a cold fish, and the forms thing is intolerable.

      • We like Childrens pediatricians and associates on K Street.

        • When we were looking for a pediatrician the first time around when I was pregnant with mtpkiddo, I tried calling them to ask about availability and was on hold for about 45 minutes. I decided not to pursue their practice further, but have heard good things about some of their docs.

          • Yikes! That’s not been my experience at all. When baby AB had his first ear infection a few weeks ago, I called at 715 (their phones open at 7) was on hold for maybe 3 minutes and had an appointment for 10 am (they actually offered 8) super quickly. Well baby visits are also quick, almost no wait, but not rushed.

          • Funny how some of these impressions and experiences are so idiosyncratic.

      • We like the Children’s clinic in Adams Morgan (16th and Euclid), and they also have a clinic on 11th, just north of U St. We see Dr. Newman, but the other docs we have seen there have also been good. Generally runs on time and staff is friendly. The offices are a little shabby, but the care is good.
        Despite the similar name, these clinics are not affiliated with the Children’s practice on K St. The Adams Morgan and 11th Street practices are run by Children’s Hospital. The K St. practice is not (but apparently licenses their name or has some affiliation with them).

        • The K Street one is only affiliated with the children’s national health system (they can log on to each other’s networks to share records)…that’s been handy for us coordinating care between specialists at children’s hospital and the more GP care on k Street. My kid is 13 months so can’t speak to older kid stuff either.

        • Thank you all for the recommendations and insights. Very very helpful!!

          @wdc – what an excellent thought about Colt being a cute name …as someone who really struggled with a boy name, i am always in the market for ideas for boy names, just in case we are brave enough to have a second.

      • Dr. Smith-Khuri at Children’s on K St. Seriously. I went to a recommended doc and was so frustrated and eventually changed to her and she was amazing. I still miss her now that we’ve moved.

  • Rave: I am choosing to be thankful for the peaceful transition of power in this country.
    Rave: The series of posts on Don’s Johns and the Trump Bridge yesterday. That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!
    Rant: Not that we couldn’t see this coming, but the imminent rollback of a whole raft of important legislation in DC, from gun control to assisted suicide to how the DC government spends its tax dollars. The GOP is in favor of local control, my ass. And if I hear from one more of these hypocrites that “the Constitution gives Congress the right to exercise control over DC” one more time, I may scream. Yes, we know. But it also gives Congress the right, and responsibility, to pass laws governing the entire freakin’ country. Yet whenever there’s something you don’t like, you argue that Congress SHOULDN’T pass it – not because it doesn’t have the authority to, but because a BETTER APPROACH is local control over certain policies. But that doesn’t apply to DC. Few things get me as revved up as this issue (though the number of things that do get me this agitated has been increasing, and that doesn’t look like it’s changing).
    Rave: Leaving for a ski trip today.
    Rant: It’s going to be in the mid 40s and raining at Snowshoe. Boo.

  • Clueless

    Rave: working from home + catching up on laundry and popville posts = good start to Thursday

  • Rant: something in my office smells like chemicals. I haven’t even been here an hour and I’m feeling it. I’m already on a medication that causes dizziness and makes it hard to find words and this is not what I need today.
    Rave: my dog loves dog class.
    Rant: he’s on a personal mission to rid the world of skateboarders.
    Rant: only 25% of my leadership training program is women and these are new managers, so it’s directly reflective of management demographics.
    Rave: my college roomie is staying with me for the march this weekend and we just found out Dashboard Confessional is playing the Fillmore Sunday, so we got tickets. All the memories. All the young, emo memories.

  • Rant: Why is there no media coverage at all of the KKK rally that was happening in McPherson Square yesterday?
    Revel: It’s predicted to rain on the inauguration.

    • So, apparently, that rally was some terribly misguided Trump protesters. They all had on Trump masks. I, too, had the same gut reaction to thinking the KKK were actively here and in their robes, in 100% IDGAF mode. But alas, just terribly, terribly misguided protesters.

    • Andie302

      Did you see it? Your mention is the first I’ve heard of it. I went out midday and walked right through the square and saw nothing. I would’ve been mortified

    • Those protesters are apparently every day this week starting at 4pm. They are chanting “no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” It’s actually kind of catchy. My office faces the park so the chant has been stuck in my head every evening since they chant it almost the entire time before they leave McPherson.

  • Rave: Good work visit to Pacific Northwest this week, meeting great people, seeing the Cascades, and drinking some righteous wine.
    Rant: Why don’t I live out there? Seriously considering there, or somewhere else. I don’t have another decade of DC in me at this point..
    Rave: This is my only day in the office this week, and I’m so tired. Need all the coffee.
    Rant: Tomorrow and what comes next. Spending it with progressive friends and self-care. Need the energy to fight on for the next four years.

  • Rave: The Queer Dance Party outside Pence’s house.
    Rant: My gay FB friend who posted saying grinding on a street in a respectable neighborhood is what gives gay people a bad name. Ummmmm no.

    • Rant: I second your rant – and knew there would be a slew of folks making this argument – they always do. THIS middle-aged, starched shirt gay wasn’t grinding there, but is damn thrilled others did. I love that there are gays walking around in a**less chaps, drag queens in parades, shirtless lesbians and every other sort of nuttiness that we have. Stop worrying about what others think. That’s their problem. And what a fantastic protest it looks like it was.

  • Rant/rave: anyone know if road closures are already in effect for DC? I have a meeting at an Embassy today and am wondering if it’s going to be impossible driving there.

    • I believe they stagger them at different times. The Secret Service has a comprehensive PDF with the specific times for certain road closures. Generally, most roads would have closed last night and will be closed through tomorrow, at least.

    • The Russian Embassy is not within the security zone Donald.
      Driving (and parking) in the heart of DC will not be pleasant today. Most embassies are not located there though. Depends where you’re going.

  • Rant – article in The Hill this morning confirms Trump administration is seeking to eliminate a big chunk of my job. Time to circulate more resumes.

    • It looks like he’s trying to cut back funding for my department, too. And we’re one of the most significant yet already receive a minuscule amount of funding compared to DoD. Not sure how he’s going to do that. Ugh.

      • DOD faced a 20% across the board personnel cut back. So now, everyone is doing more work at a lower quality.
        But I got a buy out! I think you’ll likely see buy outs and attrition first.

    • Oh, oh…me too, me too! Despite our mission directly aligning with numerous campaign promises/platform positions. It’s just a bummer because most of the private sector jobs I’m qualified for are in places I wouldn’t want to live – mid-size, driving-centered cities in the Midwest and Sun Belt (I find DC to be unbearable in the summer…120+/even swampier is NOT going to work). The companies moved there to save $$ in cheaper office space and being able to pay people less (low cost of living), which is also a really surefire way to screw up your future – take a sizable pay cut mid-career, just as you reach “senior professional.”

    • Accountering

      This is such an insane way to attack his promise for 4% growth, and frankly a quick and easy way to start a recession or even depression. A huge component of GDP is government investment and government spending. Reduce both of these, and then you are relying on something like 6-7% increase in consumer and business spending year over year to hit 4%. These guys are morons.

  • Rant: tried to go for a run yesterday to forget about current DC events and Hains Point was roped off. Why? It’s not in any of the road closure alerts that I can see.
    Rave: re-routed to the tidal basin and, luckily, didn’t run into any Drumpf supporters.
    Rant: It’s going to be a hard weekend and a hard four years…

  • Blithe

    Rant: I feel like I’ve spent the better part of the past two months eating carbs and leaping between fear and celebrations. It’s definitely time for me to put some healthier habits in place.
    Rant: Just realized that something that I might want to do Friday evening would mean navigating the Metro through major crowds. D’uh. So if I really do want to do this, I need to plan it out instead of waiting until the last minute to decide.
    Rave: Already looking forward to the Pat Metheny concert next week. And I really need something wonderful to look forward to.
    Rave: Months ago, a pricey jacket that I wanted was sold out. I snagged it as a post-holiday return at about 40% of the original price. And it’s perfect.
    Rave: The picture yesterday of the lone tomato. The surprise bloom on one of my plants that popped up at Christmas. Yes, plants are my role models too.

  • Rave: I don’t have strep!
    Rant: but apparently I do have coxsackievirus (which the 10-yr-old in me finds hilarious!). I quarantined myself at home yesterday and slept a good chunk of it away. Doctor said I should be fine, just to keep myself to myself, wash hands frequently, etc. But man my throat feels like I swallowed glass! So so painful, I can barely make myself eat or drink.
    Rant: I hate pretty much everything right now. Watching my country go down what seems to be a very dark path just makes me so filled with rage and despair.
    Rant: Have been so tired I haven’t had a chance to take steps towards find a psychiatrist. Maybe tomorrow….

    • I hope you feel better! Cocksackie sucks (that’s Hand, Foot, Mouth, right?)! We just let my son eat ice cream and popsicles to his hearts content when he had it.

      • Thank goodness I don’t have the rash anywhere but I have sores in/on my throat- literally everything hurts to eat or drink. The most tolerable thing I’ve found is room temperature water, a little bit at a time. Cold hurts, hot hurts, ugh.

        • have someone bring you some smartwater so you are at least getting some electrolytes! When i had my tonsils removed, i couldn’t eat or drink anything for a week… and that at least helped me not perish.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I had it back in the fall. In my case, the rash on the hands and feet began a few days later.

    • Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!!

    • houseintherear

      If your throat doesn’t get better, keep in mind that meningitis (viral) starts with a killer (like really really bad) sore throat and headache. I was misdiagnosed years ago in your type of situation and should have gone with my gut and hit the ER right away.

      • oh, yikes! Well, I’ll keep my eye on everything….Was the sore throat only on one side? I mean, I can see the ulcerated spot on my left tonisil/gland thing….

        • houseintherear

          And a week-long migraine, in my case. No meds were working for the throat or migraine pain (just a lot of pain- more than I’ve ever dealt with before), including hard core drugs they pumped directly into my veins in the ER. Doc finally did a spinal tap to rule out meningitis, and voila. I can’t remember if I could see anything in my throat. Anyway I’m sure it’s not that, but whenever I hear someone say they have a sore throat and it’s not strep, I get worried!

          • huh! Well, good to know – I’ll keep my eye on things nonetheless…It started with a sore throat on Saturday, I had a migraine on Sunday that I had to take two doses of migraine meds for, but then went away, and I’ve only been having the sore throat (on one side) and lethargy since…no rash, no fever, I’m stumped. The doctor I saw said she had seen 5 others in the past WEEK with coxsackievirus, so it may just be making the rounds. But she said if the throat is still sore on Sunday, to come back for re-evaluation. I doubt it’s meningitis, esp since I was able to get the headache to go away.

          • Omg. That’s a lot of people. That’s terrifying. I wish it was possible for me to just not leave my house for the next week….

      • I didn’t have any throat pain when I had meningitis, and I’ve never heard it as a major symptom. Fwiw

    • That One Guy

      Was this a result of Spa World?

      • Nope. Not at all. But now I feel bad about how many people I may have accidentally exposed the virus to while I was there – i mean, I wasn’t sharing tissues or anything but still…

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hope you feel better soon!

  • Rant: Baby Artie is cutting another tooth. Even nursing doesn’t offer comfort because it hurts. Poor little man finally fell asleep after screaming for an hour.
    Rant: I had to cancel a gathering with friends because of sick baby Artie. He needs rest and his own bed tonight.
    Rave: That kid is so sweet. And in the past challenging week or so, he has always managed to make me smile, sometimes even through tears.

  • Rave: Teleworking again!
    Rave: I’ve literally been in the office one day in the past two weeks. This is awesome.
    Rant: It’s going to be a rude awakening to go back next week for full weeks until President’s Day.
    Rave: Mustered up some enthusiasm to try dating again. We’ll see how this round goes.

  • Rave: made decision to work from home today to avoid downtown traffic shenanigans.
    Rave: After dropping daughter off at gymnastics camp for the day (DCPS is closed for a PD day), made it back home in time to avoid Pence’s daily motorcade down Connecticut Avenue.
    Rant: This is really happening.

  • Rave-Transition Team went 20% under budget, rest of allocation going back to Tax Payers.

    Rant-this gray weather

  • Rant: Threw out my back on Sunday and have been in pain ever since.
    Rave: Valium (but not really cause it’s not helping with the pain much).
    Rant: This is the second time in two months that I’ve been home from work for three days in a row (last time, it was a nasty case of cellulitis) and I’ve only been in this job for 6 months. :-/
    Rave: Incredibly understanding supervisor who sends me kind notes telling me not to worry about any of it and to just rest and get better.

    • Valium isn’t a painkiller, it’s an anti-anxiety drug. You need advil and tylenol (they work differently, so you can take them together for more effect). Alcohol might help too, to relax the muscles. Or at least make you care less!

      • The doctor prescribed Valium as a muscle relaxant, since I’m having muscle spasms. But it hasn’t helped to alleviate that much — mostly just knocks me out, which I suppose is good since I’m not aware of the pain if I’m asleep.

        • Interesting! I didn’t know it was used for that. I’d rather have proper painkillers for a jacked-up back.

          • Oh, she also gave me percocet! But I’m not supposed to take the percocet and valium at the same time so perhaps I’ll switch over since the valium isn’t doing anything.

          • Valium is sometimes used as a muscle relaxant, as it’s a central nervous system depressant. I’ve had it for pinched nerves. It works pretty well for those. But they once gave it to me for a more generic muscle spasm (new doc who just looked at my records, saw that it worked and I tolerated it well, and prescribed it) and it didn’t help much at all.

  • That One Guy

    Telephone conversation:
    Boss: What’s going on today? Are you going to be in the office?
    Me: You called me on the office line…
    Boss: Oh…
    My facial expression O.o#. Today is going to be fun.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Epic fail this morning. We stuff everything we want to lock up in a cabinet when we’re preparing to rent our place out on airbnb. We did a bunch of prep for this last night and this morning. I put all my clothes on the hanging bar in this same cabinet. This morning when I went to reach for my dress, my sea glass collection, a collection of very tiny shells, and my change jar all crashed to the floor together. It was an epic mess on top of a hectic morning.
    Rant: My mood right now (it did not help the situation above AT ALL)
    Rant: Body fat percentage was even higher than I thought, and I was predicting high. Ugh
    No raves right now, but hoping to feel better over the weekend. I’m escaping the madness

    • Andie302

      Rave: checking out the Fillmore’s lineup for February (to possibly meet my live music quota for the month) and spotted Bone Thugs N Harmony. Even more memories

  • skj84

    Rave: Working from home, since my office is just outside of the red zone. Glad I didn’t’ have to deal with metro or bus into the city today.
    Rant: Attending a birthday party downtown this evening. Its also just outside of the zones, but I’m sure getting home is going to be a nightmare.
    Rave: Attended a talk on Obama’s legacy on people of color yesterday that really lifted my spirits. People were open with the hope he inspired in a lot of us, how he encouraged so many people to shoot for dreams that may be seemed unattainable. It was a great discussion and helped me process my feelings over the last few weeks.

  • Neighbors, please teach your dogs to heel. Or at least keep them on a short leash. It’s so rude to clothesline the entire sidewalk with you on one side and your dog on the other and the leash stretched in between.
    A young woman gave me a dirty look yesterday because I didn’t want to step over her leash, or walk around her in the dirt, and instead stood and waited til her dog had finished sniffing and gave me the space to pass.

    • +1. Some dog owners are really terrible about sharing the sidewalk. Especially bad are some who use those retractable leashes.

      • +2. I’ve just stood and waited and gave the stink eye to people before. It’s really rude. Especially those retractable leashes — I firmly believe they should be banned. When I was little, an out of control dog wrapped one around my leg and pulled hard enough that it cut me and left a scar.

    • I have a dog and this drives me NUTS too. Be considerate people.
      Probably the same people who walk shoulder-to-shoulder with their friends down the sidewalk and won’t give an inch to those passing the other way.

    • My dog LOVES to poop, take three running steps to the end of his leash, then stand perpendicular on the side walk, staring majestically off into space, taking up as much room as possible. He looks at me bewildered when I try to get him out of the way for people walking by. Weirdo.
      But I do try to get him out of the way if there are people walking towards us.

      • And really, that’s all I want! Some recognition that other people have some right to the sidewalk too. I don’t even care if it takes a few seconds of effort. We’ll have a little laugh about it.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Even though I’ve only posed a handful of replies to my alt-right Facebook friend, I’ve stopped because I feel somewhat like a bully since she must be mentally ill. Yesterday I posted a reply with a video from Fox New’s Tucker Carlson to her claim that protesters were being paid $2500. He interviewed the guy running that website and exposed him for the fraud he is. In fact, the interview was hilarious–who hasn’t confused Chelsea Manning with Peyton Manning? Anyway, she liked my comment, called the guy a nut case and then speculated who paid him to do that. The next sentence involved G*orge Soros, the “real” paid protesters, the Two Million Bikers for Trump coming to DC, something about Kelloggs giving money to train BLM rioters and the long debunked story that the head of the Clinton foundation had mysteriously disappeared. Really. All in one breathless, not to mention comma-less, sentence. Sad.

  • Revel: I have the time to pop in to say hi.
    Rant: Im’ 3 weeks behind in grading
    ?: I just got 2 new kids this week – one who doesn’t speak English and my loud class scared the crap out of him this morning

    • Poor kid. My gut wrenches a little bit thinking about it, even though I know kids are resilient. Is he a Spanish speaker? Do you have any other Spanish speaking kids, maybe one who’s nice that you could pair him with? Or even just a quiet, kind kid who can sit next to him and show him how to get on?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the parental controls on my parents’ computer won’t let me read about the gay pride dance party. I find it mildly amusing that my parents have parental controls on at all.
    Rave: king cake
    Rant: suspect I have gained many pounds since being in New Orleans.
    Rave: IDGAF because king cake!

  • Rave: Leaving town tonight and staying with a college friend in Harrisonburg all weekend. Glad to escape this crazy-ass mess. Kind of sad that I’m missing the Women’s March, however…
    Rant: This is actually, actually happening. Was really hoping that Trump would have run away by now.
    Rant: Betsy DeVos. ‘Nuff said.
    Random: What are the chances that Trump will actually walk part of the Inaugural Parade, as most presidents have done? My guess is NO…

  • Big thanks to all for the great vacation suggestions yesterday! I think Montreal, Vermont, and Portland, ME are possibilities!

  • OMG: The Duck Dynasty crazies are out in force. I want to crawl undermy desk and sob. Anyone near Comet/Little Red Fox? Check out Twitter.

  • Rant: I’m in a Trump slump/Trump funk.
    Rave: Kittycat is being very snuggly.

  • Rave: getting out of town tomorrow to see my sister.
    Rant: agent on condo I think I want won’t answer basic questions (can I see the storage space or know how big it is – he doesn’t know. You said you were fixing the floors – when? he doesn’t know. Pretty frustrating.
    Weird: they’ve shut off the street in front of my building already, but we’re not in the green zone.

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