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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Somehow managed to hurt my shoulder while standing still.
    Rant: For the past several days, my body has been telling me that I’m way too stressed.
    Rave: Nostalgia

  • Rave: Fog was crazy last night but so beautiful. Had an awesome ride outside, felt like a mystical unicorn galloping in the mist.
    Rant: Slept like crap.
    Rave: Have a lot of work ahead but really feeling good about the year to come – travel opportunities, real potential for success, ownership of the work, and a great team to work with.
    Rant: Inauguration.
    Rave: Tom Hanks hosting Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

  • RANT: somehow Betsy DeVos is a real, live lizard-person. Last night’s committee hearing was probably the worst I’ve ever watched in my life.
    RAVE: Trump’s national security team, aside from Flynn, seems to be pretty sane. Most could have been nominated by a Democratic POTUS-elect.

    • maxwell smart

      re:RANT – did they make a conscious decision to schedule these hearings in the order they did? Because if so, genius. Just when you think the last person was the worst… the next person comes in and blows your mind with their incompetence. After Betsy DeVos, I somehow felt okay with Ben Carson… which is crazy.

    • Re: DeVos hearing…it was the absolute worst. Each hearing seems to be measurably more awful than the last…but I can’t not watch it and read the transcripts. The fact that she can’t even sign on to enforcing the requirement for each state to provide a specific level of education access to disabled children was so disheartening. Also…grizzlies?
      Rant: Each passing day I am filled with more and more anxiety and unease about the complete and utter disaster that is the incoming administration/cabinet.
      Hopes: that there will be a large number of empty seats at inauguration in the stands and along the parade route. Also that there will be an overwhelmingly large demonstration on Saturday.
      Also not trying to start a fight…but can someone please explain to me why only the things that conservatives don’t like should be regulated at a federal level and everything else should be state’s rights? If you advocate for state’s rights shouldn’t it be each state’s voters and legislature determining the laws? And if this is true (I know DC isn’t a state) but shouldn’t they support DC passed bills? We voted our council and they pass the laws – respect the process. (I understand that there is a lot more to this…its just so frustrating)

      • this is one issue with the modern republican party i really don’t understand. At it’s core the Republican party is about LESS government and restriction so they need to just stop trying to dictate people’s lives at the federal level.

      • That’s not a conservative. That’s a hypocrite.

      • If someone could answer this, I would appreciate it. It is the conundrum of the century for me. I mean, regulate my uterus, but don’t touch my guns?

        • Exactly…it is baffling.

          Similarly baffling for me is the “war on Christianity”…not sure how there can be a war on the vast majority of the population. I’ll stop with the questions.

        • The way I’ve heard it explained is that the guns are protected in the Second Amendment, but abortion is lawful under a “right to privacy” that is not actually found in the Constitution itself, but was created by the Supreme Court. (They called it the “penumbra of privacy” if memory serves.) So, the right to privacy is not a “real” right because it was created by “activist” justices.

      • Look, Republicans at their core are money hungry. From there stems their desire for power and from which all other policies flow. They’ve built a charlatan pseudo-intellectual ideology to justify greed at the expense of the rest of society, the environment, etc. All ends justify the means – this is why they totally ignore utter hypocrisy in words, deeds, ideology, and faux patriotism. You can point it out to them and they will just smile, nod their head, and deflect. This is all covered by Ayn Rand – the ends always justify the means. These people are seriously damaged in every sense of the word – morally, spiritually, emotionally, and in their inter-personal relationships.
        The end game is appropriation of public resources for private wealth and socialization of the cost of negative externalities. Again, all in the name of greed. The sooner Democrats get this into their head, the quicker they can sell Republicans the rope with which they hang themselves. You’re dealing with opponents who could care less about the Republic, so long as they get to own ALL of it and others work for their personal benefit.

  • Rave: Yesterday, I told my boss this job isn’t working and we should talk about me transitioning out.
    Rant: Need a new job.
    Rave: I have been applying, so hopefully something works out in the next few months. I am so relieved to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t need to stay in this job. Hopefully it starts to help my anxiety, which has gone through the roof the past 2 months.

  • I have a friend moving to DC from Osaka in March. She is a bit surprised that DC is so much more expensive that Osaka, especially in terms of rent. Because I own a house, I haven’t looked for an apartment in DC in about 5 years. I was thinking of recommending that she look into apartments along Conn. Ave. in Cleveland Park/Van Ness for some cheaper, but still relatively convenient options for commuting to work downtown. Does that sound reasonable? Does anyone have any other tips or location ideas? I am also trying to be mindful that Osaka has almost no crime whatsoever. So, I am thinking of areas that would not be a complete culture shock for her.

    • Those are probably among the best values in DC, in terms of location. Also, if your friend is comfortable with relying on Metrobus/Circulator for commuting, the apartment buildings along Wisconsin Avenue in Cleveland Park—Tenleytown are also a pretty good value.

    • What price range are you thinking for her? That’s the first question to ask and then hone in on neighborhoods from there.
      I love Cleveland Park and the entire Woodley Park to Friendship Heights area–there’s quite a bit to do up here yet it’s still quiet and easy to get around.

      • The price range is a bit of an issue. As I understand, you can get a decent, small 1BR apartment in Osaka for about $800 per month plus some fees. I am trying to convey that an equivalent apartment in DC will run closer to $1500-1800 per month.

        • Part of the disparity is because apartments in Japan tend to be much smaller than apartments here. When I lived in Kyoto (and worked at a conversation school’s branches in Kyoto and Osaka), I had a studio apartment that was about $500/month. But when I say “studio,” I mean MUCH smaller than most American studios. Basically, the size of a dorm room, with a small bathroom and a teeny-tiny kitchenette (one-burner stove, small sink, square dorm-size fridge).
          I had a desk and chair and a couple of plastic drawers for clothes, but no other real furniture. When I had out-of-town guests and had my guest futon (1 meter by 2 meters) as well as my own futon (also 1 meter by 2 meters) on the floor, there was no floor space left.
          Your friend will be relieved to know that all she has to pay up front is the first month’s rent and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. In Japan, you need to pay the equivalent of SIX months’ rent up front (or maybe it was seven?) — a sum equal to three months’ rent for “key money” (basically, a security deposit), and another sum equal to three months’ rent for “gift money” (a mandatory nonrefundable amount).
          Your friend will also be relieved to know that she doesn’t need a hoshonin (usually translated as “guarantor,” but more like a co-sponsor).

        • This is true. If she wants to stay around $800/month there is a very very very good chance she’ll only find that with a roommate (and even then, she’d likely end up in Glover Park/Tenleytown/Cleveland Park, etc.). Like everyone else has said, I think your location ideas are spot-on as far as the best chance to find a relatively cheap apartment.

        • That’s a bit low for the area. I think she should be prepared to spend $2k/month if she wants to live alone in a 1BR. I’d recommend a studio, and focus on an area like Glover Park or another area accessible by bus but less by metro.

        • What we consider a standard 1-bedroom apartment would be a “1LDK” in Japan — the “1” is for the bedroom, the L is for a living room, the D is for a dining room, and the K is for a kitchen.
          My tiny studio in Kyoto was a “1K.” It didn’t have a separate bedroom, just one room, period. And the kitchen wasn’t a separate room, just a kitchenette wall opposite the bathroom door.
          If your friend is used to a 1K, she should have no problem adjusting to a studio. If she’s used to a 1LDK, then she’d probably want a one-bedroom apartment… but I would be very, very surprised if you could get a 1LDK in Osaka for $800/month. A 1K for $800/month sounds a lot more plausible.

    • Probably an unpopular opinion with most but, cross the river into Arlington. The rent is cheaper. The parking is cheaper (if that’s an issue for your friend) and I find that it can be easier to commute into downtown than some areas further out in NW (mainly because I HATE the red line). And there is a ton of development in Pentagon City and Rosslyn that could lead to some good deals.

      • It can be cheaper, but if you spend a significant amount of time in DC you’ll pay the difference in taxis, metro, driving, etc. Not to mention if you have a car personal property tax is expensive in Virginia.

      • maxwell smart

        I guess it depends on where you would be working and your tolerance with Metro. I for one would not want to live across the river and be 100% reliant on metro.

      • Honestly though I’ve lived in Arlington for years and it’s not cheaper than the majority of DC, especially if you’re near a metro. A quick check of a brand new building in Virginia Square shows that studios start at $2,240/month and a quick Zillow search of what’s available for rent within a couple blocks of the Courthouse metro shows that the cheapest options are around $1,800/month. If you don’t need to be right next to a metro the price can go down quite a bit, but right around metro stops it’s pricey. I do agree on the cheaper parking and sometimes easier commuting via metro, but parkviewres’s point about personal property tax on a car is worth considering too.

      • I think this is a good idea too. I had some friends that lived in the Riverhouse apartments in Crystal City, and they thought the apartments were fine. These seem like a pretty decent option for the first year at least.

        • Andie302

          I lived in Riverhouse my first year in DC 🙂 It was fine for what it was, but back then (2008) I was paying $1397/month for a junior one bedroom with carpet and a not very up to date kitchen. Maybe they have had to lower their prices with all the new buildings that have been delivered. I know you can see their available layouts and pricing online. She may also want to consider a group house for a year. It’ll let her become more familiar with DC, save her some money, and possibly start to build a social network with her roommates.

      • Del Ray/Braddock Road area is pretty cheap to rent considering how expensive real estate around there is. Depending on how reliant you are on Metro, you can get a nice place in Del Ray for a decent price – and be convenient to a lot of things. There are also locations closer to the Braddock station that makes Metro more do-able, but more limited.

    • “I was thinking of recommending that she look into apartments along Conn. Ave. in Cleveland Park/Van Ness for some cheaper, but still relatively convenient options for commuting to work downtown.” I think this sounds right on target.
      Is your friend Japanese?

    • Bob, I might have a very reasonably priced 1BR between the RIA and Brookland metros available in March. I’m not sure what her budget is, but the rent is probably be cheaper than a studio along Conn Ave in CP/Van Ness. If interested, let me know.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Depending where she will be working or otherwise spending most of her time, there are some decent deals a bit north of downtown Bethesda, closer to Medical Center or Grosvenor metros.

      • I was also going to suggest downtown Silver Spring as an option. It’s been a few years since we were renters there, but the rent was less expensive than what friends in DC were paying. And it’s still close transit options.

  • houseintherear

    Rant: I need to lose about 70 lbs, yet am binge eating my way through the anxiety and dread of this week. Had 2.5 donuts this morning. Guess I’ll start my “weight loss journey” again on Monday!
    Rant: DeVos.
    Rave: The US is falling apart, but my own personal world is pretty great. Good friends, wonderful family, awesome pets, and a million other blessings I could never begin to count. Gotta focus on this stuff right now and be grateful.
    Query: Planning a road trip that goes Santa Fe > Grand Canyon > Big Bear > LA > San Fran > Fort Dick (hehe) > Portland > Seattle. Any tips or whatever from PoPville would be welcome and appreciated! Accommodations are done, but activities/food are all up in the air.

    • Andie302

      I need to drop 30 (or maybe even 40, if I’m being honest with myself). I’m going to get a full body scan today. I’m thinking that knowing an accurate body fat percentage may goad me into some additional action! I’m down about 5 since the new year, but I feel like that first 5 is always the easiest!

      • I got a scan last week. I recommend getting the rmr also, so you know exactly what calories you’re burning daily. Much easier to get a target that way. I’ve done the calculators online, and they were about 10% less than my rmr such means I was likely under eating by a significant margin.

        • houseintherear

          How did you guys go about setting up the scan, etc? Through your regular doc?

          • I went to composition id in shaw. It was a bit pricey, and I doubt you’d get reimbursed through insurance. Maybe there is a way to do it through your doctor…?

          • Andie302

            Yes, that’s where I’m going too. GW does them as well, but it was substantially more expensive. Anon Spock, is it bad that I don’t really want to dig into this that much? I figure training for a half at the end of April plus some strength training will do it, I don’t want to monitor things that closely. I just want to go back in June and be like BAM-improvement!

          • Diet is most important, so don’t neglect that even if you decide to take a less detailed approach. I have some pretty strict goals to hit, so I needed all the info.

    • Your road trip sounds like fun. While at the Grand Canyon, plan a stop in Flagstaff, it’s a fun college town with a very friendly vibe.

      In LA, stop by The Pantry near the Staples Center. It’s a diner that’s open 24 hours a day with great (read: hearty) breakfasts at all hours. It’s a relic of 1940s LA in a city that sometimes doesn’t do much about preserving its history.

      In San Francisco, skip Tadich Grill , and go to Sam’s Grill instead. Also, take a ride on the restored streetcars that run from the Castro to Fisherman’s Wharf along the Embarcadero. The Mission Dolores, which is on the edge of the Castro, is well worth a visit for the architecture of the mission, and to learn a lot about the early history of the area.

      The Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland is great, it’s a traditional Chinese garden in the middle of the city and a very tranquil place. Portland is a also a good walking city, although I was surprised by the large numbers of homeless people living along the river walks.

      In Seattle, Fishermen’s Terminal is a “must-see” and offers a lot of seafood options, although it’s pretty touristy. You can visit the original Starbuck’s nearby, which is supposedly the only one that has the mermaid’s breasts uncovered in its logo.

      Have a great trip!

    • LA>San Fran trip, make sure to travel up the PCH. Definitely stop by the McWay Falls in Big Sur – simply gorgeous. There’s a lot of worthwhile hiking in that area as well if you have time. Let me know if you want specific recommendations.
      Also, if you have time and haven’t been, Yosemite is a must-see and not too far of a drive from San Fran.

    • Sounds like a great trip! A few ideas:
      – It’s been many years, but a visit to the Hopi Reservation was really interesting. I think we had to get prior permission and employ a local guide as part of the terms of our visit.
      – Canyon de Chelly
      – There are a number of ancient ruins and archaeological sites in central Arizona. You can google around and see what’s near your route.

      LA – We spent most of our time in Venice, so –
      – Sunset cocktails on the roof of the Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach (you may need reservations)
      – Good Italian food at Scopa in Venice.
      – Walk around the canals and check out the houses.

      San Francisco
      – Walt Disney Family Museum was surprisingly interesting. Check out their exhibits online and see if they appeal to you.
      – It’s touristy, but we enjoyed a boat cruise around the bay. I’ve heard Alcatraz is worth the visit.
      – Foreign Cinema is an upscale restaurant that plays movies on a big wall. Check out their website for info. We didn’t end up seeing a movie there, but had a nice brunch.
      – Try a genuine Mission-style burrito from one of the many hole-in-the wall joints. (Like NY pizza, there is a ton of debate about who has the original and the best.)

      • Also, this is late but DO NOT — I repeat DO NOT — miss Salt & Straw in LA if you haven’t been yet. They have one in Venice on Abbot Kinney and another in the Arts District downtown. It’s SOOO GOOOOD.

    • +1 need to lose weight ughh

      For the road trip, I just did some of it! (LA-Sedona-SantaFe-GC-Vegas)
      Recs in the GC include staying in one of the hotels inside the park, we did Bright Angel Lodge, wow!. Also do a helicopter tour, if you can swing it. WOWx1000. Didn’t stop in Flaggstaff, but if you can find a way to add Sedona on the trip, do it. Seriously one of the most beautiful places EVER! Santa Fe is beautiful and relaxing, if you want a fancy dinner go to Eloisa! So good.

  • skj84

    Rave: Actually woke up early and went to the gym. Took a weight class which kicked my butt in a good way. Also used my Happy Light this morning. Feeling more energized than I have felt in a long time. I hope I can commit to gym time in the morning at least once or twice a week.
    Rave/Rant: Decided to stay in town this weekend. Still on the fence about marching on Saturday. A bit nervous how things will be on Friday, but I live far enough above the proceedings that I think my hood should be fine. Still trying to figure out what to do with myself. I’m not watching the news, and want to avoid social media. I may take a yoga class or get a massage durning the swearing in so I have no chance of accidentally seeing it. Going to bartend in the evening, thankfully the theater doesn’t have a TV.

  • Rant: So anxious waiting on results of interview I did last week. For a lot of reasons REALLY need a change and have no other interviews lined up. Job and company sounds great so keeping fingers crossed.
    Rave: No brain space left to think about inauguration because all of it is taken up by above.

  • Rave: Working from home today and the rest of the week means I get to go to yoga first thing in the morning and snag yummy bagels
    Rant: It’s only wed and the security related events are already starting, see the guy who set himself on fire this am

  • Rant: That hearing yesterday. JFC. That’s the person he wants dictating education policy for the next four years? I have zero confidence in this president.
    Rant: The HHS nominee is just as bad.
    Rant: Congressional republicans who have no balls whatsoever and will most likely confirm these people despite their disqualifications and lack of qualifications.

  • Rant: The red tape and bureaucratic hurdles of planning an international work trip as a federal employee are just suffocating. I guess there’s a reason for it all…but my god…maddening.
    Rave: Long four day weekend ahead and hoping to de-stress, despite the state of the world.

    • +1 to your rant. Not to mention that being forced to fly crappy American-based airlines often costs everyone a lot more and makes scheduling more difficult.

    • Andie302

      I only had to plan domestic travel but what a nightmare! Once the travel policy guy told me my flight back from Rapid City was too expensive (the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend) and cancelled it, and by the time I had proof that it was the same price as all the others the Thursday flight was no longer available. I ended up staying an extra night, with a car rental and per diem because of his knee-jerk reaction, and then got home at 8pm Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Needless to say, I was not happy.

    • Oh man – and I thought it was painful traveling on a contract for the US government – used to get travel approval the day of flight (after begging for weeks)! Good luck!

  • Rave: Teleworking is one of the best birthday gifts I could have gotten this year.
    Rant: I am starving but it’s too early for lunch and I forgot to buy crackers to go with my cheese dip snack. Boooooo. Guess I’ll be running to the store later.

  • Revel: I love that our soon-to-be new president has a heavy New York accent, like I.

  • Rave-ish: I found a condo I think I can live with. It needs a new kitchen. anyone have a kitchen contractor they like?

  • Rave: pediatric urgent care clinics that are open until 10.
    Rant: needing to make an 8pm urgent care appointment.
    Rant: getting to work was a complete sh!t show, courtesy of single tracking on the green line. At least the conductor was easy to understand and gave us lots of information so I could get off and get a cab.
    Rant: By the time I found one, it may have been just as fast to stay on the train.
    Rant: Being up half the night coughing for the second night in a row. Ugh. I just want to go back to bed.
    Rant: But I have two meetings today, one of which is going to announce some rather unfortunate news. Crap.
    Rave: Dropping off mtpkiddo at school meant that I could swing by Annie’s and grab a bunch of different types of lightbulbs for our tenants downstairs. Thanks again everyone for your suggestions! Fingers crossed using different bulbs will solve our issues.

  • janie4

    Rant: They moved us to a open bullpen office last week. I just got a co-worker telling me they could hear my phone conversation about 20 feet from me. Yeah, that’s a possibility when you’re talking to your 72 year old mother on a bad connection. I can also hear everyone’s conversations, including hers. We all have loud voices. I hate open bullpens, and the management refused to listen to everyone who moved into this (55-60 people) say we didn’t want low cubicles.

    • Sorry to hear about your new work situation. I’ve read quite a lot on open spaces and the fact that people who work in them are more stressed, distracted, sick more often, and experience higher levels of cortisol during the workday. The idea that it promotes open communication and teamwork is nonsense- maybe it does in some extremely limited situations. But for most of us- those who work in fields where you need quiet for concentration and writing/reading- it is completely idiotic. Maybe this will be an impetus for you to consider another job. I’d be curious to hear whether your colleagues look for greener pastures if they get sick of this new arrangement. Employers should be punished for placing employees so low on the list to save a buck.

    • We are moving to this type of environment in a few months, and I dread it. I am loud, and there are other even louder people in my office. I don’t think this is going to end well.

    • Sorry, you were having a conversation with your elderly mother, on a bad line, at your desk, in an open workplan? That was not right. You should take those conversations to a quiet room.
      I hate open workplans too, but everyone shares in the responsibility to make it less godawful.

      • janie4

        We don’t have any quiet rooms at the moment. They haven’t hooked up the phones in the meeting rooms yet. As soon as I can do it, I will, but there are a lmited number of quiet rooms (3) with phones, and 60 people in the bullpen.

        • And you don’t have a cell phone that you can take to a meeting room? Or sidewalk, if the signal’s no good?
          If I were your manager, I’d tell you to take your personal calls elsewhere, rather than inconvenience 59 other people because you’re mad about where you sit.

          • janie4

            My point was actually more that I can hear her phone calls and discussions as well. We all can hear everything going on in this place. Including two of my co-workers having simultaneous different conference calls because we have no phone hookups in the meeting rooms yet, and this particular co-worker having a conversation at her desk.

          • I just moved to a similar set up. And if this is anything like that, they move the people in and the contractors are still working on the meeting rooms, painting, unpacking furniture, etc. We did have access for a while after we moved.

          • Perhaps you could make a pact with your coworker that you’ll go outside to talk on the phone if she’ll be equally as courteous (as it should be).

          • Andie302

            I think what wdc was trying to get at is that it’s one thing for you to have to overhear work calls in a bullpen environment, but it’s entirely another to hear a personal call. Your co-worker may have been cluing you in because in he/she thought it wasn’t appropriate office behavior. If you hear her work calls, so be it, but speaking from experience, I wish people talking on the phone for personal reasons would take it outside. I didn’t need to know about the guys marriage issues two cubes over, the investment property the guy next to me is considering or the size of closet of the lady’s husband across the room. (All real examples within the last two weeks, ugh)

          • Exactly, Andie. FTR, I have no problem (as a manager) with people spending work time on personal matters. If we didn’t, we’d get nothing done. Can’t make your kids’ dentist appointments when the dentist’s office is closed, like after 5 or on weekends. Totally fine.
            But it’s disruptive to your colleagues to do it in their space. Work conversations are easier to tune out, or if you can’t, potentially valuable to your own work. (Cross team communication! Tearing down the silos!) Personal conversation are PERSONAL. Have ’em in private.

      • I agree. I usually go outside.

    • Our office is doing away with the open bullpen – it was the brain child of the big boss, three years ago. But he was a political appointee, and resigned not too long ago.
      And within less than two weeks, the builders were in to put the walls back…..

  • Rant: I’ve posted here about how terrified I am that some innocent person will get killed because “pizzagate” won’t go away. Well, it got a new shot in the arm last night because apparently the anchorman for Atlanta’s CBS affiliate is a total conspiracy loon and he did a report lending credence to pizzagate last night, the first time any ordinary news source has done so. Anchorman’s name is Ben Swann and apparently he is also a “9/11 truther” and “Sandy Hook truther” who has gotten these views on the air too, and he’s crowdfunding a documentary proving that the US created ISIS intentionally. On twitter last night @willsommer of The Hill (and formerly of the City Paper) was tweeting about how astonishing and reckless it was. Then the official @wikileaks twitter touted this Swann guy’s report last night too. I’m scared to death now that somebody I know will end up murdered because of this idiocy.

    • houseintherear

      omg what the sam hell is a “Sandy Hook Truther?” How awful.

      • They claim that the massacre never happened and that the grieving parents are paid actors.

      • skj84

        They believe Sandy Hook was faked by the government in effort to enact gun control. Everyone involved were ‘crisis actors” and the kids never existed. These vile people have been harassing the parents of some of the children who were killed. It’s sickening.

        • Yes – they apparently demand “proof” from the parents that their kids existed. Of course, no “proof” will satisfy them, because everything can be faked. I can’t even imagine how painful it must be for grieving parents, who had an elementary school child massacred, to be harassed like this. I am rarely moved to violence, but these people could make me reconsider.
          There was an article recently – I forget the outlet – about a Sandy Hook parent who was an avowed conspiracy theorist – 9/11, birther, who knows what else – who was forced to reconsider his prior beliefs when faced with the Sandy Hook truthers.

        • In the tweeting about this Swann idiot last night, I saw someone make the trenchant observation that “Sandy Hook truthers” think real children are imaginary whereas pizzagate believers think imaginary children are real.

    • This clears something up for me…a friend’s teenage son had been liking Ben Swann’s videos, and I could tell from the titles that they were nothing but inflammatory BS. But it looked like they were on a real news channel and I couldn’t figure out how they faked a real news channel so convincingly.

  • Rant: DeVos. She may be the worst of Trump’s Cabinet picks. How can we let this woman be in charge of federal education policy?
    Rave: Baby Artie had a good session with his therapist this morning. He’s slowly making progress towards crawling. Having a professional address my concerns really does help alleviate some of my anxiety. We just have to keep at it.
    Rant: I have plans to see and spend time with friends this week and weekend. I really just don’t really like it. I want to crawl into bed, binge watch tv, and ignore the world. But I also know being around people I love will help.
    Rave: The little monster slept through the night for the second time this week. I think we may finally be back to a decent sleep schedule after the past challenging month of multiple overnight wake ups.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I finally (nicely) addressed some of the crazy things my alt-Right Facebook friend has been posting. After PM’ing her once to explain that Obama is not firing the head of the DC National Guard at 12:01 pm on Friday, she posted it again. I schooled her in a reply which she then “liked”. I think she is seriously has issues
    Rant: I guess I’ve missed out on all these part-time employment opportunities this week. It seems like now you can make up to $2500 protesting. My favorite was the additional $1400 you get if you assault a Trump supporter. Surely I can find someone who supports Trump who will spilt that with me. I promise not to hit that hard.

    • Can you post links? Mama’s got a lot of pent up rage and rent to pay….

      • I Dont Get It

        George S*ros, the alt-right boogeyman, is behind this and apparently is everywhere so you might want to check under your bed. He is so devious that somehow he can hire 50,000 protesters (last figure I heard) feed them and lodge them but there never is quite a record of it. How are they paid, cash, direct deposit, gift card? Are taxes withheld? Do they get a W2? So many questions!

    • wait you can get paid to protest? I want in!

  • Rave: Teleworking with snuggly cat in lap.

  • Question: Any suggestion for an affordable photographer to do a wedding in the fall in DC? Note, not necessarily a “wedding photographer”. Meaning, I want no photos of myself getting ready or a close up on my non-designer shoes or a “first look” with my fiance. Just someone to come in, take some candids, some family photos and call it a day.

    Rant – ALL things Trump.

    • Andie302

      If I get married in DC I’m going to ask Pablo Raw to do just this, but since I haven’t gotten down to brass tacks yet I don’t know what he charges!

    • Brittany Johnson (http://dunksphoto.com/) is an amazing photographer and really fun, to boot. We used her for our wedding and she is totally flexible and can do whatever kinds of photos you want. We didn’t want anything very formal – but did want a sort of documentary, storytelling approach – and she delivered. Her costs were reasonable, especially for the area. I know people use her for other types of photography besides weddings, too, including posed portraits. Highly recommend!

    • You can always look for wedding photographers who take more of a photojournalism approach instead of doing lots of those cheesy staged Pinteresty shots. My wedding photographer was amazing: Olivia Jacob. She took some family portraits, and yes a few of me (and the groom!) getting ready, then just kinda faded into the background and did her thing with no direction from me. And her photos came out amazing. I didn’t want the getting ready photos either but she was able to capture some really sweet, candidate moments. Her prices were reasonable when I got married but I”m sure her rates have gone up.

    • Lauren Rock Photography! She just did our wedding in November and not only was she amazing to work with but the photos are truly stunning. Here’s a link to our photos: http://laurenrockphotography.pixieset.com/adamkatiewedding/

  • Rave: The baby finally dropped and I can breathe deeply again!
    Rant: This also means the baby will likely be here within the next few weeks and I have so much stuff to get done.
    Rant: OB appointment tomorrow morning in the green zone and we have to drive in for it. I have no idea if we’ll be able to park at the medical building or if we’ll be stuck walking a few blocks.
    Rant: My family’s inability to clearly communicate. If you’re waiting for me to tell you when you should come visit, you should probably tell me that rather than get annoyed that I haven’t let you know when to come visit.
    Rave: The Other Mrs. Rabbit and I are both taking Friday off to enjoy a staycation and a sort of final hurrah before the little one. Plans so far include an afternoon at a day spa and dinner out. I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Hopeful Future Rave: Significant Other and I are trying to plan a getaway sometime this spring or early summer (May or June). Any suggestions from the POPulace for a location where we could spend 3-5 days. We’d prefer someplace that can be reached via a direct flight from DCA or within a 5-ish hour drive. Interests include: beer/breweries, tasty food, walkable urban areas, offbeat museums, city parks, and architecture. Ideas? Thanks!

    • EckingtonDoodle

      Puerto Rico is great and reasonably priced. I there are some direct flights from DCA.

    • Focusing on the beer/breweries aspect, I would suggest Vermont (drive all over the state and visit a bunch of the amazing breweries there), Tampa (visit Cigar City, stay in St Pete – very walkable downtown with museums and good food), or Austin.

    • Montreal and surrounding towns. Lots of Breweries, great food, very walkable and gorgeous city. 8.5 hour drive if you time it right.

    • Asheville, NC/Charleston, SC/Savannah, GA

    • Portland ME would probably fit the bill. Lots of breweries, the city is very walkable and has good restaurants, and you can take ferries to other nearby areas. You can also rent a car and drive around the coastal areas, although it might be a bit cold for beach time.

    • Either Charleston or New Orleans might fit what you are looking for. I still dream of some of the meals.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Last night’s commute. It was like D.C. was having a heart attack. All the veins were clogged up and I literally tried 3 or 4 different ways to get onto 66.

  • Lol. That pic is hilarious.

  • Rave: Working from home and it’s a beautiful day outside
    Rave: Working outside
    Rave: Have I mentioned my love for Le Tena? The food is delicious and the staff are lovely
    Planning to spend Friday shoveling shit (literally). Weather permitting, I’ll get a truckload of manure and spread it over my farm garden. Although unlike all the political shit, the result of dealing with this shit will be a more bountiful garden harvest this season

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Dad’s appetite is getting better.
    Rave: Getting to eat all my parent’s Blue Apron meals b/c dad doesn’t have an appetite for a full meal yet. And boy howdy are the meals tasty!
    Rave: Got the Paris tea someone recommended and mom and I love it! Thanks for telling me about it!
    Rave: It’s all raves when I’m in New Orleans!

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