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  • I can’t f’n wait.

  • Do they have an estimated opening date? I cannot waiiiit!!!!

    • my own guess, 6-8 months. which would mean it’ll have been vacant for around 31-39 months.

      • Actually, Heller’s closed at the end of December 2014, so that’s 24-25 months. But I too guess 6-8 months. I took a peek inside last week and the transformation is already incredible. I knew the space was big, but not that big!

        • meant to say my guess was 6-8 months, and thus 31-33 (not 39) months of vacancy. i.e., it’s been closed for 25 months already, so add another 6 (putting it at 31 months) or 8 (resulting in 33 months). yeah, they’ve got the indoor trenching partially done, put what about the “to street hookup” with Pepco, the ADA approved bathroom, and all the required venting. Not to mention the historic remodel.

  • Do we have any idea what the menu will look like? I know its early to ask. I know they will be in part a bakery. But does that mean they will have sandwiches? Also saw I think that they applied for a liquor license but not sure. Anyhow really could use a traditional sandwich place.

  • Blithe

    This picture reminded me of the long-lost taste of the perfect Heller’s pound cake back when Heller’s was the original Heller’s. I’d love to find a copycat recipe. Just one more bite….

  • Was just talking about Heller’s doughnuts the other day, and how we miss them.

  • Paint over the horrible Heller’s advertisement with a mural (utilizing the complete side of the building) of Oscar Romero.

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