I Don’t Even Know How to Title This

seth myers admo

Apparently Seth Meyers is gaining a foothold in DC. Which I guess is a good thing for Late Night with Seth Meyers and NBC. I think I need a freaking beer. The ducklings didn’t do it for me… Thanks to Kelley for sending:

“saw some flyers pinned to trees in AdMo calling Seth Myers a “Lügen.”

My googling skills tell me that Lugen means:

“peer, look, glance

lie, tell an untruthful statement, cheat, tell a lie, tell untruth

falsity, lie, tale, untruth”

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  • Glad you posted one of these. This person has been leaving many variations of this sign around for about a year. What gets me, frankly (yarn bomb hater that I am), is his repeated assault on our sycamores with thumb tacks. Thumb tack attacks. I wish he would stop tacking trees.

  • It’s in color on Mt Pleasant St.

  • Unfortunately, it’s a neo-nazi thing. “Lügenpresse” was a phrase spread in propaganda to seed mistrust of the news press.

    • “A phrase spread in propaganda to seed mistrust of the news press” Hmmm. Nothing that our New Dear Leader Trump would ever do.

  • Schizophrenia’s a hell of a drug…

  • Yeah this guy usually posts a different flyer with a swatstika on it. I tear any of those down when I see them!

  • Saw him post it. He’s a 60+ year old, heavy set white guy, (but not Donald Trump). Only read enough to confirm my suspicions that he is a kook then kept on walking.

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