GDoN “sweeping views of the park from your private balcony” edition

1901 Ingleside Ter NW #302

This unit is located at 1901 Ingleside Terrace, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Sunny top-floor condo on tree lined street in beautiful Mt. Pleasant.Enjoy sweeping views of the park from your private balcony. Hardwood floors throughout, in-unit washer/dryer, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops,gas cooking. Recent upgrades include built-in shelving,custom closets, and NEST thermostat.Pets welcome. 1 mile to Columbia Heights Metro.”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $434,900 ($316 monthly fee.)

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  • I really like the view and location of this place.

  • Beautiful open space! Love the bedroom and hallways

  • This is in a great location and what a view! It’s a perfect place for a young couple. I always kick myself for not considering the Mt Pleasant area when we were looking. It’s so close to everything, but there are so many secluded streets.

  • Looks very nice, but I think the flaw (there’s always one as a realtor once told me) is that the living room area may be a bit small.

  • I love this part of Mount Pleasant…feels completely removed from the hustle of the city.

  • What does GDoN mean????

  • No dinning table?

  • Love this street — quiet and close to Rock Creek Park, but an easy walk or bus ride to Mt P/Columbia Heights/AdMo. Good layout and storage space, too.

  • Am I the only one who thinks this is too high? It’s $667/sf. and is not all that close to a metro. Nice place and in a cute area, but it seems overpriced. Though prior commentators seem to like it at this price, so who knows.

  • Where are you supposed to eat? It looks like the addition of a dining table would make the main living space rather tight. Otherwise a beautiful place and great location.

  • Beautiful home in a great neighborhood. Quiet, green, and close to all the fun stuff.

  • Lovely, warm home! Went to a party here and it was cozy. Perfect for first time homeowners!

  • Way too high a price. I looked at the atrociously small living room and thought, if forced to live here, I’d put a dining table where that sofa is and make this a dining room, and make the second bedroom into a living room….only to see that there is no second bedroom! A terribly tiny place for a one-bedroom. Which doesn’t mean that someone wouldn’t want to live there, but not at anywhere near that price. For that, you can get a condo in an older building with a living room, a dining area or small dining room, and a bedroom, and maybe even a small office area somewhere. This is what I hate about so much new construction condos v. condos in old buildings- there’s just no way to live in these new places except as sort of like in a hotel room – which this reminds me of – a hotel suite.

  • am I the only one thinking all the positive comments on this are written by the same person? The phrasing seems very similar.

    • Lol, yes. I agree.

      • One of the comments says positive things about the layout and storage, which I don’t think you can really get from the pictures in the ad. And so many of the positive comments read like they were extracted from a real estate ad.

        Y’know – Short statements! Many with exclamation points! Other statements have periods. Great astroturfing!

    • I too thought there was a suspicious volume of upbeat comments from anonymous (or non-regular) users.

    • I Dont Get It

      Yeah its so much that I’m tempted to troll here and say stuff like “I went to party there once and even with just a handful of people there it felt uncomfortable and was so crowded that someone fell off the balcony.

      But I’m above stuff like that.

  • Love the view and location! The built in shelving also adds a lot of character. I want this home!

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