GDoN “rarely available” edition

18 Snows Ct NW

This house is located at 18 Snows Court, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“New to market, rarely available end unit in historic Foggy Bottom. Charming, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, wood burning fireplace, private garden sitting area. Quiet city living. Updated kitchen. Laundry in unit. Pella windows and doors. HVAC upgraded in 2014. Perfect pied-~-terre.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $650,000.

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  • Looks charming, but poorly insulated.

    • That was exactly my thought. I love the look of the clapboard, but all I could think of is how the wind must come through.

  • Cute, and great staging, but no thanks. It looks like there’d be a lot of work to be done in order to insulate it properly, and that’s already a hefty chunk of change for what seems to be a very small space. I’ve lived in very old houses before, and know how much $ it takes just to keep it afloat, so not sure if it I’d consider it a good deal.

  • I know it’s small and I know it’s expensive, but I think it’s adorable and would love it.

  • BAD deal. and $939 a square foot? Yeah, ok.

  • Reminds me of London in its tiny oddness.

  • I like it, but the location sucks.

    • you’re right, who would ever want to be in the heart of Foggy Bottom, walking distance to everything you need in life

      • Foggy Bottom definitely has more going for it than it used to, but basically you are living in a parking lot – maybe that’s what Anon was referring to. I looked at one of these as a rental back in the ’90’s, and they are cute, but so tiny!

        • It’s a very unattractive neighborhood, that’s for sure. I also think it’s an inconvenient location from a commuting perspective, but of course that depends on where you’re working.

          • Interesting perspective. I love the idea of living in Foggy Bottom, in the heart of the city and near the GW campus. And I would be more than content with walking to work or the half-block to the Metro. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

          • I’d far prefer to live somewhere like U street/Shaw/Bloomingdale that has more human-scale architecture than the concrete jungle of Foggy Bottom. To each their own.

          • Well, I can see how it would be more appealing if your job is in walking distance and/or metro accessible. But I agree that “concrete jungle” describes it well!

          • Sure. To be honest, any fantasies I harbor about living there are just that–it wouldn’t work for me at all. Ironically, I think the romance started when I noticed these kinds of smaller units in the area on the way to and from doctor’s appointments for our second kiddo. Your perspective is more practical and realistic, but I do find these places charming somehow.

      • It’s not about living close to what you need, but what you want.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I’d want to check it out in person before ruling it out on the basis of fears about insulation. My greatest concern honestly would be noise. If the thermal and sound insulation are better than they look, I still can’t imagine the universe in which this is a “good deal” in any normal sense, but I could see this being highly desirable to somebody who could afford it (and perhaps also had several other homes).

    • I don’t think noise would be that much of an issue – it’s basically in a church parking lot. I grew up going to St. Paul’s – the lot is generally only completely full on Sundays and (Christian) holidays.

      • “I grew up going to St. Paul” – clearly you weren’t invited to their late night bangers. St Paul knows how to party, that’s for sure!

        • LOL – well, the Easter Vigil and Christmas Eve midnight mass usually did have good receptions afterwards…

      • HaileUnlikely

        Not concerned at all about church-related noise; I more meant Washington Circle, K Street, and GWU students.

  • Too many windows and claustrophobic space. And next to a church. Sorry, I sleep in on Sunday/

  • Andie302

    I love the character of these places! I had a client offer on one down the row and was told by the seller that the church has an unwritten understanding that as long as you’re not parked there on Sunday, you can park right at your back door during the week. I think this would be a nice quiet spot, and it sounded like the neighbors were all really friendly with one another. I also grew up next to a church, so I’d be unphased by that.

  • It wouldn’t work for my family, but I love it. Love the location and quaintness. The price seems reasonable for Foggy Bottom. In another life, ‘twould be mine.

    • Used to live in this hood. Aside from the roar of jets, it’s a great area. Access to much while being residential/not overly commercial. A little hot and muggy in summer though….

      • Cool. And I believe it about the heat and humidity, but hadn’t thought about the airport noise. I think it would be a fun way to live.

      • Not overly commercial? I guess that was a long time ago?

        • The immediate area is generally residential — not many stores or bars, but they are not far. I loved being able to walk to Georgetown and back, and to reach the river by bike in a flash. But it was quite a while ago!

  • Agree with some comments that it is cute, quirky, and a little pricey for the size. But, is the stairway up to code with respect to no handrail?

  • Its way too expensive, and you have to still redone the kitchen and bathrooms.

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