GDoN “9700 sq foot double lot” edition

1371 Kalmia Rd NW

This house is located at 1371 Kalmia Road, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Exceptional Space,Exceptional Neighborhood, NOW Exceptional Price! Large flexible spaces, renovated kitchen, many outside spaces, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths on upper levels. Professional office with outside entrance on lower level. Wonderful light filled living room and dining room, cozy library. 9700 sq foot double lot.”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is going for $1,169,000.

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  • Great neighborhood! We just moved one block from this house and we love it. It looks huge! I have never been inside. They had a huge price slash a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I will go to the open house this weekend. I was surprised that one window had AC Unit although the house supposedly has AC. A good agent would have asked them to take it away before the picture and the open house (especially since it is winter right now!).

  • It may be big but it is a Frankenhouse.

      • Frankenhouse indeed- it appears that the brick part of the house still has wall heating and cooling while the newer part of the house has central air.

    • Looks like a original house that a contemporary parasite house attached to… They could at least paint the shutters and that side shed to match the new add on… I was looking at the front image really hard trying to determine if I was looking at a big house behind the smaller one… Really messed with my eyes. At least the interior looks matched.

  • That addition is so bad. No idea how those building plans were approved. Worse than a popup.

  • Is that a *WOOD-PANELED SHOWER* in photo 10???? House looks well-kept and addition mismatch is more interesting than terrible, but putting wood paneling in your shower makes me question everything else the owners might have done.

  • the sheer amount of books to move in that house made my back hurt.

  • Great neighborhood, great lot, bizarre house. It is currently a better deal than when they originally listed it, but still just a very strange and unattractive house.

  • I have no idea why someone would want to sell such a nice treasure in a great part of the city. Curious where they are moving to.

  • houseintherear

    I pass this every day on my commute and find it awful from the outside… it makes no sense, aesthetically.

  • I love this neighborhood especially the houses that face the park. My wife and I chose Brookland for Metro access (and Monroe Street Development) but we still second guess the decision because Shepherd Park is so nice.

  • I think the current owner likes books.

  • I think someone had a traditional house and said, honey, we need to build an addition to have room for all the books.

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