Anyone Recognize this Pup Running Loose in Petworth?

pup post

A reader reports:

“Last seen crossing Georgia Avenue south of Slim’s diner. Couple of cars almost hit it. Seemed not to know where it was going. Collar but no visible tag.”

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  • Looks like the same dog I saw several weeks ago on 13th street, NW near Charter School at Alison Street. It was almost hit by car. Tried to approach to check collar but it ran off toward 14th.

  • She followed me down 8th and Upshur Streets NW this morning on my way to pick up my dry cleaning. I think she was scared/lonely. When I came out of the cleaners, she was gone.

  • please call HRA to report her so they can try and pick her up: 202-576-6664

    please also post on FB lost & found dogs DC metro area and on the petworth listservs.

  • Did the reader contact the Human Rescue Alliance to try to rescue the dog?

  • I can’t be sure but this looks like a dog that lives in one of the rowhouses on V Street between 13th and 12th across from the park. Maybe someone can print and post this on the block? I no longer live in DC otherwise I would myself.

  • I’ve circulated this to various lists in Petworth and a few people wrote saying it seems like a dog often walked off-leash near Gallatin. One writer said “I believe his/her name is Cola; lives in an apartment at 2nd/Gallatin nw.” I suggested someone familiar with the location print this out and leave a note on the building…

  • Maybe one of those posters who thinks pit bulls are just the sweetest animals ever should approach it and bring it to animal control.

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