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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: It’s almost the weekend and I’m only working until 1 today to go to the tree lighting
    Rant: I have a terrible cold from the weather changing and the last place I want to be is standing outside for 8 hours.
    Rave: November is over and December is here!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Mood has not improved and is getting worse.
    Rave: New everyday dishes arrived and are lovely!
    Rave: I couldn’t decide between 2 different patterns, so I think I might get the runner up, too. Everyone needs separate luncheon and dinner china to go with their luncheon and dinner-sized silver, right?
    Rave: Previous everyday dishes have officially been designated as breakfast china.
    Rave: Loooove china. Obvs.
    Observation: Clearly, I am not a minimalist.

    • Blithe

      I am totally swooning at the thought of having — and actually using — luncheon-sized silver! Nice!

      • Quotia Zelda

        It sounds more glamorous than it is. Luncheon sized silver is just smaller.
        (But I did have a funny moment with my mother when I had to talk her down while setting the table. For some reason, she couldn’t find enough dinner forks and was fretting at the thought of using – gasp! – luncheon forks at dinner. This, for a casual family-only dinner. She may have been a hippie rebel, but certain parts of her upbringing have lingered.)

        • Wow…I had no idea it actually had a name. In my house growing up it was always referred to as the small fork.

        • I Dont Get It

          Until recently I had my grandmother’s Johnson Brothers china (Old Flower Prints). Some of the pieces, like cereal bowls, are ridiculously small now based upon current portion sizes.

          • Quotia Zelda

            The runner-up china that I’m planning to get for luncheon dishes is Johnson Brothers – Rose Chintz. The new dinner china is Minton – Haddon Hall. Happily, Mr. Zelda doesn’t care that all our dishes are unbelievably girly.

      • I’m swooning at the thought of having the space for three sets of china and two sets of flatware in my kitchen. I wouldn’t fill that space with china and flatware, but there are lots of pieces of specialty cookware that I’ve regretfully passed up over the years due to space constraints.

        • Quotia Zelda

          Well, they’re not all *full* sets. The breakfast china is just bowls and small plates, because we don’t need dinner-sized plates at breakfast.
          And some things live in the china cabinet, which is not in the kitchen. The kitchen doesn’t actually have just tons and tons of storage.

          • “we don’t need dinner-sized plates at breakfast”
            Your breakfasts are very different than mine (at least on weekends).

        • @dcd, me too. Whenever I see house porn with a butler’s pantry, I start fantasizing about owning a full set of Le Creuset, a full-sized roasting pan, a slow cooker, a stand mixer, and a second set of dishes. Oh, and I could finally take some heirloom silver off my mother’s hands. She’s been trying to give it to me for years; I gesture around my kitchen and ask her where she thinks I’d put it.

          • Ha! Your mother sounds like my mother. For YEARS she was trying to foist my great-grandmother’s china off on me and I declined because I had no place to put it. She was so pleased when I moved into a house that had a dining room with space for a china cabinet.

          • Quotia Zelda

            I would trade one – possibly two – of my children for a butler’s pantry.

          • All of my baking pans are in tubs on bakers racks in the basement. Because even after moving into a house, I still don’t have room for all my kitchen wares.

    • I will happily bring the luncheon Champagne!

    • Until now, I did not know that silver came in different sizes for luncheon and dinner.
      Doesn’t proper china have to be washed by hand? Does this mean that your dishwasher never gets used?

      • Quotia Zelda

        At our house, it only gets washed by hand if it has a gold rim. So the good china doesn’t go in the dishwasher, but I made sure to pick something without gold for the new everyday china. This was actually harder than one might think (alas, Wild Strawberry).

      • it also depends on if it’s china or “china.”
        I was pondering this while cleaning up from Thanksgiving and decided that, since it’s only being used twice a year, the wedding China can go into the dishwasher (which claims to be safe for china anyway)>

  • Blithe

    Rant: The public calling out of Romney as a hypocrite. Yeah, it’s funny, and it’s accurate, but given that there’s a possibility that Giuliani, one of the least diplomatic people imaginable, could be considered for secretary of state, I hope the shaming doesn’t backfire badly.
    Rave: The new-ish tight, smaller- size pair of jeans, are now the new-ish loose pair of jeans. I found this out when they slid down to teenage boy level without being unsnapped. Yay!
    Rave: Visiting the Calders at the East Wing. I’m perennially smitten.
    Rave: Having fun with this cooking thing, and have bought 3 new cookbooks even before tackling my Christmas gift list. Guess I’ll blame this on IDGI too! 😉
    Rave: Gorgeous, comfy boots by Birkenstock! Glad, and incredibly grateful, that they upped their style game just when my priorities shifted from “cute” to “arch support”.

    • Re: Romney, I agree. I’m pulling for him as secretary of state because at the very least I think he’s a reasonable human being.

      • +1
        I want Romney so at least my friends and family who work at DoS actually remain there. Romney is a respectable man. I don’t think many could remain under a Bolton or Guiliani-led agency. They had a hard enough time under GWB, trying to defend many morally deficient decisions and outright lies. Will be 10x worse under the leadership of a firebrand.

      • and he’s clear eyed about Russia. For this reason alone, he probably won’t get the job.

        • northeazy

          Romney clear eyed on Russia? Oh no. Don’t you recall when our intelligent young President mocked Mitt in the 2012 debate for saying Russia is the greatest geopolitical threat in the world.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Every day I think that Donald Trump is going to be president, and every day it makes me sad.
    Rant2: Trump supporters are ignoring the fact that he has appointed only Washington insiders, billionaires, incompetent losers, and war-mongers, and are celebrating the fact that he gave tax cuts and regulatory favors to Carrier to save 1K jobs. BO was at the helm when 1K jobs were created roughly every 5 hours, for 8 years in a row.
    Rave: All sorts of good things happening on our end, super excited to be engaged to Andie, it’s a beautiful day out, and we have our company holiday party today.

    • That BO statistic sounds suspect. Any actual data on that?

      • Accountering

        14,000,000/8/365=4,794 jobs per day, or 999 jobs per 5 hours.

        • how does that equate to Obama and his policies though?

          • So you’re not disputing that 14 million jobs were created under Obama’s presidency, but you’re saying that he doesn’t deserve any credit for the creation of those jobs?

          • Accountering

            If you go back and read what I said – nothing about Obama’s policies one bit. Simply that Trump’s supporters are ignoring everything he has flip-flopped on since he was elected, and are celebrating the man for the announcement of these 1K jobs, which is the equivalent of what the US economy has been creating every 5 hours, for the last 8 years.

          • that is fair

        • Funny comment that I read on dailymail was that The president elect has already created more jobs than Obama did in 8 years and it had like a zillion up arrows. I know DM manipulates the up/down arrows but their is an actual person that wrote that and actually believes that nonsense.

    • Every time I hear “President Elect Trump” I feel like I’m in the fucking twilight zone.

  • Rave: that photo. Love it!

  • Rant: I hate shopping for presents! We are traveling to Europe to my in-laws for christmas holidays and we need to buy a bunch of presents for kids and adults and I hate this! what is the point of exchanging gifts? can’t anyone just buy what they need? how do we even transport all the gifts? we are taking our 1 year old twins with us! I am already tired thinking of this trip…

    Related questions: What are typical american stuffs you can buy for your friends abroad? also any suggestion for small gifts for kids aged 2 to 14 year old? suggestion for small adult gifts also welcome. Did I said I hate shopping?

    • Accountering

      I agree with the above. Perhaps you can do little DC trinkets, and if you need bigger stuff for the kids, order it and have it shipped to their address?

    • Blithe

      I LIKE to shop. But if I didn’t, I’d probably go to Sullivan’s and let the very helpful staff there make suggestions for the kid’s gifts. For the adults, I’d probably go someplace like the gift shop at the National Building Museum, or one of the other museums and get cute trinkets with the oh-so-American Smithsonian museum imprimatur. Most museum shops have a nice selection of small adult gifts, often with a made-in-US cachet. Most museum shops also have an array of gift-y things for kids, so you could possibly knock out all of your gift-shopping with just one store.

      • Blithe

        If you get your shopping done early, have it shipped, pre-wrapped (if possible by the store) to wherever you’ll be staying.

        • Just a caveat, do not wrap things going international. At anytime, packages going international can and will be inspected. Especially if you are taking anything in luggage, never wrap.

    • My European friends always love food from the States., and likewise, I really enjoy getting food from them, especially regional favorites (you can’t find Fizzy Vimto or Quavers anywhere in the States it seems…). Kids would probably love getting a gift bags of various American candies.

      • +1. My British friends have requested white chocolate Reese’s cups as well as York peppermint patties.

      • Anonamom and others, any food from the states you would recommend? ironically I am not originally from the States 🙂

        • It’s been a while, so globalization may have solved this problem… But anything peanut butter & chocolate like Reese’s cups. Oreo cookies. For little kids, cartoon themed snacks. There are usually cookies in the shape of the latest Disney characters and stuff like that.

          • houseintherear

            Yes! My sister in law in Germany always wants Reese’s cups and the little dark chocolate ones from Trader Joe’s.

          • I remember now that an American friend of mine who’d moved to London specifically requested some kind of Trader Joe’s peanut butter snack things.

        • Oreos for sure!! Mac and cheese. Canned Pumpkin/cranberry sauce. Maybe regional foods? My aunt lives in Germany and is from South Carolina, so she requested grits and cornmeal whenever we’d visit.

        • Aside from what others have mentioned, I would go for regional things. wdc is right, globalization may have solved the major things. So for Oreos, do the flavored ones (Birthday Cakes, Cinnamon Bun, whatever random Christmas thing the come out with), same with M&Ms. Maybe some Old Bay seasoning? When I was in the UK, the things I missed the most were Bisquick and Campbell’s Chunky Clam Chowder, and Slim Jim’s. Don’t judge me.

        • A friend of mine who lived overseas told me she introduced her friends to S’mores and everyone absolutely loved it. It was not something common in Europe. It would be a fun gift basket to make — Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate.

        • my friends (germany) and sister (UK) love anything Mexican (hot sauces, taco spice packets, tajin, good tortillas, avocados (gotta be stealth), etc). Apparently everything Mexican or tex-mex sucks there. If they aren’t into Mexican, I’d think of their favorite cuisine statewide, see how readily available the ingredients are where they live, and go from there.

          Also, I second the peanut butter items. Anything with peanuts and/or almonds (if that’s their thing) since everything is hazelnuts over there.

          • Hazelnuts are superior in every way to peanuts. I need to move.

          • I’d forgotten about tex mex stuff! When I had family in Europe I used to take them those taco seasoning packets.
            In France, it’s either hazelnut or chestnut. You can get chestnut pudding cups. It’s not as good as you’d think.

    • The National Geographic store is another good place to shop

    • topscallop

      I usually bring my friends in France a bottle of syrup from my family friends’ farm in Massachusetts and a bag of pancake mix.

  • Accountering

    Rave: For as much as I have ragged on Muriel Bowser, I want to give her credit for this one. She is proposing that we no longer have to shelter everyone who shows up at the door, targetting out of state homeless who come here for our superior services. It sounds like 12% of our homeless population comes from out of state, 10% have another place to stay (mom’s basement etc, but just don’t want too) and 25% of the people staying in hotel rooms (costs the city $80K/night) are using them inconsistently. I agree with the additional dollars we are spending on the new shelters, closing DC general etc, but we need to ensure that the dollars we are spending is being spent appropriately and efficiently.

  • skj84

    Rave: Something about it being December has boosted my mood. Biked to Union Station today and was delighted to see the tree. Really wish I could go to the White House Tree lighting today, especially since the weather is decent. I’m also hoping to make it up to New York some point this month for a Rockefeller day trip. This is my favorite time of the year, and considering how unstable next year may be I’m embracing with gusto!

    Rant: I’m pretty sure I found my ex on Tinder yesterday. His face was obscured, and he changed some facts around, but I’m 99% sure it was him. Considering I’ve been perusing Tinder myself I guess I shouldn’t be upset he’s moved on, but part of the reason he ended things was “he needed time to work on himself”.

    • Andie302

      When I walked up to the office entrance this morning there was yellow caution tape and I was initially alarmed, but then I realized it’s so that they can put the big wreath(es?) on our building. Yay for holiday decorations now that it’s finally the appropriate time for them!

    • He can work on himself and casually see people, I mean its tinder…in other news my brother matched on bumble with one of my best friends ex’s. She hated me….I thought it was pretty funny

      • skj84

        yeah, but he dumped me because he said he didn’t have time to date. And apparently he does. It bugs, but hey he lied about a lot of stuff so I shouldn’t be surprised.

        • not to excuse him, because it sounds like he may have been a jerk in many other respects, but sometimes when people say stuff like “I don’t have time to date” they are just trying to find a nicer way of saying “I don’t have time to date YOU because I’m not that into you and I’d rather use my time [dating other people]/[swiping but never dating]/[working on my rubberband ball]/[whatever].” Sometimes there really is no nice way to let someone down.

  • Rave: Wandered downstairs to spot Daughter and the New Boy dining by candlelight in the kitchen nook (a most romantic spot, assuming she hasn’t left her bike and various related garments and accouterments strewn about) listening to Ella Fitzgerald and exuding LUV (or CRUSH) RAYZ. He’s so normal it seems weird, but he cleans the kitchen thoroughly and Girlfriend says he “very pretty,” so I’m just going to cross my fingers, finishing rinsing my dishes and head back upstairs quick.

  • Rant: working on memories of my stepfather to share at his memorial service Saturday. I’m terrible at recalling specific conversations and the feedback I got was that’s what I need in it. Is it terrible to mention that he had to stay over “due to the weather” after their second date?

    Rave: friends hosting an ostrich party January 20. No tv.

  • Andie302

    Rave: My dad (who is at least 100lbs overweight) is going to a doctor/nutritionist/PT team today for an intake on a program the he can hopefully stick to so that he health improves. He has become very limited, and at 54 he’s wayyyy too young to be in such bad shape. I can tell he’s excited, so I am going to try and support him from afar.
    Rant: I’m doing that by going back to no soda and sweet treats. I love diet coke and could survive on sugar alone. This is probably very good for me too!
    Rave: All is well. I took care of my Angel tree kid this week, am setting up my CFC donations for the year, and am trying to embrace the holiday spirit.
    Weird rant: My personal life is in such contrast with national news right now and it almost feels wrong. But don’t worry – those worlds would collide with a Sarah Palin cabinet appointment. Ugh

  • Rant: So very tired and worn out this week. And my carpal tunnel, which has been under control over the past six months or so, is flaring up and so painful this week. I’m not sure what triggered that.
    Confession: Popville “schooled” me yesterday with information I didn’t know about a former cabinet member/leader in Congress (Elizabeth and Bob Dole) spousal duo. A reminder to me to think and put things into context before reacting to a news headline. That tendency is part of what makes political discourse so impossible these days and not something I want to do. That said, I still can’t help but feel that such close ties between the future executive branch and Congress feels “icky.” It contributes to my continuing fear that there just aren’t going to be the needed checks and balances on Trump’s administration. We will see how it plays out.
    Rave: I’m going to see some dear college friends this weekend, and they will finally get to meet Baby Artie.

  • That One Guy

    FWIW, DSW is selling off their luxury shoes for $100, if you can find shoes in your size that’s a good deal.
    (That’s the extent of my enabling for today).

  • Rant: Damn rumination started up again. Having flashbacks to when I was sexually harassed on the job .
    Rant: The corner of 7th and H NW in front of the Starbucks is a nasty mess again. Homeless dude with a dog nearly hit me yesterday with a bone he was throwing up the block so his dog could go and catch it. This morning, I saw a whole bag of dog food spilled in front of the old bank (now the back of &pizza) store front. Between that and the sleeping bag and other stuff on the sidewalk behind the bus shelter, and the other folks standing begging, it’s hard to walk by. I would feel sorry for the guy with the dog if I didn’t see him inside Starbucks this morning working on a laptop. I know he might have been borrowing it but it still irritated me a bit.
    Rave: Last day in the office this week. Teleworking tomorrow.
    Rave: Wearing my new boots.

  • Rant: Had a horrendous commute last night. It took me over an hour and a half to get home and I had to drive through the city in pouring rain on top of that.
    Rant: My SO is not being as supportive as I would like him to be about this whole going back to school thing. I do get his concerns, which are largely to do with time and how I will find enough of it, but it also has to do with the program I will be pursuing. He doesn’t get why I would want to go into it knowing how hard it is, which makes me wonder if he really gets me at all. When I talked to my closest friends about it, they were all incredibly supportive and honestly think I would be very well suited for it. But, they’ve all known me a lot longer too, and really ‘get’ me. I am probably overthinking this, because at the end of the day there’s not much to support at this exact point in time, but then, overthinking is my strong point!

    • Overthinking is also my strong suit but I think your feelings are truly justified here. Grad school is tough (and I’m sure especially tough with work and kids!), I think it would be even tougher with an unsupportive partner. I hope he starts to understand where you’re coming from soon.

      • Agreed.
        “He doesn’t get why I would want to go into it knowing how hard it is, which makes me wonder if he really gets me at all.” I wonder… are you maybe more up for a challenge than he is? Perhaps he can’t seem himself doing something so hard, and thus can’t understand why you would want to? (Although it seems like even if he’s not up for that much of a challenge himself, he should be able to understand that different people have different tolerance levels for that sort of thing.)

        • In general he is definitely the challenge type. In fact, he thrives on stress and challenges. I think the major issue is that we see careers differently; he sees a career as a means to an end, a way to make money. I see a career as this is how I am spending the majority of my time, I want it to be useful and worthwhile. He was supportive of my continuing my degree when it was to remain in the field I am currently in, and would allow me to advance within it. However, the older I get, the more I realize that the admin life ain’t for me in any form. His idea for me would to be to get to the top of my current field, which is grand, and I could do it, but I just simply don’t want to. I want to do something that I feel is worthwhile and can help the world out a little bit. I’m sure that once he gets that I really do want to do this and that I am going to make it happen, he will get on board or at least fake being on board, it’s just frustrating that he isn’t completely supportive from the start.

          • I get what you’re saying, and that is absolutely laudable. Is there a chance he’s worried about your joint financial security if you take this long-term pay cut?

          • This is definitely a possibility. However, it’s not that huge of a pay cut, and wouldn’t be for two years. I would stay in my current position making my current pay for at least another year and a half. Once I enter my senior year, I will have a mandatory work placement which will require me to cut my hours, but there is a huge chance that I will be able to make this work in my current position. Once in the field, the pay cut would be minimal, and after grad school, I would be making more than I make now.
            If this *is* the issue, it would really piss me off since his ex was a SAHM for the 7 years they were married and worked minimally when they were together prior to getting married. I would still be contributing to the household at least, and while we may not be able to afford a mansion, we could absolutely still afford the current lifestyle we have.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Agreed with MtP, i.e., in the asking of that question anyway. Is it possible that he is concerned about his own job security, the adequacy of his income (at least in the short- to medium-term while you’re paying for school if not also later), or that having more pressure (at least in his own mind) to support the family financially is generally stressful for him and/or that it limits his ability to safely and responsibly explore his own career options? I ask because I can identify with concerns like those myself.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Sorry, your reply to MtP did not appear until after I posted.

          • Haile, I think you are on to something about the pressure part, but perhaps the pressure is more to do with the kids than finances.

    • He could just be playing Devil’s Advocate, or getting used to the idea himself. I obviously don’t know him and, but at this point a major change in your life means means a major change in his, on top of what appears to have been a pretty major change not that long ago.
      I’m not saying let him off the hook (and I don’t know how long this particular change has been in the air) but sometimes people need to talk themselves into stuff. It may take a little time for him to something that seems “risky” and unnecessary to become daring and important.
      If this is the case (and I’ve seen it happen more than once) you can’t really use logic to bring him around, because it’s not a logical thought process. He has to be thinking about the end of the process and how great that’s going to be, not the process itself which will be (as all processes are) complex and fraught. He need to be thinking about a happy and proud Anonamom (raking in the cash!), not who’s going to be picking up the kids from practice some crazy night two years from now.
      (Caveat: I’m clearly just some guy on the internet, not some all-knowing being. But I thought I’d throw that out there. Good luck)

      • I think you have a good point here, Irving. To add to it, I am much more of a planner than he is, and he does have a hard time thinking about things that are far in advance because they are just too abstract and too subject to change. Perhaps when we get closer, it will be more real and he will up the support.

  • Rave: Good time catching up with a new-ish friend last night. It’s amazing how people can come into your life at exactly the time you need their experience and perspective.
    Rave: Really craving good, hearty nachos. Any recommendations?

    • Re: your rave–make them yourself? We sautee finely chopped steak in olive oil, lime juice, and steak seasoning, chop up tomatoes, red peppers, scallions and cilantro and then layer as follows: spread out a can of refried beans on a cookie sheet, add a layer of chips, then veggies, then shredded cheddar, another layer of chips, then veggies & steak, then shredded cheddar, then put into the oven at 350 and bake for 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted and perhaps starting to brown just a touch. It’s delicious!

    • looking glass! I just had them on Sunday with two nacho-aficionados and they said they rated pretty high on the list of best nachos in DC.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Cornelius Yukon!
    Rave: IDGI SR Live- Tweeting the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony. Except it wasn’t Twitter. It was by phone. Land line. It went something like this:
    IDGI SR: Who was that girl singing? She was really good.
    IDGI: I don’t know.
    IDGI SR: She was great. Oh gotta go, Tony Bennett is coming on! (Click)

    Rant: Don’t get me started about the “Pentacomics” call.

  • Rant: My mom was hospitalized with a heart blockage yesterday and I can’t go see her (OB won’t let me travel out of the area since this is a high risk pregnancy). She already has a lot of health problems so this is pretty scary.
    Rave: At least my dad and sister are with her.

  • Rant-ish: I have a milestone birthday in the headlights. [It rhymes with shorty.] Not everywhere I would have hoped for myself at this stage.
    Rave: I’ve paid off 2/3 of my student loans now (over $50,000). So there’s that to celebrate.
    Related question: Now that I suppose I should consider myself an adult, I need to make smarter decisions about saving, retirement allocation, and long-term financial planning. Are there fee-only (non-commission) people who specialize in this age/stage?

    • Accountering

      Not sure on advisors, but pay yourself first. As far as 401K, until you get to a huge balance, IMO you are just fine with the target retirement funds (2035 or whatever. )
      Hopefully someone else can chime in if they have met with someone they like.

  • Had an encounter with the Columbia Heights Busybody yesterday. She yelled at us for crossing the street two feet away from the crosswalk (we had the green) instead of IN the crosswalk. I snapped back at her. My kids scolded me for being rude.

    • My Columbia Heights busybody was a man, not a woman, who lived across the alley from me. He was very open and vehement about his opinions as to what we should do with our property, to the tune of thousands of dollars. Eff off.

      • This one is a random mean woman I see every few months. She ALWAYS has something to say, and it’s NEVER nice.

        • Oh my gosh! I think I got yelled at by her too the other day – for crossing IN THE CROSS WALK but while the “don’t walk” light was on at that strange block on the border of Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan where Harvard goes north-south.

    • HaileUnlikely

      A Canadian friend who was traveling in Germany told me about a time when he was waiting to cross the street, along with a few dozen patient Germans, and he decided to cross against the light. Several people ran out, gently escorted him back to the sidewalk, and scolded him for setting a bad example for the children.

      • That made me smile — sounds very German of them. 😉

      • In NYC, it’s exactly the opposite. The tourists wait patiently at lights, and the natives (or people who have spent time there) scamper across at the first break in traffic.

        • HaileUnlikely

          They also seem to be much less respectful of bike lanes (i.e., pedestrians walking in them, not crossing them, actually walking along them as if they were an extension of the sidewalk). I don’t mean a few here and there, I mean large numbers, in certain areas anyway.

          • Completely agree, especially the 15th Street cycle track by the White House.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Sorry, I did not mean tourists (in DC or elsewhere), I meant locals in NYC. They just treat the bike lane like it’s the sidewalk, and I mean very large volumes, to the point that the bike lane is not even remotely usable as a bike lane. On 15th by the White House, I think the major problem is with pedestrians standing in the bike lane while waiting to cross 15th Street, in some cases out of selfishness and in other places out of ignorance. I’ve never seen people just walk down the bike lane en masse for blocks at a time here. I suspect this is mainly a function of pedestrian volumes being much much greater in parts of NYC than anywhere here, but it was still a shocking and confusing sight the first time I saw it.

          • It’s clear what you meant. Reading comprehension fail on my part 🙂

      • We were just discussing this in my office after a colleague returned from Germany! While there, she discovered that if you jaywalk or cross against the light, the police can fine you 1000 Euro and confiscate your passport. My colleague was warned to never ever cross against the light or outside a crosswalk as the German jaywalking laws are extremely strict. So the people in your story were actually being pretty helpful!

      • Emmaleigh504

        love the idea of escorting him back to the curb!

  • Bear

    Rant: Baby is not ready to come out, despite me having contractions off and on since last week, and I’m being pushed to schedule an induction because of “advanced maternal age.” Sigh. I am really grumpy today.
    Rave: One way or another I’ll have a baby in a week and a half!

  • There will be another garment sewing brunch meetup this Sunday 4 Dec, noon, at Vapiano in Chinatown. We usually bring fabrics, patterns, and notions to have a big swap (leftovers are donated if logistically possible). You can also bring projects that you are working on and/or completed projects to show off.

    We usually try to grab the seating area near the front window, look for the piles of fabric. Brunches generally last ~two hours, but you can show up and leave at your own schedule.

    • Thanks for organizing and posting! I plan to be there.

      • Great! I’ll also note that anyone looking to acquire fabric is more than welcome (even if you have nothing to donate to the swap), as most attendees are trying to get rid of extra fabric/supplies and don’t want to bring their stuff back home after. We used to try to drop off excess at ScrapDC, but now that they are closed, it is difficult to deal with the copious swap leftovers.

  • Rave: Letena has become a regular stop on my way home for delicious Ethiopian food – so good. And, I just got a new Ethiopian cookbook (Teff Love) to make more of this at home
    Rave: Meyer lemon tree that arrived two weeks ago is starting to bloom

    PoPville PSA/It’s a small, small world/town
    When you have work-related conversations on public transit, don’t be surprised if someone sitting near you can easily guess where you work and perhaps the person you are criticizing.

  • Rant: Had crazy nightmares last night about one of my brothers – dreamed he had been kidnapped by a cult and we couldn’t find him and weren’t even sure he was still alive. I woke up sweating and shaking and thinking it was real, it took a long time to shake that one off!
    Rave: He is in fact alive and just as jolly and silly as ever
    Rant-ish: House hunting was….”disheartening,” to use my roommates word for it. There was one place we liked and I could almost see myself living there, but it’s a hell of a commute (in Rockville) and I need to get an estimate of the utilities, because that could have a huge impact on whether this is doable or not….sigh.
    Rave-ish: I have been so incredibly, crazily busy that I have been pretty much avoiding all news. I just can’t handle thinking about the president-elect and all his nonsense.
    Rant: I really want a cigarette. This stress is getting to me. Doing my level best to resist.

    • Remember what REM said . . .

      • +1.
        Is the third person (would-be second roommate) out of the picture, or still in it? If you’re looking for a 2-bedroom place rather than a 3-bedroom one, that would give you a lot more options.

        • 3rd person wants to be counted in but can’t commit to making the move in Jan. Thus, we’re trying to look for 3 bedrooms but if we can’t get a solid commitment soon, we’ll look at 2 bedrooms.

          • Since this is making you anxious, I’d get a firm commit no later than 5 weeks out from your lease ending. Given low winter inventory, you’re REALLY going to have a hard time finding a 3bdr let alone 1 on the lower priced side.
            Rockville and Bethesda are surprisingly expensive (at least to me given the distance).

          • I don’t know about affordability or availability, but when I was in school I lived in both a 2 and 3 BR in the Topaz House, right across from BCC in Bethesda. Their 3 BR, 3 BA are kinda weird – they took two two bedroom apartments and turned them into a 3 BR and a 1 BR – but they were affordable many moons ago. Plus, I think all utilities are included, and it’s a really short walk to the Bethesda metro. No w/d in the unit, though. Also, we just lived in 4701 Willard, which is a short walk to the Friendship Heights Metro/buses, which I think would be a little cheaper but would not include utilities. The 3 BR apartments in older building are huge.

          • Thanks for the input, dcd, that’s something I’ll investigate. I’ll have to talk to my roommate about shared laundry facilities, I know I hate them (like, really viscerally hate them) but I guess if there’s a deal too good to pass up, we should check it out.

      • I’m drawing a blank on this one….

    • You are still looking for places with dishwashers and in-unit W/D, correct? If you’re willing to forgo one or both of those (esp. in-unit W/D), that too would expand your options (and bring down your costs).

  • Rave: National Tree Lighting soon!!!!
    Rave: had fun-ish at doggie class last night.
    Rant: I love my dog and adopting an adult dog was the right choice for me, but I feel like there’s a secret society of puppy owners who all know the same things and own the same treat fanny packs and know things I will never know.

    • I have a serious question – is the tree-lighting really fun? It always seemed like a long time to stand outside for a quick minute of something that isn’t that significant (such as an inauguration).

      • skj84

        The lighting its self is at the beginning of the ceremony, which is great since if thats the only draw for you its over quickly. The performances are pretty fun, one year I went Aretha Franklin, The Avett Brothers, Janalle Monae and Mariah Carey were among the performers. They are on a TV shooting schedule so there can be gaps in the performances, and they sometimes reshoot things. But you don’t have to stay the whole time, both times I went we dipped out before the end.

    • I’ve had my dog since he was 5 months old, and at nearly 12yo he’s still learning new things. Don’t let those dog dresser uppers make you feel like there’s some secret code to dog ownership; there isn’t. I learned all I know by trial and error, and I’m sure half of it wouldn’t work on the next dog.

    • we adopted Freya when she was 4 months old, but I don’t think that gave me any special knowledge. I just used my regular fanny pack for treats when we were training her. and yes I did and still do have a “regular” fanny pack that I wear un-ironically and doubles as a treat fanny pack.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I think I figured out why I suck at my job, but I’m not sure how to fix it at this point.
    Rant: I need to polish all the silver things. Why did I ever think silver jewelry was ok?
    Rave: finished bear of a project at work!

    • I use “sunshine cloth” for silver jewelry (avail at Amazon)

      • Emmaleigh504

        I have some cloths and some goop to use, I just don’t want to do it, but some of my earring are practically black. And boy howdy to earrings have lots of fiddlely bits that are hard to polish.

      • Easier than polishing, especially earrings: add boiling water to a bowl with a piece of aluminum foil and baking soda, soak the jewelry for a few minutes (move it around to come into contact with the foil), then rinse and dry. Do dry it well, though, I sometimes put it into a paper bag with one of those desiccant sachets that come with new shoes.

  • Forgot to post my RAVE! Its my parents 36th wedding anniversary today. 36!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant even hang out with a dude for 36 DAYS without getting the heebs. Uff. A lot to learn…

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