Pret a Manger opens in Penn Quarter; H&R Block coming to Rhode Island Row

13th and E Street, NW

Thanks to all who sent word about the new Pret A Manger that opened in Penn Quarter earlier this week.

2300 Washington Pl, NE

Also thanks to a reader for sending:

“H&R Block getting built out at Rhode Island Row. Better than an empty space, I suppose.”

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  • So Rhode Island Row now has a DC DMV, an Xfinity store, AND H&R Block? I dunno if we can handle that much excitement in one development. Someone tell them to calm the eff down.

    • I know..Xfinity, really?????! Still don’t get that one. Will H & R Block last that long? Are tax services in that high a demand, year-round?

      Guess it’s about whomever can pay the rent.

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