“The neighbors will be pleased.” Chapman Stables Condos Coming Spring 2017

57 N Street, NW photos by Jonathan Rogers

Ed. Note: This is the former (and long vacant) Brass Knob Warehouse.

Thanks to Jonathan Rogers for sharing with us on twitter this morning:

“The neighbors will be pleased. @Chapman_Stables will be condos not apartments. $300s – $1M+ @TruxtonCircle”

Updates as construction progresses.



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  • Did neighbors petition to get the building sold as condos instead of apartments? It’s annoying when this happens to new construction; it’s far more sensible for new construction to be financed as apartments and then have them go condo before the units need refinishing. Not to mention classist to insist things in your neighborhood be reserved for owners.

    • Developers likely realized that there’ll be a glut of apartments with few condos coming online by the time they plan to finish. You can rest assured they didn’t kowtow to neighbor’s pressure (pretty sure most neighbors were welcoming of this project regardless).

    • As a neighbor, I don’t specifically remember anyone advocating for these to be condos or apartments. Personally I am happy for something to finally start happening at this site, it has been a long time coming! So far the construction team has been polite and recognizes that Hanover Place needs to be able to acces our alley.

  • Condominums? 2X? No spell check? No proofing?

  • I LOVE THIS BUILDING! Good luck with the historic review process, this is where a lot of developers and architects get put through the wringer and projects stall. I hope this is not the case here.

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