Sweet City Ride


Smoking. Thanks to a reader for sending: “If I owned it, I think I would splurge for valet instead of street parking, but maybe that’s just me. T Street between 13th and 14th.”

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  • if you’ve ever driven one you’d quickly know how shitty they are, loud in the cab and very weak on amenities. same with porsche and mclaren.

  • Maybe s/he can afford it precisely because s/he chooses street parking instead of the splurges?

  • A little difficult to tell from this photo, but this appears to be a first generation Lamborghini Gallardo. These were manufactured between 2003 and 2008. There were a number of special editions of this car made, but I think this is the stock coupe with the 5 liter V10 engine producing just over 500bhp.
    Prices for used ones range from $60k to $125k (special editions and convertible spyder models fetch a little more).

    • Thank you for identifying it. For those of us that are “car-challenged”, we appreciate knowing what we’re looking at.

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