Shots Fired around 15th and W St, NW just after 10pm

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MPD reported:

“At 1010 pm tonight, Third District members received a call for sounds of gunshots in the area of 2203 15th Street , NW. While we are out there investigating, we are asking anyone with information relating to this to call (202) 727-9099 or email me directly at [email protected]

Just after 10pm a reader wrote:

“I think I just heard 6 gunshots around the 16th and U street block – any confirmation from other readers?”

Another replied:

“Happened on Johnson Ave between R & S. Police here now looking for casings. No ambulance, so that’s good”


“and now just a whole bunch more?”


“I also just heard a lot more about 10 minutes ago. I’m at 17th and T – sounded like a few blocks north of here”


“yep on W I think between 14th and 15th”

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  • W between 14th & 15th….aka Please Double-Park All Along this Block
    Whats up with that?

    • Actual lol at the nickname. This is true.
      Is there a history of having issues along this block? I know this section of V is sometimes problematic, but I don’t recall there being many issues on this section of W recently (minus the gun the police picked up a week or so ago).

      • The apartment buildings on the south side of W were converted into low-income cooperatives at some point in the 90s. You can buy a 1BR in those buildings for very cheap, but the monthly charges are enormous. Huge underlying mortgage, delinquent owners of common fees. Check out the listings on Redfin.
        Lots of residual issues stemming from individuals/relatives of those who are original owners in the cooperative. Lots of perfectly nice folks, too. The block is a hang-over of Old DC.

        • Agreed. I know of a few relatives of original owners who are truly bad apples (in and out of jail for crimes). They deal drugs right out of these homes. Most of the owners are fantastic, but a few criminals make it unbearable.

          • Bah, that’s unfortunate. I remember reading an old article about that cooperative and it seemed to offer a lot of hope for decent living for people who bought the apartments. I walk by almost daily but haven’t noticed anything weird, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

      • As a long-time former resident of W Street (over 10 years since 2005), this type of activity, unfortunately, is not uncommon. When I first moved into the neighborhood, it was WAY worse. There were all night parties (drinking and using drugs in lawn chairs right on the sidewalk). There were criminals selling and using drugs all day and all night on the 1400 block of W Street. It was crazy blatant. MPD was slow to react in the beginning. When MPD did assist, their effort dwindled over a week or two weeks time. Then, the criminals would return. The biggest request from the community was to have frequent (not constant) dedicated police to actually walk the beat. Unfortunately, the community saw very little effort to do this.

      • There also used to be a brisk and blatant drug trade right in front of gas station. And that horrible beating of the condo owner happened in the same alley where the guns were recently found. Generally, however, I’ve had pleasant experiences with 99% of the people who seem to live (versus hang out) on that block. And I just assume there will be a double parked car on that block at all times.

  • Went by in an uber at about 11 and saw them canvassing, searching for casings it looked like.

  • Now THAT’S what I call “Bespoke Living”!

    • LOL, is this the sign on the awful new condo building on the northwest corner of W/14th?

      • It is, although I think it’s a pretty nice looking building – just with bad marketing.

        • I too like the new building, but given the high cost of all those pretty finishes, developers are seeking stupid rents to cover their costs and make a decent profit. I guess those willing to pay $5,000/2br also wear bespoke suiting? But yea, that marketing is absolutely woeful.

          • I thought it was a condo building? Did someone buy a unit and then try to rent it for that much?

          • Sadly, DC is now has the highest median rent of major US cities so I guess they feel they can get away with crap like that.

          • The building in question is actually on the SE corner of 15/V.

          • OH – so anon 11:08 isn’t talking about the new condos at 14&W but a separate new apartment complex at 15&V? I think I know what you’re talking about. I forgot that was there. I didn’t realize it was new.

    • I think “bespoke” is the new “artisanal,” yes?

  • Johnson Ave between R & S – is that the same block that, on the 4th of July, people were setting off illegal fireworks between the apartment buildings and half a dozen police cars just drove on by?

    • Police ignore illegal fireworks all over the city.

    • Johnson Ave, about 11:19 PM—-heard 4 shots, a brief pause, then 4 shots. Then silence. Right under my bedroom window (it seemed), LOUD, I hit the floor and waited. Neighbor’s car got hit a few times, radiator leaking out today, guess they are out of town. Another car with a hole in the bottom passenger side frame, not sure if that was from bullets or not. House got a bullet ricochet that nicked the mortar and a shutter. No victims that I could see—police out retrieving shell casings and snapping pix until 12:30 or later.

  • Yeah I live near 15th and W and heard the gunshots. It’s kinda sad, it’s like the 6th or 7th time I’ve heard gunshots since I’ve lived there. I used to call 911, but now I’m so used to it I don’t anymore (although I suppose I still should). Strange though, I usually never feel unsafe when I’m walking out and about.

  • When we first moved here in March, I went via bus to the Target in Columbia Heights. Not sure how far this is from there, but there was obvious drug dealing going on in the area. I felt endangered.

  • nope! The shots were at the corner of 15th and W st nw in the new park. The police found 5 casings. No blood. 3 guys were on bikes shooting. They were not apprehended as far as I know.

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