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  • Results from Dixville Notch NH are in. 4 for Clinton, 2 for Trump.

    My polling place here in Adams Morgan has a longish line of people out front, so I’ll wait until mid-morning to cross the street to vote.

  • I cherish democracy and I will vote. But it is not a gift, which is bestowed; it is a hard-won right.

  • While it’s heartening to see people standing in long lines to vote – at the same time, it’s incredibly absurd that people have to wait hours to vote in this country.

    • I agree. All that time spent standing in line really eats into our productivity.

      • Here’s my issue though — it’s once every four years. That’s like, an hour or two of your life out of every 35,040 hours of your life. It might be slightly annoying but really it shouldn’t be *that* big of an issue for most people.

    • Voted by mail on my couch. Never will vote in-person again, if I can avoid it. Easily worth the cost of a couple stamps. I hope every state goes to the Oregon model.

    • DC provided two weeks of early voting – on a Sunday, it took me 5 minutes, no line. The question is why more people don’t take advantage of that . . . Agreed it is more an issue in areas where early voting is not an option.

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