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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Yesterday
    Rant: Men
    Rant: The Soccer team plane crash with 76 deaths. My little bro plays soccer and I cant even imagine how the families feel. My heart!
    Rant: Anxiety
    Rant: Sinus Pressure
    Rant: This work week. Overwhelmed is an understatement and everyone seems to STILL be in vacation mode but these deadlines are not.
    Rave: I’m Alive so I guess its not that bad.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Eldest Zelda’s wisdom teeth extraction on Friday went well.
    Rant: She’s kinda cranky because she’s not 100% already.

  • RAVE: I’m going to the tree lighting and I’m super excited!
    RANT: They still haven’t released road closures, has anyone heard anything?
    RAVE: It’s gonna be great!!
    RANT: I’m getting over a cold and its going to be raining, plus no umbrellas allowed in

  • Rave: First date tonight. I’m nervous and excited. I haven’t been on a date in like 6 months.

    Rant: early morning ladydoctor appointment tomorrow. She’s going to say something about my weight that I can’t seem to lose, and so that’s something I am not looking forward to.

    Rave: Took Friday off work to go to NYC early!

    • Re the lady doctor, you might be surprised; I was expecting the inevitable “lose weight” convo at my last appointment, but surprisingly, she just told me not to gain weight and that my technically overweight BMI was really no big deal since I have a relatively healthy lifestyle. She did give me a lecture on not ending up like my parents (who are both overweight and diabetic, plus the bonus of heart disease on my dad’s side) with the way to avoid that being to maintain a healthy weight but more importantly, a healthy life style. I was pretty shocked since I’ve always gotten that talk, but it was a pleasant surprise.

      • I hope so. I’m really focusing on portion control (even at Thanksgiving) and I just started working out again after 3 months, so it will take time, but at least I’m doing something about it.

    • These doctors who make that speech also never give you any referrals to programs that are serious about helping you lose weight. Many have the assumption we are overweight because we eat too much, eat the wrong stuff, and don’t exercise. As a formerly skinny adult who has gained weight at certain points in my adult life, including right before menopause which is common, I can say I still eat extremely healthy (no soda, no junk food, mostly vegetables with some fish and meat), there are other things that go on (hormones, both the sex kind, the thyroid kind, and the hunger kind) that have a great effect on weight that what we eat or how much we move.
      If they don’t offer you some help with the lecture, they are useless. Which they are, generally, anyway. When I have time, I hope to research some real weight loss help (no, not stomach surgery.) Weight watchers, which had an effect in my mid-30s has no effect now. And it isn’t about the weight, really – it is about whether you can maintain healthy blood sugar, heart, and joints at a given weight.

      • There’s a facebook page called “Fit is a Feminist Issue” that often has good articles on women and weight and how the current medical establishment is getting it wrong.

      • I completely agree with all of this. I also think it is very important to have a health care provider who looks at you as a whole person, not as a collection of symptoms/diagnoses that need to be treated. There is so much more to being healthy than a number on a scale; one can be at a “healthy” BMI and still have very bad habits or an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s also completely unfair how men are treated versus women in regards to BMI.

        • That’s the only thing that’s wrong with me, ever – the overweight BMI. The rest of my blood tests/blood pressure, etc. are all perfect, they always have been. The weight gain for me has been since I turned 39 – it’s been very surprising.

  • Rant: Sinuses. Ugh. WHY?! Why is it whenever I have the most stuff going on that’s the time my body wants to crap out on me?! Too much to do but I can’t breathe through my nose and so I’m a mouth-breathing snotty mess. Couldn’t sleep for coughing and sneezing. Any med suggestions beside sudafed / fake sudafed? (Can’t take it, end up with really bad heart palpitations)?
    Rave? Hopefully going to see a house or two tomorrow, see what’s out there on the rental market. Scared and nervous but trying to look at this as an adventure rather than desperately grabbing at whatever may be available.
    Rant: Roomie made a mess cooking last night and hadn’t cleaned it up by the time I woke up. Gross.
    Rave: At least I love my roomie.

    • The relative humidity is super low right now and affecting a lot of people’s sinuses. Try a humidifier in your room at night.
      Good luck with the house hunting!

      • oh good idea! I notice too this seemed to happen right when we switched to heat here at work and at home….Guess I’m gonna plug the ol’ humidifier in tonight!

    • Mucinex + ibuprofen + Netipot.

    • Blithe

      I recently tried Sinusalia — by boiron — a homeopathic remedy (Whole Foods has it, and CVS might also). My sinus headache was completely gone in about 3 hours. I don’t know why or how it works, but it worked well for me. I should add that my first success with boiron products was coldcalm — which works well when I’ve taken it just at the initial stages of a cold. They also have a cold syrup which I’ve taken with good results — although I hate the taste, it’s extremely sweet. Hope you feel better soon LBP!

      • Thanks for the suggestions, Blithe! I don’t usually put too much stock in homeopathic remedies, but at this point I’m willing to try almost anything!

  • Rant: Didn’t get a job that I really wanted and that I thought was in the bag based on how well the interview went. This feels especially hard since so many people around me are starting new jobs and I feel totally stuck and dissatisfied where I am.
    Rant: I can’t seem to stop obsessing about what I did wrong–maybe I should have sent my KSAs earlier, maybe my thank you notes should have been different, maybe I shouldn’t have asked what the salary range for the position was, etc etc etc– and my inner monologue about myself is really really ugly.
    Rave: I am alive and currently employed moving into the holiday season, which is more than many can say.

    • I know that feeling, I’m sorry you didn’t get it. I know it feels impossible not to, but don’t beat yourself up. The questions you asked were more than fair, and if they didn’t think they were then you wouldn’t have been happy working there anyway.

    • You could ask the interviewer/panel or whatever if they have any constructive feedback for you. That way at least you will know if you did anything super crazy…and hopefully what to work on for next time.
      Also I totally feel you…I am stuck in the referred/interview loop of Federal hiring for the last almost year.

      • I asked for feedback like that once, and it was really helpful. No harm in asking.

      • I’ve done that before, and while it was a little difficult on my ego, it was helpful. And the interviewer was impressed with my humility and sent me other job opening announcements, although I had already found a different – and better – job by then.

      • I think I may try that. Do folks think I should ask the head person who interviewed me, who I haven’t been in contact with since I sent her my KSAs after the interview, or the HR person who let me know that I didn’t get the job, who was not in the interview but who may have notes?

    • Andie302

      Try not to beat yourself up too much! It’s entirely possible that your interview was as good as you thought it was, but that someone with better experience or qualifications was being interviewed too. I always feel for the #2 candidate when there’s only one position, because often they are well qualified too.

    • Do not beat yourself up – you likely did nothing wrong. At some point in the years of interviewing, you know better than anyone what you did wrong, and if you did anything wrong (I’m there, but have always been my own worst critic.) They didn’t make the decision they did because you did anything wrong – I’ve been there, many, many times. Sometimes someone else was more qualified; sometimes the person who got the job knew someone, or knew someone who knew someone; sometimes they make the decision on who they like best; or who is younger and perceived to be more malleable or less threatening to their own place in the hierarchy; sometimes it is based on gender, race, or actual or perceived sexual orientation. You didn’t do anything wrong – you aren’t in control of the process. Really. There are a lot of qualified people out there (and many poorly qualified people who get jobs over the better qualified for the reasons listed above and for a host of others.) Think – if you got the job, does that mean every other interviewee did something wrong? No way – it couldn’t be. Ask for feedback if you want and feel it would be useful – sometimes I’ve been told someone else had some experience with ‘x’ or ‘y’ that I did not – sometimes I’ve just seen that myself by googling later and seeing the bio or linked profile of the person who got the job over me. Never have I been told that I did anything wrong – because, truly, I hadn’t – but I already knew that. I’ve done hiring – often you just have to choose between many well-qualified candidates.

  • Rave: Back home.
    Condensed Rant: So, so many things, so I’ll just say that cruises are not my thing. (Or, in the parlance of those who are fans, “cruising” is not my thing. Yes, apparently they need their own vocabulary.)
    Super Rave: Despite the (many) cruise-related rants, there is nothing quite like sunrise on the open seas. I timed it so I set my alarm, went for a run, then cooled down on a lounge chair watching the sun come up. I don’t know when I became a sunrise instead of a sunset person, but I am.
    OK, a couple specific Rants: I keep hearing that the food on cruises is fantastic. No. It’s of OK quality, and there truly is an unlimited amount of it (seriously, I had to tell our waiters that just because I was deciding between two entrees, that doesn’t mean they should bring both), but that’s it. As one of my friends said, the people who say the food is great on a cruise are the same people who make the Cheesecake Factory so popular.
    Rant: Despite enough Purell on the damn boat to float said boat, I got sick. Stayed home yesterday, but not an option today.
    Rave?: So, far, I’m the only one in my family (knocks wood) with the bug.
    Shiver: The pool-side smoking deck on a cruise ship may be the scariest place on earth.
    Rant: The only think worse than getting sick from a not-so-great vacation is the backlog of work I have to get through while sick because of the not-so-great vacation.
    Rave: Four weeks from this moment, I will be finishing making everyone breakfast and starting to get dressed for my first ski run of the season.
    Question: In the words of Thomas Jefferson, as interpreted by Lin Manuel Miranda, “So, what’d I miss?”

    • Dammit, spoke to soon. My daughter is home from school today, and my wife has a sore throat.

    • Ugh, yeah I have never really desired to go on a cruise because of all the reasons you listed. I also don’t like the idea that I’d be trapped on the boat.

    • I went on a cruise this January with my family and had a great time, but went in with rock-bottom expectations, especially about the food. I definitely found it to be just OK, and agree that the smoking sections of the pool-side deck are horrifying. That said, things I did not hate included people bringing me alcoholic beverages at my beck and call and drinking coffee on our balcony as the sun rose over the water. I think cruises are great for folks with special needs and/or limited mobility–for instance, I could totally see the appeal if I had a gaggle of small children who needed cribs or chicken tenders or other kinds of consistency, or if you were older/elderly and couldn’t get around easily, since it’s basically like a floating holiday inn where the view out your window changes nightly.

    • My parents love cruises, and yes, they are the exact people who make Cheesecake Factory a success. They keep trying to get us to go, but to be perfectly honest, being stuck on a boat for several days with 5 kids PLUS my mother is my idea of the 6th Circle of Hell.

    • skj84

      My best friend wants to get married on a cruise. I’m hoping to gently nudge her away from that idea.

    • jim_ed

      My in-laws are cruise people, and Carnival Cruise people at that. Which is odd because they’re fairly well to-do suburbanites who like upper middle class things yet choose to vacation on the high seas equivalent of a NASCAR infield. Anyhow, every couple of years they graciously offer to bring us along as a family vacation, and while I’m appreciative of the offer, the last time we went my wife and I got violently ill and spent half the cruise in our cabin recreating scenes from the exorcist. It’s been three years and they still think I’m kidding when I tell them I will never cruise again.

    • Additionally, if you haven’t already, you should really read David Foster Wallace’s essay called “Shipping Out: On the (nearly lethal) comforts of a luxury cruise.” It’s a riot.

    • Cruising, skiing, unlimited food, wow! Sounds pretty good to me!

  • palisades

    Rave: I love pandas

  • Rant: Have not bought a single thing for Christmas yet. Shopping for the kids has gotten more difficult as they get older, especially for the oldest who has requested cash. No, kiddo, I am not giving you a wad of cash for Christmas. You are still a kid, and I am not a ‘baller’.
    Rant: Completely lacking the Christmas spirit already. I know this will be a tough year. Time to fake it til I make it.
    Rave: Living in the ‘burbs apparently has a redeeming quality this time of year – Christmas lights. Several houses in the neighborhood are already done up, and I expect more to come (including my house) this weekend.
    Question: For those who have lost pets with a surviving companion animal – is there anything I can do to help my little pooch? The dogs usually slept in the laundry room overnight, but since the old lady lab passed away, the little one whines and cries being in there unless one of us is in there, even while eating (she won’t eat unless one of us is in there with her). Should I move her ‘den’ area? Get rid of the old bed they shared so she doesn’t still smell her pal?

    • I’m with you on your first rant… wondering when I’m magically going to acquire Christmas presents for my family. And lol at “You are still a kid, and I am not a ‘baller'”!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I would NOT get rid of the old bed – that would just make her more anxious. You might try giving her a stuffed animal to cuddle with, or a sweater or something that smells like you. Also you might check with a dachshund rescue group – they might have some ideas.

      • I was thinking perhaps smelling her old friend would make it worse? She keeps looking for her. Every time my SO comes in, she’s looking for the other dog (since he left with her). I think we may just have to change our routines with her. Last night, she slept in her kennel in my son’s room… with him basically wrapped around the kennel on the floor lol. But she didn’t cry, so that’s a plus.

    • I don’t think his wanting cash is a bad thing, as long as the amount is what you would otherwise have spent on presents for him.

      • Disagree. Christmas is all about socialization. We have to learn to give gifts AND to receive gifts– how to be gracious if we don’t get what we want or get something we’re not interested in. It is not a commercial transaction, but a social training ritual.

        • So anonmom wants to give the kid a good gift (I.e. one he’d like) and she is finding it difficult to shop for him, kid wants money but giving him money makes him not gracious…huh? The logic in that is completely lost on me.
          I received mostly money+a couple smaller things in tune with my interests for most of my childhood, and miraculously I still made personal calls to thank people for every gift anyone bought even if it just collected dust in my closet.
          It sounds more like control to me. If your goal is to make the kid happy, why stress yourself trying to decipher what they’re into when they’ve said what they want?
          Ps: my parents aren’t “ballers” either.

          • I sort of answered this below, but in short, in order to make this kid truly happy about receiving cash, it would need to be around a certain amount that I simply do not have to give him. Look, the kids’ cousins who do get cash have parents who are multi-millionaires, and that is no exaggeration at all. I will not buy him anything that will gather dust, but I will also not give him a wad of cash. Personal decision. Good for your parents for making you happy, but I am also happy to be the parent who does not give cash.

          • “in order to make this kid truly happy about receiving cash, it would need to be around a certain amount that I simply do not have to give him.” — Ahh, I see. It’s an expectations problem on his part. That’s a bummer (as is the comparison-with-wealthier-cousins thing).

          • Knowing the back story, that all makes sense. If I had a haves and have nots situation, I’m sure things would have been quite different.

        • Don’t most people give gifts hoping that the recipient will actually like the gift, though? It seems unfortunate if the gift-giver spends good money on a gift the recipient doesn’t like.

          • There is value in seeing your loved ones try very hard to get something they think you will like, even if they don’t quite hit the mark.
            Giving cash seems like a cop-out. Like, I don’t care enough to think about it, or to remember all the things we’ve talked about over the last year.
            It’s not hard to remember that back in September, one kid was all enthusiastic about a friend’s sparkly sweater (even though I don’t much like sparkly clothes, it’s what SHE wants). Or to see a kid trying to repurpose a toy horse into a toy unicorn; get her a toy unicorn for Christmas. Or to remember that mom complimented my wooden salad bowl; get her a similar salad bowl.

          • @wdc… I think giving cash is a cop out when you can not think of a gift the person would be happy with (spouse, parents, etc) but not necessarily when the person actually requests it. Some people request cash as wedding presents. I have my own opinion on that BUT it is what they personally requested so you almost have to take that into consideration.

            Kid might be wanting to save up for something expensive and out of respect for his siblings and/families economic situation he is looking for money toward what he truly wants so he can continue to add to it. He/she is asking for cash for a specific reason not to to be anti-social or anything imo…

          • stacksp – Saving towards a certain thing wouldn’t be a bad idea, and if he were, say, saving for a car that would be one thing. I also have no problem with cash on birthdays. But Christmas to me is a no-go. There are things he wants, there are things he will enjoy opening, I just have to figure out what those things are. Knowing this kid, he wants cash so that he can get his ‘gift’ and go about his business. It’s not about the giving/recieving, it’s not about his dad and I showing how much we care about him, it’s “on this day, you give me shit, and this year, that shit will be cash.” Again, different strokes for different folks, child specific, blah blah blah.

          • Understood. You know your kid better than I do so I understand why you feel the way you do given the attitude you explained.

        • This is really going to be a complete and total personal/parental decision and one that people disagree on, even in the same family. That said, in this child’s particular mind, in order to get a sufficient cash gift to make up for non-cash gifts, he would need more money than we would typically spend on gifts. I work very hard finding sales, coupons, whatever to keep costs down over Christmas and it is not unheard of for me to spend $100 on a kid and that’s it; however, it’s still a lot of ‘stuff’. Kid is happy, mom is happy, good Christmas. What happens when one kid perceives that another kid got more? Pouting kid, pissed off mom, someone inevitably having to have the ‘don’t be ungrateful’ convo, parent feeling shitty for making a shitty Christmas, kid eventually feeling shitty for making the parent feel shitty. But, more than that, wdc’s view matches my view of why we give gifts at this season; it’s the social aspect. I’m not at all saying that giving him cash will make him grow up to be a bad gift-receiver, but I also don’t think one should simply be paid for existing on a day where it’s traditional to get something.

          • Agree with Anonamom and wdc on this. Heck, even with one kid I can see innumerable problems with cash as a gift; with 5 in the house, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Plus, I would rather not reduce Christmas to a commercial transaction any more than it already is.

      • Ha, my parents still don’t give us cash. My mom just LOVES Christmas and giving gifts. For me now it’s not about not wanting the gifts–it’s about getting them across the border! Oh well, at least the in laws are all about cash at birthday, Christmas, and Chinese New Year. I tend to agree it’s probably not the best for the under 18 kids.

    • Andie302

      Our dog hardly EVER eats without a person around (and sometimes it needs to be a person she knows). Give him some time, he’s grieving just like the rest of you. A friend recently was in a similar situation and posted that her lone dog has changed some behavior (is more clingy) but appears to be in better spirits than the last few weeks. Thinking of you all!

      • Thank you, that’s good to hear that your friend’s pup is recovering. I hope she bounces back soon too. She has those sad little dachshund eyes anyway, but now she just looks sad. I don’t know if I’m projecting or what, but it breaks my heart.

  • Rant: Sunday night was terrible. Could not get to sleep due to rumination. Had to take leave yesterday because of how crappy I felt due to the lack of sleep. Got more sleep last night but still feeling worn out this morning. Depression and anxiety suck big time.
    Rave: Got all of the things that I wanted to buy on Black Friday.
    Rave: Saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on Saturday and enjoyed it.
    Rant: The weather.

    • I feel you re: anxiety/depression. It’s the worst.

    • Depression sucks so much. When I’m depressed or stressed my anxiety is at level 1,000. (like right now) I’m so sorry you couldn’t sleep. That was me Sunday night. 🙁

    • I didn’t like Fantastic Beasts AT ALL. The plot was so bad. And Eddie Redmayne… I don’t know what he was doing, but it wasn’t acting.
      A friend suggested that it should have been a magical David Attenborough instead of that whole quasi-religious child abuse thing.
      Sorry. I know you enjoyed it. But I’ve been simmering for like a week over all the terrible plot holes. (The magic feds are helpless against a niffler, but they can re-build the city with a casual wave of the wand??)
      I loved the blond sister. She was adorable.

  • Rant: Not much time to breath or rest.
    Rave: Saw lots of family over Thanksgiving. Also worked a ton. But I’m heading into the home stretch and come the 10th I’ll be off on my comp days, enjoying Lisbon with the husband.
    Rant: Orlando.
    Rave: Good family who make any location interesting.
    Rant: So much work to do and still haven’t fully gotten used to the Gmail/Google Drive/Slack/Whatsapp/Skype professional cocktail and how to manage it.

  • Rave: Going to New York tomorrow for a workshop.
    Rant: Have to take the train up and back on the same day.
    Question: Due to the above, my train to NY leaves too early for me to take Metro. How hard would it be to get an Uber at 4 AM in Columbia Heights? I know I can schedule a ride, but wondering if I need to bother or if I can just walk out the door and request one and it shows up in a few minutes as usual.

    • I’ve never had trouble getting an Uber at dark:30. Just check to see if any are nearby a little earlier than you usually would.

    • You can now schedule an uber. I did it two weeks ago and it worked out great. You can even edit the time if you change your mind about when you need to leave.

  • Rant: You know that thing where you look out and it’s stopped raining and you already have two (!) umbrellas at the office standing upright in the corner like national guardsmen waiting eagerly like to be put to use if it’s pouring this evening and you figure you can make it to the metro before it starts up again, and then two minor things come up just as you’re walking out the door which means that you’re exactly half-way to the Metro when the rain starts up again and you realize that you would have made it all the way if you hadn’t has to throw the soup in the crock-pot for the girl and text the boy about the suspicious letter from the DC government and you have to try not to resent the weather, the kids and the fact that you wore your best shoes and now they’re getting wet plus work and your back problems for good measure?

    • I think I know that thing. It sometimes involves cat barf, no?

      • Or stepping in gum in your best shoes.

      • Yes — or almost nasty thing you can step in, either physically or metaphorically.

        • Or even if you don’t step in it, you still have to clean it up, and when the last of four bunched-up buses leaves the stop while you’re trying to frogger across 16th street, you can’t help but think that if you had just broken your kids’ hearts by saying “no pets” that you would have caught that bus.

  • Rave: My roommate is staying for another year
    Rave: Runners World is doing the Streak, running everyday from thanksgiving day until new years day, minimum is a mile. I am on day 6. I am going to hit my 6th mile. This is the most Ive run since a knee injury took me off of running since July

    Rave: Its giving tuesday! I gave a little to all my charities and my Cyber Monday Amazon shopping went to the HUmane Alliance through AmazonSmile

  • Rave: Sweet Baby Artie was in such a good mood this morning.
    Rant: My IT band is acting up again. I never had these problems before pregnancy.
    Rave: Quiet start to the work day.
    Rave: Yummy chicken tagine crocking away for dinner. I’m hoping this recipe tastes as delicious as it sounds.

    • Additional Rave/Rant?: The breakup of a child porn ring in Canada. Rave that so many arrests were made; major rant for the lifetime of trauma those poor children will have to overcome.

  • Rave: Friends are well, work is going well, and meeting some interesting people while dating.
    Rant: The news. Can I just ignore what’s happening until Christmas? Is that completely irresponsible?
    Revel: Going hiking this weekend! Shenandoah, here we come!

  • Trump suggests that flag burning should be punished by a year in jail, or revocation of citizenship. I love how dense this guy is. He will accomplish NOTHING in office.

    • Id love to think that – but congress has hitherto shown a completely lack of backbone. Im SHOCKED that Congress is just letting this guy talk. What is wrong with them?? Who will stop him??

  • Rave: Ordered the Echo Dot yesterday after reading recs hear yesterday and reviews online. Wondering what Tiny Dog will think of it.
    Rave: Improvised ramen last night and it was pretty good.
    Rant: Somehow managed to spill it all over my hand and have a pretty nasty burn today.
    Rant: I’m done with finals on the 9th. So much needs to get into my brain by then. Somehow it always magically comes together… hoping that continues this semester.
    Rave: Loved the Gilmore Girls revival. I binged watched it Friday night and can’t wait to re-watch over my winter break.

    • * here not hear! Ugh.

    • Lol–didn’t see your last rave until I posted my rant. You liked the plot lines? Some are good, but a lot feels really ugh.

      • Ha, just posted on your before seeing this comment. I think my major criticisms have to do with Rory’s character, which I haven’t been a fan of season 3 or 4 anyway. I just love the banter and familiarity of the show enough that I wasn’t too concerned about the plot lines.

  • Non-Floating Rant: A friend just sent me the portion of the GOP platform that is specific to DC (apologies if this has been discussed before). Even though I’m not longer a resident, this infuriates me on so many levels, in particular the incredibly strained attempt to tie the city’s attempt to exercise control over tax revenues it collects form its own citizens to the “spike in violent crime and murders.” Yes, we know, a–holes, you are all for local control over government unless you disagree with that local control. Don’t want to give up your local plaything.
    “Republicans have been in the forefront of combating chronic corruption among the city’s top Democratic officials. We call for congressional action to enforce the spirit of the Home Rule Act, assuring minority representation on the City Council. That council, backed by the current mayor, is attempting to seize from the Congress its appropriating power over all funding for the District. The illegality of their action mirrors the unacceptable spike in violent crime and murders currently afflicting the city. We expect Congress to assert, by whatever means necessary, its constitutional prerogatives regarding the District.
    Since the Supreme Court’s decisions affirming the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, city officials have engaged in a campaign of massive resistance by denying virtually all applications for gun ownership. The Republican Congress should be prepared, upon the inauguration of a Republican president, to enact legislation allowing law-abiding Washingtonians to own and carry firearms. Statehood for the District can be advanced only by a constitutional amendment. Any other approach would be invalid. A statehood amendment was soundly rejected by the states when last proposed in 1976 and should not be revived.”

    • “That council, backed by the current mayor, is attempting to seize from the Congress its appropriating power over all funding for the District.”


      • And what is so sacred about our Constitution anyway? The disenfranchisement of DC is obviously unjust, and the way our electoral system thwarts the will of the people is also disheartening. Other countries have managed to create much more democratic constitutions. Guess I’m stuck with a second-tier country for now.

  • skj84

    Rave: Spoke to the EAP people at work, getting linked up with a psychiatrist so I can start anxiety meds. I go back and forth on taking meds, but after this year I need them. I have this buzz of anxiety and anger running through me, I’m tired of feeling scared all the time. Found the EAP people can also find good continuing education classes which was random but useful. Hooray for EAP!
    Rave: Had an awesome time at a Improv workshop yesterday. Got my creative juices running, and took my mind off everything that is stressing me out for at least 3 hours. I want to start taking classes. Or maybe stand up?
    Rant: Online Dating So my guy friends keep popping up in my Tinder/Bumble feeds. Which usually isn’t that annoying, but I actually do like one of them. I’m torn between swiping on him, but i don’t know how I would handle the fallout if he passes on me or something Or we don’t connect at all. I hate dating so much.

    • yeah – I always swipe my friends, because its funny when we swipe each other and then joke about it. I haven’t actually liked any of them like that, so theres usually no problem.

      And, yes, dating is the worst!!! but being with a sh*tty boyfriend is worser 🙂

      • skj84

        good point. Speaking of which, man the scales have really fallen from my eyes regarding my ex. Now that I’ve had time to really think about the situation. I had blinders on to major red flags the whole time. I really know how to pick em!

        • Good for you for seeing them now! If you feel up to it, what about thinking more about why you missed or ignored them? That’s been really helpful to me in the past.

    • I had a huge crush on my friend, but I pushed it off thinking she’d never be in to me, not wanting to ruin a friendship, etc. Then I found out she was totally into me too but didn’t approach for similar reasons. Now she had a gf.
      I say that to say: you may have the same ideas and be like 2 ships passing in the night. Go for it!
      But I may do so in person instead of on the app.

  • Superficial rant: Gilmore Girls revival. I’m three episodes in (have read enough press to know what happens in the end as well), and it’s kind of meh. I’m enjoying the dialogue, but the plot is pretty awful. It’s like there’s too much and too little happening simultaneously.

    • The last episode is by far the best. There are definitely a lot of issues with the plot but I just loved seeing the characters so much that I completely overlooked them!

      • Glad to hear that the last episode is good. I can’t get over the weird Paul thing, and the Logan thing, and Rory seems even more whiny and mopey. She was so focused on working hard in school when it was all laid out for her, but seems to struggle mightily when she has to actually find her own path. And somehow it got even worse ten years later–though perhaps that was by design after a theoretical series of successful stories (though we really only hear about one, despite all of the jet setting)

        • Yes, I think it is pretty clear that she is just not a strong journalist. I think the teaching route may have been better for her since she does seem to excel in an academic setting. And she consistently makes very selfish relationship choices. I was never a fan of Logan but maybe they do belong together since they both aren’t so great at thinking about how their choices affect others. I just loved being “back” in Stars Hollows and seeing what happened to all of the secondary characters.

    • My review of the revival is the same as yours. Also I re-watched the series in a month in preparation for the revival which was a bad idea. In bulk, I couldn’t avoid the fact that Lorelai is kind of a horrible, selfish person.

      • She bothered me much less than Rory, honestly. I’m not sure I’d agree that she is horrible or selfish. There did seem to be a dearth of actual communication in her relationships–even more than before. But she was at least struggling with it all.

        • Yes! I liked Rory in my first viewing of Gimore Girls, but with the reboot, I think she’s just terrible. I am not sure if she was always that selfish or if I have just changed in the past decade.

      • Yes! That was also my take-away from binge-watching the series on Netflix. Lorelei is childish, selfish, and mean. And I didn’t get that at all from the once-a-week exposure back when it aired originally.

    • haha. the plot in Gilmore girls was always sort of terrible, in my opinion. but it has its charms, for some reason.

      • Maybe Emily Yahr in WaPo had it right–the concept worked much better in 45 minute segments than 90 minute ones.

    • I loved the final episode (not the final four words) the best, but I have a lot of mixed emotions. My friend coined it “anticippointment” which I thought was fitting. Kelly Bishop should win an Emmy!

  • Random, but neither a rave nor a rant:
    I really like meeting strangers. Most of my friends don’t. When we go out, I’ll sidle up and talk to just about anybody about anything. This almost always makes my friends nervous, like I’m going to get punched or something. So far so good. Anyone up for meeting randos Friday after work? I was thinking MacIntyre’s in Woodley Park because it’s near some hotels which are prime real estate for interesting randos. I’m up for other suggestions.

    Also, I’ll stay anonymous for this, to keep it interesting.

  • I don’t know if there is something in the water in the District, or people have just lost their damn minds but just got done selling a house in Shaw and can’t believe how casual and nonchalant people are with other people’s things.

    Due to my employers frenzied last minute move of me, I had moved all my stuff out of the house and moved away before it hit the market, so the house was empty but not unmonitored (I had a cameras inside watching the entire first floor and the back and front).

    I had half a dozen or so people go to the bathroom in my house, a few take # 2’s and a couple people not bother to flush after they used the toilet. I mean, you are in a strangers house for 10 freaking minutes and you feel the need to crap in their bathroom?!. I had realtors come over and literally throw their food/candy/gum wrappers on the kitchen/living room floor or leave their trash/food wrappers/empty soda containers on the kitchen counter. I had agents walk out and not lock the doors, leaving the house unlocked for days, or start playing with the thermostat.

    I had a prospective buyer root through my mail (while their agent stood right there) which was in a pile by the front door, take a magazine and leave with it. I had a number of agent’s walk into the house after dark, turn on all the lights and then leave 20 minutes later leaving every light, and bathroom fan on in the entire house (those things aren’t built to run for days at a time). Um, hello…everything was off when you arrived, common sense dictates you turn it all off. My realtor was apoplectic but he can’t be there every time another realtor wants to show the house. All of this happened in the 6 weeks from listing to contract and it was a recently remodeled house listed in the high 6 figures, so it wasn’t like it was a tear down or in horrible shape or a construction zone where people could feel like they didn’t “have” to care.

    Thank god for the camera. I took a bunch of video grabs and emailed them to the realtors and their bosses. I got one freaking apology out of 4 separate emails. I am half tempted to post all the video’s online so people know what kind of realtor they are signing up for.

    I have owned and sold houses in 3 other places in my life, both urban and suburban and NEVER seen such shocking disregard for someone else’s property by realtors or people supposedly in the market to buy.

    • Why do you care if someone uses the bathroom as long as they don’t leave a mess? Just seems super persnickety when you’ve already vacated.
      The rest of that situation seems otherworldly, and I’d blast those realtors esp. the one leaving the doors unlocked and all the lights on.

      • Because, once you’ve cleaned a house for showing, you don’t want other people making a mess.

        And for some reason, despite it being 2016 men still haven’t mastered the art of taking a [email protected] without spraying it everywhere and on the floor, which is generally disgusting and rude when in someone elses house who has clearly cleaned it and prepared it to show as well as possible.

    • If you have to poop, you have to poop.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        True but good God – flush the damn toilet!!

      • True, if you are an infant. Most people with high six figures to spare (or borrow) have mastered the art of controlling their bowels, or have made accommodations for their inability to do so.

        • Andie302

          Agree that the pooping is extreme – but everyone has a different tolerance for where they are willing to go. I went on vacation with my best friend for 5 days and she never went once, whereas someone in our household that’s not me is on the other end of the spectrum, as is his brother. It’s like they read “Everybody Poops” more than everyone else!

          • Not to totally derail this discussion, but I’m with your other household member. If I don’t poop at least 3 times a day, I get grumpy. That said, unless there is illness or some pretty extreme dietary choices involved, adults should be able to freakin’ hold it until they get out of a house that’s for sale. That’s ridiculous.

          • Andie302

            I appreciate the derailment

          • Now see, some people I know go once a day. And if for some reason it doesn’t work out at that time, it can often wait til the following day, same time. I think these people are completely normal.

          • Normal is relative. Plenty of people don’t go everyday which is insane to me. Having a #2 schedule also seems off, but l get wanting to be comfortable.

        • HaileUnlikely

          This is not true. I have a friend, in her mid 30’s, who earns enough to buy a house in this price range (and did so a couple years ago) who has IBS. When she has to go, she has to go *now* and it’s pretty much non-negotiable.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Edit: ok, you said “most,” not “all,” and I will concede that “most” is accurate. There are exceptions though, and they are likely less rare than you realize.

          • Andie302

            I’ve had TWO instances now where my mom (who had her gallbladder removed) never made it to a bathroom and instead I was forced to pull over so she could seek cover in the wood line.

    • Andie302

      As an agent, I have some questions/commentary. Did you have cameras monitoring the other three sales transaction? I think maybe this happens more than you think. Regarding the bathroom, I always try to avoid using a bathroom at a listing, but in rare cases (or in cases where you’ve already showed 5 properties and you’re on your 6th), nature calls. As long as you flush, I don’t see a huge issue with this. The trash/food thing is totally unacceptable, as is locking up. On the lights – our team has a policy of leaving the lights on because it makes the house show better, so I am not surprised if some agents left them on. They may assume that because they do that with their listings, it’s the preference of that listing agent. The listing looks better from the outside at night when it’s well lit, it means a smaller likelihood that someone will bother the property, and it’s normally for a short period of time (in your case, 6 weeks). Same with temperature – if I come into a property this time of year with a serious buyer and it feels cold, I’m going to turn on the thermostat. I want to see if it works and is responsive, because if not then that’s an easy deal breaker. I do try to remember to drop the temp. back down to the previous setting when leaving. All of this is to say, I’m sure some of those agents were rude and out of line, but it sounds like you’re being incredibly sensitive. Your agent was apoplectic for YOU, but if it was a really serious concern I’m wondering whether he put any of your preferences in either the listing or showing instructions for agents to read. I always try to respect those instructions first and foremost because if the agent took the time to include them, then they must be meaningful. I hope this helps to provide some perspective. Congrats on the sale!

      • No, the other houses I lived in until they were under contract so I get to see the place every day and not once did someone use the toilet and not flush, root through my mail to take something, or nonchalantly drop the wrapper to the candy bar on my kitchen floor when they were done.

        The house shows better? You come over at 7PM as a buyers agent and take it upon yourself to leave the lights, ceiling fans, bathroom fans on all night so it “shows better” to whom? The guy who shows up to view the listing at 3AM?

        The fact you think I am “being sensitive” simply proves my point at how generally DC residents/buyers/agents seem to have lost their minds. To act that way with someone else’s property who is clearly trying to sell it and leave it to show as best as possible is simply rude.

        As a buyers agent (or put yourself in a buyers mindset) what would you think if you showed up to a house you were considering shelling out ~980K for, to have food wrappers strewn about and the toilet filled with feces and urine all over the floor?

        • You keep bringing up the issues we all can agree are ridiculous and rude: bathroom messes, not cleaning up trash, and locking up. Leaving a house dark for weeks makes it a robbery target…Your choice but not insane they’d leave on some lights.
          Why didn’t your agent clean up the listing between showings? I can’t imagine a house in that price range is being shown around the clock. You’re about to make him/her 30k…they can flush a toilet and pick up some trash or your mail for that matter.
          As a prospective buyer, I have gone into showings with trash on the counter. It didn’t dissuade me from the unit. You obviously weren’t living there if it’s empty, and a house can always be cleaned. Maybe in jumbo territory those details are dealbreakers, but I’d question it heavily.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Point taken regarding the bathroom fan, but high six figures and the fan isn’t moisture-sensing or on a timer? Weak. My house would go for about a third the price of yours, at best, and all of my bath fans are on timers, which I installed myself and work great. (Ok, ok, I’m being a jerk here, but anyway, I recommend you put your bath fans on timers in your new home. That way, you don’t have to go back to the bathroom several minutes after pooping or showering to go turn the fan off, the timer will do it for you. I recommend a Lutron Maestro. Costs like $30. Takes 5 minutes to install. Works great.)

      • Andie302

        Thank you for solving a problem you didn’t know I had! Our basement fan in the bathroom is SO LOUD on our main floor, but people tend to leave it running for long periods. This is fantastic! Now if I can just find something that makes noise without actually needing a fan (because our half bathroom under the stairs was too small for a fan but no one likes to hear other people pee (or worse) then I’d be all set.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I can think of a couple of solutions to this, all of which are kind of ridiculous and probably not up to code (but hell, neither is a bathroom with neither a window nor an exhaust fan, I’m pretty sure this applies to half baths too), but which would work. In ascending order by subjective level of absurdity, you could:
          1.) put a white-noise machine (e.g., a Marpac Dohm or similar) in the bathroom and allow users to turn it on and off as they wish.
          2.) Install an exhaust fan that doesn’t actually vent to anywhere. In a full bath (where people actually shower), do not do this, but in a half bath it’s totally fine. It should be no more humid than the rest of the house, so it’s not as if the fan will be exhausting lots of moisture into the void under the stairs.
          3.) Hardwire a white-noise machine to the light switch (an absolutely ridiculous thing to do, but oh hell, it would get the job done).

          • My half bath on the main floor has a fan that doesn’t vent anywhere. It’s just a noise machine.

          • Andie302

            We will totally do #2 next time we’re messing with switches. I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before! Thanks for these!!!

          • HaileUnlikely

            Mine too, actually. I think it’s pretty common, and largely a function of builder laziness. (It *looks like* there’s a fan there, so unless the inspector is astute enough to notice there aren’t the right number of vents outside, it appears to be up to code, says the cheap builder.)

          • HaileUnlikely

            Good! And note that a lot of the modern bath fans are whisper quiet. Make sure you get a nice cheap loud one if you want to accomplish your objective here 🙂

          • I feel compelled to note that “We will totally do #2 next time we’re messing with switches” gave me a puerile snicker. 😉

          • @textdoc – I’m glad it wasn’t just me! And in the context of this discussion, it kinda/sorta made sense!

      • HaileUnlikely, I had no idea there was such a thing as a timer for a bath fan. Is this the kind of thing you install directly onto the switch thing (sort of like that Honeywell dusk-to-dawn timer thing I’ve been afraid to install because the light switch was “hot” when it wasn’t supposed to be)?

    • I’d say I’m on the side of “particular” when it comes to how other people treat my house… but I think you are lumping a range of things together.
      An agent leaving a property unlocked is could have very, very serious consequences. An agent allowing a client to swipe your magazine is poor form (although most likely can be easily remedied). Lights being left on and thermostat being altered could cost you a little extra, but overall are minor annoyances and (IMO) easily forgivable ones.
      People leaving wrappers behind, not flushing, and being messy in using the bathroom is annoying, but IMO, not apoplexy-inducing annoying. (Unless they allowed the toilet to overflow.)
      On the topic of wrappers… was the kitchen trash can maybe too cleverly hidden in a cabinet? (Not that that excuses their behavior, but it might help explain it.)

  • Rant: Applying to a bunch of jobs during the holidays feels useless; but there are postings and things I’m actually interested in + I hate my current job so putting in the effort and hoping it works out.
    Rant: My husband just got a new job and has been in between the old and the new, because of holidays. No start date yet but hoping it’s within the next week or two because one income isn’t ideal…
    Rant: Feeling sick but don’t want to take any days off (not contagious, just lethargic/sinusy) especially during the low-work season.

    Rave: We planned well and saved money so we have a buffer and while it’s slightly stressful, it isn’t crisis mode and we will be OK.
    Rave: Went ahead and took the gamble of him having Christmas off and booked a vacation to New Orleans for Christmas – looking forward to eating some of my favorite foods in one of my favorite cities with my favorite person. 16 work days to go! (Side note: it’s been about 5 years since I’ve visited so if you have recommendations on things to eat/see/do, please let me know! I’m spending a good chunk of my day researching but always love personal recommendations!)
    Rave: Giving Tuesday always reminds me of the good in the world, which is sometimes really difficult to see in the current circumstances.

    • skj84

      Applying for jobs at holiday time may work to your advantage. I work in hiring everyone I know is crunching to fill roles for the beginning of next year. Hiring Managers are looking!

      • Thank you! Good to know – I work in DC Government currently and everyone is definitely checked out so I (foolishly) assumed it would be the same elsewhere. Just the push I needed to keep cranking some more out tonight! 🙂

        • “I work in DC Government currently and everyone is definitely checked out . . . ”
          Well, that’s just great.

          • Yep – thus hating my job. I can’t get most of my tasks done because everyone else is, well…the unfortunate stereotype of a government employee.

    • And if they’re fed jobs, they plan to hire fast before the hiring freeze in January. Good luck.

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