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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Anonamom–just read about old lady lab–so sorry to hear of your loss. So glad she was able to enjoy Thanksgiving and be surrounded by family, old and new.
    Rave: Pretty decent long weekend. Kids were largely in good spirits, which always helps, and we had just enough planned to get us moving and out of the house enough to not get cranky. And we got to start decorating yesterday!
    Rant: Starting the day with laundry and bedding change. Hello, Monday!
    Rave: Mtpkiddo was super chipper and totally on top of everything without any nagging needed. Phew!
    Rave: Zoo lights. Love living so close–went Friday night and can’t wait to go again : )

  • Rave: 8 days left at my current job. I had to try super hard to stop from grinning when someone brought me an unsolvable problem this morning (at least unsolvable in 8 days) and I mentioned we should wait until the new guy is a little acclimated so he can take it on. It feels so good to walk away.
    Rave: awesome weekend of catching up with all my friends
    Rave: made some cards for the vets at the armed forces retirement home with girlfriends this past weekend
    Rave: starting week 7 of my run training and doing quite well. I’m so happy that I’ve kept it up so consistently for this long and really enjoy it.
    Rave: getting a flight home for only $140RT so I can see my fam before starting the new job

  • binntp

    Rave: Beautiful sunrise this morning
    Rave: After a sh$#show on Wednesday morning that took me 90 minutes to get to work, Metro had its act together for an easy commute in today
    Rant: No leftovers! Eating Thanksgiving out at a restaurant means no turkey & cranberry sandwiches, no soup, etc. And I didn’t even get a slice of pie this year!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: binge watched two new faves – HBO’s Divorce with Sarah Jessica Parker and This is Us on NBC. Both need to be watched in order to get the drift.

  • Rant: Future so unclear and expenses over the holidays so high.
    Rant: Let work slide while sick and depressed (repeating pattern that dates back to childhood) now trying to dig myself out.
    Rant: Girlfriend is so stressed.
    Rave: Some day we’ll look back that this — when Trump was elected and we both lost our jobs and had to live in an efficiency in Herndon while renting out our houses to Republicans for just enough to cover the mortgage and working in a diner — and laugh. Maybe.

  • Rant: Hard weekend. Thank you all for your kind words and positive thoughts Friday. I did not come back immediately after posting but read them over the weekend. It meant a lot, thank you. The kids have all taken her passing very hard, especially my SO’s daughter who was the only one not able to say a final goodbye to her. The remaining pooch is also having a very rough time. I know time will help, but this is rougher than I expected.
    Rave: The one silver lining in all of this is that on Friday morning, I had to call a vet we have never used to attempt to make an appointment to have her put down (her regular vet was simply too far away given the circumstances). After explaining the situation, the doctor offered to come in early. She ended up passing away before our appointment, and when I called back to let them know, they assisted me with making arrangement for her cremation and all that sort of stuff that I just did not know where to start with. They were absolutely amazing and caring, and when we took her in, the doctor came out to meet us and give his condolences for a dog he never met that made him get out of bed needlessly early. I was blown away by this little act of kindness.
    Textdoc, the bulldozer relative did, indeed, bring the unwanted orphan. She did, however, behave herself, so it ended up being ok. The really fun part was when my SO’s ex showed up to get their daughter in the middle of our dinner dressed in a very revealing, very tight, very short dress and came to say her hello’s and I Love You’s to my SO’s family. I may have had to gulp down a glass of wine during that.

    • So sorry to hear about the dog.

    • I’m so sorry for you loss.

    • Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your dog. My heart goes out to you and your whole family. So hard.

    • Andie302

      So sorry to hear about the loss of Roxie – sending hugs and love your way!

    • Aw man, I’m so sorry to hear about old lady lab! Hope you and the kids are able to find good ways to grieve. It sounds like you’ve found a great new vet, at the very least.

    • So sorry for your loss, but glad you had an amazing vet experience. Perhaps you should let us all know the vet’s name?

      • This is a vet in northern Baltimore County, but if anyone should ever find themselves in need, it was Dr. Youssef at Padonia Veterinary Hospital.

    • Glad to hear the vet was so kind in the wake of your loss.
      Sorry to hear that the bulldozer relative did her characteristic bulldozing… but relieved to hear that Unwanted Orphan was on good behavior.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s loss, especially over a holiday like that. You guys really did an amazing job of trying to manage her issues at the end, not many people would have made such an effort. Sending lots of love.

  • Rant: Last week was one of the worst weeks I’ve had in awhile. It was capped off on Thurs with the head of my dept replying to me rather than my boss with a shitty email ABOUT ME.
    Rave: I replied to that email so she would know she sent that to me instead of me boss.
    Rant: She replied with “Oopps. sorry…” We then had a conversation in which she barely apologized and told ME I needed to “step it up at work and have better attention to detail.” The irony wasn’t lost on me. She is the one who sent ME an email when she meant to send it to my boss. Now I’m feeling soooo anxious and dwelling on this whole thing. Doubting myself and whether I should work here. I love my team, but I feel like it’s going to be really hard to come back from this. At the same time it’s an opportunity to rise above and prove my worth. Thoughts?

    • skj84

      Well, one it was shitty of her to deflect back on you. She needs to own up to the email and apologize. I do think you need to prove her wrong. What she said sucks. Its going to feel demoralizing, but nothing feels better than proving you are better than them.

      • Thanks. My boss is on a business trip so it feels even worse I can’t address it with her until Weds. I jotted down some thoughts though and plan on bringing it up with her.

      • Ugh.
        And saying “step it up and pay attention to details” doesn’t sound constructive (what does it mean to step it up? what are some examples of when you didn’t pay attention to details?)
        If she was taking her stress out on you then she’s not being a good leader

        • This is part of what I am going to say to my boss. If I need to step it up, where? What do I need to improve on? I am a direct person. I prefer honest and straight forward people (in all areas of life), but I know not everyone is that way. So this is really jarring to me because I am second guessing myself wondering if I am not performing well enough. Another thing is I have only been in this job for four months–I am still learning and during a very stressful time. We have this huge project due in February so after that things will be slower.

    • Andie302

      It sounds like she lacks the ability to reflect on her own performance! Any decent leader would’ve apologized profusely and then tried to use the moment to have a productive conversation. Instead, she doubled-down. If I were you, I would try to do and be my best at work, try not to let this be too demoralizing, and start looking for opportunities where you are properly supported by your leadership. Sorry to hear all this – I’m sure that was a tough email to read and difficult to find a way to react. Good for you for responding! How does your boss feel about all of this (or has he/she been left out of the loop)?

      • Thank you. My coworker basically said the same as you. My coworker also said informed me that she (the leader) made a ton of mistakes last week and maybe she was taking her own frustrations with herself out on me. Which is still shitty. That’s the thing that kind of made it worse–my boss is on a business trip so I cannot address it with her until Weds. I wrote down some thoughts on it (that I couldn’t even address with the leader because I was too shocked/couldn’t get a word in during her lecture).

  • skj84

    Rave: Spent the weekend slothing it about. Hung out with my Mom, on Saturday which is was nice, then spent the rest of the time laid out on my aunts couch.
    Rave: Christmas Bar recap: It was fun, but I think will be a one time visit for me. Love the decor of all the bars, Eat The Rich was “Stranger Things” Southern Efficiency had a “goats and Christmas look” , and Mockingbird Hill’s theme was Northern Lights. Drinks were great, but it was still way too crowded. I was maybe 4th in line on Friday and all the spaces filled up so quickly. I don’t really see the lines getting better.
    Rant: Once again woken up by roommate talking late at night. Time for a roommate meeting. One of the studios in my unit is opening up and I really want to go for it. I’d have my own space but not have to move. Only thing is its significantly more than I pay now. I can technically afford it, but I’d really have to cut back on spending/find a second job. But for my sanity’s sake it may be worth it.

    • I was at the Christmas Bar on Friday night too! My friends and I had a lot of fun. The drinks were really tasty (no 4 is like a milkshake – ugh, so good, but so bad for my diet) and we appreciated the themes. It was my first time attending, and we didn’t have to wait in line, so it was, overall, a good experience.

      • skj84

        Nice! Yeah, #4 was my first drink. I also did #7 which is a holdover from last year, and the Stella/Grenadine combo. I did notice there were lines for the Eat the Rich/Southern Efficiency portion, but not really for Mockingbird Hill. My group got there maybe 30 minutes before open and initially there was one line to get into the entire thing. At one point a bouncer came out at split the line (Eat the Rich and Southern Efficiency have the same entrance while Mockingbird Hill has a separate entrance, but you can skip the line with a wristband.) I was wondering how things were moving as the night went on.

    • The other option is finding a new roommate. It seems to be an ongoing issue, and if they can’t be reasonable, then maybe they should move on.

      • skj84

        I don’t think that will happen. She technically hasn’t done anything that would warrant me being able to ask her to leave, or break the lease. I’m not the landlord so I can’t just kick her out. Honestly I just want my own space. I want to be able to leave my dishes, and walk around in my underwear, have a cat and decorate to my tacky desire.

        • houseintherear

          Dude, do it. Living alone is rad. And so are cats. : )

        • I feel you. I’m exceptionally lucky to have a roomie who’s never around; I hope she never leaves. I’m just a bit leery of needing a 2nd job to afford rent, but I’m sure you’ll figure out what’s best in short order.

  • Rave: I was very happy to drop Baby Artie off at daycare this morning. It is nice to have a day where someone, either the baby or the cat, doesn’t want to be on top of me. I am touched out after the long weekend.
    Rave: We had a great holiday in the new house.
    Rant: Even with a long weekend, I still didn’t manage to do all the housework I would have liked to have completed.

    • Oh my goodness. Yes. Between two kids and two cats, there is almost always someone on top of or against me. Often I love the snuggles, but sometimes I need a break and some personal space!

  • Rave: It was so nice to have a chill, day early thanksgiving. Then I had a nice Tday with friends. All I had to do was make a pie, it was so easy.
    Rave: slept in-ish (thanks DOG) the rest of the weekend and relaxed.
    Rave: Finally made it to Udvar-Hazy and it is beautiful.
    Rant: I just cannot get myself to brew my beer on an actual schedule. Still have not brewed my Christmas beer, which I guess will just be winter beer at this point.
    Rant (but I still love you, DOG): Me a few years ago: “I can’t wait until I have a dog!!!” Me last night: grumbling audibly as I attempt to hand vac the dog hair off my pillows and duvet.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: Had to drive out of town yesterday, there was traffic in the afternoon on my way out of DC and of course traffic on the way back. There was traffic at the airport, like the whole thing was almost a parking lot.
    Rave: Visit to Conowingo dam

  • Rave: Thanksgiving bird came out well. Adding a can of Bud light kept the meat moist.
    Rant: Ate way too much, and have way too many leftovers.
    Rave: Christmas bar was fun, and had friends in from out of town, which was awesome. Stayed home to clean and recoup by watching Gilmore girls and The Crown the rest of the weekend.
    Rant: The Pres Elect tweets outrageous things when he’s trying to deflect from real scandals (like his rampant conflicts of interest). I wish the media weren’t so easily distracted…

  • Rave: Engaged! He asked while we were on vacation over the holiday and I’m just so excited and in love with a wonderful man and partner. He used his mother’s engagement ring, which was just perfect.
    Not quite a rant, but not a rave: I’m really uncomfortable with all the Oooohing and Ahhhing over an engagement. The having to tell family I never see, so they can say they’re excited when they never talk to me otherwise. Having people act like this is the pinnacle of womanhood for me, ignoring my career or volunteer work. I’m sorting through my feelings about it.
    Question: The ring is ever-so-slightly too large. Best place to get a ring re-sized in DC?

    • Andie302

      Congrats!!!! I can empathize with this. I’ve just tried to roll with the punches and take all of the positive energy and well-wishes as a nice offset to current events. Shah and Shah did some work for me (restrung a necklace and replaced a small diamond that fell out of a ring) and I really liked working with them.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Best wishes!

    • topscallop

      Congratulations! I hear you on the center of attention aspect, but I think people will get it out of their systems pretty quickly and move on to other things.
      Thanks for asking this about re-sizing, my ring is also very slightly too big. I’m not sure if I’ll get it adjusted, my fiancé is concerned that we’d lose some of the platinum. Any jewelry experts have thoughts on this? It’s not at risk of coming off my finger, it just slides around a little bit, which is irritating. Worth it to make it more snug?

      • I think so. My engagement ring is a quarter size bigger than my wedding band, and the sliding around and spinning drives me nuts. Even though I’m not even married yet I got in the habit of just wearing the wedding band because it fits better. I will also say, though, that if you take your ring off and on a lot, and if you have big knuckles, you might irritate the skin on your finger with the smaller size. When I first got engaged I took my ring off and on a lot and ended up with a huge blister on the side of my finger. Now I keep it on most of the time and it’s fine. Also to keep in mind – your fingers are much skinnier now than they will be in August when it’s 90 degrees and 100% humidity. (Just factors to consider though, I still think I’d rather have a more snug fit because even in the summer my office is EXTREMELY COLD so I don’t really worry about my fingers swelling.)

      • I think you can also get an insert of some kind that will make it more snug, but in a less-permanent fashion.

    • Congrats!
      I hear you with being uncomfortable. We basically told our parents and a couple very close friends, then let everyone else either hear it through the grapevine or figure it out. Seems to have mostly worked
      My ring came from Tiny Jewel Box, maybe check them out? They specialize in platinum

  • Rave: Wonderful break and Thanksgiving with the family! got to snuggle with my week-old nephew and had so much fun with the other nephew who is just running amok all the time (except for when he settles in to watch “Masha and the Bear,” cutest kids show I’ve ever seen – good to know I can get into Russian television programming since who the f*#k knows what’s happening there!)
    Rant: Ate way too much. Actually, I’ve eaten way too much pretty much since the election.
    Rave? Better than smoking my feelings, right? Only did that a couple of days and opted to eat my feelings instead.
    Rave: Thanksgiving leftovers! Mom sent us home with a big ol’ bag! Just wish I’d been able to take back some of her turkey soup, too!
    Rant: I think I’m sick. And I don’t have time to be sick. Ugh.

  • One of the refugee women I work with failed her citizenship test because of her limited literacy. She has permanent residency, so it’s not the end of the world, but she really wanted to be an American. I’m so sad for her.
    I don’t think she’ll be able to learn to read at this point (she tried SO hard), so I guess she’ll just have to wait til she hits the age at which the literacy requirement is waived.

    • What organization are you working with? This is exactly the kind of volunteer work I’d like to do

      • No organization, just friends of friends of friends. If you’re looking for something that’s more, you know, organized, the IRC has a resettlement office in Silver Spring. I’m sure they can connect you with not only the people in need, but also guidance and resources. I’ve had to re-invent the wheel a lot.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Co workers of mine from west Africa got their wives into watching soap operas to learn English. Might give it a try.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: My First Beef Stew made in my fancy Black Friday sale Instant Pot and it was delish. It’s on sale again today at Amazon, by the way!
    Rant: One of IDGI Sr’s deceased wife’s daughters called him over Thanksgiving saying she “heard” there had been a rummage sale of her mother’s things. Uhm, no. The Estate is not nearly settled. And Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
    Rant: IDGI Sr still pays for the other daughters electrical bill, not exactly cheap in a 2300 SF house in Florida which by the way, her mother bought and gave her, She doesn’t work either.
    Rant: IDGI Sr still pays for the brothers mortgage. Mortgage is in Mr and Mrs IDGI’s name but only Mrs IDGI is on the title. No rent is collected although I’m told he pays expenses.
    Rant/Rave: In theory IDGI Sr has said he would cut all this off 12/31 since they needed some time to prepare financially (his wife died in August and had been sick for five months). Uhm, you’ve had your entire adult life to prepare, right?

  • Rant: My stress dream has morphed from tornados (which was bad enough) to being in a twitter war with Trump. Ugh…

  • Bear

    Rant: I’m 40 weeks pregnant, I have carpal tunnel in both hands, tarsal tunnel in both feet, reflux, and I’m not sleeping well. Time for this little dude to make his appearance!
    Rave: I’m glad he didn’t come over the holiday weekend, I needed some down time after a busy week at work last week. And it was nice to enjoy a low key thanksgiving with my little family.

  • Rant: it is 59 degrees inside my classroom. We are all miserable but all I can do is let the kids wear their coats inside.

  • Rant: Had a very frustrating dream just before I woke up and the feeling has been lingering – very grumpy.
    Rant: I think the dream has to do with how I’m feeling about my life lately – just stuck, generally, but not really motivated enough to do anything about it.
    Rave: Not really feeling any, but it was nice to have a long weekend, I guess…?

  • Rave: Roasted the last trays of basement-ripened tomatoes this weekend and dug up the remaining potatoes
    Rave: Garden catalogs have started to arrive in the mail
    Rave: Leftover soup – everything goes into the pot! Turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, all the vegetables and veg appetizers, green salad. Heat, blend a bit, enjoy 🙂
    Hoping to leave DC for the inauguration – would prefer an Iyengar-based yoga retreat in the Caribbean but really just want to get away someplace warm. Any recommendations?

  • Rave – Thanksgiving dinner at Rasika was phenomenal. I am still dreaming about that spiced turkey and cranberry chutney… so good. Such a treat for our last nice meal out in DC at our favorite restaurant.
    Rant – Packing is the worst.
    Rave – Last week of work at my terrible job!!

  • Rant: Heard first gunshots in the new neighborhood just after 3AM. First time I’ve actually heard gunshots in general. I counted 8-15 waking up in a sleepy stupor.
    3X Rant: A neighbor counted more than 3x my low estimate.
    RANT: Where is the DC police notification on this??
    Rave(?): Multiple cop cars in the vicinity within a minute of my waking up. Flashlights and foot patrol in alleys.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: don’t need to buy anything.
    Rant: but that 5 pound bag of gummy bears for $10 is looking tempting.
    Rant: so is the ecobee thermostat.
    Rant: so is…

    • Just make sure you don’t get the sugar free ones!

    • I bought the nest over the weekend in a moment of weakness…

      will buy the echo dots for my parents and sibling.

      • Andie302

        Do you have to have an echo to use the echo dot? I’m so confused!

        • No! Its just a small version of the original echo (and way cheaper, and just as functional). I love it in my room as a radio in the morning and to ask the time as I frantically race through the house.

      • a question for you & any other echo-owning popvillagers: what do you use it for? does it help you do things you were not/could not do before, or is it just far more convenient than looking at your phone? I think they sound fun & want one, but my partner thinks its just a stationary Siri.

        • That is pretty much exactly what it is (stationary siri). We use our echo mostly to play music, set timers when we are cooking, ask random questions that I am too lazy to get my phone to do. Basically I am just saying Alexa instead of Siri. Although I have to say our particular Alexa is a moody B because a lot of the time it only listens to my husbands voice (he set it up so it makes sense) and does not acknowledge me at all…Grr!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: There seems to be a shortage of Golden Delicious apples this year.
    Rave: an apple a day is keeping the doctor away?

    • Apples are my part of my job, and I can assure you that the goldens are coming! Harvest was a little late this year.

  • Rant: My mom painted a picture of my girlfriend’s dog for Christmas and sent it via FedEx to her apartment complex near Meridian Hill Park. Despite her building having a locked, coded mail vestibule, the package was stolen. I hope the thief enjoys this highly-personalized dog portrait.
    Rave: Thanksgiving was great!

  • Rave: I’m going to the christmas tree lighting! Super excited, never been!
    Rant: It doesn’t look like they have released the street closures yet, anyone know?

  • Rave: Spent thanksgiving day with my totally normal family who are all reasonable informed human beings.
    Rant: Spent the day after with my husband’s family who are usually nice, but act totally ignorant and ill-informed. His immediate family knows how much we will tolerate…his extended family not so much. Thankfully we did not have to stay very long.
    Rave: T- 15 days until grad school is over forever!!!!

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