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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • skj84

    Rave: After much negotiation, have come to a resolution for Thanksgiving.I’m going to host dinner for my immediate family at 2pm, then they will head to my cousins house at 4:00 for her dinner. Its not a perfect solution, I think my mom is still upset that I’m not going to my cousins house. But it allows me to host, and be with my family. We also decided next Thanksgiving is going to be at my parents house.
    Rant: I’m now two days behind in grocery shopping and cooking. Going to have to brave Trader Joe’s tonight for to purchase stuff for sides. That should be fun. I dry brined the Turkey yesterday, so at least thats done.

  • Rant: Thought I read that the crack house in my hood was getting evicted… Turned out to be Faux News…

    Rant: I love it when D Dot does road repaving, during rush hour traffic, just before snow plows come to ruin it all…

    Rant: Traffic is bad, and we should all feel bad… Can’t wait for a holiday so I can drive streets unfettered.

    Rave: Short week, and I actually have no house work to do!

    • For what it’s worth… apparently D.C. isn’t allowed to do evictions when the outdoor temperature goes below a certain number. So it might be that everything is on target for the crack house to be evicted, but the actual eviction has to wait until spring. 🙁

  • Revel: just got the results of my last two observations from last week. My ratings are not as high as I’d like them to be but way higher than last year. My principal is going to have to try pretty hard to get rid of me this year (although I don’t think she will want to, then I have tenure)
    Revel: One of the nice things about teaching 2nd grade is that when I told my students they have 5 days of no school, several of them whined that they’ll miss me. I guess I’m doing something right.
    ?: I think I’m going to take the plunge and try to color my hair this weekend. I want to add some blue to the ends. I’m of the “it’s just hair” mindset so if I hate it, it’ll fade or I can cut it off.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Easiest, fastest drive ever down to Medical Center.
    Rant: Waited 30 minutes for a train at Medical Center.
    Rave: Early dismissal.
    Rave: Thanksgiving prep! Tonight I’ll make pies, cornbread, cranberry sauce, and jello salad.

  • Do whatever you want in Blagden Alley, but for the children, please SLOW DOWN on Blagden Avenue. I wish the city would move the camera up closer to 16th, everyone drives it like it’s a damn drag race. And while I’m at it, everywhere in the city, use your freaking blinkers when you turn, god damnit, and stop for people in the motherflipping crosswalk.

  • Rave: End of Surge 10 of Safetrack. My commute was so much easier this morning.
    Rant: Baby Artie screamed the entire metro ride home yesterday and then feel asleep half way through our walk home. I was so done by the time I put the key in the door.
    Rave: Baby Artie slept through the night and didn’t wake up until five this morning.
    Rave: We are celebrating the first major holiday in our house tomorrow. Tonight will involve a bottle of red wine and lots of prep cooking.
    Resolve: With all the chaos and horror in the world, I am trying very hard to focus on the things for which I am grateful this year. Now is the time to hold our loved ones close.

    • Allison

      Re: safetrack, I never thought riding the red line all the way from Takoma to Metro Center would feel so luxurious. I will never take metro for granted again. Until the next time it breaks down.

    • I didn’t love redline this morning. Every single station we hit we held on the tracks for eternity. My normal 30 minute commute took me an hour. I found myself longing for the days of safetrack. (I hit the station before 7, so perhaps I just got to work to dang early).

  • Rave: That’s an amazing picture.
    Rave: Just happy. Looking forward to good friends, good food, harassing babies and puppies, and going into the woods.Yes, I know how irritating I am.

  • Rave: managed to get mtpkiddo dressed without screaming drama this morning. All it took was prompting her to tell me a story as I did it. Today it was about “Little Miss Sad”–fashioned after the Little Miss/Mister Men books. (We’ve written stories about Little Miss Cranky and Little Miss Happy together the last two evenings)
    Rant: No time to explore why she felt sad this morning. Ugh. But if I can successfully apply this route earlier in the morning other days, perhaps we have time for that.
    Rant: I know something is up with the recent uptick in drama, but I haven’t had the chance to investigate. Blargh. Hopefully this weekend.
    Query to the universe: PLEASE let this long weekend be easier and more relaxed than last weekend. I’m not sure I could handle twice as much drama and crying!

    • I never understood why parents were happy to return to work on Mondays until I became a mom. Full-time 24/7 caregiving to little people is HARD. I really don’t know how my grandma did it with five kids and managed to be such a pleasant person. She didn’t even drink heavily. 😉

      Good luck this weekend!

      • I cannot fathom how your mom did it–hats off to her! Two kids is more than enough for me to handle. Every once in awhile, I mourn mtpbaby growing out of his babyhood and briefly entertain the notion of a third, but then I remember the logistical challenges we already have and realize we are much better off as a family of four.

      • Oh–and thank you! Hope your first Thanksgiving in your new house is a rousing success–and if not, hope you have fun stories to tell at future Thanksgiving dinners. 🙂

    • I really liked those Little Miss/Mister Men books when I was a kid.

      • Me too! So glad to be sharing them with mtpkiddo now, since she loves them too 🙂 And even more awesome to use them to write her/our own stories. I hope I’m encouraging creative writing and thinking skills down the line.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: No tracked buses this morning in my neighborhood meant taking UberPool to work.
    RAVE: UberPool didn’t pick up any other passengers, so it was basically discount UberX
    RANT: Considering how awful WMATA bus service has been lately AND how awful BusETA has been, I foresee a lot of Uber this winter.

  • topscallop

    Rave: I’m engaged! He wanted to do it before Thanksgiving, and decided to do it last night so I could show off the ring at work. Of course, no one is in the office today except for me 🙂
    Rave: I’m hopeful for early dismissal, no word of it yet but they have to let us go! It’s the worst travel day of the year!
    Rant: not leaving until tonight
    Rave: Thanksgiving and food and family in my liberal New England bubble will be so lovely

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m at work.
    Rave: Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!!! Best holiday of the year!

  • Political Rant: Did I really see a headline that there may have been election fraud in PA, WI, and MI? If so, that is a terrifying outcome. Overturning the result would lead to such insane chaos. I can’t even imagine how that would play out.

  • Rant 1: Just walked out in the hallway at my office and there was poop on the floor. I’m not making this up. Security here is extremely lax and one of the reasons I want out.

    Rant 2: If I’m doing all the Thanksgiving work, and fighting traffic to get there, its happening on my timeline. I’m not in a mood to negotiate around everybody’s schedule. Dinner is served at 5:30 on Thursday. Be there, or not.

    • a poop in the hallway happened at my workplace in 2010. tbh I didn’t actually see it with my own two eyes, but my former office mate is the person who discovered it and he is completely reliable and not prone to hyperbole so I believe it to be true. they never found the culprit.

    • We had poop on the floor outside our mens room earlier this year. Very high class secure building. It didn’t even look like someone had a “digestive emergency” but like someone just popped a squat and pooped on the floor. So weird. I called maintenance and they sent a janitor, and within 1/2 hour it was all cleaned up and the carpet was shampooed.

    • justinbc

      Wtf, how is this so common?!

  • Rave: Thanksgiving dinner coming together despite eight different cooks and having a turkey foisted on us.
    Rant: Need to get the out-of-towners to wire some cash for what needs to be a pretty impressive wine purchase and/or the cleaning lady.
    Bittersweet: Preparing the house and much of the food alone with my daughter and girlfriend. My wife and I hosted so many holiday dinners over three decades, for friends and family and orphans, and it was almost a ritual the two of us performed. I miss her badly at times like this but feel so fortunate to have two extraordinary women in my life to help me carry the traditions on.

  • Real Rave: Son got an offer for a (decently) paid Pathways Program internship at a federal agency — his first job relevant to his major and the break he needed and has long deserved. I’m not sure there’s anything that could make this a happier holiday season for me.

  • Rave: Will likely get some kind of early dismissal today and I’m eagerly awaiting notification…
    Rant: The last two times we’ve gotten early dismissal (in our office, not Department-wide) they haven’t told us until 4, which is the time half of us leave normally anyway. Please oh please let them tell us by lunchtime so I can actually have my early leave….

  • Rave: End of SafeTrack on the Redline. Only had to take one train to Gallery Place this morning.
    Rave: Thanksgiving-Eve. Hopefully this will lead to a short day at work.
    Rave: Quiet office today.
    Rant: Forgot to do back exercises last night so I was sore as hell this morning.
    Rant: Stuffy nose.
    Rant: Job evaluation coming up. My supervisor’s a new boss for me so I’m worried about how my evaluation will go. I’m not a slack on the job and try to go above and beyond when I can. Overall, I’ve had good interactions with her throughout the year but I am still worried about it.

  • Rave?: Usually I’m an orphan for Thanksgiving and am feeling sorry for myself because of the family backstory behind this. But this year I’m actually kind of relieved because…
    Rant: I’m sick and could use a day off where I get to sleep and shiver in peace.
    Rant: Guess who went shopping on Monday night and didn’t have the foresight to buy any cough syrup? Me, that’s who.

    • Try some cinnamon whiskey for the cough. I swear it worked for both mtpwife and I.
      I hope you are feeling better soon!

      • Thanks, mtpresident!
        Is cinnamon whiskey a product, like cinnamon-infused whiskey? Or can I add cinnamon to regular whiskey? If so, is bourbon OK?
        Come to think of it… I don’t think I have any whiskey (bourbon or otherwise).

        • It’s a product. We bought fireball whiskey, but I think there is also a second brand whose name I don’t know off the top of my head.

        • Andie302

          I think she meant Fireball – I seem to remember her mentioning it in an earlier post by name. Also, the leftover will be good for spiking cider or just pretending like you’re in your 20’s again! Hope you feel better soon!

    • binntp

      Hope you feel better soon! A snuggly kitty is also a good home remedy for what ails you.

      • As long as she’s behaving, that is.
        Often she seems to sense when I’m sick and is extra-sweet to me… but unfortunately not this time around. Yesterday I had to lock her in the bathroom so that I could get some sleep.

    • If you can’t make it out let me know, I can bring you some stuff. I know what it feels like to be sick and alone. And to contemplate curling up in a ball on the sidewalk on the way home from CVS.

      • Aww, thanks for the kind offer! I think I should be OK to drag myself to the store today, but will keep that in mind if I can’t.
        On Monday I was so tired that just walking across the street to re-park my car in front of my house left me exhausted.

    • That One Guy

      Get well soon. Make sure your hydrating yourself.

  • Rant: Since I have gestational diabetes, I got a 36w growth scan yesterday even though it wasn’t necessary because I haven’t been gaining weight, have been measuring on track, and my sugars have been totally controlled through diet and exercise. Well, wouldn’t you know when you go looking, you always find something. This time, it was “very small femurs.” DH and I are extremely short (I’m just below 5′ and he’s just below 5’4″) so I’m basically like–uhhh is this all necessary, I mean look at us?
    Rant: And honestly, what can they do at this point? I’m more worried about false positives than false negatives if we keep scanning and looking for things. I’m seeing if there’s any legitimate reason we should make this appointment.
    Rant: I’m quickly approaching the date of my miscarriage last year and I just want to hold this baby in my arms. Every time we go to the doctor lately there seems to be something going on and it increases my anxiety.
    Rave: Thanksgiving with my parents and DH. Lots of love and good food and a good distraction 🙂

    • The 36 week growth scan was standard with my OB/GYN practice. And they told us that our kid had an adnormally large head, but you only have to look at my husband to understand where it came from. So yes, it may always being something.

      Hang in there! You are almost at the finish line. And I hope that you get to hold your little baby in your arms sooner than later. Are you and your partner planning to do anything to acknowlege your miscarriage date? Having some kind of plan for that day may help with your anxiety. Hugs to you. I think having children is ultimately an optimistic and hopeful act in the face of a challenging world, but even more so when you have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or child before. Don’t discount your bravery.

      • Thanks for your note! I think next week will be hard because it felt like 2 terrible days–the day I found out, and the day I had to get the D&C. I think we’re sort of trying to figure out what to do on those days. I have been trying really hard at self-care, and we have been doing date nights 1-2x per week, but we’re both getting antsy!

        • If cooking is something that relaxes you rather than stresses you out, maybe occupy the next few weeks with cooking some dishes to stockpile your freezer? Staying busy was critical for me in those last weeks.

  • Rant – Effing red line! We got offloaded once at Takoma, then stuck in the tunnel outside of Brookland for 40 minutes in a packed train with little communication from personnel. They shut off the fans/air and someone in my car started getting sick. I tried the emergency call button and they did not work. I get claustrophobic so this was like my worst nightmare coming true. Thankfully I was by the door at the end of car and we opened it to let in some air. We finally got to Rhode Island ave, which was chaotic, and I just took an Uber home. So not worth it for a half day of work.
    Rave – Thankful that things were not worse Thankful that folks on my car were helpful and in good spirits. Thankful the person who felt sick ended up being ok. Thankful for Uber. Thankful I’m moving away in one week and don’t have to deal with Metro anymore. Happy Thanksgiving PoPville!

    • Yikes! Glad to hear everything turned out OK, but that experience sounds really scary. (Especially the emergency call button not working!)

    • Ugh, that sounds awful! I heard there was a medical emergency at Takoma and I know they were single tracking at RI Ave due to signal problems. Sounds like you got caught in the worst of it. Now that the surge is over we’re just back to normal operations.
      I got onto a train at Takoma at 8:50. We sat at the station for 20 minutes before inching our way to NoMa. Doubled my commute time, but my car wasn’t crowded at all so it wasn’t that painful.

  • Is anyone else’s water smelling different? Smells a bit more like salt water.
    Did I miss something? I had enough fun with the petroleum in the water.

  • Rave: Leaving early to go pickup Maketto fried chicken for Thanksgiving tomorrow. MMM – 5 spice caramel sauce…
    Rant: Feeling the holiday blues creep up. I absolutely hate that I feel this way year after year especially since my freakn birthday falls between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I should be Soooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy. Unfortunately, it’s an effort.
    Rave: Hopefully I’ve set myself up with some good self care options that I’ll be a-ok. Last day at current job is the day before my birthday. I’ve scheduled a haircut/color session that evening and then on my actual birthday a 90 minute massage with other pampering events. Drinks with friends that weekend as well as a black tie event (we like dressing up) and then a quick trip to see the fam mid-December before starting the new job just before Christmas. Fingers crossed I get through it all in high spirits.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Feeling a head ache coming on.
    Rave: Wishful thinking on my part, but feel like I’ll take a scenic drive tomorrow. I know, I’ll likely get stuck in traffic somehow.
    ? Wilco’s Jesus, Etc. playing in my mind. What does it mean?

    • Traffic on Thanksgiving Day is actually not that bad, if I remember correctly.

      • Depends on where you are heading. On local scenic roads, you’ll probably be OK, unless they are major paths through the area. On 95, you’ll get lots of traffic heading to grandma’s house for dinner.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Not a whole lot of free time lately.
    Rave: Mostly all for good reasons.
    Rave: Stoked for Black Squirrel orphan Thanksgiving buffet tomorrow and Friendsgiving smorgasbord at my place on Saturday. I might be full for a week.
    Rant: College football season has been pretty crappy this year all around.

  • I was wondering if the Black Squirrel’s buffet was still on — hadn’t seen anything about it on PoPville.
    Pablo Raw, Anonymous_Dianne, Spite Cupcakes, and any other Thanksgiving orphans: I am too sick to organize/coordinate a PoPville orphan Thanksgiving, let alone show up to it, but I hereby notify you that the Black Squirrel thing is on, if you wish to organize amongst yourselves.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant/Rave: That Thanksgiving many years ago when I was hosting 10 friends for dinner and the really old and sickly Lucy the cat (not to be confused with Lucy the dog who overlapped her tenure by 2 years) decided to die that day. Not before Thanksgiving dinner, not after. During. Damn cat! She was in the basement so no one except me actually saw her but I still didn’t think it was something I should mention to the guests since I didn’t want to start rumors that perhaps she choked on the dry turkey.
    Rant/Rave: That other Thanksgiving I decided that before we ate that we each share our best and worst Thanksgiving memories. Seriously, a cat dying during Thanksgiving dinner is nothing compared to some of the Thanksgiving tragedies that were shared. Do not try this with your family and friends!
    Rant/Rave: Another Thanksgiving and Grandma’s Red Velvet cake recipe. Grandma in the Nursing Home. This one has to be told in person. With alcohol.
    Rave: Happy Thanksgiving to all my virtual and IRL PoPville friends! You make hanging out here special!

  • Rave: Early dismissal and tomorrow I’m flying to London to see sister, niece, and brother-in-law.
    Rant: Been a rough few weeks in my life.
    Rave: Get to laugh and get over it with my sister and cutest niece in the world.
    Rave: Huskies better win – can’t take Christmas with my WSU Coug brother gloating.
    Rave: Walmart was out of Pattie Labelle pies – but resupply in today – hopefully I can nab one or two to laugh over at this weekend.

    Happy Thanksgiving PoPville. Celebrate and enjoy your family, frineds, and neighbors. Travel safe and enjoy the best holiday in the world!

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