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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Love that photo. Is it just me or are the changing trees that much more beautiful this year? Or am I just looking for something to cheer me up? I’m from California so really the seasons changing is so new to me!
    Rave: Going to Paris for Thanksgiving! Flights were cheaper than going to California! So ready for a vacation, its been a LOONG few months with a new job, new condo, and now the imminent demise of our great country.

  • Rave/Question: Can someone near Farragut confirm that Eatsa is open? There were people inside when I drove by this morning and I’m planning to go for lunch.

  • Clueless

    Rave: TAIL UP GOAT. Yaaaaaaas. Excellent service and the kale lasagna was the bomb.
    Rave: Finally Friday! Can’t wait to catch up on life/sleep this weekend.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: someone in my office is listening to awful music without headphones. it’s a fed, so as a contractor I can’t say anything. If I were a contractor I could remind them that our management has said we can only listen to music with headphones.
    Rant: I’m finding it difficult to find raves, I fear depression is rearing it’s ugly head.
    Rave: less than a week until Thanksgiving.

  • skj84

    Rave: Wonderful time at “Into the Blue” last night. Probably one of the best BYT parties i’ve been to. Plenty of food and drink, no long waits with the exception of the Photo Booth and silhouette cutter. Surprised it wasn’t sold out.
    Rave: Time really dig into my menu for Thanksgiving. Spent the bus ride looking up brining recipes. I’ve used the White House Turkey recipe in the past, looking to shake it up this year. I’m intrigued by NYT’s recommendation on splaying the turkey. It seems like a lot of effort, but could be interesting. I’m in charge of the Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes,and rolls, my cousin is doing everything else.
    Rant: I haven’t figured out where I’m getting the Turkey yet. Safeway and Giant have decent sales for their frozen house brands, but I like Harris Teeter better. I haven’t seen anything on what Costco or Trader Joe’s are offering.

    • I was there too! Agreed it was a fun party. Im guessing most of their target audience is still in election depression mode – I know I still am, and it took a swift kick in the pants by a friend to get me to go out last night.

      • skj84

        Probably. I must say it helped me feel a bit better. I’ve always found the Courtyard pretty calming, and being there with friends, good food, and music put me in a better mindset. Glad you came out!

    • I’m not sure if they’re doing this again this year, but last year I pre-ordered a local turkey from a MD farm through MOM’s. I got to choose when I picked it up and it was cheaper than many grocery store options AND not frozen!

  • Rave: Love the photo too!
    Rave: Got into a little disagreement with the SO after he advised that he would be traveling for work and miss Thanksgiving. He didn’t understand the big deal that I would be alone. “It’s just like any other day” was what took the cake for me. I admit I responded a little angrily and told him it may be just a normal day for him, but that I have a really hard time this time of year (due to previous deaths and suicides that have occurred in this stretch between Thanksgiving and New Years) and prefer to be around friends/family. I felt he was leaving me in the lurch b/c we’d already committed to volunteering Thanksgiving morning and now I’d have to do a last minute scramble to find a “friendsgiving” that was still open to invites. Fast forward two days and last night he mentions he’d adjusted his travel to be this weekend and that he’d return Tuesday so Thanksgiving can occur as originally planned. I so appreciate that he did that for me. Now I need to figure out how to express my appreciation.
    Rave: Feeling super happy this morning. Woke up with a smile and can’t wait for the sun to shine.

    • Wow … that was a nice ending I didn’t expect when reading your Rave! I would suggest that maybe your SO has some personal issues around the holidays, too, and that is why he scheduled a work trip – I used to work holidays to avoid being reminded of many of them – (I had a roommate/friend once who wasn’t happy about that.) So, all the more good that he changed his schedule to be with you!

      • Yea, I was pleasantly surprised. And I agree – he has some issues around the holidays too. We just need to be more open with each other about why we are both doing what we’re doing. I don’t want to force him to do something he doesn’t want to, but I need ample notice so I can take care of myself too.

  • Rave: Avocado toast at Pleasant Pops. Best thing I’ve eaten all week.
    Rave: Friday, and a weekend where I’m going to take it easy and spend time with friends.
    Rant: Politics. Jeff Sessions – really? Really?

    • I just had it this week too! Great bread, good amount of salt all and all I was pleased. Also good with a side of tomato soup! I normally get some at Philz (also delicious) but they’re out of avocado this week.

    • That One Guy

      I read the news and cringe just a little more each day as this slow, IMO, train wreck unfolds. I feel less optimistic about what it means to be an American much less look like one.

    • But Jeff Sessions says he’s not racist, so it must be true. Ugh, the worst.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Beautiful photo!
    Related Rave: Swishing through piles of leaves while I was running errands yesterday. Wheeeee! lol
    Rave: # dingo Reading this yesterday brought a smile to my face. I really enjoyed those dingo video appearances.
    Rant: SO exhausted. I wonder what it would feel like to walk in the world and live my life without having to be almost constantly on guard.
    Rave: Cosseting my ambivert.
    Rave: Because there are so many serious things to rant about, I’m making a point of taking Rave Breaks. And yeah, there are always things to Rave about.
    Rave: Namaste Y’all!

  • Rant: I spent this week with a 5-day headache which meant the receptionist at my doctor’s office now knows me well… I am 99.9% sure it was work stress a la Trump induced.
    Rave: It’s pretty much gone now. And I’ve decided to move my leave up to reduce the work stress/Trump anxiety. Only 3 more weeks in the office, then probably some light remote working. I’m so happy.
    Rave: Finally got our furniture yesterday–being couchless for a month was no fun. Now we need to break it in with some weekend snuggles.
    Rave: Date night cooking class tomorrow!!

    • Glad your headache is almost gone. Those long term ones are the worst. Hope you have a nice weekend snuggling on your new couch.

  • Rave: Theraputic deep house cleaning resulted in finding a ring I’d been missing and a skirt I thought I’d mistakenly given to Goodwill
    Rant: Comfort food, while comforting, is leading to weight gain which isn’t so comforting
    Rave: Pup has been extra affectionate and snuggly these past few days which is very comforting

  • Rant: The Washington Post seems to have ended their free access for people accessing from a congressional IP address. How am I supposed to maintain my sanity while fighting against the Trump administration if I can’t distract myself with advice columnists and food chats?!?!

  • I seem to be moving onto the next stage of grieving. Woke up this morning less depressed about Trump and more fired up to f*ck with him and his supporters.
    Any idea how difficult it might be to have the entire population of DC dress in traditional Muslim wear January 19-21? The people coming to town for his inauguration would freak.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Feels like I’ve been making out with sand paper. My lips are chapped/dry and painful. This coincides with nose congestion and right nostril sounding like Donald Duck when I tried to breath deeply yesterday. I feel like a hot mess.

  • Rant: The near constant misuse of the word “exponential.” Basic math knowledge is going down the drain in this country.
    Rave: Vacation tomorrow! It’s not my ideal vacation, and I was looking forward to the first holiday in our new house, but I’ll get to spend time with family, hang out with my niece and nephews, it’ll be warm, and someone else is paying.
    (Very Minor, First World) Rant: For the cost of this vacation, we all could have gone to Paris like CatieCat. Grrr. I hate it when people don’t take my (very good) suggestions. Things would go a lot more smoothly if everyone would just do what I say.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Ditto first rant. Related: misuse of “X times more than” when “X times as much as” is intended. 2 is not “two times more than” 1. 2 is “two times as many as” 1. 3 is “two times more than” 1 (i.e., the original plus two more of it).

    • Hah! I share your rant. Change from 12 to 50 was referred to as exponential growth in a meeting yesterday. Didn’t hear a thing after that for a couple of minutes as I tried to work out the fractional exponent in my head.

    • How are people misusing the word ‘exponential’? I don’t think I’ve noticed this.

      • The way that I’ve heard it misused is as a synonym for a large amount, generally of growth. I work with social media, so often it is used correctly since so much of social media is dependent on sharing/retweeting. For example, if I generate a large number of followers, because a few users share my content with a bunch of their friends who share it with a bunch of their friends who share it with a bunch of their friends, etc. That’s exponential growth. But if I gain the same amount of followers, because I buy an add or if I a lot of visitors go to my page because of some current event, that growth isn’t exponential.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Yes, and it doesn’t even have to be large. Exponential growth means that the rate of change of a quantity is proportional to the quantity itself. Something that doubles every month is exponential. Something that increases by a multiple of a thousand every month is exponential. Something that increases by a tenth of a percent every month is also exponential. Something that increases by a constant amount per unit time isn’t exponential even if the rate of increase is really large. If your checking account balance is increasing at a rate of a billion dollars a month, that is by conventional standards growing really really fast, but it is not exponential. If it increases by a hundredth of a percent a month, that is exponential, even though it is also really really slow.

      • Hill Denizen and Tinker Taylor succinctly described it – exponential often (and incorrectly) is used as a proxy for big. Just an increase is large – from 12 to 50, for example – that doesn’t mean it’s exponential. For a more concrete example (and the impetus for my rant) see yesterday’s thread on traffic at the FL Ave. and NY Ave. intersection.

        • Thanks Hill Denizen and dcd. I guess I hadn’t noticed this usage before but now that I’m aware of it I’m sure I will now see it everywhere. I do work in a mathematical field so it’s probably used correctly most of the time that I hear it.

    • Ha! well keep looking out for good airfares! We are flying Air France, not even one of those low cost airlines where you stop in Iceland and pay for carry ons! The economic tumult in Europe and Britain have def helped out in terms of cheap flights. Even cheap flights into next summer are popping up!

    • And “decimate” does not mean “reduce by a lot”. It means to reduce by one-tenth. That’s why “deci” is in there. But of course the dictionary has decided that the correct use is now archaic, and lists the wrong use as the first definition.

      • And Merriam-Webster accepting “figuratively” as a definition of “literally” – it’s the exact opposite.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Another incorrect definition of decimate that I actually believed for a long time was “reduce *to* one tenth” (i.e., reduce by 90%) – it was consistent with the intended meaning conveyed by the common usage and it had something to do with a tenth.

  • justinbc

    Rave: That photo is gorgeous. Well framed, contrasted, and balanced.
    Rave: Have our early retirement options narrowed down to 3 areas, if anyone has input about Granada area of Nicaragua, Cali area of Colombia, or Montanita/Olon beach area of Ecuador please feel free to share, good or bad!

    • Are you set on the Central/South America? A friend who researches this constantly (in anticipation of setting up a company to assist Americans in doing exactly what you are planning) has said for the past year that Malaysia is an excellent combination of value, advanced medical services, and other amenities. Not what you asked, but thought I’d throw it out there.

      • Can confirm, (Peninsular) Malaysia’s nice, as long as you can ignore its extremely weird politics and randomly strict interpretations of Islamic law. The great food sort of makes up for that, I suppose. It’s certainly much safer than most parts of Central/South America.

      • justinbc

        Malaysia is extremely high on the “will be spending multiple months renting there” list, after we buy our retirement home in C.A./S.A., but due to family still living in N.A. we don’t want to be based -too- far away, especially with them getting older.

        • If being able to get home (or to good medical care) relatively easily is important, I would suggest that puts Montanita at the bottom of your list – it’s a few hours’ drive from Guayaquil as is, and though I haven’t been to Ecuador in a few years, the roads I remember are pretty awful (especially in the dark, and flights to NA from GYE leave late at night). I’m sure you have other things factoring in, but it’s worth considering. Granada’s supposed to be lovely!

          (If it were me though, I’d go with Panama too. Though I guess it depends a little bit on your Spanish and willingness to embrace some discomfort.)

        • Makes sense. I have to say, I am a little jealous. I love my daughter more than anything (well, except my wife – they’re tied), but this is a stark reminder of the different lifestyles possible when you’re childless. A colleague of mine did this about 10 years ago – moved with his new wife to Buenos Aires – and when I saw him there on vacation I had a similar reaction. I wouldn’t change my situation and have absolutely no regrets, but the life you describe sounds pretty awesome. Doing this when you’re full retirement age is just different. Congratulations.

          • justinbc

            For sure, there are definitely people for whom the child raising aspect is a big benefit, just not us. It will likely take about 2 years to get all the paperwork done to go properly, as well as getting our places here lined up for maximum rental income, but having a goal to shoot for helps a lot. The hardest decision will actually be whether to build or buy, I’m honestly fine in almost any location.

    • I have a question out of curiosity: how does one move/live there? Do you have to have a certain amount of capital? Or is it similar to how Canadians can live in the US for 6 months, but then go back to Canada for a month or so?

      • justinbc

        It varies a good bit country to country, and what type of status you’re trying to get. We won’t be giving up our U.S. citizenship, but to apply for retirement or “pension” benefits in most of the countries you have to prove that you are receiving a certain amount of monthly income (varies country by country) and then you get all sorts of discounts. Some places there are also age requirements, but those can be waived. Visa requirements also vary greatly by country.

    • check out Panama. Even though Costa Rica is full of American ex-pats, it is very stable and will be.

      • justinbc

        Yeah I looked into Panama, and Costa Rica, but in order to live in most of the best areas for expats there I would still have to work, which I would rather not do 🙂

    • Ecuador would be nice because they use the US dollars, so less fx risk. Also, Ecuadoreans are nice people (saying this bc my family is from there, so…im being self promotional again)

    • I was not a fan of Granada. I know it is popular with expats, but as far as I can tell, the primary selling point is the colonial architecture and other expats live there. It is located on the lake, but the lake front is pretty run down. Food was decent, but I think I’d mark most of the food in Nicaragua as decent.

      Might I recommend San Juan Del Sur as an alternative? Beach, good food, close to CR border, decent amenities, and slightly more vibrant nightlife scene.

      • justinbc

        Definitely have some properties lined up in SJDS if/when we decide on Nica, appreciate the honest perspective! I absolutely prefer beach living, she’s more partial to the jungle.

  • Andie302

    Cute: The dog did NOT want to go outside this morning. Our normal morning ritual is that she wakes up (or gets up with the first alarm) wants some active snuggles, and then jumps down because she absolutely has to go outside. This morning, there was no prying her out of bed, no active snuggles at all, and I basically had to push her outside to pee so that I knew she had a chance before I left for work.
    Rant: Weird vivid dreams. There was an unrecognizable animal with hurt hips in a communal shower, a strange road trip of sorts, and who knows what else I’m not recalling.
    Rave: Excellent group date night at the Dabney last night.

    • You think your dog may be sick? I would keep a close eye on her… also maybe your dream was telling you this?

      • Andie302

        Yes, I’m definitely going to keep an eye on her. She’s been eating a bit more than usual, but otherwise seems like her normal self. Thank you!

    • Have you had the dog long enough that you’ve seen her go through a winter before? Mine HATES the cold, she came from Puerto Rico and is not a happy camper this time of year. It’s a really quick in and out walk, she won’t stay out for anything. Putting a coat on her helps a lot.

      • Andie302

        She’s not a fan of winter either, and she did recently get a hair cut. I think we have a coat somewhere for her – I’ll have to dig it out and give it a try. I was expecting it to be much colder based on her reaction, but maybe it’s that she was just warmer than usual because we ran the heat for one of the first times. Her mother also hates winter and getting out of bed, so maybe I’m contagious 🙂

        • It was just a thought, since ours is like that this time of year. She gets excited to go out still but it’s not as enthusiastic and it’s a super short walk. I hope she’s ok and not sick!!

  • rave:we found a condo that we love, at the lower end of our price range!
    semi-rant: I’m not completely in love with the neighborhood. I’d love to hear some thoughts on the Potomac Ave neighborhood. We emailed the Cap Hill listserve and we’ve got a range of responses, including the most recent one from a couple who’ve lived there for 10 years and were mugged at gun point this summer. I know that’s a random crime, but I’d still love to hear from other residents.

    • topscallop

      My BF lives in that neighborhood and there are definitely some sketchy spots but overall I like it. It’s nice to be close to the metro and the Harris Teeter. Though we’d prefer to be a bit closer to Cap South or Eastern Market when we move in together, for the safety reasons.

      • thanks for the input! I have a feeling that despite the proximity to metro, buses and Eastern Market, we might be ubering more than we do now in Navy Yard. It’s a great investment, and I really love the unit, but I’m on the fence about safety…which is kind of a big deal.

        • La Lomita’s is a gem and a good place to get to know the neighborhood folks. I grew up going there, anything with their steak is delicious.

        • Andie302

          I would suggest checking out the crime map for the area where your boyfriend currently lives, the area where the condo is, and then a couple of the areas that “feel safer” to you. I don’t know what the stats say, but you might be surprised that incidents are fairly similar. I lived by Stadium-Armory from 08-14 and loved the area. I was at Pot. Ave a lot because of Harris Teeter and Trusty’s. A friend lives across the street from metro and has been there for a few years and loves it. I would buy in that area in a heartbeat, but I certainly wouldn’t walk home in the dark by myself (nor would I in Navy Yard, if that provides any perspective). Good luck with your decision!

          • thanks for both of your comments! @caphill: we have a friend who’s a diehard la lomita’s fan, and always talks about the steak! @andie: funny you should mention Navy Yard, that’s where my husband and I are currently renting. I feel better there, but then again, we’ve lived there for 3.5 years, I’ve worked at the Yard for 6, and we have friends in all the buildings, and townhouses nearby.

    • I love the neighborhood – (I crash at my friend’s house there 2X weekly – she’s lived there close to a decade ) walk my friend’s dog at all hours, bike commute to mcpherson square, hang out on the back porch. It’s a great community – there’s a neighborhood garden, the congressional cemetery, etc. and lots of people know each other. Others have had concerns about security – I treat them respectfully and make sure to be alert, don’t walk around with headphones/phone out, etc.
      Congrats on the condo.

    • I lived for about five years (2010-2015) at 14th and E St. SE, just a block from Safeway and about three blocks from the Potomac Avenue metro. Overall I like the area, and I think you will too. Not to discourage you, but here is my two-cents on safety in those few blocks. Even as a guy, I never felt very safe walking around at night. I liked being near the metro, but during the winter when it was dark at 6 pm, I always hustled home and never took out my phone, etc. I was robbed and physically assaulted by two guys in 2012. What I always found so odd about this area is how quiet it can be, and that is what I think still allows for random (though thankfully infrequent) crime. There were many evenings where I’d take the dog for a walk, go several blocks, and never pass another soul on the sidewalk.

  • rave: went on youtube and watched sarah palin’s endorsement of trump and it made me laugh. laughter is good. really what I needed.
    rant: metro
    rave: excited to have a short week next week. yay for holidays 🙂

  • Rant: Insomnia is back with a vengeance
    Rave: Apparently my entire extended family will be in the area for Thanksgiving (though at separate dinner parties) but a lunch has been planned for the weekend. I haven’t seen a lot of them in over 10 years (we’re all really bad at planning and way too spread out across the globe).
    Rave: A surprise cupcake left for me on my kitchen counter is the best surprise of them all.

  • Rave – That photo is gorgeous!
    Rant – I unsubscribed from OPM status alerts yesterday and then got really sad about leaving DC and not having anymore snow days 🙁
    Rave – Staying in DC for the holiday and having Thanksgiving dinner at Rasika! Can’t wait.

  • Rant: Phone books. They are all over the street, thicker than fallen leaves. Nobody wants them. Those of us who at least pick them up, put them straight into recycle bin. The city will now have to haul away an extra few tons of recycling. One year I saw the guy dropping them off and told him I didn’t want one and he cursed at me and threw it in my yard.

    Revel: Oyster Riot tonight! Best night of the year. I’m going to eat at least 100.

    • I haven’t been in years, next year it may be time to go again. What are tickets up to?

      • Tickets are $150.00 – which might seem high to those unfamiliar with the event – but it includes all the oysters you can eat, plus all the wine, beer etc. plus a great live band, and includes of course, tax and tip. The unique feature is that there are so many different kinds of oysters – at least 25 varieties – that you just don’t get to taste anywhere.

        Also, there are probably still tickets available – since they added a Sat. matinee, it has relieved the scalping.

        • Last time I went, they were $100, which tells you how long ago it was. It’s a ton of fun. My only beef is that the shuckers, who are amazing to watch, invariably dump all of the liquor off of the oyster. It’s completely understandable – they’re flying through the process, and don’t have time to spend carefully nestling a brimming oyster into a bed of cracked ice – but that is NOT how God intended oysters to be eaten. At least that’s not how I was taught.

        • I went years ago – maybe 2007 – because I was able to snag four tickets at $40 each at a silent auction. It was really great.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Meetings yesterday and today that went on longer than they should have because people just wouldn’t stop talking.
    Rave: But they’re over now!
    Rave: Relatively quiet weekend. My only plans are Thanksgiving prep.

  • Rant: A hell of a week. I think the grief is finally hitting me. Keep feeling like I’m going to cry at random points in time. And I am just plain exhausted. Ugh.
    Rant: Forgot to ask for a doctor’s note this morning, and now we have to drive up to Silver Spring to get it so he can return to daycare on Monday.
    Rant: My usual stand-by urgent care couldn’t see him because they didn’t have a pediatrician today (called out for family emergency) and the internist was not game for examining a 1yo.
    For what it’s worth, I was correct about the diagnosis: double ear infection and pink eye in both eyes. Poor kid.
    Hopeful rave: fingers crossed he starts feeling better for real soon!

    • Oh man, he (and you) must be miserable.
      But seriously, the regular doc wouldn’t treat a baby? Why, back in MY day, your doctor did everything– all your exams, listened to your troubles, delivered your babies, stitched your kids up after monkey bar accidents, and then delivered THEIR babies.

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