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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Any word on when or if Whole Foods will open on H Street?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: One week until Thanksgiving!!!

  • Rant: Election depression really setting in (I feel so dramatic saying this, but its truly how I feel)
    Rave? Going to the BYT’s National Portrait Gallery event tonight, to get out of the house. And theres open bar!

    • skj84

      I keep swinging between election depression and the need to attempt to act normal. Last night the depression hit me hard. A bit better today, but yeah, it still hurts. Going to Into the Blue as well. Hope to drink the pain away lol. In a non hangover inducing manner.

  • question: a friend is having their birthday party at the Trump Hotel bar this weekend. It will be a mostly Republican crowd. In the spirit of trying to not silo myself in my progressive democrat echo chamber, I’m planning to go but not spend any money. will my liberal card get revoked for even stepping foot in there?

    • Nah. I personally wouldn’t go just on my own free will, and it sounds like you wouldn’t either, but I think being a good friend (especially if you guys manage to not get into political fights) is more important than avoiding the location. Also, who is really going to know?

      • Blithe

        Rachel will know. So Rachel will have to decide how she will feel about herself if she compromises her principals. It could be that she decides that supporting a friend is a priority and she’s fine with it.

      • I have a friend who’s wife every once in awhile caves and will eat Chick-fil-a. This is often a source of tension in their household. I recommended balancing her karma by donating to Human Rights Campaign. Maybe it is worth going to see your friend. I personally wouldn’t want to run a bar tab because I don’t want to give Trump my money. But even if you did, perhaps donate an equal amount to the ACLU, MALDEF, NAACP, or an LGBTQ advocacy organization?

        • that is a great suggestion, thank you! I’m not planning to drink or eat but if I cave and have a glass of wine I’ll make a corresponding donation to a cause I believe in.

    • Yes.
      Your friend is clearly making a statement having the party there. Send them a nice card and a bottle of wine and tell them that the meningitis will be contagious until Wednesday and you be glad to celebrate with them after that (then take them to a gay bar or at least Busboys and Poets.) 😉

      • Really? I’m pretty much as far-left as they come, but not attending a friend’s party just because you have a bone to pick with the venue just seems mean-spirited and like it would introduce conflict that might not be there and might be unnecessary. It doesn’t mean you have to buy anything (OP said they wouldn’t).

        • Possibly I agree with you about the the liberal card, but I stand by the rest. This is a pretty flagrant FU to any liberal in his circle of friends — there are a lot of places in DC that sell booze — and the location is only going to encourage the worst sort of gloating, especially as the liquor flows. I’d take a pass.

        • I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t go. It’s highly unlikely that I would want to be friends with someone who would hold their birthday party in the Trump Hotel in the first place, but if I was, I would not attend. Call it petty and mean-spirited, whatevs, I’m fine with that. The older I get the fewer fucks I give.

    • That One Guy

      My understanding is that not all republicans are Trump supporters. Maybe some other people there will also feel conflicted and awkward. Then again what do I know.

    • Blithe

      Yup. If the same crowd were having the party at pretty much any other place, I’d urge you to go — because this is your friend. Having the party at the Trump Hotel is making such a deliberate point at such a tumultuous time that IMO your participation would be supporting their gesture — that Trump rules, and that the values that go along with that have won. I’m with Irving Streete. You’d love to celebrate her birthday — but you’re really fried/exhausted/swamped with work/caught up in family priorities…. Perhaps you could celebrate some other time in some other way. I don’t know if this is a factor for you, but there have been many protests in front of the hotel. If you plan to cross a protest line to party at Trump’s , how will you justify that as a card carrying liberal?

      • Blithe – the choice of venue was deliberate, and this particular friend has a tendency to antagonize people who don’t share their world view. I know I’m making them sound terrible, and to be honest, I’ve had to do some soul searching over the past few months about whether this is a friendship I want to continue. But without going into too many specifics I’m not quite ready to cut ties with the person (although that might still happen down the road). Part of me is of that mind that by going, I’m being the bigger person. I’m showing them, and myself, that I can at least try to bridge the gap between the left leaning and right leaning people in our friend group. I haven’t fully made up my mind yet – but as I said above if I do go I’m definitely not buying anything!

        • Emmaleigh504

          If you are already iffy on the relationship, I would bow out of the birthday bash. You can see them another time at a more neutral location. If you were super close to them, then I would say you should go.

    • skj84

      I’d bow out. It’s too soon, and it’s a “hostile” environment. Would you even enjoy yourself? Your time and feelings are valuable. Send a card with your regrets.

    • everyone – thank you so much for such thoughtful comments!! I’ll report back next week if I end up going.

    • I wouldnt go. They are intentionally having it their at a time when tensions are hire. There are thousands of other places in DC that they could have picked. They are being intentional and deliberate and for that I would just not show up. No call, no show.

    • Donate to the local Planned Parenthood (Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington) in their honor and skip the party!

    • Well, as someone the Republican party would prefer didn’t exist, and makes that clear in their platform and always has, I can’t see going voluntarily to a party that consists of people who choose to be republicans and to thus support the racist/misogynistic/anti-gay, etc. platform and its representatives to be any fun anyway, wherever it is held. I question why you’d want to hang with people like that anyway. It doesn’t seem like attending a friend’s birthday party would make it enticing in any way, since you can always celebrate a friend’s birthday with them separately in any number of other ways in the next few weeks that would, by definition, be more fun. But maybe not, as I’m guessing this friend is a republican who thus supports what the party stands for. Maybe it is me, but I can’t see how one stays friends with republicans – going back all the decades I’ve been an adult, having nothing to do with the current president-elect or environment.

  • Rant: After some time out of the country, I need to buy a new place to live. The market is SOOO slow. And I am picky. This is not going to be an easy task.

  • Rant: Yesterday in Georgetown, a guy rounded the corner on his phone and said “My child has been in an accident and is at Sibley hospital . I’m on the phone with my wife right now, and I am $8 short for a cab.” I told him that was an oddly specific amount to ask for, and could I please speak to his wife, and he walked away. (Thanks, you guys).

    Rave: Heading out of town this weekend and will be with friends who are loving, supportive and kind.

    Rant: I really, really, really want a Y-Not cookie from Baked & Wired, but because I’ll be eating pizza and drinking beer tonight (Pizza Paradisio is rolling their prices back to the early 90s) I can’t have it. But I want it.

    • topscallop

      Re: your first rant, cabs in DC take credit cards these days. I think you did the right thing.
      Jealous about pizzeria paradiso, have fun!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Well played Shilla Bakery, you got me. I wasn’t expecting this pizza baguette to basically be coleslaw on bread. What sort of pizza is this?!?
    Rave: I’m going to make it a point to grab some Pho on Sunday since it’s supposed to be all cold and windy.

  • topscallop

    Rave/Rant: I’m so, SO ready for Thanksgiving. Hurry up, week!
    Rant: is this feeling election depression creeping back in, or post-birthday blues? I’m a little sad that two of my oldest and dearest friends didn’t acknowledge the day in any way but I’ll get over it…since I’m a grown up now and all
    Rant: Despite doing more rigorous and frequent workouts, and seeing some increase in tone on my arms and legs, I want to see more progress everywhere else. I know it’s about what you eat but I have not-great willpower when it comes to food (and wine), especially as it gets colder out. I need tips for staying strong in the face of office treats and the beckoning call of big bowls of pasta on chilly nights.

    • Maybe bring more snacks to work? I’m not sure what else you could do if you can’t just walk past office treats. I’m lucky. I’ve gotten food poisoning from open food at work, so I assume the dirtiest person has manhandled all the food, and I never touch anything.

      Reserve pasta for post workout only, smaller portions and healthier ingredients, and never eat it late night.

      • topscallop

        I think more snacks, and especially more protein would be helpful for staying full and avoiding temptation at work. My boyfriend lately has been chewing gum a lot too, which he says helps.

    • Re: cold weather food, soup can be comforting and very filling, and as long as you stay away from cream-based soups, generally not too high in calories.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Went to an artist talk at the Phillips yesterday. The Phillips is such an island of beauty. I’ve made a vow to do more wonderful DC things on a regular basis. Embassies, the bonsai collection, UDC concerts….. I’m looking forward to canvassing ideas.
    Rant-ish/Rave-ish: I’m not sure how I feel about the Safety Pin movement. I’m sure that people mean well, and I can see this being a great idea for a school campus. In practice though, when I’ve been threatened with violence, looking for someone wearing a safety pin to provide support wouldn’t have been on my list of priorities. I hope that people who decide to wear the pins plan to be pro-active — beyond making symbolic gestures. I also hope that people who decide to wear the pins know what they’re getting into — and really are prepared to deal with not just hostility, but potential violence, which can escalate quickly.
    Rave? : I’m not surprised by the hatred that is now openly spewing out as people celebrate (?) their political and social priorities. Forewarned is forearmed?
    Rave: New cookbooks!

    • skj84

      I feel conflicted on the safety pin’s too. I do appreciate solidarity, and agree that I hope those who wear them also follow up. I know some people see the pins as the bare minimum to support marginalized people, but I don’t feel right bashing the movement. At least an effort was made.

    • Just in case you are looking for other beautiful places – check out Dumbarton Oaks!

      • Blithe

        Thank you! I haven’t been to Dumbarton Oaks yet, so I’ll add that to my list. I’d welcome any and all suggestions!

    • hammers

      I told my bf to put them on his New Balance sneaks so he could show he’s a hipster– he had the sneakers before they were racist. sigh.

      • Wait, what about sneakers being racist??

        • There is a fake news story going around that New Balance is now the “official” footwear of white supremacists. Something to do with the company supposedly pledging it’s support to Trump, but it’s a fake story drawn from something that did actually happen.

    • The National Building Museum has lots of programming, from construction tours to lectures. I’d check out their schedule. Also, the Woodrow Wilson house is an oft-overlooked interesting tour.

  • Rant: just sad, stepdad under palliative care now, likely a matter of days. At least it has been a quick decline and a lot of family went to see him last weekend. May we all get to 87 being happy and productive.
    Rave: the support and perspective of friends

  • Go with him to report it. Please assure him that he is safe, but it needs to be reported so that this doesn’t happen again. He is in a position to help other people.

  • Rant: Brother’s fiancee has been in labor for almost 24 hours at the hospital. I’m really really hoping she doesn’t have to have a c-section. Blerg.
    Rant/Rave: Going to meet a new specialist tomorrow – hopefully he’ll be able to give me an idea of when I can expect to have to do this minor surgery.
    Rave, I think: I’ll get to see my parents and hopefully my brother and his fiancee and their baby – obviously a little dependent on what happens today, but i’m keeping my fingers crossed, i really want to see my new nephew!

  • Bear

    Rave: Got my phone replaced. It wasn’t cheap, but my old iPhone 4 wasn’t cutting it.
    Rant: Approximately 5 minutes after I paid for the phone I dumped an entire bottle of water into my purse because the lid wasn’t all the way on. Luckily both my phones were in the outside pocket and only got a little damp. My husband told me I need my own hazard insurance, and I think he’s right…
    Rave: Tomorrow is my last day in the office…hoping this baby comes soon! (but not too soon…)

  • Rant: Close friend who was running for the Washington Statehouse lost by a couple of hundred votes, just finally getting the bad news the other morning — Washington has vote by mail and the race was so close she had to wait until the last few votes trickled in. She would have been a great, great representative but she is probably too sensitive to be the front woman in a rough game (though she was a great campaign manager). She was going to be the only good news out of this election and now she’s curled up in a big house as the rains sweep in and I feel really bad for her.
    So, if “I Will Survive” is too relationship-centric, what song can I send her in solidarity along with a “we still love you” message? Remember, she’s my age, so suggestions from the last century maximize the odds that she and I will have heard it before.
    Rant: Hosting the big, grab-bag Thanksgiving at my house (not the rant) and coordinating cooking among seven or so cooks (not the rant). One of the new cooks (niece of a close friend) wants to cook a turkey. I hate turkey. My whole family, my late wife from up in heaven and my new girlfriend in Adams-Morgan hate turkey. The only culinary tradition observed over three decades of hosting Thanksgiving dinners of varying sizes is NO F-ING TURKEY (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Is it passive aggressive to say, “go ahead, but my oven will be otherwise occupied?” Is there a polite way to tell an (otherwise very sweet) young woman that we really need some vegan side dishes, or something? Do I let her cook it and try to bigfoot her with a standing rib roast that will make her effort pale in comparison? Or do I have so suck it up and say, “that would be wonderful” and eat turkey for Thanksgiving (ewwwww). (I’m sure my reaction to the recent election is not affecting my judgment at all.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      If you already have a meat for the main dish, then just tell her that part is taken care of and you need more sides.

      • It’s pretty clear from the preliminary e-mail chain that that’ s not the case, unfortunately.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Then you may have to suck it up and have turkey, though you don’t have to eat it. On the other hand, turkey is delicious and you are insane for not liking it (I mean that in the most loving of ways).

    • anonymouse_dianne

      For music, how about something from Queen. Anything from we will rock you to we are the champions.

    • Learning to cook a turkey feels like an achievement, and serving one at Thanksgiving dinner feels like an automatic A in being a grownup. You should support this. But tell her to get a very small one.

    • topscallop

      Could you put it in a gently humorous way that turkey is very much disliked by the majority of the folks at the table, and though you’re sure she would do a wonderful job of preparing it, you’d hate to see any food go to waste? If she really wants to have something like that as part of Thanksgiving perhaps she could roast a few Cornish game hens? I did that one year in college with my roommates for our Thanksgiving and it turned out great.

    • If you’re hosting, of course you don’t have to eat turkey. And I would much rather have a standing rib roast than turkey any day, twice on Sunday, and three times on Thanksgiving. But . . . if you’ve solicited dishes for Thanksgiving dinner, and she wants to make a turkey, I’m not sure how to say no. But, you should tell her that while she’s welcome to make it, no one (or very few others) attending really care for it, there’s going to be another meat dish, and you’d hate to see her waste her efforts.
      Wow, that advice, if you can call it that, is all over the place. Call it the James Joyce advice, and take form it what you will.

    • Blithe

      Would “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield work? That’s one of my go-to songs when the things that I’m trying to accomplish seem/are insurmountable. Wrong century?
      I would sweetly and politely tell the young woman that your tradition has been to do something — anything — other than the traditional turkey. And make suggestions if she wants them. That’s a LOT better, IMO, than having her cook the turkey, feel she’s done something wonderful (which it would be) and either watch it go uneaten, or being gingerly tasted by people who hate it. If she insists, I’d sweetly and politely repeat my suggestion, then, should she insist, let it play out as it plays out.

    • Andie302

      Hmmm…I’d say if it’s such a tradition at this point, it’s your house and your rules. Could you talk to the aunt/uncle about it and see how receptive they think the niece will be to that feedback? If it were me I would just shrug my shoulders and say okay, I’ll bring x,y,z instead – but other people might be a bit more bristly about it. It also depends on whether she already bought the turkey! Let us know how it turns out!

    • Rocky theme song, Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow, Hold On, Don’t Stop Believing, I Won’t Back Down… I have a really eclectic running playlist.

  • Rave: Putting up my Christmas tree early this weekend. I normally wait until after Thanksgiving, but I need some more joy in my life.
    Rave: My kid, who is a near constant source of joy, is old enough to be excited and semi-understand Christmas this year. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees the tree, and to make the holiday season special for her.
    Rant: Still feeling down about last week, especially about a close family member who voted for Trump when I thought she wouldn’t.

  • skj84

    Rant: At a conference for work that I’d normally be excited to attend, but today I just really don’t want to be here. I don’t feel like networking or doing anything now. At least its a half day.

    Rave: Quiet weekend a head of me. I need some time to chill.

    Rave: Normally I don’t really shop on Black Friday, but this year I think I may partake. I need new sheets, pillows and comforter.

  • Rave: Testing out a fresh cranberry sauce/relish recipe and I think we have a winner!
    Rant: I just realized that I’ve actually never made a traditional stuffing before and I’m kind of feeling out of my league with it.
    Rave: Wow time has flown by and I’m actually about to start my third trimester! How did that happen?

    • What do you mean by traditional? This is a great recipe that I shared with a non-cook and it was delish: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/31590/cornbread-sausage-stuffing/

      • Everyone wants my mom’s stuffing (classic white bread, onions, celery, and a ton of butter) but I’ve never actually made it before. Plus it’s complicated by the fact I have celiac disease so I typically make a sausage and grated parmesan cheese one without any bread since gluten free bread turns to mush so easily.

        • Blithe

          For classic, I’ve always started with a bag of the original Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix — with added bread, celery, onions, giblets, ton of butter…… The spices are perfect, and that gives you one less element to worry about. I know people whose traditional stuffing is cornbread based. Would that be gluten free? I bet cornbread with sausage would be yum!

  • Rave: sunshine.
    Rant: my dog’s new favorite game is to get her toys stuck in hard to reach places (in corners, under furniture, etc) and it results in her crying and whining until I get the toy out for her…and then she promptly does it again, which basically means she has trained me to catch. This morning in her desperate attempts to get her ball out of a corner she knocked over a plant stand, breaking a glass bowl, many of the shells inside such bowl, and completely knocking over a plant and there is now a pile of dirt on my freshly steamed cleaned carpet.

  • Rave: Signed up to work with kids this week and over the coming months. I’m excited to play with babies and tutor some teens!
    Question: Any ideas for where to find some cheap (or not outrageously expensive) yoga/toning/spin classes? I want to get my arms and legs in shape, not pay them.
    Rave: One week until Thanksgiving and the holiday season. I’m looking forward to it this year.

    • I have found Classpass to be the cheapest option for spin. Or join the Y and take spin and yoga there.

    • saf

      DC resident? Many of the rec centers have good free or cheap classes.

      • Blithe

        Or if you’re a Montgomery County resident, there are options there too. The center a block from the Friendship Heights Metro has yoga classes that are about $10 a pop (Sessions are maybe 12 weeks long). The charges for non-county residents are slightly more expensive.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Donna was way too active this morning and kept waking me up. Now I’m tired.
    Rave: almost Thanksgiving!

  • Rave: Less than 24 hours until I see my bestie.
    Rant: I unloaded the dishwasher this morning, and as I as putting away the last dish, I realized that I forgot to run the dishwasher last night. So then all the dirty, put away dishes had to be reloaded.
    Rave: More coffee, lots more coffee.
    Rant: Having a hard time finding the balance between engaging family about Trump and making the judgment call of when it just isn’t worth it. Some of my family members I think can be moved from honest conversation and an appeal to their empathy and common humanity; others are just bigoted and not going to change. With the second group, I’m starting to debate unfriending all of them from FB. But also not sure if I am ready to cut familial ties entirely with like half my extended family. Sigh.

    • Can’t you just take a break? From Facebook? From those family members you disagree with? From talking about politics? I’m hearing the same things from many of my friends and I keep pointing out that none of them have shut up about the election since it was over. If you need to grieve, mourn, unpack, debrief, whatever, then do it among your like-minded friends. I’m not sure where the need to “engage” comes from when it’s causing more harm than good. There will be plenty of time to engage in the coming months and years, so why not take a break?

      • I had to do that earlier this week. Holidays are going to be a fascinating time.

        • Yeah, could be. For me there’s definitely a potential for some unpleasant political talk, and I’m fully prepared to remove myself from it. I’m totally ready to say, if it comes up, that I’m not interested in talking about it and if others must talk about it then I will leave the room or the house. I need some peace in my life right now more than I need a turkey dinner with family, though I’d rather have both.

  • Rave: Gave the whole family advanced warning about my “no election talk at Thanksgiving” rule. Everyone is on board. After hours of phone calls on the topic, I think we have exhausted it now. At least for now.
    Rave: Birthday flowers from earlier in the week are blooming and are so pretty.
    Rave: The 2.5 year old I babysit for is just the best. He is incredibly smart and funny. Always says toilet, refrigerator (never fridge), and rhinoceros (never rhino). Loves to sing show tunes. I’m glad his parents and I were able to connect earlier this year.
    Rave: Just over a week until new Gilmore Girls. In the middle of planning a mother daughter viewing party with some friends and our moms with tons of junk food.

  • Rant: So, so beyond sick of election talk. And politics talk. And the general disdain everyone seems to harbor for everyone else, justified or not. I wish I could just avoid the internet and the TV for a few days, entirely. But unfortunately, I have to go to work.
    Rave: I have plans for the weekend, I have holiday festivities coming up in the next few weeks, and I know I have friends and family who are equally sick of hearing about it, so thank goodness for that.

  • Rant: A water main broke directly in front of my building on Kalorama rd last night, and the extremely loud jack hammering and yelling involved with the repairs kept me up all night.
    Double rant: It still wasn’t fixed this AM so had to shower at the gym, but didn’t have time to work out before an early meeting.
    Rave: My building’s superintendent was hand-delivering water to the elderly people in our neighborhood who needed it. Faith in my (immediate) community restored.

  • Rant/question: I have to go up to Connecticut next week by train for a (completely unnecessary and frivolous) work meeting. Leaving by train from Union Station on Monday afternoon, returning on Tuesday night at around 10pm. How much difficulty should I anticipate in hailing a cab from Union Station at that time on Tuesday.

    (please note, I’m an old fogey who doesn’t use Uber/Lyft)

    • None at all. There’s a cab line in the circle in front of union all the time.

    • There’s always a line of cabs at union station. You will be fine!

    • You’ll be fine.

    • Shouldn’t be a problem, but my trick when coming back to DC late on the train is to walk to the front car of the train after the New Carrollton stop so when you get off you are closest to the entrance of the terminal. Then I book through the station to the taxi stand so I don’t end up in a line. It’s better than it used to be, but I remember the days when taxis didn’t seem to like going to US, and the dispatchers would ask people to double or triple up on fares (particularly if it was raining).

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: The Mannequin Challenge. Seriously, who is challenged by a mannequin?
    Rant: My alt_Right Facebook friend is incensed that Jesse Jackson has asked the President to pardon Bill and Hillary and all sorts of random “Dems” that I won’t bother to list here. Oh and that 3 million illegals voted for Hillary so she did not win the popular vote. I just though y’all would want the latest update!

  • Rant: today is my nephew’s birthday. He would have been 25, but died in an accident at 14.
    Rant: going to a funeral this weekend for my best friend’s mother-in-law. She died almost exactly three years after my friend’s husband, and so my friend spent election night in the hospital with her at a really hard time.
    Rant: still dealing with the election hangover.
    Rave: got a much-needed massage yesterday – the masseuse said, “wow, you’re a tough girl!” (in a complimentary way…)
    Rave: despite the above, in a surprisingly decent mood today.

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