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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Update on permanent eyeliner: For the most part it didn’t hurt. They used a numbing agent that made my eyes burn, but kept the pain down. It felt like she was tickling my eyes when she was tattooing. It did get pretty uncomfortable when she went over the middle of my eyelid, but the edges were easy peasy. I LOVE the results!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Watched as a guy missed his turn and then decided that *backing up on Rockville Pike* was the best course of action. Freaking Maryland drivers.
    Rave: Persimmons. My favorite thing about fall.
    Rave: Red cup season. I don’t care that it’s basic as hell; something about those red cups makes me really, really happy.

    • Re: your rant. This baffles me about drivers around here – no one is willing to be like “oops missed my turn, I’ll take the next one and come back”…no, everyone has to stop in traffic and cut over and take it anyway. I just don’t get it.

  • Rant: Since the election, I’ve been trying to gather information from both sides, so that I can learn from whatever just happened, and I’ve been trying to foster an open dialog on my Facebook wall – which quickly turned into fighting between friends (I tried to stay out of it), people who I respect basically telling me that I have no idea what I am talking about, and culminated last night with one of them emailing me and saying “Your friends better watch out” which I took as a threat. I cried myself to sleep last night, and considered deleting my account. This morning, I unfollowed a bunch of people, and took everything related to the election from my wall. I am so sad right now, disappointed in people, unsure what to do.

    Rave: I adopted my cat 2 years ago today. She’s adorable and loves me!

    Rave: My boots have been repaired and I am thrilled!

    Rant: My therapist is pregnant and is due to close her practice for good next week. She just told me she might have to cancel this week’s appointment because she’s been placed on bed rest. I am concerned for her and her baby. And I am also concerned for me because I thought we would at least be able to end on good notes.

    • I applaud your attempt at civility and discourse and I’m sorry it didn’t work out as you hoped. I hope you continue your efforts, and perhaps in-person conversations are a good place to start. Congrats on the kitty time! And, I hope your therapist is well and I hope she has at least given you some recommendations on other people to go see.

      • I feel like I’m losing/have lost a lot of friends, and that makes me sad.
        I hope my therapist is well, too — I am meeting someone else tonight that she recommended, so hopefully that will go well.

    • Oh my goodness. I am so sorry to hear about your first rant. How disappointing, particularly from friends.
      Also so sorry to hear about your therapist. Perhaps she might be able to recommend someone else you might click with?

      • I wish I knew what to do but I don’t even want to talk to them about it anymore. They just are spewing hate and anger and being bullies. It’s like I don’t even know them.

        Here’s hoping this new person she recommended is a good fit!

    • For a long time now, I’ve generally refrained from talking about politics. Often, it doesn’t accomplish much, it’s divisive, and so many other factors are more important to connecting with people and understanding them than (often) half-formed opinions about political subjects. It doesn’t help that I’m an independent with fairly moderate temperament and some ideas that are welcomed by and some ideas that are heresy to each political party; everybody finds some reason to disagree with me and they do so with a degree of prejudice that is very hostile to further engagement.
      But this election is making me reconsider my policy of silence. When people with cooler heads retreat from these uncomfortable discussions to avoid conflict, social stigma, and damaged relationships, we cede the discourse to people who ramp the outrage meter to 11 over any disagreement. That’s not okay. It leads to increasingly toxic dialogue and blunts the impact of peaking out the outrage when that’s really necessary.
      And now that we’re on the verge of handing the Presidency over to a vengeful, egomaniacal fabulist with no impulse control and whose only interest has ever been self-promotion and enrichment, we can’t afford the outrage to be heard as crying wolf.

      • anyone who is shocked by the outcome has had their head in the sand for the past 3 years….given the candidates that were presented to us by the establishment. It shouldn’t be ‘why did my candidate loose.win’ it should be, why did we end up with such bad candidates to begin with.

        • Ugh that’s not hard to figure out. People didn’t vote in the primaries, just like they didn’t vote in this election.

          • To be even more on a tangent, let’s also not forget that several states don’t let republicans vote for democratic candidates in primaries and vice versa. So a lot of ended-up-Trump-supporters who may have voted for Sanders in the primaries may have been barred from doing so. We need a massive overhaul of voting laws in this country.

          • And in some states you can’t vote in primaries if you’re registered as an independent, right? So dumb.

          • No, it was choosing one candidate who was the presumed front runner from the start – so there was no vetting and testing out within the democratic party of other, mainly younger candidates who may have been more popular with the voters. Many were thus discouraged from even trying for the nomination. Though the large support for Bernie showed that younger is not necessary if you are actually for the populace.
            The sense of continuing a familial dynasty didn’t help. Too much Clinton baggage. And, though Hillary may have had the highly unusual experience of her senate term and time as secretary of state making her have experience working with congress and with foreign leaders, and really know the issues, experience brings a track record to criticize. As a result, voters tend to prefer candidates who have little political experience, especially at the federal level, of real substance in recent decades. (I’m not saying that’s smart – it just appears to be so.)
            And neither, I hate to say it because it makes me despair, but I think it is true, is the unrelenting misogyny with makes it still difficult for a lot of people to vote for a woman for president.

        • umm… okay, thanks for the non-sequitur…

  • Rave: got my angel tree kids assignment this morning; I can’t wait to shop for two little baby boys.
    Rave: slept forever last night.
    Rant: sleeping a lot because I’m depressed.
    Question: looking for dinner recommendation for Friday night. I have company from out of town, they are not foodies and one has pretty hard core food restrictions, so looking for a place with a flexible menu, preferably along the green line, or H St or Barracks row.

    • I took my overly Picky family member to Ambar. everyone was able to find something they liked.

    • My picky husband always does well at Boundary Rd on H – they have some basic chicken/beef entrees and usually a couple of pastas (in addition to more fun/interesting fare). Big Board can be good too if you want something more casual (you can design your own burgers so it’s easy to accommodate preferences, and they have a few entree salads in case you need low/no carb)

  • houseintherear

    Query: Has anyone done the drive from the Grand Canyon to LA/Big Bear? I’m thinking about this for next summer, with perhaps a stop in Vegas, and maybe more stops up the coast of CA. I’m wondering if I should just drive the whole thing from here, or fly to the Canyon and rent a car for a week or so.

    Rant: Family members who are so yucky about the election results on FB, and additional rant because I have unfollowed them but continue to check their pages like a true masochist.

    • I haven’t driven from the Grand Canyon to Big Bear, but I have driven to the Grand Canyon from the Midwest, and from here to Utah and back.

      Driving from here to the Grand Canyon would be at least a three-day drive, and probably closer to four solid days of driving. A good part of that drive is rather boring. I would definitely fly to Phoenix and rent a car there, then drive to the Canyon, Las Vegas, Big Bear, and then back to Phoenix. It will be much cheaper to return the car to the same location, and your airfare will be cheaper as well.

      You could also fly into LA then drive to Vegas, the Canyon, then back through Phoenix, Tucson, Palm Springs, Big Bear etc. The whole Southwest is very scenic and makes for great driving.

  • Rant: Two guys leaning against the poles on metro so no one else could hold on. This isn’t a wall that you’re leaning up against as an extra in Grease, dude. Move.
    Rave: I’m trying to be less grumpy and kinder to people, even on morning when I want to yell at people taking up too much space on metro. There is so much anger and hate bubbling to the surface in this country right now. Kindness isn’t a panacea, but it can help.
    Rave: I think Baby Artie and I have managed to avoid the stomach bug that spread like wildfire through my social circle. Obsessive Cloroxing for the win.
    Rant: All my poor friends that got sick.
    Rant/Rave: We have a very clever raccoon that can get in and out of our trashcan even when we have three bricks weighting down the lid. I know this because said raccoon left half a loaf of stale challah on our patio. What kind of savage rejects challah, even if it is stale? You have no standards, raccoon.

    • Who threw the challah away in the first place??? Even if it’s stale, make french toast. (Note: I am not recommending eating the challah now that it’s been in and out of your trash–just advocating not throwing it away in the first place)

      • oh! challah bread french toast is the BEST!

      • One of the kids at our dinner party came down with a major stomach bug that infected about ten other people over the course of the weekend. The challah was out on the coffee table where little hands could touch it. I was probably being paranoid, but I tossed most of the leftovers in order to try to prevent more sickness in my house. Trust me, I normally would never, ever throw out challah. It is worth its weight in gold to me, but I didn’t want to risk dealing with a puking eight month old or having it myself. A lot of yummy leftovers sadly got tossed.

        • Oh yeah–that is totally excusable then 🙂 Stomach bugs are no fun for anyone involved, and the remnants sometimes last forever in little people.

      • topscallop

        Or bread pudding!

    • On your metro pole rant, AMEN. I sometimes just ask them to move so I can hold on. The worst, though, is when you’re already holding on and someone leans up against it and smashes your hand. WTAF can someone who does this possibly be thinking??

  • Rant: WTF happened on 16th last night?
    Rave: Having neighbors who can pick up mtpkiddo in a pinch, since I certainly wasn’t able to get to her bus by 6pm.
    Rant: My mom picked a fight with my aunt over politics and then called me about it in the middle of the work day yesterday. No, I can’t deal with this right now. At least she came to her senses later on.
    Rant: mtpbaby so so congested.
    Rave: fireball whiskey + humidifier made sleeping and waking up moderately more comfortable last night.
    Rant: How is it only Tuesday morning? This week feels like three weeks already.

      • Ugh. I swear I checked google maps for traffic just before I got on the bus, and it looked totally clear–and had a shorter travel time than usual! But by the time we got to M St, it was an absolute mess. And it took 20 minutes to get through the tunnel under Scott circle to turn off 16th onto O for the detour. What a mess!

    • That 16th street bus ride was nightmarish. Over crowded, over heated, and a long slow detour to add insult to injury. And the driver wasn’t even letting anyone off til he got back to his regular route and stops.

      • Oh really? Ugh. I got lucky on that front–our driver offered to let people off before turning. I got off and found a cab on 17th st, and still didn’t get up to MtP until 6:30!

      • I’ve stopped taking 16th street its a complete dumpster fire. 14th street busses are much quicker and never have too many riders where they pass you by

        • Really? I stopped taking 14th Street buses a couple years ago because they were more crowded, less frequent, and the traffic was worse. Might be time to re-evaluate my commute again.

          • Eh, I think it really depends on the time and direction. I usually take the 16th St buses north before 5 (to U St), and it’s almost always fine. However, I’ve also tried to take 14th Street buses South (from Colombia Heights) around the same time (you’d think that’d be against traffic) and they do not come as often and they are usually so packed that I give up and just walk home with my Target stuff and chick-fil-a. The only saving grace on 14th St is the circulator.

          • HaileUnlikely

            For a trip northbound from downtown during the PM rush hour, I find the 14th Street bus faster than the 16th St bus from downtown to about Irving Street, but much slower than the 16th St bus from Irving Street on north (I get off close to the north end of the line, and the 16th St bus is sufficiently much faster than the 14th St bus that I usually still take it anyway. Sometimes, though, when 16th Street looks really bad, I take the 14th St bus from downtown to Harvard or Irving and then walk over to 16th and get a 16th St bus the rest of the way up north.
            I find the 14th Street buses slower, more crowded, and all-around worse heading south in the morning rush hour. I don’t know if it’s gotten any better recently; I gave up on it a while ago.

    • I hope your household recovers soon.

  • Rant: Thanksgiving is about a week away and I find I am lacking in holiday season joy. I just want to hole up in the woods and not talk to people

    • Me too! I have been turning down invites left and right for some personal time – the holidays are full steam ahead and I feel like I am stuck in back-to-school mode.

  • Rant: Ridiculous stupid drama related to a request from my brother’s fiance that everyone who comes to Thanksgiving be vaccinated against the flu for the safety of their baby, who will only be max a week old by that point (She’s scheduled to be induced tomorrow if nothing happens by today, this kid is almost 2 weeks overdue!). Major drama ensued of the part of one particular relative who feels she gets the flu whenever she gets the shot and feels that my brother and his fiance are making “unreasonable demands.” It’s making everyone miserable and it sucks because this shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I realize these problems go waaaay deeper than just not wanting to get the flu shot, it’s more about control and manipulation, but it still sucks.
    Rant: Everyone was in a bad mood yesterday and I feel like it’s carrying over to today. I just want to go hibernate.
    Rant: Incredibly tired – can’t fall asleep when I try to go to the bed, and then I wake up repeatedly throughout the night.
    Rave: Good meeting with the real estate agent, hopefully we’ll make some good progress and quickly!

    • Ugh to family drama!
      Re sleeping. I really like Jennifer Pierce’s yoga nidra for sleep. Also just downloaded sleep app pzizz (recommended by others)

    • Does the relative know that babies can die of the flu? And that babies that young can’t be vaccinated themselves? I mean, if the mother is breastfeeding, the baby will probably have her immunity, but I might not take that chance with a newborn.

      • Yes, the relative knows this. And I know she loves our family. But her control issues right now are sort of trumping her rational thinking. Ugh.

        • I’m sorry. That sucks. If it helps, your brother can blame the pediatrician and say that doctor’s orders are that no one is allowed near the baby who hasn’t been vaccinated. Good luck!

    • Is she going to be checking immunization papers at the door? Why not just tell her you got the flu shot even if you didn’t?

      • You missed the point.

      • Because then in addition to being a selfish SOB, without sufficient regard for the health of a one week old infant (!!), that would also make her a liar? It may not fully qualify her as an all-around terrible person, but it’s certainly a good start. (The relative, not LBP, obviously.)

        • Pretty good chance that if relative is a manipulator then she is already a liar. That ship has surely sailed. (But as wdc mentioned and I conceded, I did basically miss the initial point.)

    • I don’t know your brother or his fiancé, and they may be totally unreasonable, controlling people across the board, but I do know that when I had my first baby, I was probably a little unreasonable/demanding/controlling. Honestly, everything about the process is so overwhelming and there is so much outside of your control, I just clung to whatever I could. Also, you are getting “advice” from everyone: your doctor, your relatives, randos on the street, the Internet, it is really hard to know what matters, what doesn’t, and what’s just nuts. Her doctor may well have told her to avoid unvaccinated people–mine did.
      Maybe propose a compromise: Anyone who is actually sick stays home, and everyone washes their hands before touching the baby?

      • I totally get that sometimes pregnant people can be a bit…overreactive and overprotective about little things, but I don’t think making sure everyone has had their flu shot is an unreasonable request. If knowing that people are vaccinated will help put my almost-sister-in-law’s mind at ease, and may well help protect everyone in the family, I don’t think that’s a big ask. But it’s making everyone miserable – because a compromise means this relative still wins. And I think some people are getting really tired of that.

        • +1. I think this is a perfectly reasonable request when you have such a tiny baby during flu and cold season.

        • Absolutely on sticking to your/their guns on this one.

        • To be clear, I don’t think it is an unreasonable request, either. But, I do think it is just a request, because that is all it can be. In a perfect world, all of the family members would recognize the request is reasonable, and that they should get their flu shot anyway. But, we don’t live in that world.
          Given the world we live in, your brother and his fiancé are going to have to decide how much they care about this particular issue, and whether there is any compromise position they can live with. Variations on this theme are going to come up over and over again.

    • Tell your future sister in law to hold her ground! I had the same rule with my preemie. My best friend didn’t even meet my kid until she was 4 months old be she refused to get a flu shot.

      • Yeah, this is pretty simple to me – the relative gets the shot, or stays home. If she insists on coming, parents and baby stay home (and relative gets to deal with other relatives who are rightfully irritated that they are deprived of baby’s company).
        This is complicated somewhat by who is hosting the dinner. If it’s your SIL who just had the baby, it’s easy (and she’s nuts). If it’s the anti-vax relative, also easy – baby and parents stay home. If it’s you, LBP, also easy – anti-vax relative gets shot or stays home. If someone else, it’s really up to the host[ess] to be the final arbiter. The fact that others are irritated by controlling anti-vax relative may actually come in handy, because there hopefully won’t be widespread fallout form the confrontation.

        • It’s my parents who are hosting, and they feel that it’s important for my brother and his fiance and baby to feel welcome and safe. And my relative isn’t actually anti-vax, she just thinks that she’s gotten the flu from the flu shot before (which has been shown over and over again to be a fallacy but whatever). I just keep hoping things will change. The fallout over the confrontation is hard because of the way I and my roommate are related to this person, especially roommate because she will be immensely hurt if relative doesn’t go, even though she understands completely why vaccines are requested.

          • Suggest that she ask for a prescription for Tamiflu at the same time she gets the shot. That way, if she starts to feel ill, she can treat it immediately. (Of course, the doctor might shut her down, but that would be ok too.)

          • OK, so reading between the lines here, you live with your cousin, and her mother is the relative in question? Regardless of whether that’s right or not, it sounds like your parents and brother have this well in hand, and you should not get involved. Don’t defend your brother to your roommate – just say it isn’t your fight, and you understand both sides (a little fib never hurt in a situation like this). If you brother and his fiancé need support, that’s another thing, but it sounds like you have the luxury to stay out of it and make sure your relationship with your roommate isn’t harmed. Good luck – I don’t envy you this situation.

          • dcd – don’t worry, I am keeping well out of it – my roommate and brother are in touch and had a good talk, roommate and I are on the same page and I’m staying out of things, I’m just ranting here, that’s all.

    • She may be overly ambitious in thinking she will want to go to Thanksgiving; my middle one was born 6 days before Thanksgiving and there was no way in hell I was leaving the house while still going through all the post-labor…issues.
      At any rate, of course requesting people to get vaccinated will cause drama, and you don’t have to work in health care to know that. But, if she’s really going to go for it, she should have requested they all get Pertussis boosters while they are at it.

      • Yeah, this is a good point. If I had a baby that was a month or younger I’d probably just skip Thanksgiving.

        • I mean, we’ll see if she’s feeling really tired or something, but at least if she goes to Thanksgiving, there is a lot of support and a bedroom for her and the baby to go rest in if they need time away.

          • I just hope she’s not under pressure to go. It’s not just being tired. At one week post-partum, you are dealing with a lot physically and emotionally. When Middle Anonachild was born, my step-dad’s family really put the pressure on for us to go because they love babies; I, however, was still recovering, still had stitches in places that I didn’t even know could be stitched, had an over-abundant milk supply that hadn’t yet been tamed thanks to a jaundiced baby and an on-demand schedule, and the thought of having my teeny baby passed around from family member to family member infuriated me. I am so glad I stuck to my guns and didn’t go.

          • Fair enough. I don’t think anyone is pressuring them, I think they genuinely want to go, but I’ll touch base with my brother and make sure he’s developing a contingency plan in case they just don’t feel up to it.

      • I think that’s where she’s compromising, though – obviously it’s a little harder for most people to get a pertussis booster without some planning (though when my best friend had her babies and I was going to be around helping her out, I made sure I got boosters just in case!), but you can stop at any minute clinic and get a flu shot. She’s just asking everyone to have gotten their flu shot, since it may well be flu season right now anyway. ugh. I really had no idea this would be a big deal!

        • I know I’m late to this but you can get TDAP (aka Pertussis) at Minute Clinic and pharmacies too now with no prescription–pretty much at any CVS. It’s awesome. Everyone coming in contact with babies should make sure they are up to date–Pertussis is an even bigger concern to me than the flu. I got both shots.

      • +1 on the pertussis booster. I had whooping cough a few years ago, and it was intense. I can easily imagine a little baby’s system being overwhelmed by the spasms and gasping.

    • I’ve only gotten the flu shot a few times in my life and I wasn’t going to get one this year. But they were doing them at work and my coworker told me how dangerous it is for babies. Plus she sent me this story: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/after-losing-son-to-the-flu-mother-launches-campaign-promotingvaccine/article32823505/
      I went and got one that day. It’s obviously so stressful and tiring having a newborn–I cannot imagine dealing with the vaccination issues on top of that.

    • I’m old and cranky so perhaps not objective here but given that flu shots are at best marginally effective, that some people do get sick from flu shots, that flu does come with warning signs and and that the earth will be full of people who didn’t have their flue shots this Thanksgiving, I’m siding with the contrarians on this one. You don’t get to rule the world because you have a baby and, in my entire life, I’ve never heard of anyone laying down this sort of rule.

      • It was a pretty common request even back when I had babies. I’m surprised you haven’t heard it. Maybe there haven’t been many babies in your circles in the last 10 years?

        • Babies always seem to be everywhere, but maybe I just haven’t paid attention. Wouldn’t be the first time.

      • “that some people do get sick from flu shots, ” — The CDC disagrees. Link below. Note: low-grade fever, headache and aches and pains is not “getting sick”.
        “that flu does come with warning signs” — The incubation period for the flu is up to four days. You can infect others before symptoms show.
        “that the earth will be full of people who didn’t have their flue shots this Thanksgiving,” — Sure, but the parents are just trying to make sure none are in close quarters with their newborn for long periods of time.
        ” You don’t get to rule the world because you have a baby and,” — That’s a gross mischaracterization of the parents request here.
        “I’ve never heard of anyone laying down this sort of rule.” — You’re dating yourself, this is a very commonplace request among parents of newborns.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I think it’s also a matter of different norms in different social circles, almost to the point of rising to the level of a “cultural” difference. I have lots of friends who have had newborns in the past 5-10 years, and the number of them who asked me if I had gotten my flu shot before inviting me to hold their baby has been exactly zero. (I get my flu shot ASAP every year, and I’m kind of terrified of holding very young babies for unrelated reasons, but that’s not my point here.)

        • “You don’t get to rule the world because you have a baby.”
          I’m curious what people would say if guests were requested to get the shot for the protection of an elderly relative. Babies and old people are at the greatest risk from these diseases.

      • Babies and some people with compromised immune systems can’t get the flu shot (or the pertussis vaccine either). Other people getting the vaccine creates herd immunity. And it is common practice for pediatricians to suggest that whoever is around infants have those vaccines first. Whooping cough and the flu still kill babies. I don’t think it is unreasonable during cold and flu season for parents to ask that family members have those vaccines or stay away from the baby. Asking people to get that shot to be at an event in another house may be a different thing, but if I were the infant’s grandmother and hosting Thanksgiving, I would have no problem drawing that hard line with my guests. Of course, if I were the mother, I would probably not go to Thanksgiving if the family member refused to get the shot.

      • Quotia Zelda

        You don’t get to rule the world, but you do get to decide who gets to spend time with your child. No flu shot, no baby snuggles.

        This wasn’t really a thing (at least in my circles) when I was having babies many, many years ago, but I get it.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Late to the party, but it takes about 2 weeks for a person to build up immunity from having received a flu shot. If any members of the participants in the gathering in question have not gotten their flu shots *already*, then if the intent of the new mom is to be honored, they should not go. If they get a flu shot today or tomorrow, they can still get the flu between then and Thanksgiving (obviously they can still get the flu at any time, because the flu shot is far from 100% effective, but that’s not the point, the point is that with Thanksgiving being 9 days away, it’s not enough time for the flu shot to “work” in the first place.

      • Thanks for the input, that’s good to know, I suppose. It’s just that this topic was actually brought up several weeks ago and yesterday was when my brother and his finance were touching base with folks to make sure it had been done. I don’t know what their feeling is on whether relative would be welcomed in if she got the shot in the next day or so. Grrr…

      • I was under the impression that this request had been made a while ago, and the drama is just being reported now. Frankly, if my kid had a baby, and he (and I) had requested everyone get a flu shot to attend a holiday dinner I was hosting (with sufficient time provided so that the vaccination would have taken effect), and one of my siblings had refused and then been timed out, I’d have no problem politely telling her that we’ll miss her, and hopefully she can come next year.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Same here, I just mean that whether the relative is willing to get the shot between now and Thanksgiving is basically irrelevant from a health standpoint and should be irrelevant from a family-decision-making standpoint but I hadn’t seen this mentioned anywhere above.

    • It is very silly for anyone who has access to not get the flu shot (heard immunity ftw), but at this point it is too late for it to be effective by thanksgiving anyways (2 weeks source: CDC “Does flu vaccine work right away? No. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection against influenza virus infection. That’s why it’s better to get vaccinated early in the fall, before the flu season really gets under way.”)

    • What happened to just staying in the house with the baby until he was old enough to be around other people?

      • Flu season lasts until April, and the baby can’t get a flu shot until they are 6 months old. I don’t think what they are asking is unreasonable, but even more unreasonable would be for LBP’s parents to ask their son and his fiancee to keep their grandchild away from family gatherings until flu season is over because one misinformed jerk relative refuses to comply with a simple request.

    • Think this is a bit ridiculous. If you are hosting, you can invite who you want, with whatever rules. If not, stay home. There are many, many germs out there that can be dangerous for little babies (even common cold ones), not just the flu ones. I’ve had friends who took a 3 week baby on a plane to a holiday and spent time in the hospital (uninsured) with the very sick baby as a result. I really didn’t understand why they just didn’t stay home for the health of their new baby. Insisting on flu shots just gives false comfort, in my opinion.

  • Rant: Im depressed. I don’t want to see friends, I don’t want to look at the news, I don’t want to do any work. Our President-elect has shown hardly any inclination towards reconciliation with the more than half of the electorate that didn’t vote for him, and its all feeling very, very dark.


    • Just reaching out to send you a hug and support. This is a really hard time – I understand avoiding the news, but I have found that friends have given me comfort. Tap your support system before the depression makes it harder and harder to do.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Very long, anxiety-ridden dream last night with symbolism that perfectly represented my current work situation. Or maybe it was an analogy, I always forget the difference.
    Double Rant: Not knowing whether it was symbolism or an analogy is raising my anxiety level.
    Rave: Actually in the office today and we are having Pot Luck.
    Rant: People who don’t bring utensils to serve the food they brought.
    Double Rant: The person with an extremely well-paying job who sings up for “Cutlery” and then brings the cheapest, flimsiest available and clearly has counted out exactly the number needed based upon the number of people attending with no extras. See Rant above.

  • Teardrop: Deeply sad about Gwen Ifill dying. She was an excellent journalist. She was on the air until only a little while ago. Rest in Peace Gwen, See you down the road, as Leonard Cohen eloquently put it.

  • Rave: Girlfriend made it through the Big Presentation that ruined her weekend and, in the end (despite being a little whiny for a moment Sunday) I got a lot of good boyfriend points and was part of the solution.
    Rant: Idiotic New York Times article about how we’re all afraid that the Trump Era will kill off cool restaurants and rising home values. If I was a poor white guy in central Pennsylvania reading that article, I’d go back and vote for Trump a second time, in hopes of seeing the swamp drained even faster.

    • oh – didn’t catch that one! when was it published?

      • skj84

        It was posted 2 days ago: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/14/us/politics/a-newly-vibrant-washington-fears-that-trump-will-drain-its-culture.html?_r=0

        I have to say, as tone deaf as this article is, I kinda had the same thought? I mean on the list of awfulness that will probably come out of the Trump presidency, losing culture is way, way at the bottom. But this city really did thrive and grow during the Obama presidency.

        • The tone deafness is what caught my eye first, but the usual New York Times ignorance of recent DC history galls, as well. We hit a certain critical mass during Obama, but observations like:

          “Decades ago, Washington was broke and run by a mayor best known for smoking crack with a prostitute on a surveillance tape. Neighborhoods had not fully recovered from the 1968 riots, and an aging Georgetown elite still set the tone. The administrations of two Bushes and a Clinton in between hardly had an effect on the city.”

          are just f—ing ignorant.

          The city actually began its turnaround during Clinton and — as mush as I hate to admit it — made bigger, if less flashy, strides under Bush than under Obama.

          And don’t even get me started about the broken-hearted post adolescents who may have to flee to New York or give up their dream of a Clinton Administration job.

          • Yes, it’s idiotic. The Williams Administration was from 1999 to 2007.

          • anonymouse_dianne

            They obviously didn’t do their homework. I was googling around enter:
            whole foods p st year built
            and found a well researched white paper on gentrification (its a PDF)
            Whole foods was built in 2000 – I well remember it because most people thought they were stark raving mad. The paper was written in 2005 and describes the gentrification South and West of Whole Foods. Where I live is North and East of WF and was built in 2007. All significantly before the Obama admin. And anyone who was banking on HRC taking office and giving them a position is delusional. I don’t remember an election with two equally repugnant candidates.

  • Rave: Had an AMAZING two weeks in Hawaii! We had perfect weather and got to see so much – all of our planning really paid off. And plane shenanigans meant we got an extra five hours to bum around Oahu, plus $200 from United. Sorting and editing all my photos is also proving very therapeutic…
    Rant: Coming back to the reality of what this election means for our country, for anyone who is not a white male, and for me personally. It still feels like a punch to the gut that so many people apparently think I’m just a nasty woman married to a bad hombre and doing useless government work.

    Question: Are there any women here who have ever driven for Uber or Lyft and would be willing to share their experience with it? I don’t use them all that often, but I have only ever had male drivers. I really feel the need to pad my f***-off fund right now…

    • just curious, how much are flights to Hawaii? I have always wanted to go just curious how much someone paid or if you have any suggestions!

      • We paid $750 per person for our United flight from BWI to Honolulu, but we didn’t have much wiggle room with our schedule – someone gifted us a hotel stay with set dates (which we were more than happy to work with!!) If you have more flexibility and/or can wait for sales, you might be able to find something a little bit lower. Virgin sometimes has sales on their routes from SFO/LA to Hawaii, so if you could find a cheap flight to the west coast you might be able to piece something together that way.

  • Rave: Found out that Babies R Us has a personal shopper program where someone will actually walk around the store with me explaining the difference between the various options for the super important stuff (like car seats). Though this also means my Friday evening is going to suck.
    Rant: Why must sprained ankles take forever to heal?
    Rave: Apparently setting a reminder on my phone to eat lunch is exactly what I needed to help with my energy levels in the afternoon. I don’t quite understand why my appetite is so suppressed at this point but the friendly little reminder is incredibly useful.

    • What I found incredibly useful when registering was actually bringing along someone who recently had a baby. They will be able to tell you more than a store employee would about what they say you need v. what you actually need. However, the store employee is probably more knowledgeable about the differences between particular car seats.

    • buy buy baby does this too! honestly, I just used the lucies list gear guide and did my registry online. My baby is 7 months and it really has helped so much.

  • skj84

    Rant: Once again woken up by roommate being too loud late at night. This time she was on her phone. Something needs to be done, sound really travels in the house. When the AC is on, or the heat is going its not as bad, but last night we had the heat turned down. Maybe carpet? Or a rug?
    Rant: Planning Thanksgiving with less space. I’m probably giving my brother and sister in law my room and sleep on the couch. I don’t want to inconvenience the roommates, but my Aunt only has one extra room at her house and its going to my parents. Unless we can somehow fit a airmatress in her storage room.

    • Bah, I’m so sorry about that. There are few things more annoying than being woken up in the night. I wish I had some good suggestions for you but unfortunately, I’m out of ideas :[

    • Are you and your roommate friends? From this rant and all the previous ones, it seems she has little regard for how she comes across in “her” portion of the house. She just does what she feels with no regard as to how it may affect you. Only solution is to really speak with her about each time she does something you dont like, at that moment. Speaking about it after the fact has less weight.

      • skj84

        Yeah, I think we are due for a roommates sit down. I know I do things she doesn’t care for(dishes in the sink), and it probably would be proactive to lay it all out before things get worse. She just can be domineering. She changed all the decor in the house without asking my input. She decided to get a pet without asking me, even though I mentioned wanting a cat. I’ve lived there longer, but I feel like I can’t stand up against her. She can be really sweet, but I think she’s used to doing things her way.

        • Yeah, see, I didn’t even know about the decor thing or the pet (which is kind of crazy) but those are two big examples of what I mean by just doing whatever she wants with little regard for your feelings. I wouldn’t come off adversarial because admittedly you do things that she doesn’t like as well so maybe she thinks that all bets are off. You do you and Ill do what I want as well. Try to come to some common ground on major changes place, along with the noise, strangers and the cleanliness of the place. Shouldnt feel uncomfortable in a place you pay rent and rest at night, its not like you are in a relationship with her lol

    • White noise would help – a fan, or running rainymood.com on your phone/tablet/laptop. Ultimately of course you need to have a talk, but those things help me drown out sound a lot!

      • skj84

        I usually run my ambient noise app at night, but it wasn’t loud enough. Its like it doesn’t take up enough sound space in the room if that makes sense? Maybe if I put it on speaker.

    • Get a Honeywell air filter. Perfect white noise and better air.

  • Rant: Ex issues. Not mine, his. She would not know a boundary if she ran smack into it and the resulting collision left the word “BOUNDARY” imprinted in reverse on her forehead.
    Rant: SO’s oldest is coming back to live with us full-time; this is not in itself a rant, I would love to have him around all the time and of course his dad would too. But the reasoning behind it all pisses me off. Oh, and in case you are keeping track, different ex.
    Rant: Having one of those moments where I wonder htf I got here.

  • rant: right as I’m looking to become a first-time homebuyer, interest rates have spiked by half a percentage point in the last few days. I’m afraid the trend is more likely to continue than prove to be a hiccup that will revert, but I also don’t have the knowledge to form an informed opinion (which, admittedly, nobody does… that’s why they call it “uncertainty”!)

    • Accountering

      I think that interest rates are likely to continue to slowly rise. A large infrastructure investment on the part of the US Government (seems somewhat likely) as well as the fed raising rates likely in December means that .5% lower rates are likely gone in the medium term. Rs deciding they no longer care about deficits likely means the same.
      With all that said, I think rates are going to continue to slowly rise – unfortunately.

  • Rant: creepy guy on the red line this morning around 9:30ish. He was leering at women and sometimes giggling. He got up from his seat and walked toward the door, but managed to “accidentally” stick his crotch awfully close to this woman’s face. Then he stood by the door and stared at her, smiling really creepily. As the train emptied out, the woman slid next to the window. I was afraid the dude would sit next to her, so I stood weirdly blocking him as best I could. He got out at Metro Center.
    I wanted to tell the woman I’m sorry that it happened to her, but this stuff probably happens a lot to women. I figured another guy talking to her when she was doing her best to ignore that guy wouldn’t have helped either. I just felt so sorry for her. Sorry, women of the world.

    • Thank you for noticing. That’s actually really rare.

      • +1 to thank you.
        And that particular behavior I suppose isn’t all the common, but I’ve seen men creepily box women in by standing over them before at least twice (I’m talking on almost completely empty buses, standing and holding a pole and the back of the woman’s seat) and it really gives me the creeps. Even if it’s not quite the same thing.

    • Andie302

      I felt so bad for my bus driver this morning. She was nice enough to pause for me because she saw me rushing, and then when I got on there was a guy posted up close to her having a pretty one-sided discussion. First it was about how she could get in shape (making suggestions), then it was about how he wanted a wife so badly (with several disparaging comments about women, and recognition that he didn’t have a girlfriend), and then it was that Donald Trump was so smart and great and if HRC was even mediocre he would’ve maybe voted for her. The bus driver outright said he had offended her. Every woman (actually, every person) on the front of the bus was pissed and by the time we got off this guy knew it. And you’re wondering why you have no girlfriend (not so) kind (and stinky) sir?!?

    • Yes, thank you for noticing and for caring. One thing that people have done for me in situations like that is just to sit/stand/walk next to me. You don’t have to really say anything except “May I sit next to you” or “May I walk with you for a while.” Said in a kind tone, the intent will be clear. Also, it gives the person being a targeted a choice and it offers them help without embarrassing them or putting a spotlight on them. “Are you okay?” is always a good option, too.
      I will be forever grateful to the guy who dropped into step next to me on Market St. in SF and simply said, “Hello,” when I was being followed and sexually harassed by a homeless guy brandishing a pirate hook. The homeless pirate fucked off immediately as soon as he realized someone had my back.

  • That One Guy

    Russell Brand has some insightful commentary on Trump’s election.
    Feel like I need a break from adulting to be a kid for half a day. I would really like to go see a nostalgic movie like Goonies.

    • skj84

      Embrace your inner kid for a day! I don’t know of any movie theatres that do old school movies, but maybe you could stay in one day and take a kid style “sick day” or “snow day”.

  • Drunk bro heard me speaking to my family in Italian on the phone and yelled “build a wall”.

    I busted out laughing (it’s better than crying?) – wrong language & wrong continent, dude. Further confirmation that the xenophobic a**holes are dumb as rocks.

    • Geez, I am so sorry that happened to you! I’m glad you were able to laugh. That’s ridiculous.
      Also, if anyone is interested in reporting incidents of discrimination stemming from the election I think the Southern Poverty Law Center was/is collecting them.

      • Thanks. It wasn’t that upsetting. Family moved to DC in the late 80s and before we all lost our accents (mostly) we got a lot of the “learn English/American” BS. You get used to the ignorance.

    • That’s hilarious/sad! I was on a Metro train once and two Latino guys got on and sat behind me, speaking Spanish rapidly. Then, a man got on and sat next to me. He was getting more and more agitated at the Spanish-speakers behind us. Finally, he turns and yells “CHING CHANG CHONG MOTHERFUCKERS. SPEAK ENGLISH” which turned out to be the perfect amount of mistargeted racism that folks on the train all busted out laughing at the racist dude. He got off at the next stop.

      • Ha! Yea I comfort myself by remembering that we all speak 3+ languages fluently and the folks hurling insults have likely barely mastered 1.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Someone’s lunch in my office smells VERY similar to the guy on the bus this morning. What’s worse is that I’m sure it tastes good – so my instincts are flailing back and forth between “ugh that guy was the worst” and “yum some sort of ethnic food”

  • I am starting a new job near the Shaw Metro and was wondering if there is anyone on here that has an OFF street parking spot that they dont use during the day that I would be able to rent? I would most likely be parking Mon-Fri 8:30-5ishPM…….Please let me know. Thanks!

  • Rave: Yesterday someone was asking about options for ordering Thanksgiving dinner and I just wanted to mention Straw, Stick and Brick on Georgia Ave. I’ve ordered from them for the last two years and it has always been crazy delicious.

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