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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: I know it probably makes me a horrible person, but nothing gives me more joy in the morning than seeing illegally parked cars being towed off 16th Street between U and P in the morning.

    • I totally agree with this.

    • I saw someone getting a ticket at 7:15 on Mass Ave today, and cheered in my car. With the increased number of drivers because of the Red Line surge, there were a ton of cars out, even that early, and the lazy parkers make life harder for everyone.

    • I saw a car getting towed from the northbound side of 16th in this area. I was so happy.

      Rant: I saw it being towed because I was driving to work. Grrrr. Day 2 of safe track and Uber and Lyft both failed me. Uber Pool was 20 minutes away (20 minutes!!) and Lyft Line was charging $28 to go from Takoma to Farragut. So I drove to work alone, which is SO wasteful.
      Rave: Traffic wasn’t bad at all – 35 minute trip. And I’d given myself nearly an hour and a half so I got to work in plenty of time.

    • Cars there literally caused soooo much traffic. They should remove parking on 16th street during the week period.

      • Even on the weekend, cars get really backed up on 16th Street. I’d love to see parking totally banned on 16th 24/7/365. No need for cars to park on the main north-south artery into DC. It’s actually wide enough to have two lanes plus a segregated cycle track in each direction.

    • GET ‘EM BOYS!

  • Question: Former/current/half-time New Yorkers, I will be by myself in the financial district tomorrow evening – where should I eat? Dining alone, given the timing and other obligations not looking to travel far. Staying at the Doubletree – Financial District, if that helps.

    • Eataly is always the option… it’s at WTC.

    • maxwell smart

      Couple of options (spent a lot of time in the area for work not too long ago): Stone Street has a lot going on and would be the closest thing to your hotel. If you don’t mind a short walk, you could follow the trail along the Hudson over to Brookfield Place – Le District (think French Eataly) is very good. Oh and yes, there is also Eataly at 4 WTC.

    • I ate at Felice on Gold St recently and really enjoyed it. Also like Le District.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Lots of adorable trick-or-treaters, including one who won Mr. Zelda’s heart forever by complimenting his midlife crisis car.
    Rave: And the wee small girl who said “You have good candy! You’re so lucky!” One of the perks of being a grownup, kid. You get to buy what you want.
    Rave: Nov. 1 starts the countdown to the best day of the year!

  • Rant: I thought I would be getting a bonus because of some extra work I did for my company, turns out I am not

    Rant: I have a roommate and they are awesome as a roommate, but I am wanting to live alone. Is there a polite way to let them know that?

    • Simply say you’re not planning to renew and if they ask why say you’ve always shared a space with someone else and you’d like to try living alone. It is very common and says nothing of them as a roommate.

    • Andie302

      Give them as much notice as possible and explain that it’s not about them.

      • Lots of notice is key. Maybe don’t give them a set deadline, but tell them to start looking. It may make for less friction if they don’t feel forced to take something that is not quite right for them.
        You can always set a deadline later if time (but not less than 45 days, I’d think) goes by without them finding a place to move into say by the 60th day, whether it is due to their foot-dragging, or being busy, or just having a hard time finding a place – at that point, a deadline is probably required.

    • I’ve done this — and it was a bit awkward, but I think people generally understand. I feel like a lot of people want to live alone when it is financially an option… so they will ultimately understand!

    • Really depends on the living space situation – do you own it? If not, I don’t see how you can really force them out. Or are you going to look for a completely new place on your own?
      Otherwise, give them plenty of notice. I actually prefer to move in the winter – there’s less supply but also some really good deals. It’s sort of a dead-time for landlords.

  • Rant: Ate too much sugar this morning.
    Rave: Got a project off my desk at work.
    Rant: Safe track has me getting up too early in order to catch 2 trains to get to work. I hate Metro.
    Rant: Folks that cross their legs on the train and stretches their crossed leg out and get mad when someone bumps it during rush hour. You are NOT at home!

    • Same here. Having to get up 40 minutes earlier is making me so unproductive for the first two hours of the day. All.the.coffee.

  • Rave: I survived Halloween! And kids had fun and didn’t get to bed too late.
    Rant: 6 adults, 2 3-year olds, and one 1-year old still not quite good enough adult-to-child ratio as mtpkiddo managed to run off and get lost at one point. Ugh.
    Rave: Not lost for long.
    Rave: Mtpbaby seems to be back on track with sleeping through the night, but
    Rant: is waking up an hour early. Ugh. The time change is going to SUCK!

  • Rant: Getting up an hour early to just walk three miles to work instead of even bothering with public transportation.
    Rave: An empty bus arriving as I was passing the bus stop, to whisk me away to a (more) functional metro line!
    Rave: After an incredibly busy past six months, I’m giving myself permission to say no to social gatherings so I can stay home with my partner and dog, and cook while listening to books on tape. I may not love the cold, but I adore the hibernating.

  • skj84

    Rave: All the cute trick or treaters who came by yesterday! I didn’t get home until 7 and missed the bulk of the ghouls and goblins, but the ones I did see were too cute.
    Rant: My aunt wants to have a dry Thanksgiving. Last year we had an “incident” with my cousin and her daughter, and she thinks somehow not serving alcohol will prevent a repeat(These two have a bad dynamic). Right now Aunt is the only one with a house big enough for everyone, but my cousin and I are the actually hosting. We are setting the menu and doing all the cooking, and I not super thrilled with Aunt taking advantage of the situation and banning all booze. I mean its her house, but we are only there by default.

    • You can’t tell the cousin + daughter to behave or no turkey for them?

      • skj84

        at this point I would be surprised if daughter even shows up. I’m hoping if she doesn’t confirm for the guest list Aunt will reconsider. She was the only one who acted a fool.

    • Perhaps its my own recent experiences that are coloring my view, but I personally am actually looking forward to our own dry Thanksgiving – we have about 9 family members who are active alcoholics or are in recovery, and while I enjoy my booze responsibly, I can also enjoy things without booze. I understand it’s a bit different since you’re setting the menu, but maybe look on it as a challenge to come up with the most kick-ass menu around that will make everyone forget there’s no alcohol?

      • skj84

        True. I don’t even think my family really started adding booze to the meal until us older kids were of age. I think last years issue was hard liquor was present. I just want to have a few bottles of wine and maybe beer. I And part of me is just really annoyed Aunt has decided on her own we have to have a ban. She pulls these control stunts a lot and its annoying. If I had space in my house to cook and host I would do it in a heartbeat. Heck if I can find heaters I’d do an outdoor Turkey day in the backyard, its the biggest space we have.

        • Yeah, that’s tough when it feels like it’s more of a control thing, although I can certainly understand the panicky feeling of desperately trying to control things, anything, when you see someone that you love fighting the bottle and losing. But yeah, sometimes it’s hard, especially when you know that this particular wine X would pair soooo nicely with such-and-such side dish!

      • Best of luck to your family. Recovery is such a wonderful gift.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      There are some pretty decent no-alcohol white wines on the market. Give ’em a try!

    • I admit that I would have a problem with that too. A glass of wine while I’m cooking an elaborate meal is one of my great pleasures in life. I’m sure there are people who would say alcohol is too big a part of my life– I never socialize without it. I’d definitely feel the lack on Thanksgiving.
      But… it’s your aunt’s house, and her daughter and granddaughter. I imagine she’s stressed, and just trying to maintain some kind of control. So I sympathize with her position, too. It’s a tough one.

      • skj84

        I have been struggling with my feelings on booze too! I really don’t socialize without drinking either, and going dry on that day rubs me the wrong way. And as much as I love my family, they can be a lot to handle all at once lol. I feel like if I raise too much of a stink they will act like I have a problem. Even though I know for a fact my parents and siblings probably wouldn’t want to go boozeless either.

        • I don’t know, I think it might be useful for you to rethink your view on Thanksgiving. I don’t necessarily agree that going dry is the solution to the problem, nor am I anywhere near being a teetotaler, but if you’re having trouble picturing Thanksgiving without alcohol then you might want to think about why. Like, if you found out there would be no mashed potatoes, you might be slightly miffed but really who cares, right? Even if you found out the turkey got ruined somehow, you’d still make it work without, right? I think it should be the same with booze – the booze shouldn’t be so crucial. I’m sure this sounds like heresy to some people, but I’m arguing that it shouldn’t.
          Now from a practical point of view, if Aunt relents then great – adults should be able to have a few drinks when the family gets together if they want to. But if she’s the only one who is willing to host (and by my definition, if it’s at her house, she is hosting) then you have to play by her rules.

          • skj84

            I see the booze as a compliment? Like its not the focal point of the meal, and I’m not looking to get anyone hammered. But just being told we can’t have it is rubbing me the wrong way. Especially since we are in a situation where there isn’t an alternate place to host, it just feels like Aunt is trying to control guests and that really isn’t fair. I don’t want any other arguments like we had last year, but to be truthful my family are strong willed, bullheaded, opinionated people. Family arguements is kinda a thing with us, booze or not. Usually there’s a spat, the offending party takes a break, then things are cool again. Just last month I got into a heated discussion with my younger brother about the election and we were both sober.

          • Actually I do care and I’d be pissed if mashed potatoes weren’t going to be served, and I’d offer to bring them myself….which apparently isn’t an option for skj. And I don’t think food getting ruined during the cooking process is an appropriate analogy here.
            While it may be a useful exercise to periodically think about the role of alcohol consumption in one’s life, I think skj’s specific issue has a lot less to do with the actual alcohol part and way more to do with the controlling behavior by the aunt. And I do agree that she’s the host so she gets a say, but I don’t think it’s 100% her call since she’s not doing the bulk of the work. I think she should be open to compromise, or at least open to having a conversation about other ideas.

          • I once cried in a Boston Market when they told me they were out of mashed potatoes.
            It’s sadfunny now.

          • I once cried in a Cracker Barrel when I found out they didn’t serve alcohol.

      • topscallop

        My family is the same, there’s no way we’d ever have a dry Thanksgiving. But we do need to keep an eye on my mom’s intake, she goes from fine to drunk pretty quickly. Two years ago she passed out in a chair while everyone else ate dessert.

    • I don’t think going dry is a good answer to bad behavior, I think that it actually seeks to excuse or explain away when people misbehave instead making people take full responsibility for their actions. I’m sorry skj. Is there a chance of a compromise? For example, serving a non-potent sangria or low-content wine?

      • skj84

        I’m going to suggest nothing hard and limited amounts. Maybe enough for two glasses of wine per person.

        • Or even just enough for a nice toast? My family doesn’t drink a ton at meals – just while watching football – but we always have champagne toasts at holiday dinners. Also, I would mention to your aunt that announcing a dry event could possibly just inspire people to not come, come drunk already and then be unpleasant/pass out/etc, or sneak alcohol in and otherwise lead to some unintended consequences.

      • HaileUnlikely

        FWIW I would not interpret that as seeking to excuse or explain away bad behavior. It might be, but isn’t necessarily, and wouldn’t have been my first thought. My first thought would have been that the host in question wants to avoid drama, recognizes that having alcohol might increase the risk of a repeat of last year’s incident (whatever that was) and is doing what little she can to try to reduce that risk, without outright banning people she loves from her home. Sure, getting the cousin and her daughter to take direct responsibility for their actions is a worthy goal, but getting through Thanksgiving without a fight is a worthy goal too, and if the Aunt doesn’t believe it is within her power to get the cousin and daughter to get along while drinking and accomplish that *by Thanksgiving*, then she might perceive this as the alternative that sucks the least out of several alternatives that all suck.

    • Is there a compromise that could be made? Could you and your cousin have a drink somewhere together before or after you go to your aunt’s?

      • skj84

        Aunt told us just to hit up H Street after dinner. Which I could but I want to hang around the house and not go out.

    • I don’t know if I could survive family gatherings without alcohol. Obviously, deeper issues there on all accounts, but I applaud those functioning families who do this.

      • Yeah, in a family with no alcoholics, I find that as an adult alcohol makes it easier for us to get through family gatherings. Not having anyone drinking at all did not stop major fights from breaking out when we were younger. I actually think there would be fights now if we weren’t drinking while gathering.

  • Rave: Happy hour tonight with friends.
    Rave: Leaving for Australia on Friday!
    Rave: So excited for my trip that I don’t have any rants.

    Question: Any restaurant or bar suggestions for Sydney, Melbourne, or Cairns? Or any general suggestions? We’ll be in each place 4/5 days.

    • Lucky you! It will be a great trip. I’ve been to each city a few times though it has been a little while since I’ve been, but there are a lot of interesting restaurants and some well known pioneering chefs. It is not all Vegemite and meat pies. In Sydney, Bill’s in Darlinghurst in Sydney is a good breakfast spot and famous for their scrambled eggs (I know that sounds weird). The restaurants down at Cockle Bay Wharf were generally overrated but nice setting on the water. Exploring some of the beach neighborhoods in Sydney is a fun way to spend a day. In both Sydney and Melbourne, there are a ton of neighborhoods to explore. I will say that 5 days in Cairns sounds like a lot unless you dive and plan to go out every day. I’d try to shorten that or take day trips or consider going up to stay in Port Douglas.

  • Rave: Trick-or-treating with our little panda went very well. I was unsure how it would go with a 2-year-old.
    Rave: We even got to randomly meet the real-life Jesse Jackson—such a D.C. thing to happen on Halloween. Our little panda’s tantrum got his attention, so it really worked out in the end.

  • Rant: In a horrible mood. Didn’t fall asleep til about 1:30 due to some kind of construction/drilling in the street across from me, which at first I thought was gunshots but they were too spaced out and regular – I think it may have been Washington Gas doing something, since there was recently a huge leak, but c’mon! What if they hit something and needed to evacuate everyone at like 2 a.m?! Then had a nightmare, which woke me up, and then was awakened by 7 drunk stumbling idiots piling into my apartment at my roommates behest. We’re going to need to have a talk later.
    Rant: Metro – holy f*ck I had the worst time trying to just run down to Dupont Circle and back to get my blood drawn – broken escalators, insanely crowded trains that stopped to hold at every station, and idiots who don’t know / just ignore that you STAND RIGHT, WALK LEFT!!!! mother of god I’m pissed.
    Rave: Seeing pictures of my nephew in his dinosaur costume. I’m convinced that holidays are the only reason to have kids – so cute!

    • That One Guy

      Hope a hot cup of coffee helps you ungrumpyfy.
      Is you cat doing better at least? Almost done with the antibiotics?

      • Ha! The coffee helped, I’m feeling slightly less grumpy! Kitty have ONE last dose of antibiotics, and then she’s free at last, she certainly seems to feel much better and eats with gusto now, and I haven’t caught her ripping out her fur recently, so I’m going to take it as a sign that she’s feeling much better than she’s felt in a while!

        • *has….apparently the coffee hasn’t made it all the way to my brain yet!

        • Glad to hear kitty is recovering well and has both improved in appetite and stopped ripping out her fur!
          Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep and consequent grumpiness. I hope you can ungrumpify (That One Guy, I love your coinage of this word!) soon.

          • “Grumpy” doesn’t even come close to describing the level of rage I was feeling on the Metro – like, I was fantasizing about getting in a fistfight with this one guy and imagining smashing his face into the metal pole. Just because he was being kind of an a-hole. It’s a really really really good thing I hate guns and would never carry a weapon. Because in the morning, if you interrupt/deprive me of sleep and jostle me around, I think about murdering you.

    • Re: broken DuPont escalator. You must prepare for that! Me to personal trainer: “My fitness goal is to be able to walk up the DuPont escalator without stopping or losing my breath.” City workout goals are so different than suburban ones.

      • That’s a good goal! While it’s moving or stopped? I don’t have a problem walking up it when it’s moving but I definitely get out of breath walking it when it’s stopped.
        Wheaton’s a whole other story. I don’t go there often, but that escalator(even when moving) kicks my butt.

        • Luckily there was one escalator was moving up, so I rode/walked that one, but yeah, I can’t walk the Dupont escalator when it’s not moving! I can walk with it going up, but otherwise, no! Also, I find I get really dizzy / feel like I’m about to lose my balance on that escalator because of the angle at certain points – anyone else?

  • Rant: I have no idea what I’m doing today. Just like that dog meme.
    Rave: One day closer to the weekend?

  • Rant – I normally wake up between 730-8am for work but am trying out going to the gym in the morning. First time waking up at 530AM. That sucked. A lot.

    Rave – I succeeded in actually waking up.

    Rant – My roommates dog took a massive dump outside my door this morning. A really nice post workout surprise really.

    Rave – So much more energy at work now.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: my hair is causing me angst.
    Rave: I think I have Christmas ideas for everyone on my list.

  • Rave: To the parents who dressed their toddler as R2D2 (decorated white bucket, bike helmet), I applaud you.
    Revel: to the parents who let their 8 year old daughter pick the family’s costumes and she chose Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, I salute you. Especially since she wanted to go as a wardrobe. Amazing.

  • topscallop

    Rave: I voted early last night!
    Rave: finished and submitted a poster for a conference yesterday, felt good getting that off my desk
    Rave: feeling much better than I did yesterday, mood-wise
    Rant: I need more layers. Might go to CVS at lunch and buy tights

  • Rant: I need to teach my dog that we do not get up before the alarm clock. He already associates me going to the bathroom with him going outside, I just need to get him to associate the alarm clock with that too.
    Rant: Can’t wait until day light savings when he’ll try to get me up before 5 am!
    Rant: I wish I could put the holidays on autopilot. I love my family, but the planning, shopping, traveling, and such are all really stressful.
    Rave: We’re doing Thanksgiving the day before and I have no plans the day of, so I think I might just spend Thanksgiving cooking what I want. We haven’t had a ham at a holiday in over a decade. I want a ham. And pecan pie.

  • Rave: Awesome time trick-or-treating with the kiddos last night.
    Rant: It was cold. It has been too cold the last few nights, and I finally broke down and turned the heat on. I am one of those “put another sweater on” types, and this hurts my soul.
    Rave: So ready for Thanksgiving dinner planning! It’s easily my favorite holiday of the year and I can’t wait to host again this year.

  • Rant: So few trick or treaters last night. We have way too much leftover candy.
    Rave: I have something to fill my work candy jar for the next month or so.
    Rave: I woke in time to make the ride on bus. The morning commute wasn’t terrible except for very packed green line trains.

  • Rant: Lost the fitbit I bought two months ago to replace the fitbit I ran over
    Rave: Back after a great week+ in Bangkok – all the excellent Thai food and (almost) daily massages 🙂
    Rant: Jetlagging so hard
    Rave: Letena (Ethiopian) finally opened in Columbia Heights – so good!

    • Any recs for Bangkok? I’m going in Dec.

      • I took a cooking class that was fantastic – one of the best I’ve ever taken. If you’re interested, I can dig up the name of the school. Also took a boat/food tour around the city, which showed the best (street food!) and worst (absolute squalor) of Bangkok. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re inclined, two of Pellegrino’s top 50 restaurants in the world (Gaggan and Nahm) are in Bangkok – I didn’t go to either (didn’t even think of it!), but they are incredibly reasonable for restaurants of that caliber. I am still kicking myself for not going. Finally – Khao San Road – uugh. It’s like South of the Border, but with drunk US and European 20-somethings, rather than . . . well, whomever stops at South of the Border. I left after an hour.

      • Take a day trip to Ayutthaya! Or you can spend the night. It’s Thailand’s Angkor and it’s gorgeous.

  • Rant: If trump wins, I’ll probably lose my job, too, so there’s that.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: first day to the rest of my life…eating more contentiously. Stupid elevated cholesterol levels raining down on my bacon parade.
    Rant: It’s likely user error on my part, but Excel wasn’t cooperating in what I wanted it to do. Bad Excel, bad.

  • Rave – Leftover Halloween candy at the office and I took all the Reeses mini PB cups for myself.
    Rant – Really hate this whole waking up early business.
    Rave – Incorporated bikeshare into safetrack commute, and it worked out nicely! Hoping this will become a regular thing for me, and maybe I’ll work up the courage to bike the entire way to work.

  • Rant: Feeling groggy.
    Rave: Not having to move my car last night/this morning for street sweeping.
    Rant: I have been diligently offering my kitty treats every time she lets me clip one of her claws… but I don’t feel like it’s done anything to improve her willingness to have her nails clipped. I don’t know if she hasn’t made the connection between the clipping and the treats, or if she’s made the connection but is skeptical as to whether the plus of the treat outweighs the minus of the clipping.
    Rave: Good stuff on the horizon.

    • Can you try just sneaking in there and clipping as many claws as possible while she’s sleeping? She’ll wake up, but sometimes they’re groggy/confused enough to let you get through about 3-4 nails before they realize what’s happening and bolt….

      • Nah, she becomes fully alert almost immediately when I try that. The only way I’ve managed to clip her claws is to do it while she’s eating her wet food. But even with wet food plus treats, I still get resistance.

  • Rant: As a new yoga teacher I get the less-than-desirable time slots and have woken up before 5:30 am (today it was 4:40) two days in a row now. And my classes are incredibly small; yesterday I had ONE PERSON and today I had two. So it feels a little pointless.
    Rave: At least I’m still getting paid? And waking up earlier, which I assume is good for something.
    Rave: Was not lazy and used the coffee grinder at work this morning and made myself delicious Swing’s coffee.
    Rant: Am rewatching Gilmore Girls and am on season 7 and ughhhhh Lorelai and Christopher #amirite

    • I loved GG the first time around, when I had to watch one episode a week. But then I binge watched it on Netflix last year and realized that Lorelei is a terrible, selfish person who makes the worst decisions that don’t take anyone else’s wellbeing into account.
      Also, her parents (especially her mother) are bad, but don’t deserve the level of mistreatment she gets from her daughter.
      So yeah, I hope in the reboot or whatever it is, she will have gotten a little kinder and less self-centered.

      • Yes! She totally is. But I go back and forth because she does utterly sweet, unselfish things on occasion (like when she recreated Rory’s foiled Asia trip in their house) but yeah, especially romantically and regarding her parents, she is the worst. And the way everyone treats Rory like she’s some kind of savant when there has been no evidence of her being a decent journalist aside from getting good grades and reading a fair amount of books is incredibly frustrating.

    • Please don’t be discouraged about the low attendance. First, it’s an early class and those are usually smaller. Second, the people (person) who come to your class are so grateful you are there. You are allowing them to get their yoga in and likely making their day (week!) so much better. I’ve been one of one or two in a yoga class before, and it always made me focus a bit more on my practice. Less distractions. Once your classes get busier, maybe you will even look back at this time when smaller classes provided a bit of calm.

  • Rant: I just cant with this election. I JUST CANT. Cue anxiety re: a Trump presidency. THAT GUY?!?!

  • Rave: The children in their costumes were so adorable!
    Rant: Felt uncomfortable when the mom was prepping her kids for trick-or-treating and called out to the young (3? 4 years old?) daughter, “Get back here or I’ll slap the s*** out of you.” Around Columbia and 11th.

    • So disheartening to watch bad parenting in action, but what can you do? All that grey matter in the brain forming during these crucial years. These kids don’t have much of a chance.

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