Love For The District

The District | Washington, DC from Puponic on Vimeo.

This is old and isn’t super neighborhood specific but it just came across my facebook feed today and it feels right to remember our love for the District too. The author Puponic writes:

“To celebrate the final months of a place that’s been home for three years, I have put together a timelapse of all my favorite moments and places captured in the DC metro area. These places and moments have kept me sane during my time here. I can honestly say, through all the frustrations with the city’s politics, you can truly find beauty in the architecture, history and culture of this great city.”

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  • Images were beautiful but I had to mute that music.
    I’ve now been in DC for two years. I moved here from New York, and before that I was in Oakland, and before that I was in Austin. The first 18 months of living here, I despised DC. The people seemed rude (even ruder than in New York), the weather was bad, and the city felt more like a small town than a world capital. But over the last six months DC has really grown on me. I love my neighborhood, love my government job, love the seasons, love that it feels like a city in transition. Mostly, I love the idea of what DC can become–there is so much potential here. Anyway, the video made me think of my evolving feelings of DC and how fortunate I feel to live here now.

  • I moved from DC after 6 years to NY at the end of the summer and this made me tremendously homesick

  • I’m a native, I LOVE these pictures, and I needed to see this today/this week. Thanks Dan.

  • Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Love the music.

  • Love this. We need more of this.

  • Well done!

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