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  • So many feels. I was having a conversation on Saturday about how we weren’t sure how they were going to go with the opening and how/if they were going to address the election outcome. This was so simple, so perfect.

  • Yet SNL invited Trump to host an episode during the freaking campaign.

    • Her improvised lyrics (ostensibly as Hillary Clinton) are: i did my best, it wasnt much. i couldnt feel so i tried to touch.

      Hillary Clinton did way more than not much this election and and she is a human being with feelings. Its a tired media trope that she is a unfeeling robot and it lead in no small part to the result we have today.

  • skj84

    Chills. Chocked up when I first watched on Saturday. Just so raw and real.

  • imo this was dumb. most of us DC types know that the political comedy done by these types is effectively propaganda, but it only works if there’s an element of plausible deniability vis-a-vis the huge swath of the country that still watches this stuff and actually votes red. this takes the mask off in a way removes any kind of plausible deniability, and won’t be forgotten. grieving of this nature should be done backstage.

  • “Wrong.” SNL doesn’t just make us laugh it can help viewers process or advance dialogue (think about post 9/11 or the “let’s agree not to use ‘ghetto'” sketch from last year). They did a good job. The cold open song acknowledged (with a nod to Leonard Cohen RIP) and mourned the election and gave encouragement, then Dave’s open told people to be open minded and move forward.

  • Oh how brave…