“Just wanted to give restaurants a heads up on a scammer.”


From an email:

“Just wanted to give restaurants a heads up on a scammer. This gentleman came into our establishment, saying that our GM (named her by name), promised we would reimburse him for his dry cleaning bill after we spilled something on his Lieutenants jacket a few weeks ago. I was able to get in touch with my GM and check his story out, it did not. I tried getting his contact info, to let him know I would be happy to reimburse him when I talked to my GM. He said he would be going to court the next day to file a claim against us. I text a couple of other friends in the restaurant business to warn them about him, and it seems they had already been hit by him. The gentleman is a well dressed black male, about mid 30’s, slightly receding hairline, and wore glasses.”

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  • A lot of effort for $47.50

  • If you see this guy, watch out.

    Btw, we’ve blurred out his face to protect his privacy.

  • Not sure if this is an appropriate place to mention this, but a friend of mine went to Kyrisan last week and sat at the bar. She hung her purse on the back of the bar seat. A guy who had been in before (according to staff), but didn’t order anything that night and was sitting next to my friend slipped the purse from off the back of the bar seat and walked out with it. My friend was upset but just a word to the wise not to forget that we’re in a city and stuff like this happens (so just be vigilant!)

    • I’m surprised that people still hang purses on the back of the chair. I haven’t done that in years. But then, people still leave backpacks in cars, too, so I guess the message hasn’t gotten out to everyone.

    • Something similar happened to a friend of mine at The Source a few years ago. I think in her case her purse was on the bar itself and a guy reached in and stole her wallet.

    • i once had all of the credit cards stolen OUT of my wallet while my purse on the back of a chair, leaving the wallet and my iphone, charger, ray bans, etc behind… honestly brilliant petty theft because i didn’6t notice until i got a fraud alert…. seeing as my belongings were still in my purse….

    • I feel for your friend, but I’m also surprised that people still do that. If I’m at the bar I put my purse on one of the hooks under the bar – and make sure I’m touching it with my leg or hand – or hang it over my knee. At a table I put it at my feet, under the table. It’s just waaaaay too easy for someone to quickly grab a purse that’s over the back of a seat.

    • skj84

      Thieves are so stealth with purse stealing! I remember an incident from when I was a hostess where someone took a woman’s purse of the back of her chair in the middle of a busy Saturday shift and no one saw it, not the servers, not us at the host stand or her party. We did find the purse in a planter outside the restaurant, but the thief took her wallet and cash. I will admit I sometimes play fast and loose with hanging my purse on the back of my chair. I do at least try to keep it close to my person, or if I’m by a wall to the inside. If anything I’ll just sit it in my lap. Especially if I’m sitting at a bar.

      • Yeah – she thought he must have been pretty smooth to do it in the middle of a packed restaurant. Cameras caught the theft on tape, but the thief hasn’t been apprehended, of course.

        Im super paranoid about leaving my purse anywhere I cant see it (or, better yet, feel it) and Im guessing that my friend now is of the same mind…sucks to learn the lesson this way!

  • This scam has been going around the DMV restaurant biz as long as I have been in it (20 years)!

    • This is the first I have heard and seen this around here and been in the DC restaurant biz for 17years. #FTHISGUY

  • He did the same exact thing at our establishment. I took a real good pic of him through our security cameras.

  • Extra grimy that he would say it was his “Lieutenants Jacket.” If it wasn’t more obvious to people that its a scam, no one in the biz says “Lieutenant Jacket” when referring to uniform items.

  • He just tried the scam at Arcuri in Glover Park.

  • The Short Grift. Damn. Someone is hard up for $47.50. There has to be easier ways to make a quick fifty bucks?

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