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  • skj84

    This is the best news of today. A Trader Joes can technically walk to?

  • This gives me a small glimmer of hope that the Eastern Market TJ’s won’t be a zoo 24/7.

    • Trader Joe’s are way too small to not be busy in a city. Might lighten the crowd some though (Whole Foods on P has really gotten less crowded with Trader Joe’s and Giant opening in 14th/Logan/Shaw…..but that’s a much larger store).

  • YES hopefully the street/garage parking is better than the 14th St one. It should be I think? Parking in that area of town is usually easy.

    • Parking on 14th St was easy once upon a time too.

      • It’s really not that hard unless you’re coming from a different parking zone (which limits you to one side of the street). It’s pretty easy to find parking on S/T unless it’s a Friday/Saturday night.

  • Another win for Trinidad!

  • Wow – so we’ll have Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, and Giant all within a small radius. Interesting.

  • Does it get any better in DC? Thanks TJ!

  • Love this news – Please tell me “Dave Thomas Circle” is up for re-design too?

  • My neighborhood (Ivy City) is looking awesome!

  • Why do people lose their minds over Trader Joe’s? I mean, it’s fun to go there occasionally and pick up some treats, but it’s hard to imagine doing regular grocery shopping there.

    • Personally, We get all the fun and cheap stuff from Trader Joe’s like popcorn, waffles, cheese, fruit bars to name a few and all meat and fruit/vegetables from Whole Foods. TJs is just a better alternative to us than say Safeway or giant.

      • I think that’s what most people do– get their junk food/convenience food at Trader Joe’s and regular groceries elsewhere. Personally, I try to keep snacky things out of my house so I avoid shopping there.

      • That’s what most people do– get their junk food/convenience food at Trader Joe’s and regular groceries elsewhere. I don’t have the metabolisms those people do, so I try to keep snacky things out of my house and avoid shopping there.

    • Convenient and palatable frozen dinners.

      • +1, also cheap high quality frozen seafood, and cheap, good coffee beans. I don’t do “regular” grocery shopping there but stock up on that kind of stuff when I go.

    • Cheap nuts, fun spice blends, frozen edamame, great cheese prices. Doesn’t have everything, but a lot of stuff that is quality and a good price.

    • The only thing I really like there are the flower bouquets, but I’m a block from the Eastern Market location so I’ll probably end up going when I need groceries and don’t feel like crossing Pennsylvania Ave.

    • Here’s a one person trend piece: I buy all the groceries for a family of four, every week at Trader Joes.

    • maxwell smart

      TJ’s is great for pantry staples – rice/grains/pasta, nuts, dried fruit, canned beans, frozen veggies, etc. The produce and cheese tends to be hit or miss on quality and the selection (in produce) is usually lacking a number of things I am looking for. I usually find TJ’s to be somewhere I go maybe once a month to stock up. It’s possible to do all of your shopping there, although I think you would need to structure your meals around what’s available vs. coming in with a predefined idea of what you are planning to make.

  • Can we just call it CtPaTown already? Yum’s carryout at 4th & Florida NE is the City Wok, and Mac’s Tire Repair across the street would be Skeeter’s if they served beer with tires.

  • Welp…not gonna…not gonna go to that Harris Teeter anymore! Yeah!

  • There is also a rumor that one is coming to the old Holiday Inn on Wisconsin Avenue and Whitehaven Pkwy.
    Woo hoo!

    • Isn’t there a Safeway (or some large grocery store) and Whole Foods right in that same area? Doesn’t seem like that “dense’ of an area to need 3 different grocery stores within a few blocks of eachother.

  • So jealous. What great riches do we have to sacrifice to get someone to redevelop the Hechinger Mall? I know the area is still changing but that’s such a huge amount of space!

  • maxwell smart

    Hey Trader Joe’s. How about Tenleytown?

    • Psh. How about people there don’t block housing from being built so you’d have the density to justify one?

      • maxwell smart

        Sure, but there I think there is already plenty of audience in the area and the location proximate to AU and UDC and metro accessible would more than support having TJ’s in Tenleytown.

  • I still don’t understand what people buy there? Alcohol? I’ll give you that. But the rest just seems like crap. Ten Spice Curried Tea Biscuits? Maybe I just don’t eat like that? A certain portion of the DC population seem to lose their minds over that crap though.

    • skj84

      Generally people buy food there. Tasty food at better prices than you find at Giant or Harris Teeter. Tasty pre-made food at great prices too. Non crap like produce, and meats, and dairy, and non dairy, and the like. Yummy treats are in the mix too. Oh, and cheap beer and wine is nothing to turn your nose up to. Anyway maybe you should actually check out one one of the two locations in the city, rather than dismissing a great grocery chain that many people love for legit reasons.

    • Cheese tortellini for $3 a pack, cheap olive oil, cheap jarred tomato sauce, cheap couscous, maple syrup, crumpets, pretzel bagels, milk, eggs, etc. They sell groceries, and often for less than other stores.

      • SouthwestDC

        I’d categorize much of this in the “Ten Spice Curried Tea Biscuits” category (i.e. convenience foods) rather than the basic groceries category. You are probably in the majority of Americans who don’t want to dedicate the time to cooking full meals but also don’t want to be eating total junk. Tortellini and jarred tomato sauce from TJ’s are a happy medium, as they are quick convenience foods that have fewer preservatives and such than their name brand equivalents. I suppose they’re cheaper too (I know jarred tomato sauce is seriously marked up for what it is). That’s why people go crazy over Trader Joe’s!

    • Almost all of their pre packaged foods are natural (no weird ingredients you’ve never heard of). A lot of people are into that, and Its hard to find anywhere else but whole foods.

    • Butter, milk, eggs, juice, tea, tissues, tp, soap, olive oil, coffee, cereal, wine, chocolate, bread, frozen fruit and vegetables.

    • Unless I need paper products or something very specific, I can often buy all my groceries there. I’m actually more surprised at how incredulous people are that you can do that. I’ve also found that I tend to eat healthier and cheaper when I do since I tend to get more actual foods rather than processed stuff.
      I prefer it for coffee, fresh flowers, bananas, nuts, dried fruits, cheese, lunch meat, Greek yogurt, spices, sauces, pantry items (i.e. olive oil, coconut milk, beans, vinegars, rice, pasta), frozen fish, wine & beer, and snacks like hummus. Usually it’s the same or cheaper than other grocery stores near me. If I don’t feel like a second stop I’ll often also buy milk, eggs, fresh vegetables/fruits, bread, and meat there too. I actually don’t buy the prepared entrees or cookies very often…as much as I may want the cookies.

      • Forgot to mention baking supplies (vanilla, flours, sugars) and other grains (i.e. quinoa, couscous, oatmeal). I love their frozen pie crust, until finding it I’ve always made my own because I hate the normal frozen crusts but theirs is indistinguishable from homemade (it helps that I can’t pick it up in one piece so the pies always look “rustic”).
        I know I’m probably missing a bunch. Seriously, most weeks I only go to a regular grocery store to pick up bagels, cleaning supplies, or if I notice they’re having a good sale on something. When I manage to bake our own bagels I can skip the grocery store altogether.

      • skj84

        most of the cleaning supplies in my house is from Trader Joes. I’ve never purchased paper products from them, but I prefer to get them in bulk from Costco. I’m also surprised people don’t think you can get full groceries from Trader Joes. Its a grocery store. I guess the image people have is specialty stuff? With the exception of a few brand name items that I have loyalty to, I would do all my shopping at Trader Joes.

        • SouthwestDC

          Most of my grocery shopping is produce, and Trader Joe’s is not the best place for that. I also do a fair amount of baking and think their selection of baking supplies is lacking. And they don’t have the incredible sales that Harris Teeter does. I could probably manage a full grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, but I’d end up spending more and not getting exactly what I want. Also, if you’re not there for the specialty stuff it’s generally not worth subjecting yourself to that zoo.

  • I do all grocery shopping (even healthy!) for our family of 3 at TJ as well, not just snacks. Excited about a closer location to where I am! (In NE(.

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