“Has been dark a week and a half. No sign, no advanced warning.”

1025 Vermont Ave, NW just north of K St

Uh oh – a reader reports:

Juice Joint closed. Has been dark a week and a half. No sign, no advanced warning. Can you find out if it’s permanent or temporary?”

Not looking good, I called the number listed on their website (which is still active) and it was disconnected with no forwarding number.

The Juice Joint Café has been serving Washington DC’s healthiest quick-service dine-in & professional catering fare since 1997.

We specialize in vegan, vegetarian & traditional dishes made with fresh, all-natural foods which are vital to your good health. The Juice Joint Café menu offers freshly prepared juices & smooties, as well as breakfast, lunch & carry-out dinners designed with your health in mind!

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  • Nooooo!! This is my go-to for options in healthy eating. ARGH!

  • Speaking of closed… Did I miss an announcement about the Sweetgreen at 19th and L? That place was ALWAYS packed, lines out the door. What happened?

  • What!? No!? The brothers were so wonderful and the food was great!

  • They’re closed. They were my office’s go-to catering place (the orzo salad!).

    Colleague placed an order on the day they closed and got a very sweet and somber email response letting us know they couldn’t fill the order.

    Don’t know when/if they plan on reopening.


    2016 has been a rough year. I hope 2017 is better.

  • Genuinely gutted about this. Juice Joint was a reliable, friendly, independent place where you could actually get healthy lunch food downtown. They renovated/expanded not that many years ago, and they were always packed at lunchtime, so this is quite a shock.

  • Agree with the sentiments here. Juice joint was about the best lunch spot I’ve encountered in DC; great food and friendly and competent staff.

  • This is a travesty.

  • I’ve heard that it was Landlord/Tenant related. Rent increase situation.

  • I had the opportunity to say goodbye to the owner. It was an emotional moment for him and his customers. I’ve been buying from Juice Joint for over 10 years. I’m really going to miss the healthy food options and the down to earth staff. My heart aches every time I think of it:(

  • this is so sad! I just discovered this place as I just moved here from NYC, where you can find spots like this all over. I can’t seem to find any in DC! No places to just get a good basic smoothie! Any suggestions for similar spots in the DC area?

  • I am sad that one of the authentic places for healthy food and welcoming staff, which made Washington feel a little more normal and less pretentious, closed its doors. Goodbye Juice Joint. So many of us will miss you. Thanks for many good moments in time.

  • I have a feeling the closings of both the Washington Post building and the Bureau of Economic Analysis building had a large part in this. I worked in the area for five years and it seemed it is going through a phase of redevelopment. If only JJ could wait until the the new tenants move in. I used to love the Veggie Lasagna special on Thursdays!

  • Nearly a month later and no change…

    All the stuff is still there too?

    Why didn’t they move locations or put up a sign or comment online????

    Hoping for juice again soon

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