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  • Hillary. That is really a surprise

  • Is that Ivanka in yellow?

  • They’re just as smart as the rest of the Hilary voters.

  • This looks to me less like an endorsement per se and more like a general exhortation to vote, with bonus Hillary bobblehead.
    (Though I would be shocked if the Barbie owner(s) were Trump supporter(s).)

  • Boo! Why endorse someone who wants to start WWIII with Russia (the inevitable result of shooting down their planes and bombing their SAMs to create no-fly zones in Syria)? DC is guaranteed to go Democrat, so there’s no harm in voting for a third party candidate who isn’t an amoral hawk. The city’s 3 electoral votes are all but guaranteed for Hillary, but voting third party could help send a message to the people who control the party saying that we don’t want a warmonger, at best tepid LGBT ally, and corrupt pawn of Wall Street representing the party next time.

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